Row of four pink chairs in waiting room with yellow wall and tiled floor
Row of four pink chairs in waiting room with yellow wall and tiled floor

I used to work in my husbands Family Practice office. I’ve seen thousands and thousands of patients come and go! And I got to watch how they waited to be called back to see the doctor. There were the sleepers, people that fell asleep in a waiting room. Some of them even snored. There were the eyeball rollers, every time a patient, that was not them, was called back they would roll their eyes. They could be thrown into the same group as the sighers and the humphers. There were the unprepared mothers with children who did not bring a thing to keep their children occupied and let them run wild in the office’s little playroom and beyond. And there were a smart group of patients who came prepared to wait.

Waiting for the doctor is an artform. It takes patience and planning and using the waiting time to our advantage.  

I think waiting for God is sorta like waiting for the doctor. We’ve all been in God’s waiting room. You just might be there today.  

Right now it seems that much of my family has been gathered into a time of waiting for God! I am waiting for my ankle to heal, my daughter is waiting for a nanny for Anderson, my son and his wife are waiting for their little girl to arrive in June and there are many other things in our lives that have us waiting on God that will go unspoken here!

I bet you are probably in God’s waiting room right along with us. We all have issues and problems and situations and things we are asking God to help us with and give us wisdom about. Really, it’s like we are in one big waiting room of life.

How will you use your time? Will you be a sleeper or a sigher or run amok or will you use the waiting time wisely?

Waiting for God is a way of life for me! I can’t say I’ve always fallen into the “wise” category of waiters but I can share some ways that make the waiting easier and worthwhile.

Waiting on God has a great purpose. If done God’s way it can make us patient (no pun intended). And patience is a gift! Patience puts us on the road to being mature. Mature in knowing God and dealing with life the way He wants us to.

Here are a few ways we can sit in God’s waiting room and use our time wisely!

Always, always, always do things God’s way. Don’t try to get out of the wait by sinning. God has put you in the waiting room to grow you and if you wait on Him he will show you His plan for your life. It may or may not be what you want, but it will ALWAYS be best for you! And it will always glorify Him!

Spend time in God’s word. Don’t just read the word… study it. Use it to pray for your situation. You have to know God’s word to obey Him.

Also, don’t worry. Not an easy thing to do when we wait. It’s quite a natural reaction to worry about things. But God’s word tells us…

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:6-7

 God knows best. So don’t worry… PRAY instead! Talk to God while you are in His waiting room. Talk to Him constantly! Thank Him ahead of time for how He will help you. Know for sure He will!

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Hebrews 4:6

Don’t run amok during a time of waiting. Stay true. I find that when I look for God in my situation I can find Him. He and He alone is our compass! We are the most frail in the waiting times. We can so easily unravel! We can spin off onto a bad path of life.  In those times it is most important to look for God! Find Him in the people He sends into your life to help you. Find Him in times of peace and grace in the waiting time. Seek for Him and you will find Him!

The waiting room of God is a crowded place. But unlike my husband’s waiting room… God is never late! Keep your eyes on Him! Keep close and do not sin! Do not worry. Instead, study His word and pray always. Be thankful for what God will do for your situation and search to find Him right there with you! Cling to Him and don’t let go!

When God calls you out of His waiting room make sure to thank Him and give Him the glory! Tell others of His goodness in your life! And take stock of how He has grown you!

And while you are praying will you pray for me and other in the waiting room too?

Memorization scripture this week:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:6-7

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  1. In my nightly prayers I ask God to watch over my family & friends. You reminded me to think of others who might need an extra prayer.
    Blessings ~ Joanne

  2. Yes,we’re all in the waiting room at different times
    in our lives.I’ve been there for a while now,but always
    praying.Have a blessed Sunday.

  3. Tonya P Jackson says:

    Excellent and timely… for me and all!

  4. Blessings to you and yours. Another wonderful share, thank you.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Our family has been waiting for several months for God to open the doors so that we can get a job and get moved to Montana in order to be with our son, daughter-in-law and 8 grandchildren. They want us there and we want to be there. Those doors have been closed but we believe they will be opened in God’s timing. The waiting room has some down days for us but we strive to continue waiting.

    I so look forward to your Sunday messages as they are always encouraging to us. By “us” I mean everyone who reads your blog. You are truly an inspiration to us all.

    God Bless You !!!

  6. Ellie LaJuett says:

    Amen, Amen, Amen!

    1. Thank you. I needed to hear this. I am new to your blog and now this is my favorite part! I will pray for us as we wait. My 1 year old grandson has cystic fibrosis. We are always waiting for test results. His life span rests in God’s hands. We do all we can but ultimately it is up to God. This perspective is changing my life daily.

  7. Debby Carmack says:

    You said it so well. I will say some extra prayers today.

