white pitcher filled with sunflowers

Lately, I’ve received several emails from StoneGable reader’s asking, “How do I create a fall vignette? It’s easy when you follow just a few tips and designer tricks! Today I’m sharing a “recipe” for creating a fall focal point YOU can put together in under 15 minutes. Ready?

sunflower and white pumpkin vignette

You are not alone when you get a bit timid about creating a fall centerpiece! I certainly understand!

Because a fall vignette is the first thing that will catch someone’s eye when they walk into a room you want to get this right! Right?

I used to feel I was not very good at vignettes! Believe me, I struggled for years! So by trial and error and lots of reading decor books and magazines I came up with a “recipe” or no-fail way to create a beautiful fall centerpiece and be able to repeat this recipe over and over again creating loveliness in your home!

Creating a fall vignette for any flat surface like a table or mantel is really very simple!

white pumpkins in the bottom of a fall vignette tray

Today we are in the breakfast nook at StoneGable! I have my reading basket full of decorating inspiration and a cozy throw. Now all I need is a really good cup of pumpkin spice coffee!

Ready to make a fabulous fall vignette?

This festive fall vignette on my kitchen table was inspired by two big bunches of sunflowers I found at Wegmans.

Sunflowers say “early fall” to me!


pretty yellow and black sunflowers

When I create any vignette I start with an item that inspires me!

The inspiration for this fall centerpiece were happy sunflowers.

I put them in a white pitcher because I think the white against the saturated yellow and black looks striking. It’s always best to find something that inspires you to start a fall centerpiece.

close up of a sunflower

Here are some pretty fall items that might inspire you…

  • hydrangeas
  • sunflowers
  • dried corn
  • pumpkins
  • apples
  • colorful leaves


You will see this tip over and over again in most of my designs! If you carry away one thing from this post let this tip be it!


It will flex your creativity muscle, solve decorating issues and problems and motivate you!

I found the pitcher in the basement and had the sunflowers but I did not purchase enough of them to fill the vase. And I did not want to drive back to the store to get more.

I had a bunch of greens I was using for another post and decided to add greens to fill in the sunflower arrangement. A little out of the box inspiration that paid off!

And guess what, I liked the greens with the sunflowers so so much better than them standing alone! These little decorating wins motivate me! And they will motivate you too!

chippy corbel candlestick in a fall vignette

I also thought outside the box when I dug around my decorating stash and found some chippy corbels that would work as candlesticks.

Use that brilliant imagination of yours!


long wicker basket holding a fall vignette on a kitchen table

Everything looks better in a frame of one sort or another! And so does a vignette! Corral the items for your centerpiece in something.

Because your grouping will probably become the focal point for a room it is so important to give your eyes a boundary! Our brains will perceive a group of objects as a whole if they live inside of something else! And that creates a focal point!


Here are my favorite ways to frame a centerpiece…

  • use a low sided basket
  • a metal tray
  • a low sided crate or wooden platform
  • a chippy shutter

In my decorating stash in the basement, I found a long wicker, low sided basket. I usually use it on the island in the kitchen but I thought it might make a pretty frame for a long centerpiece!

long wicker container holding a fall vignette of pumpkins

And I know what you are thinking… yes, we keep the fall vignette on the table while we eat. There is just two of us so I slide the whole centerpiece on the burlap runner to the edge of the table. And we eat on the freed up side.

If we have company I can remove it or downsize it or we can eat in the dining room!

This long basket was again, out of the box thinking, and it worked! More motivation!


When creating any centerpiece or vignette remember rules and guidelines for creating the perfect centerpiece will help guarantee success.

