(image: Me and my Daddy!)

Fill in the end of this sentence… GOD IS_____________.Take a minute and really think about this. If you  could describe how you see God in one, concise sentence, what would you say? How can one condense God into just a few words. But Give it a try. How you answer this question is very important!

For me, I would say GOD IS MY FATHER. I see God as a protective, wise, LOVING, Father who is the perfect balance of love and pure devotion and wise discipline. I didn’t always see God as my FATHER, though.

I did know God far before I was His child. I knew that He existed and that He and He alone was God, but I did not submit my life to Him. Before I became His child I thought of Him in a very fearful way… not the I-know-who-You-are-and-I-reverently-am-in-awe-of-you kind of way. But definitely the… I-know-You-can-zap-me kind of way! Because I did not know my Heavenly Father I did not see Him for who He truly is.

God has been calling me all my life, just like He is calling you! Calling you to be His child. Just think of that… a child of the very God of ALL! When I realized that God passionately wanted me to be His child I flew into His arms and called Him Abba, which means Daddy in Hebrew! I was 33 years old!


I had a wonderful earthly father. My daddy was so loving and strong and would do ANYTHING to provide for me and keep me safe and build a healthy and lasting relationship with me!

This is what I remember when I think about my Daddy and I’m sure it is the base for the way I look at God, my heavenly Father!  

I was not a very strong willed child (like my sister… LOVE you, Lisa!) but Daddy and I did have our disagreements especially during my teenage years. I remember many a night, after a sometimes loud disagreement on my part that involved storming and stomping up the stairs to my bedroom and slamming the door, my Daddy would knock on my bedroom door when the house was quiet and settled and come over to my bed to sit on the edge of it and talk.

He would talk to me in a soft, powerful voice filled with fatherly love that would absolutely melt my stubborn heart!  Daddy always told me how much he love me, even when I was being quite unlovable! He would share his grand wisdom with me helping me see the errors of my ways without blame or shame or anything negative! Then, my wonderful Daddy would apologize to ME!

 My father, so filled with love, would tell me how sorry he was when he had done nothing wrong. It was so important to my Dad that we (all of us) would never go to bed angry and that all his children fell asleep knowing how much Daddy loved us and cared for us.  

My father humbled himself to sacrificially love us! As I’m writing this I am crying. Just the thought of my Father’s great love for his family and how this wonderful man would put aside his right to be right… and humble himself for my sake is overwhelming and not lost on me at all!!!!

I am forever grateful to God for my Father!

I had a wonderful example of God’s perfect Fatherhood in my life. So, when I became God’s child I had a glimpse of His love for me because of my Daddy!

Now, I know some of you might not have had a father that was a godly example in your life. I’m sure it is heart breaking! But you have a God that wants to fill in every space in your life that is void! I promise you this!!!!

Once I became a Christian and turned my life over to my Lord (owner, creator) and Savior (saved me from sin and death and an eternity separated from God, my Father) I began to see God for the loving Father He really is!!!

Here is a most beautiful video… a love letter from YOUR FATHER. Please take the time to listen to it!

It is the best representation I have ever heard of God, our Father! If you do one thing today, this should be it!




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  1. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing this video. Be blessed and thanks for your creative input in your daily emails I receive.

  2. Yes, we must not forget the love of the Greatest Father, the unconditional and ever forgiving love. Great words and video here today.
    Love the fabulous pics of you and your dad!….Happy Father’s Day to the greatest Fathers in your life!

  3. Thank you for this beautiful post. I enjoyed meeting you last night.

    1. Hi Susan! It was such a pleasure to meet you too! Matt & Jenna’s wedding was a blessing!

  4. Oh Yvonne…your video has me sobbing over here like crazy:) What a beautiful thing for you to share on Fathers Day! Thank you Yvonne:) May you and your family have the best Father’s Day ever:)

  5. Beth Beard says:

    So very beautiful Yvonne! Now I’m crying too. Thank you for sharing this lovely post.

  6. This has moved my heart so deeply, to love God the Father and to know how much He loves me.! Happy Father’s Day to all our earthly dads and to our heavenly Father who loved us first!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing that, it was absolutely beautiful. I am going to share it with my Bible Study ladies for they will enjoy it as much as I did. You are an amazing inspiration to me. Thank you

  8. Thank you Yvonne. I was not as lucky as you to have a loving father. I was most blessed to find Our Heavenly Father at the tender age of 18. What a gift that love has been in my life. Having a very abusive father, my life was in turmoil. But with the love of Our Heavenly Father I was able to forgive and go forward and bring forgiveness not just from me, but the rest of the family too. Now we are blessed . Our mother died at the young age of 35 leaving 5 children. We are so blessed to be a very tight knit Family. Love will always heal and bring happiness to everyone. God’s wonderful blessings to you and your family this Father’s Day.

    1. Clare you said what I could not. Thanks for sharing how our Father in heaven heals and blesses and makes families complete! Bless your sweet heart!

