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We all love decor trends, don’t we? It’s fun to see what is on the horizon for our homes and lives and sometimes we love them for the epic fails and silliness they become! So let’s take a look at interior design trends for 20201.

If you have not read DECOR TRENDS FOR 2021, PART 1 make sure you do! There are lots and lots of trends for the upcoming year there too!


As I said in the first part of decor trends 2021 …

  • please don’t shoot the messenger
  • if trends upset you don’t read this post
  • trends are just trends and it’s more important to decorate your home the way YOU want

Now that we have those things out of the way let’s take a little look at what is on the interior design horizon for 2021!


One of my decorating mantras is BIGGER IS BETTER AND LESS IS MORE! Well, we are going to see this taken to the max with the statement piece trend.

A statement piece is one BIG showy item in a home that stand out among all other furnishings!

I’ve seen really crazy art-type statement pieces on the horizon for 2021, but I think this trend is really good interior design if we tone those statement pieces down just a bit!

Think about adding one fabulous piece of art or a giant clock to a wall. Or a chair that is a bit different from the rest of your decor that stands out in a good way!

Statement pieces are usually more costly items with exceptional craftsmanship or one of a kind pieces!

Items like this often show off the personality of the owner. And one of our goals is to have our personality infused in our home.

So maybe this is a 2021 design trend you will want to follow!


Unstained raw wood is making big waves in the interior design world right now. I knew the beloved painted furniture movement would have to make way for wood tones again one day!

That does not mean painted wood is outdated! NO! It is just not the white hot thing for 2021.

I actually love this trend. I think wood that has been sandblasted or bleached or left pretty raw has such immense beauty!

And I think light or blond wood will be wildly popular for the next few years!


There has been a distinct trend towards individual style in the past few years. And we are seeing a strong showing in creating spaces in a home that works with individual lifestyles!

I have a lot of independent readers with strong, amazing personalities who love their style and their stuff! Yay!!! We should all feel like that!

I think COVID has had a big effect on how we live in our homes! And because we are spending so much time at home we want to live in a home that reflects us and how we live!

So if your formal dining room is just sitting there why not turn it into a library or study?

If you want to spend more time outside create porches and patios that are beautiful and comfortable!

It’s all about your style in your home and your way!


Also know as “granny chic”, grand millennial style is the answer to the contemporary white-on-white style that has been so popular.

It’s the opposite of minimalism! It’s a new take on English country style that drips with chintz and flowers and heavy trimmed sofas!

It’s the 20-30 age group that is spearheading this up and coming trend.

It’s very much like Traditional meets Shabby Chic meets Grannies Attic! This style is a commitment and should not be attempted unless it is whole heartedly embraced.

Grand Millennial is actually quite sophisticated and a lot more toned down than the “more is more” chintz and florals of the late ’80s. But it is still a maximalist statement, for sure!

If you are over 50 then it’s a bit of “been there, done that and never again”!!!

I say, let the young ones have their turn with this over-the-top style!


Again, we are seeing the effect of spending time at home with this sensible trend.

I think this is one of the most needed interior design trends!

It’s all about little luxuries! And don’t we need things to create a sense of well-being now!

Hand milled, French soaps, a gorgeous smelling candle, a Mongolian pillow, a cashmere throw.

Anything that we use everyday that is special and a tiny luxury!

I’m embracing this trend and treating myself to a few well-deserved everyday luxuries in our home!


Oh, please let me paint my hardwood floors!!!!!!

I adore painted floors! But don’t paint them with just one color. I see gorgeous checks and diamonds and striped painted floors on Pinterest.

If you don’t like your floors PAINT THEM! And you will be right in style for 2021!

I would love to paint all the floors in our home white. I’ve seen this done and it is GORGEOUS. But no matter who on trend painted floors are it’s a hard NO from Bobby!


White is back again! If you love home decor blogs you probably have missed its exit a couple years ago. I think bloggers have brought this classic trend back and quickly!

One big difference. The everything-white trend is out! And thank goodness!

White walls are still strong! No wonder! It makes a room light and bright and white is a wonderful backdrop for pretty home furnishings.

For me, I don’t care if white is in or out I LOVE living with white walls! They are fresh and even on the most dreary day my home feels happy and light!