You can go to 10 ELEMENTS OF A VIGNETTE and see everything you need to know to be a pro vignette creator!

stack of white dishes in a fall vignette

In my long kitchen table fall centerpiece, I used lots of rules for a good vignette design. Such as…

  • I varied the height of the elements in the vignette. Because I wanted the sunflowers to be the star of this grouping, a stack of white plates became a make-shift riser to give the pitcher more height.
  • The rule of three is decorating magic. I used three big items in the centerpiece.
  • I also used lots of texture,
  • and repeated elements
  • added natural elements.,
  • and created a tight color palette

All these guidelines helped me so much with my kitchen table creation! Make sure you read 10 ELEMENTS OF A VIGNETTE.


white mini pumpkins in a fall vignette

If you are going to create a fall vignette you want it to give a gentle nod to fall. A not an in your face, the-fall-truck-came-to-your-house-and-dumped-out-its-content-on-your-table vignette!

One of the biggest mistakes we make as home decorators is over decorating! And when it comes to seasonal decorating just a little bit of the season will do!

Sunflowers are happy and often used in fall decor. So they were perfect for fall vignette making!

I also filled the bottom of the long wicker tray with real and faux pumpkins!


Here are my rules for adding a bit of the season to any decor…

  • no little seasonal tchotchkes
  • use natural fall elements
  • less is more (although I did use lots of little pumpkins)

With just a little bit of know-how, you can create beautiful fall centerpieces and vignettes for the tables in your home!


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  1. That book looks really helpful, and what a great giveaway! my home decorating question is how to store and/or declutter my “stash” of decor items. I’m limited in storage space and have a small budget to repurchase items.

  2. I love decorating for fall and the holidays. It just makes everything so cozy and warm. I love decorating with gourds but they never seem to last very long. Any suggestions?

  3. Everybody decorates with light colored couches what about us gals with brown leather ones.? Would love some ideas.

  4. I have enjoyed all of your posts and podcast on tips and tricks for decorating. My decor question is how to incorporate a neutral palette when all your main pieces are not neutral. I’m retired, so replacing big items is not really an option. I have attempted some of your tips for this, but find it can be difficult.

  5. We have downsized considerably….how to I make it look as wonderful with much less space but….not overdone or congested? Thanks for all these tips!

  6. I just love your ideas.. I have used them in several places throughout my home and I always get compliments on the way I gather things and put things together. Before reading your newsletter I was lost On how to put things together in my home. I think you and your team for sharing. awesome ideas.

  7. Yvonne. I am still working on my Autumn decor very slowly and enjoying this relaxed method. It is going to be in the 90’s today so maybe by the time I finish Fall will actually arrive here in N.C. Today I will work on my kitchen table vignette using all your great tips.

  8. I enjoy your blog . What is so appealing is how detailed you are in explaining how you go about decision in decorating, like this article. I also like that you show the whole room or a good part of a room at times. Doing so helps me not only see the small focus/project, but how it works in the complex picture. Thanks!

  9. Where do I find a good neutral rug that is not farm house style – more traditional – affordable rug yet a quality rug??

  10. Thanks for the great tips – I have been using trays and you are so right, it makes a big difference. My issue might be over decorating – but I have been trying to simplify and donate the items that I don’t need.

  11. Beautiful vignette! My decorating question is how to arrange furniture in a room that has doorways diagonally opposite each other and the traffic must cross the room.

    1. Thanks Yvonne. I’ve never cared for seasonal tchotchkes so this is a great help. And the book looks like a must read!

  12. Thank you for your advice on decorating with vignettes. Love the sunflowers! I have a difficult time decorating my mantel. Do you have a simple rule for decorating for the different seasons?

  13. Love your vignettes. Sun flowers are great to use this time of year and I am in pumpkin country this weekend. I can’t wait to take some home.

    1. KariAnne is the most amazing person! I am so proud to call her my friend! You should meet her in real life! She is a ball of energy and a force for good and good decorating!

  14. Loving this blog! My house is so festive with the chinoiserie pumpkins- my friends are quite impressed ?. I’d love to win the gc and book!

  15. I love your ideas on vignettes. I have a round coffee table and often get stumped whether to use more round or rectangular items. Does it matter? Please help!

  16. I have always had an interest in decorating and reading your blog has been so helpful. Thank you!
    The book looks just like something I would love to read.

  17. How lovely! Practical and naturally beautiful with items most of us have! Thank you…the book will be helpful as well.
    Off to welcome Fall!

