If you are like me, you love rugs! And who doesn’t think that more rug selection wouldn’t be the amazing! I agree! Let’s have more rugs!!! Today’s post is to tell you about a rug I’m just dying to own! And one of our favorite bloggers has designed it! But we need your help so her gorgeous ideas will become a reality! Don’t you think this rug would be perfect for my blue and white guest bedroom?

Anita at Cedar Hill Farmhouse has been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to submit three rug designs to the famous designer Annie Selke along with some other very talented bloggers! The most popular 10 designs will be made into real life Dash and Albert rugs! So exciting!

This is the rug design I would love to see made into a rug!!!! So pretty, isn’t it?

It was inspired by antique grain sacks. They usually were monogrammed so Anita (clever girl that she is) monogrammed the rug with a “D” for Dash and Albert!

Vote HERE. This is how to vote… Just tap the heart ❤️ to “like” Anita’s design. That’s it!

You can also sign in to or sign up for an Instagram account and go to the @annieselke account and look for this rug. It’s the second to last of the rug designs. And it’s about time to sign up if you haven’t. You can see the pictures your family is posting and see what I’m sharing too! I bet you are even a picture or two!!!! But I digress, please help Anita to make a dream come true and vote for her rug!

Hey, thanks for helping our Anita and hopefully I will have this rug for my guest bedroom! 

Congratulations to all the bloggers chosen for this amazing project! Anita, I am so proud of you!

Today is episode 78 on DECORATING TIPS AND TRICKS! And we are talking about styling coffee tables! We have lot of tips for you today!!!

Listen below!

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  1. Great lookin rug! not sure if tapping on the heart got Anita another “like”. Do I need to have an account on Instagram to actually vote?

    1. Yes, Linda. You need to go to Instagram to vote! In the post, it says “vote here”. Click on “here” to go to Instagram to vote!

  2. Just voted for Anita’s rug. Sure hope to see it in your guest bedroom sometime soon Yvonne. It is a real classic.

  3. Love the grain sack inspired rugs!

  4. Good luck to Anita. Sure hope the rug becomes a reality. Happy Monday everyone.

  5. Beautiful looking rug and good luck to Anita. I voted.

  6. Beautiful rug! Hope she wins!!

  7. Very pretty rug…I’ll hop over and vote !

  8. Anita’s rug was one of my favorites from the very beginning and I of course voted for it. Enjoy your day!

  9. That is a beautiful rug! I love the simplicity of it.

  10. Lovely rug, very simple and I like the neutral colors.

  11. Vee Muller says:

    This rug would’ve lovely in a blue and white bedroom!

  12. Lila Housden says:

    I had already voted for this lovely rug…but I did add a comment! I hoping it will be offered in blue, red and black. Simple elegance….my fav!!

  13. Would LOVE this rug! would fit in to my house perfectly 😉

  14. Deb Gregory says:

    I voted!!! Liked seeing her posts on IG. It was so hard to choose!

  15. Love you Yvonne!!! Thank you so much and thank you to all who voted. I am so, so grateful!!! Thank you.

  16. What a beautiful rug! Good luck Anita Joyce.

  17. Julie Briones says:

    I love the grain sack rug, and I voted for all three, as well! If she wins, I just may buy that grain sack one… would look great in my blue/white bedroom!

  18. Redecorating my home – crisp whites and warm neutrals- reading and rereading your blog posts, Yvonne! Love this rug – has clean lines while exuding an historical perspective!