  8. Yvonne, these were wonderful encouragements. I co-lead a twice a month study/prayer time for mothers of struggling adult children and it’s called God’s Waiting Room! Our group began 10 years ago. Each time we spend one hour in study/sharing and one hour in prayer for our children. I loved your visual for your title. Being in God’s Waiting Room is like having a front row seat to watching GOD work when we can’t DO anything!

    1. Mary Holmquist says:

      I wish we had such a ministry at our church. We have a son with so many problems.

  9. What a great post! I have a daily devotion book given to me by my daughter titled “Jesus Calling”. It has a lot of the same theme in it. I adore them all, and it does help if you “wait” and look for the Lord in all that you do and say. Thanks Yvonne for sharing your strong faith along with your decorating and DIY “prowess”……May your wait be joyful.

  10. Cynthia S. says:

    Thank you Yvonne. Today I received a revelation while sitting in the waiting room. By God’s grace I received it BECAUSE he was able to speak thru you!
    I feel very blessed to have you as my friend..thank you for reaching out..

  11. The fact that you always start each week off with a Christian message is the reason I follow you and now your podcast and is the reason I just recommended your blog & podcast to a Christian friend.

  12. One of the worst times I have of waiting is waiting for the Lord to take my mom home to be with Him. She is 95 and has been bedridden since she fell and broke her hip Nov. 10, 2012′ my Dad’s 90th birthday. Her dementia is so bad. She does not recognize anyone in the family anymore. I have prayed over and over for this as well as have many others. My Dad passed away last year and she has never recognized he was gone(he had been in the bed next to her in the nursing home). My parents were married 75 years. My Dad was a minister and mother was a devoted pastor’s wife. They served churches for over 60 years. I have been reminded over and over that God’s timing is no it our timing.

  13. I’m truly in the waiting room, as I await results from medical tests this last week. So, I’m putting my prayers and faith out front, and preparing my home and family as best I can. It’s in God’s will and hands. Thank you for your inspiration. I enjoy these so much.

  14. Candy J Weiford says:

    Thank you for the reminder.

  15. Diana Egts says:

    This was just what I needed to hear .God does speak to us thru others and it was a great encouragement to me this morning .

  16. What a wonderful post. I am a worrier in the waiting room. I fret, chew my thumbnail, pace, and perhaps question whether I have been overlooked somehow. I needed this reminder that God is never late, and worrying takes up so much precious time; time that I can be praying for my children and others.

  17. Love this & a great reminder!

  18. Patience and waiting are great virtues to have. I have to remind myself many times in my life about this.

  19. God’s timing is always perfect , despite our impatience.

  20. Thank you for such a beautiful word picture! To God be the glory! “To be at the center of His will is our only safety.” Casper ten Boom

  21. Waiting on a diagnosis for my sweet husband. Thank you for this godly reminder. Thank you for your obedience and faithfulness. Praying for Nancy and her dear mom.

  22. Thank you for the great reminder, That the Lord knows what is going on.

    Thank You.

    Be Blessed

  23. Spoken like the Christian I strive to be. Always ❤ your site and this is just another example of why—thanks for the reminder my friend

  24. Joy McGlohon says:

    Excellent word! He is rarely early, but ALWAYS on time! Thank you for the words of encouragement!

  25. Thank you for your beautiful words and Bible scriptures.

  26. Thank you for the encouraging words. My husband and I are in the waiting room, as well. Until God sends us peace of mind or boldness of faith, we remain watching for his direction.

  27. Theresa Nolan says:

    ❤️! Such a good word! Thank you! ? “And we wait, we wait for Him…”

  28. Just so thankful that when we finnaly get called out of the waiting room that we can then see our Lord. And be with all of our loved ones, friends and our pets too. God Bless

  29. Such a perfect message to all! Striving to be better, to be more kind, to be more patient, to wait for HIS plan. Thank You for this wonderful message and scriptures.

  30. Yvonne , I cannot begin to tell you how timely this is for me right now.
    Bless you!

  31. What a beautiful message! Thank you!

  32. So beautifully spoken. This was just what I needed to hear this Sunday. Thank you for the blessing by sharing this with us. May God richly bless you!

  33. Praise God for Hiis Word. This again is a wonderful devotional for us in a waiting room. I giggled at the “real waiting room” patients. I must admit I’m the patient who would wrap my arms around my purse and use the time to catch five!!!
    I love these verses. I was not patient today as someone explained what they understood from a message. Ohhhh I wish I had held my tongue and counted to ten and smiled. And let the person add to what he said before commenting.
    I will pray as I’ve been doing for your healing.

  34. You speak to my heart.

  35. “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

    This scripture has comforted me so much in times of waiting…when we wait in faith, patience and contentment, God will use that time to renew, refresh and revitalize us.

  36. Pamela Richards says:

    Amen! Great reminder!

  37. Deb Pemberton says:

    Thank you so much for this reminder! I needed to hear this at this time. God bless you and thanks.