  18. Hi Yvonne! Loving that KariAnne and Melissa wrote this book! I hope I win because I already have other books of KariAnne’s so this would be awesome! I think this question counts for decorating: I’m going to replace two of my flush mount lights and I have a bronze chandelier over my dining table. Should I keep with the bronze finish? I feel like I need to for a cohesive look? I don’t have the budget for a new one so that’s my dilemma. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. I always seem to have difficulty creating a dining table vignette. I love the use of plates as a riser. I have used your burlap covered books in the past as risers and love that look in my family room!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Beautiful arrangement! I think my biggest challenge is repurposing what I already have. I’m at the stage of life where I’ve streamlined decor items to just the basics, so there are not a lot of extra items in the basement!

  21. Sunflowers are a favorite. Enjoyed your post on using them with other decor items. Also found inspiration in the greenery you selected to go with the flowers.

  22. Your vignettes are beautiful, Yvonne! These posts have given me fresh ideas for decorating a a tabletop, buffet and bay window.

  23. I’m dreaming of changing my formal dining room into something I use more often… craft room, library? It is semi open to the living room so it needs to be pretty and not look out of place. Help! ?

  24. I love Fall! Not much fall here in Florida, so I like your idea of a “nod” to the season. Thank you for your lovely blog!

  25. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas about decorating and the many ways to use small details for a big impact. I love your blog and look forward to it every day.

  26. Love your beautiful vignette. Thanks for all the great tips on creating one in my own home. I never understood the need for the tray – until now. Your explanation was perfect! I am also a big advocate of less is more! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and ideas with us! Would love to win this book. It looks amazing!

  27. I am so ready for fall! These centerpieces are so pretty, love the sunflowers. I just picked some up at Trader Joe’s. They have the best flowers!

  28. Sunflowers grow wild by the side of the road here. I may have to take a drive out in the country and pick a few “weeds”!

  29. I absolute love Yvonne and Stone Gable. I would love to have this book to inspire me to follow your ideas and decorating techniques. Thank you for all of your work to bring us your God given talent.

  30. You are so, so talented! I enjoy every single one of your blog posts! I actually have two questions:

    1. Do you have a dedicated storage space in your basement (or somewhere else) that you keep all of your decor/floral items? If so, how do you organize them/do you have any specific storage items you love to use? I feel like I end up losing track of all of my items because they are sort of spread out through the house.

    2. How do you find inspiration/motivation when you feel overwhelmed or don’t know where to start? I notice that I end up avoiding decorating–despite loving it so much–because I don’t even know what areas of the room I should start in or am not sure if what I’m thinking about will look good, etc.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge! 🙂

  31. The sunflowers are lovely this time of year and they feel like the perfect transition from late summer to early fall decor.

  32. I hope this book will teach me how to decorate my new home as beautifully as yours is!! Your vignettes are the best ever!!

  33. Your home is my “go to ” for style & Karianne’s is my second. You both have fabulous taste & make style do-able. Thank you for sharing.

  34. My home has a rock fireplace, which I love. But I do struggle sometimes with how to style it in a way to best show it off. The rock always seems to overwhelm and upstage anything I put there. What would you suggest?

  35. I just love reading your blog . I look forward to my email every morning. Decorating has always been so fulfilling to me ever since I was a young wife and mother. Your beautiful ideas inspire me daily. Thank you!

  36. Always love all your ideas! Especially helpful is your 80/20 rule for mixing my decor style! I’m getting much better about “thinking outside of the box!” ? Thank you!

  37. How do I turn a scrumptiously delightful & comfortable twin bed into a couch? Especially one with a back & arms on it. I’ll build if I have to. I have gone through so many couchs & I’m done with them. They kill my tailbone. This twin mattress has been the best thing that has happened to me. Plus, a bonus…both my hubby & I can curl up on it together comfortably for some quality snuggle time.

    Thanks in advance for any & all suggestions…Holly

    1. Wow, what a great solution for you, Holly! I googled “how to turn a twin bed into a couch” and looked it up on youtube. There are tons of ideas. I bet you could find something there. Send pictures. I want to know how it turns out!