I think Modern rustic style is really very pretty trend for 2021.

Think about a rustic cabin. Wood walls and a big stone fireplace. Rustic pine flooring and beams in the ceiling.

Instead of cramming it full of animal trophies, used furniture, and lots and lots of textiles. Think about adding a few necessary furnishings in a more sleek, contemporary style.

So cozy and still fresh!



This is a bit of a “funky” trend!

Simply drawn faces. Usually using one continuous line!

I’m seeing this type of line drawing in wallpaper as well as art.

Hmmm, this trend is certainly conversation worthy!


Trends are just that… TRENDS! As a savvy home decorator you can love or leave the upcoming trends.

The important thing is to interpret them in your home in your way!!!

What trends will you be trying in 2021?


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  1. An interesting read. I love my home. We changed houses after 41 years to this one IN TOWN. That alone is reason to be happy. Add to it perfect neighbors, small yard, and just enough house projects to occupy Ross and space for me to sew etc what more could a girl want?! I just thought I would share that the grandfather clock in our living room is the statement piece that sets the tone. From it I’ve kept things formal in the area around it that the eye takes in through that room and into the dining room. We have a huge bank of windows which provide the visual break so nothing looks too heavy. I do not drape those windows. They have nice horizontal blinds that match the light colored walls and do not look dowdy. I also use living plants, a few lovely antiques, and limited wall art. None of it is contemporary but it works. So that is my trend for 2021.

    1. Kathy Menold says:

      I agree that spending so much time in our homes we are looking more closely at what we need to change. For me it is some new carpeting for our bedrooms. I have two dogs and several grandbabies who visit so it needs to be good and durable and not show spills or shedding fur. Looking at a tweedy taupe blend. Fun to look at all the choices. Last big house expense was new air conditioning. Needed but not too exciting!
      Love to read about new trends.
      Keep well and safe.

    2. Sounds like you have the perfect home for you, Nancy! How blessed you are!

  2. Kelly Lawhorn says:

    Love white walls too. What color recommendations do you have?

    1. Hi Kelly, I love Benjamin Moore paint. You really get what you pay for when it comes to paint. The color at Tanglewood is Simply White and at StoneGable Sonett. Both colors are light and warm. Hope this helps.

  3. I would like to know where to find somethng like the entry table under the large wall clock. I have been wanting something like that.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I have a question in my great room I have a beige wall to wall carpeting. Is it not good decorating style to lay a area rug on top of the carpet?

    Thank you

    1. Great question, Elizabeth! Layering another rug over your existing rug depends on its nap. If it is not a flat-ish rug do not put another rug on top of it! Use lots of colors in your palette by using pillows on your sofa and add one big “something” to your wall that accents your room’s colors. I love that your walls and your rug will be a pretty neutral backdrop for the rest of the beauty in your room. Hope this helps, Elizabeth!

  5. Miche Ortega says:

    GREAT post, Yvonne! I am with you on white. If you decorate for every season and occasion, white is the way to go. I had pale yellow walls for years, and two years ago, I painted 2/3 of our house white, and now there is no competition between the colors on the walls and the decorations. I love it, and I also love painted white floors, but I too have a husband like yours that says absolutely NOT. Dang it, you gotta compromise on some things. Take care, and thank you.

  6. I love hearing the trends.
    A big statement piece would really set off a room and be a great conversation piece. I love white walls and am happy to hear they are on trend again. As if they ever would become passé. I love the bleached wood or I stained look and have been trying to convince my husband that we should do that to our bedroom tall boy & bureau.
    Granny style or lots of stuff is not going to happen in my house. I truly believe in go big or go home and no clutter. Painted floors are darling but wouldn’t suit my home or style. It will also be a passing trend while hard wood never go out of style.
    I hope Shiplap is gone for good. I noticed all the new builds have it. It would look lovely in a laundry room in a farm style home but not in modern ranchers.

  7. That everyday luxury will be incorporated in my house. I found a fancy soap with a butterfly carved(???) on top. It looks so elegant and I love washing my hands 407 times a day now!!

  8. I just subscribed to your website. I love the no nonsense advise and tips. Just what I was looking for to get inspired!
    Thank you Yvonne,

    1. Marianne, welcome to the StoneGable family! How nice of you to comment!