ON THE MENU- I have a week's worth of scrumptious recipes for you to make this week.

I wish you could visit me at StoneGable. We are in the heights of quintessential fall. The weather is cool and corn is dry and lightly golden and the trees are full of saturated color! The fields around us are filled with pumpkins and dried soybean. It is my favorite time of year! No wonder my recipes this week are warm and filled with the flavors of autumn. Here’s what’s on the menu…

Today on Decorating Tips And Tricks we are talking about PILLOWS too! But, we are in the bedroom today talking about HOW TO ARRANGE BED PILLOWS. Ready for some pillow talk and maybe a pillow fight too?

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I’m a fan of Michael at Inspired By Charm! LOVE his decor and now his recipes! This is a must try and perfect for fall! Cooking seasonally just makes me feel good!



Can we agree, this recipe from Little Broken looks so beautiful!!! I know this will be a new favorite of mine! Oh, YUM!



I love dishes that include ancient grains and veggies… and a little cheese does not hurt either. Broccoli grows almost wild in our area right now. I can go to the CORN WAGON in New Danville (2100 Millersville Rd) and get a huge fresh head for a dollar! What I don’t grow in my garden I get at the Corn Wagon.




This beautiful soup is in my freezer. It’s really become my go-to fall soup!!! I add sweet Italian sausage to the soup and it really adds such great depth of flavor! I have two butternut squash sitting on my kitchen counter to make more soup for the freezer this upcoming weekend!


My daughter Jacqueline asked me what I thought would be a great meal to take to someone who was going through a tough time. My hands-down answer is a great moist, tender roast beef along with carrots cooked in the juices and mashed potatoes. Perfect comfort food! I have a fabulous slow cooker roast beef recipe HERE but I like to try other recipes too. This recipe caught my eye! YUM!!!!



Are you a fan of White Chicken Chili? We love it! Especially with all this wonderful fixins’ like sour cream, green onions, nacho chips and cheese on top! I can’t wait to try this recipe from The Chunky Chef! Amanda’s tagline perfectly describes the way I like to cook, “everyday meals with a dash of gourmet”. 



We had a big spiral ham last week so I’m using the ham bone and leftover hams to make my famous bean soup! This recipe was one the very first I posted when I started blogging in 2009! The photography is horrible but the recipe is so so good! If you make one thing this week try my bean soup. It is so so easy and the best bean soup you will ever make!!!!


Seriously good!!!! I’m so excited to try this delicious looking cake from Taste Better From Scratch! Lauren’s images are fabulous!!!! I could eat them right off her page!



Have a scrumptious week! What’s on your menu?

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ON THE MENU- I have a week's worth of scrumptious recipes for you to make this week.

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  1. Michael Wurm Jr. says:

    Thank you so much for including my Mac & Cheese. You will LOVE it!

    xo Michael

  2. Thanks for the great recipes. Can you check the link on the roast beef recipe? It looks amazing, but when I click on the link all I get is an enlarged picture, I don’t get the recipe. Thanks!

  3. The recipe for broccoli quinoa casserole does not show when you click the link.
    Can you please provide it??? Thanks!

  4. The recipe for the pot roast does not pull up, only a picture. The picture is so inviting. Recipe please! Thanks.

  5. ?! Think I gave a couple of great recipes to try this week! Thank you!

  6. When I click on the slow-cooker balsamic glazed beef, it goes to a photo, not the recipe. How can I get it?

    1. I found the same. When I went to her site, I did not find one with balsamic in the broth. It sounds delish! !

        1. Thank you, Yvonne! It looks and sounds delish. I’ve printed it out to try next weekend, as today I’m making your roasted chicken recipe.

  7. Norma Rolader says:

    Awesome recipes

  8. The broccoli quinoa casserole sounds delish but the recipe does not come up. Could you please provide it. Thank you!

  9. I need to make the slow cooker beef recipe along with the white chili and the bean soup. These look delicious. Thanks

  10. Can’t wait to try the Pumpkin/bacon/mac and cheese!! These are some of my favorite foods! And something my grandkids will enjoy! Thanks for sharing the recipes.

  11. The cinnamon roll cake is calling my name! Yum!

  12. I’m going to give the pumpkin mac & cheese a try this week! The Roasted Butternut Squash soup sounds wonderful as well. I’ve been roasting veggies on the grill all summer, using a similar process, and sounds great. I’ll replace the chicken stock, and make vegetable stock instead, to appease my vegetarian daughter, though. I’m slowly learning to do that, and to remember to do that for her so she can have those “home comfort foods” when she is visiting on college breaks.

  13. I had chills and slept a lot today so tonight I’m catching up on reading. I love to read recipes. My Mom did too. She’d try a new recipe often. I loved her handwritten recipe cards she’d send me. There are so many excellent meals on the menu this week! I hope to try something! Maybe the white chili. I have all the ingredients. I can get the light cream cheese. And avacados?. I’m anxious to try this and the squash soup. Yummm
    Have a nice week.

  14. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    I want to make this butternut squash recipe but need to know if I should double it. How many ounces is a serving? It looks delicious!!

    1. Yes, you can double this recipe. As far as servings it really depends on how large the servings.