  38. Yvonne, your post came at the perfect time! Yesterday I pulled out all my fall decor and supplies. Just the inspiration I needed to bring a little fall into my home!

  39. Hey Yvonne! I have a small den but the sofa is quite large. I love it but my husband thinks it’s too big for the room. How do I tell?

  40. Gah! Y’all make it look so easy. Do you have a degree in interior decorating? Or just learned it all on your own? Looks beautiful!!

    1. I get so excited every morning when I open my email and StoneGable has arrived. I love the house tours, how tos and especially enjoy Wednesdays. I cant wait to read about the weekly shopping finds. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us.

  41. Yvonne ,
    Thank you for all of the inspiration and practical tips in your posts . I look forward to reading your words and seeing your beautiful photos !
    It’s so wonderful to have a community of people who enjoy decorating their homes for each season .

  42. Beautiful vignette! I agree that sunflowers are so perfect for early fall and I particularly like the way you paired them with so much white. Lovely and thank you for the inspiration!

  43. What a great and appreciated giveaway. We could all certainly use a little extra help once in a while in our decorating. I think sometimes we get a little stale and stuck in a rut and we need some fresh input.

  44. Lovely advice Yvonne! I love your instructions that are simple and easy to follow! And thank you for the chance to win! I’d love to be able to freshen up the master bedroom!

  45. Love your blog and your decorating style. My question is “How do you keep things looking current while incorporating traditional style elements and some vintage/antiques elements?”

    1. Hi Tracie, there are lots of great places to find affordable decorating things. High quality is a different story. High quality speaks of craftsmanship. And you pay for that. However, you can get nice quality at great prices and for me that is fine!

      I had a high-quality dining room set for over 25 years and got so tired of it. But because I paid so much for its quality and beauty I just could not justify letting it go. Finally, after years of living with something beautiful and high quality that I really did not like I got so tired of it I sold it! Now I have a concrete dining room table that cost 1/4 of the other one. And I love it! And I will not have to keep it just because I can’t justify letting it go.

      This is such a smart question, Tracie! As a home decorator, you want furnishings that hold up and look nice at affordable prices. I think places like Pier 1 and Wayfair and Birch Lane and Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel and Anthropologie and other places like that make very nice home decor items that are massed produced but have great style! For the most part, they will hold up pretty well.

      The home furnishing industry has changed so much in the last 10 years. Our mother’s and grandmothers would buy sets of furnishings to last a lifetime. They had little options! But today we have so many options! Items are mass-produced and made oversees. And we have more places to buy furniture than the local furniture shop in our towns. The internet has really changed the way people shop! We have a plethora of options!

      I do most of my furniture shopping online now. And I can get nice quality products. One thing that will help you know whether an item is a great buy is to read the reviews a product gets. Very telling.

      I think I’ll write a post about this topic. I get this question a lot!

      Tracie, thanks so much for adding to our StoneGable conversation!

  46. I too love sunflowers. They are such a happy flower! I would have never thought to use a long basket on a round table. My mind always goes to round table round basket. But seeing yours here has made me “think outside the box”. Thanks for the inspiration.

  47. I love your vignette, especially the chippy candle holders and the greenery you added to the sunflowers. I am pinning this so I remember to add the greenery the next time I have sunflowers to display.

  48. I just recently found a beautiful white pitcher and had no idea how to style it. No need to ask the question now as this is the perfect idea! Thanks for all of your beautiful ideas.

  49. Your blog is so beautiful! Those sunflowers make me happy! I would love a copy of that new book…..sounds like it would be very helpful.

  50. Yvonne, years ago you were the first blog I ever noticed. And sign-up for it was immediate. Your decor and ideas are so classy and timeless, and easily adapted to any style of decorating. I appreciate that. And you! Thanks for all of the time and effort you expend to inspire your grateful readers. God bless!

  51. I love the simplicity and punch of these fall vignettes. I learn something new every morning. Today, removing too many small chochkies!

