Can you guess the number one question I get asked here at StoneGable? It’s “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT”? Did you guess right? I get tons of inquiries every week. I’m so excited to unveil a new feature on StoneGable to answer “where did you get that” and help you to find the things you love!

In an attempt to make it easy for you to find StoneGable decor I’m keeping a running source guide right here on the StoneGable site just for you!!

The dining room has lots of items I get inquiries about! Let’s start there.


Here’s how GET THE LOOK works. Let’s say you like the rolling bar cart in the dining room and would like to learn more about it. Great!

Here’s what you will see…

And maybe you will see more than one image of an item. Like this…

Or this…

You will also find the sources to as many items as I have sources for. Here’s an example. Click on one of the links and it will take you to that product.

mirror top rolling bar cart|| stemless wine glasses || square dinner plates

There are some items in the dining room that I’ve had forever or were purchased locally or given to me as a gift or are no longer in stock where I bought them. In those cases you will see…

similar ice bucket || similar vase || similar bubble glass goblets

I’ve searched my favorite online sources and found similar products that have the same look.

And here’s another feature of GET THE LOOK…

I’m always on the lookout for fabulous home furnishings and accessories to share with you. And GET THE LOOK is a great place to find the perfect things for your hom!

While I was searching for similar ice buckets I found other really pretty ice buckets I just had to show you too. So I’ve included other great options of what you are looking for. It will look like this…

A word to the wise…I’m doing my homework so I want you to do yours too! Please read all information like the description, materials, dimensions, reviews, specifications, delivery and return policies before buying anything!

And here’s the best thing, you can find the GET THE LOOK at the top menu bar right here on StoneGable!

Find GET THE LOOK in the header under the StoneGable logo to the right side above my image.

Click on the GET THE LOOK and you will see my dining room and lots and lots of sources and other pretty home decor items.

I’ll be adding other rooms at StoneGable to GET THE LOOK and sharing sources for what I have in my home.

Keep checking GET THE LOOK for new additions and new products!

I hope this helps you find and decorate your home with things you love!

This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Karen VanLoo says:

    Oh I love this! There are a few things you have that I just had to have! Fortunately, the punched ceramic lanterns from Pottery Barn came back on their website so I was able to order them. The other thing was that huge reindeer sleigh you had in the center of your dining room table a few years back. I found that online from a photography prop shop. I realize some things you find aren’t always available online, but this is very helpful. It’s also nice to just find things that are similar, so you can “get the look” Thank you!

  2. Can you tell me where you found your fixture over table?? Been looking everywhere for one like it. It’s perfect!!

    1. Hi Jmac, The fixture over the table is not in stock right now. Look again later, when it is back in stock I’ll add it.

  3. This is a fantastic addition Yvonne! I regularly drool over the pieces in your photos, and even if the exact same items are no longer available, you have done us a real service by finding similar ones. Thank you so much, looking forward to the decorating class when it launches!

  4. I just bought my daughter the same ice bucket as a Christmas gift. It’s really gorgeous and different from a number of others. She is single and owns her own home and entertains all the time. I will let her know that you also have the same one.

  5. Yvonne, have I missed a post where you showed your new refrigerator?

  6. Mary Lou Lumpkins says:

    Looking for the mirror with black frame