  9. Linda Corbett says:

    Thank you for your beautiful post this morning. The video was perfect – today especially. ❤️

  10. How wonderfully true. Thanks so much for this beautiful message and video.

  11. Thank you for sharing the video and the word today. . Thank you for being a blessing in my life. Have a great day
    Be blessed

  12. Beautiful post. The way this world is I wonder how many people know God and, if they do, how can they turn their backs on Him so. I too was blessed with a wonderful loving father here on earth. He passed that love on by instilling in us a great love of God. By his actions he taught us God always comes first. He owned his own business, and if he thought someone couldn’t afford what they needed from him, they’d get it at a reduced rate or free of charge. My father was a so very loving and generous and yet it is only a tiny percent of how loving and generous our Heavenly Father is. Thank you for your blog.

  13. You have a beautiful home. I love the armoire converted into a china cabinet, what a lovely piece. All your fabrics look so great too. Thank you for sharing.

  14. What a beautiful picture you just painted in my mind, both of your daddy and our heavenly Father! Thank you for that. God is… LOVE!

  15. I was blessed to have a father who was a minister. Yes, there were some disadvantages in being a “preacher’s kid”. My Dad practiced what he preached and I am so proud to be his daughter. I have told him that it was easier to learn about my heavenly father’s love because of my earthly father. Now it is very hard for me to see him living in a nursing home reduced to living like an infant. But I know one day God will call him home.

  16. Carlie Webster says:

    Thank you for this precious video and for sharing your knowledge of God’s word!! I look forward to your post every Sunday. I spent a lot of time in church as a young child but as I grew into my teen years I drifted away from church. I always knew that God was there but I never felt good enough for his love until many years later when I learned that we don’t have to be perfect. Our FATHER loves us no matter what. There just is not a better feeling than to know that!!!! I was diagnosed with cancer almost ten years ago. According to the doctors I should not have survived, but I would not accept that. I knew my Father loved me and wanted me to be here to raise our four children. I was blessed with miracle after miracle after miracle!!! My faith carried me through many difficult years of healing from the surgeries and learning to live with iv nutrition and the changes in my health. When we put our FATHER first precious things happen in our life that can only be explained by his love for us!!! Thank you again for this video. My eyes are swollen from the flow of tears because there just isn’t a better feeling than to know He loves us so deeply with a perfect love, no matter what we do!!! Happy Father’s day to your family! Your blog is amazing. God Bless you and your family. Sorry for such a long comment!

    1. Carlie, I am so happy you left this beautiful testament to our Father! God bless you. I prayed for you!

      1. Carlie Webster says:

        Thank you for praying for me!!! Prayer is a precious gift!!!

  17. Oh my……a touching video of f God our Father who loved us so much he gave his only son in order we would have everlasting life!

  18. Yvonne,
    What a beautiful message. Thank you so much for sharing!

  19. What a precious post! I’ve been blessed with a Godly earthly Father as well and am so thankful for his wonderful influence in my life. You always have the perfect post! Blessings abundant!

  20. Donna Hall says:

    Beautiful…..Thanks for sharing

  21. AMEN, You are so right…..GOD loves us unconditionally. My daddy was loving and we were taught to love GOD the Father. My Dad has passed but GOD lives in my heart everyday!!!!!
    So enjoy your Sunday post.

  22. This was very touching. It moved me to tears too. My loving father passed away when I was sixteen. He has truly been missed. My father was such a quiet but lovingly stern man who disciplined an unruly child (there were five of us) much in the same way your father had. What a special man. I am so happy that your father was a loving and compassionate father too. Your post truly melted my heart. Warm hugs, Marsha

  23. Father’s Day used to be very difficult for me. I did not know my biological father and I also experienced a lot of rejection from my step father growing up. Coming to know Jesus as a high school student started me on a journey of learning what a real FATHER is like. Jesus has more than filled up all the empty spaces in my heart and He truly is the one who changes anything life throws at us. This video is not only beautiful….it is TRUE! I know…..I’ve experienced knowing my heavenly Father!

    1. Toni, what a great testament to God’s Fatherly love! God bless you!

  24. Bonnie Martin says:

    Thanks for sharing the video! It made my cry. My pops passed away this past February and I miss him every single day! His heart took a lot of space in our family. My brother also passed at 49 so he and my pops are together busy working on projects in Heaven! It brings us all comfort to know that WE WILL see them again some day. Even though it’s hard accepting the fact that they aren’t here, God knows our sorrow! He’s been there, done that! Yes even in sorrow, God is so good!

  25. I am new at blogging. Thank you!!! Your blog is a blessed treasure to me. Thank you
    I loved the Father’s Love Letter thank you
    I also love your style. God Bless You and yours

    I haven’t figured out everything about blogging and I don’t really think I’ve made it public yet.
    Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful inspirations.

    1. Why thank you Bailey!! Make sure you let me know when your blog goes public. It’s a wonderful ride!!!!

  26. Penny Tyson says:

    Beautiful piece Yvonne! Thank you for sharing. You were blessed indeed to have a Father willing “to give up the right to be right”. I’ve really come to look forward to your Sunday emails. The message of the Father to His children is always so timely. Blessings!

  27. Jim McDowell says:

    Thank You , That was wonderful !!