    1. So grateful for your inspiration and now I have another book that I must read.
      I don’t have a basement but have one wall in garage with racks for my bins of decorating supplies.

  52. Your blog inspires me to see the things I have in my home (and closets) in a new perspective. I have many beautiful things that you show me how to incorporate into my decor. I especially love vignettes!

  53. I have loved your ideas on mixing styles and shopping your house. Do you have any recommendations for hanging large art work on walls and placement of wall art .I have tall ceilings in most rooms and sometimes feel my walls are not finished.

  54. Reading your blog with a cup of coffee cradled in my hand is a great escape and always inspiring! I am working on my mantle right now! As an owner of a wedding venue we are always looking for ideas to set up beautiful vignettes that complement the brides Decour! Soon we will have a fireplace to decorate as well and I will definitely use everything I have learned here and much more. Thank you for sharing talent with the rest of us!

  55. I enjoy your blog and also saw an email from Cottage Journal with your dinning room in it!!!!!How exciting!!! It certainly looked fabulous! Thanks for sharing the opportunity for winning this gift certificate as my family room can use much help!

  56. I really enjoy your blog. I have saved so many of the pictures, and the vignettes. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and ideas.

  57. How do you figure out the scale and style of coffee table for the living room? Sometimes I feel like my coffee table is too big and takes too much space, but I love it??? lol

  58. We recently purchased a home over 150 years old – high ceilings and nice space but a bit on the dark side. Love your ideas and look forward to reading more of your ideas as we settle in this new to us home.

  59. Sunflowers are definitely a goto for Autumn displays! I love your talent (a gift) at creating beautiful vignettes.
    Yvonne, we used to live in Lancaster county near Adamstown. I had forgotten how much I miss about living there until I visited a cousin in Willow Valley a few weeks ago! You are blessed to call
    it home.

  60. East Tennessee broke 1939 record for high temp this week-97! Need all the help I can get thinking fall. Using the white pitcher for the bright golden sunflowers is perfect.

  61. Yvonne- I love your blog! Your photography is always amazing. You are full of inspiration for daily living. Thank you!

  62. Yvonne, two years ago you inspired me to create my first vignette and now I’m hooked. ? Your rules and suggestions are always a great help. Thank you.

  63. Yvonne,
    Thanks so much for the detailed guide to create a beautiful vignette. My chance of success is so much better when I have a step-by-step plan to follow.

  64. Loved your fall vignette! I’m using sunflowers this fall, too–in a crystal vase on my dining room table. After seeing yours, I think I’ll add a tray and some other items that make a bigger impact.

  65. Oh I would give this book to my daughter as a gift who just bought their first home and also buy one for me too! Love the sunflower centerpiece! Happy Fall!

  66. Again, another win win in my book. Thanks for sharing this lovely but easy to do fall vignette. I love sunflowers, pumpkins and anything white!

  67. Dining room has stained wood window frames and cream honeycomb shades. A beautiful flower wallpaper surrounds the window and remaining walls. Do I need to use drapes? If so, solid color sheers?

  68. Such great ideas! You are such an inspiration to me! I also love the book. All your decorating questions answered in one book !

  69. Yvonne, your vignettes are always so beautiful Your tips are wonderful and help so many readers on how to create their very own vignettes. A lovely book that answers all of those questions so many readers have. A great opportunity. Have a lovely weekend.

  70. Yvonne,
    I have only recently discovered your blog and enjoy your decorating and cooking but most of all your willingness to share your faith. As the seasonal changes approach, I am looking forward to fall decorating, cooking, and fun and I love sunflowers!

  71. What a happy, cheerful looking home! Glorious looking house. I am running out and buying sunflowers. Thank you for this blog.

  72. Your displays are always so pretty! Thank you for the reminder to buy myself some flowers. They make me happy.?

    I would love to win a copy of But where to I put the couch. Love the title!

  73. God has truly given you the gift of decorating. Just love Stone Gable!! The book looks fun and can’t wait to get one. Just wondering when yours will be out? Can’t wait!

  74. It’s so obvious that your former profession was a first grade teacher. You explain all your blog lessons so clearly… step by step. Always inspiring. I miss you on DTT, but understand that you have to pick and choose how to use your limited time. Perhaps you can make a guest appearance?

    1. Me too, Mary!!!! I’ve listened to DDT from the very beginning…I so miss Yvonne! So…any any chance of a reunion? Yvonne, I love your blog and your message…thanks for all you do:)

  75. Amazing post, as always, Yvonne! I pinned this to my fall board. 🙂 Great tips and advice for creating a fall vignette from the queen of vignettes! 😉

  76. I love all the tips Yvonne! How do you know how much to vary the height between what pieces you use in your vignettes? Thanks always for your wonderful knowledge and tips.

  77. My question is ‘but where to I put the freezer? We are moving and most of the houses I have viewed to not have room in the laundry area for my freezer. What a wonderful book to own at this point in my live.

    1. What a great question, Kay! To make this a Christmas vignette I’d replace the sunflowers with greens leave the candles and add either pinecones or rustic Christmas balls in the basket. Tada!!!!! Easy, right?

  78. I just moved from WI to TN and am decorating my home……I love all things wildlife and I love anything farmhouse how do I incorporate both into my home without over killing either……….

  79. I enjoy coming to your blog and getting fresh ideas! Thank you.
    My question—- can I see your front porch decked out for fall?

  80. My question is how do I corral and/or hide electrical cords? For example, I have a lamp on my bathroom vanity but no place to hide the cord and can’t think of anything to use to tie it up that also looks good.

    1. Fran, cords are sometimes tough to hide. Especially if there is nothing to hide them behind like on a vanity! When this happens I usually tie them with a twist tie to contain the mess of a cord and then tie a decorative piece of ribbon (I use burlap) around them to tie (no pun intended, hehe!) them into my decor!

  81. In the last year, I’ve noticed a renewed interest in wallpaper on the web and HGTV. Didn’t we just take our wallpaper and borders down? What is your take -new trend of fad?

  82. Wonderful decoration, thanks a lot. Tomorrow before going to work I will send a pic of the vignette I have in my living room, which won´t give me any prize but I don´t care, and do you know why? Because thanks to you and some other people like you, I am changing my home slowly and it looks much better now!! The only real problem I have are my papers and paperwork!!! But I will conquer it too, trust me!!!

      1. Look for Diego Velázquez and Las Meninas. You will see why I am telling you this. Velázquez was a very famous Spanish painter.

  83. I really appreciate your site and get lots of good ideas from reading about your decorating ideas. I especially enjoy your weekly menu.

  84. Never thought about sunflowers for fall. Moving to an apartment in a few weeks, any suggestions for making it feel homey?

    1. Hi Karen, one of the biggest mistakes home decorators make in small spaces is to over decorate. Make a floor plan and know what goes to your apartment and where to put it. The rest? Let it go! I hope this helps.

  85. Yvonne, I love, love, love all the vignettes that you create. I subscribe to your blog and to Karianne’s blog. I have a question! You inspired me to take a wood crate that was given to us on our 50th anniversary and create a vignette inside of it for my kitchen cabinet. There was straw inside the box, which I left in there, but over a period of time it looks wilty, so I would like to put something else in the box for Fall, but need something in the bottom. Help! PS: I love your Sunday posts and enjoy all the different recipes that you post on Monday also along with all the decorating tips!

    1. Oh I have the PERFECT answer, Ruta!!!! Put pinecones in the bottom of the box. They make the BEST filler!!!! I pick white pinecones up whenever I can find them. Hope this helps.

  86. What wonderful tips. I am certainly guilty of using too many seasonal tchotchkes in my decorating, so I am excited to try your tips to create something more elegant. Thanks for all your articles. I am always so inspired after reading your posts!

  87. I’m a huge fan of sunflowers, so your fall vignette has me all excited! I think instead of doing what I usually do (which is to pick up a bouquet of sunflowers at Trader Joe’s, then stick them into a vase, and that’s that), I’m going to experiment a bit. I haven’t done anything new with fall decorating for the past few years, so I really appreciate the inspiration to try something different. Thanks, Yvonne!

  88. I love your posts. I look forward to them. My question… when hanging curtains from your ceiling, do you use a valance or is it too much? Thanks. My ceilings are 10″ tall.

  89. Thank you fir making it seem reachable to make a fall vignette. Love the practical step by step guide. You have a beautiful way of decorating!

  90. I love the sunflowers! I actually bought some for the first time this year at a neighborhood road stand. They lasted almost a week! I really like your idea of using the white pitcher for the flowers, Great contrast and so pretty. Thank you for the ideas.

  91. Yvonne, I believe that is the prettiest sunflower arrangement that I’ve ever see. Now to see it I can duplicate it! 🙂 I love decorating for fall and you’ve given us lots of great tips to go by.

  92. Inspirational fall decor. I have a hard time changing out my summer to fall when it is still in the high 90’s here. And thanks for the giveaway!!

  93. My favorite thing about your vignettes are your cute scrolly dishes! You use them in such appealing and versatile ways. They are always an element of surprise. Thanks to all you gals for the thoughtful and generous giveaway! Perfect timing for the upcoming gift giving season!

  94. Is there a trick for seating (and the hubbies television) in a narrow living room, without overpowering the space physically and visually?

  95. I love to use texture, pattern and color to decorate but I have very little wall space for shelves or artwork. What’s your suggestion for all the things I love to display?

  96. I very much enjoy reading your posts and love you simple, yet elegant decorating style. Yours is a site I come back to regularly. Thanks for the inspiration and insight!

  97. I love reading how you put together a vignette. Also love reading how you store your decor items. I try to incorporate some of the lessons I’ve learned from following you over the years. Love those candlesticks in this fall vignette!

  98. Have any good ideas for hiding the internet router? Gotta have it but it sticks out in a bad way…
    Love your ideas for vignettes, know I’ll be giving it a try this fall.

  99. Love your blog! One question I have is there a particular arrangement that dining tables look best. I am getting a new table soon and considering putting it at an angle. Wondering if that just makes the room appear smaller.

  100. Yvonne,
    I have been so blessed by your posts, both regarding decor and spiritually. Almost everything I value about decorating, I have learned from you. After each post, I study your photos to make sure that I am “seeing “ your lesson.
    Beyond that I am so proud of you using your platform to share our Lord Jesus and the wisdom of the Bible with your readers. Most would be too concerned about losing readers but praise God for you sharing the most important wisdom we can share with others.
    I am learning from both and gaining my own wisdom from your examples.

  101. I have two small boys who get into EVERYTHING. Looking for hardy decor ideas that are stylish! Cute site. Thanks!

  102. I love your blog — it is both beautiful and practical! I’m wondering if you have some ways to make your home smell fresh and clean (besides Pine-Sol, of course!)? And now that I think of it, any ways to appeal to our other senses as well? Thank you!

    1. Hi Cyndi, all transformations take time and lots of patience and creativity. I’d always begin by painting walls. Choose a light color. And paint your rooms in the same color. I think that will almost instantly give your home a lighter look. I know that primative decor often has lots of little collections and bits and pieces of decor. I’d let go of most of them. If you truly want to transform to a white farmhouse this will probably hurt a good deal but needs to be done! In the book BUT WHERE DO I PUT THE COUCH Melissa give such great advice about how to let go of collections. And of course, read StoneGable! I’m all about white, upscale farmhouse decor!

  103. Thank you for your Fall decorating inspiration. I’m so looking forward to reading the book and using it as table decor!!

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  107. Storage is my biggest problem. Storing items from season to season take up so much space, but I want to keep things to use again.its my biggest struggle

    1. Storage is often a struggle. There are really only a couple ways to solve storage. Get more storage or only keep your very very favorite things and when you get something new let go of something you already have. My best advice is to continue to streamline your seasonal items and use more natural things. I know this is so so hard! I feel for you!

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  111. You are my first blog and I am learning so much. I ordered the pumpkin pillow you showed from Wayfair. Can’t wait to receive it.

  112. I love your blog. I am in the market for an area rug for my den. I love the look of your rugs. I have been considering a woven natural fiber rug, but my concern is that they will be easily snagged or picked by furniture or vacuum cleaner. What types have you found to be the most durable?

    1. I LOVE our sisal and natural fiber rugs. Like all things, they are not perfect. I find our rug very durable and easy to live with. Just keep the corners away from a head on coming vacuum!

  113. Love your tips for styling. I have been following you now for a few months and really appreciate all the tips you give to us. You make styling so simple and easy. As for me, I will continue to try your ideas and tips and practice, practice and practice some more! Love, too, your DIY ideas as well. I have read some about the book – But Where Do You Put the Couch- and it sounds like it has great ideas for decorating. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

    1. You focused in on one very important part of becoming a great home decorator… practice, practice, practice!!!!! And this book is not only beautiful it is so helpful!

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  115. Love your inspiration on vignettes…Have tried so hard to “get it right”…what a great help you have been…Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

    1. Hi Joanie! I bet your fall vignette is gorgeous! Getting it right is really not the point dear friend! Just enjoy the process and create something right you!!! Here’s a hug!!!

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  118. Hi! Just LOVE your blog! I too struggle with “papers” and ALL clutter. Life has gotten so complicated! I would like to share something spiritual in how I cope with things when they get out of my control and anxiety comes creeping in; I simply recite the scripture ; ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. I repeat it several times until I feel calm and refocused. The Holy Spirit works that way! God hears our “cry” for help in all things and wants us to enjoy the Peace of Jesus!……. AND our homes which should be a place of recharge & calm!

  119. Thank you, Yvonne for all your Christian inspiration along with sharing your talent for decorating so we can all be inspired to get some “good” out of each day by making our houses a “home” ! You are such a blessing!

    1. I love fall so I start to decorate with early fall elements in September. And as the fall moves on I bring in pumpkins and other cozy decor. Start decorating and enjoy Fall! xo

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    1. Oh, no no no, Angie! Please don’t feel like that! I post so you can see how to do things like style a vignette. And yes, most of my stuff goes together… including furniture! You keep learning my friend! I practiced for years before I felt comfortable decorating! YOU can do IT and learn!!!!

  122. But Where do I Put the Couch? book sounds like it would be fascinating to read. My family room has numerous openings/walkways, a sliding patio door, HVAC vents and cool air return, etc., and it makes such a challenge to figure out where to put the furniture. I could use some possible solutions.

  123. Having just downsized in July when we moved to the central coast in California, this book sounds like an answer to where to put everything! Thanks for the giveaway.

  124. I have recently started following your blog. Just love the gracious feeling it evokes every time I sit down to read an article! I am working on trying to simplify the next chapter of our lives and your comments about using natural elements really resonated with me. Thank you for the inspiration.

  125. You have such an eye for decorating. I decorate with a lot of blue and white. It’s just so pleasing to the eye and such a classic color combination. My question is… is there some kind of decorating secret to know when you have too much blue and white around the house or too much in one room? I am the type of person that I’m not into a lot of things around the house and I feel every nook and cranny dose NOT have to be filled. When things are too busy I begin to feel anxious. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  126. I finally got an urn similar to yours, Yvonne. It arrived today so now is the challenge to decorate it. I will be looking back through your posts to get some ideas. I’ve admired yours for so long. I’ve tried using both a lighter color palette for this fall as well as a lighter touch in autumn decor.
    I also finally got the nerve and ordered furniture on line this summer from the Perigold division of Wayfair and I’m not disappointed. Now if I could only figure out where to put the couch! Lol

    1. Here’s what I would do Melissa… pick either vintage or modern decor to be 80-90% of your decor. And the other 10% use the other decor. It’s more of a balance of how we mix decor than the decor itself.

  127. How beautiful and perfect look all your spaces! It is really something to get inspired, I wish to have the talent you have. Love your tips and advice.