  38. We have waited on a son to be clean and free for a while now. He has recently gone through rehab and a dear friend is mentoring him in NA meetings. We are seeing our prayers being answered. We still are on our knees each morning and night and pray continually during the day for his complete healing. In Jesus’ precious name we thank Him for what he has done already and what he is doing in our son’s life. God is so good and is always in control!

  39. What a beautiful, heartfelt post. Thank you.

  40. Sherry Killough says:

    Patience, waiting for God’s direction is so difficult, but so worth it!


  41. Janice Hein says:

    Thank you! Just what I needed to hear today!

  42. Karen Scott says:

    Your Sunday posts are my favorite. Thank you for all you do.

  43. The memorization scripture is one of my favorite memory verses. Thank you for reminding me of beauty of the wait.

  44. Candace Geldreich says:

    What a beautiful devotional.

  45. Wow this was SO good and to think I almost scrolled past thinking I’ll read this another day ! Thank you !

  46. Aaaaaa-men,
    Sung to the tune of “Amen!”

    Praying for you!

  47. Kathy bruns says:

    I sure needed this today. God was using you to reach others.

  48. It’s like waiting in a very long line ,you have to wait for your turn.God well answer in His time.May His blessing be with you and your loved ones.

  49. Debbie Pingitore says:

    I love reading your blog everyday but, I especially love your Sunday posting. The Lord is everything to me, and He puts things out where we need them. This one was needed so thank you,and keep up the great work. Blessings to you and yours

  50. Such a good word and you are absolutely right, if you don’t mind I may quote some of what you said on Social media. Giving God all the glory for your perspective and the Alegory of sitting in a Doctors office in God’s waiting room!

  51. Georgette says:

    Beautifully said!!!!
    Thanks Yvonne

  52. Great and timely devotional. Though the Scriptures are familiar to us long-time believers, it is wonderful to be reminded of them again and again. We too soon forget the power of prayer and the blessings found when we wait on the Lord! May He richly bless you for your faithfulness in sharing the wisdom that comes from the Word of God.

  53. You had to have written this especially for me today. I am – absurdly and rather unlike me – anxious about “stuff.” Stupid First World problems kind of stuff. I need to be smacked.

    I ALWAYS bring a book to EVERY appointment. I am patient about almost everything except decor. Perhaps because I entertain a great deal, or because I’m Irish, or because I’m a Libra…..but I go nutsy kookoo when something isn’t quite perfectly right.

    I need to be in prayer about this, it is sinful and prideful and plain ole DUMB. I am going to stop now. This is wise counsel and something I knew, just needed to be reminded about – so thank you, dear lady.

    I already feel better.

    And I patiently await when that silly something I really want and am feeling impatient about goes on sale………………because it most certainly WILL! Till then, stay the course and remember what’s important. GOD, LOVE, FAMILY, DEVOTION. The end.

    Hugs! ♥

    1. Remember decorating is a process and not an end. WE are really never “done”. And as for wanting something so much… it is sin! I love how your reprioritized! God, love, family and devotion!

  54. Thank you. I really needed to be reminded of God’s goodness. I’ve been in his waiting room quite often this year and I’m still waiting patiently knowing He will see me through this.


  55. I love your Sunday devotional but this one especially. Thank you for your perspective.

  56. Anne Porter says:

    How observant of you! And in the big scheme of things, HOW we wait truly IS the secret to life abundant! The challenge is found in the Psalms..”Be still and KNOW that I am God”.
    Blessings to you for blessing all of us!

  57. A beautiful and timely message for all of us. We have been in God’s waiting room for the last 18 months…………a long journey, full of waiting, praying, fasting, praying some more, tears, thankfulness,waiting to exhale…….our precious son 47 was taken home to heaven 5 weeks ago, despite our pleas and earthly desires. He left a beautiful wife and three daughters long before he wanted to. He used his last 2 months to urgently proclaim the message of God’s love before two congregations and the folly of thinking this life is all there is.. The verse in Philippians was one of our foundation verses. This is the hardest thing we have ever lived through…….it seems so backwards. I am not angry at God, but I am so hurt and disappointed. I miss him so much as do our daughter in law and granddaughters…….part of us is gone too. I could really use some prayers because I don’t know how to pray anymore. Your message title caught my eye, because I have always called times of uncertainty, …”God’s waiting room”. Linda

  58. A timely post for me as I am in the “waiting room” soon to be 5 yrs… but God is doing a work in and through me during this time…. And I am trying to use this time wisely… this post just affirms what I already know to be true, but it filled me with such renewed Hope and Encouragement to read it tonight. Thank You!!

  59. Dale Vitto says:

    Wonderful lesson I need over and over….thank you Yvonne. There is a wonderful book by the same name by Lehman Strauss.

  60. Donna Heinen says:

    there is nothing i can add to the great comments already made, but Amen. You have said it so well and it is a lesson we need to learn over and over again. Thanks you for your wonderful and encouraging message

  61. Becky garrison says:

    Your post was very meaningful! I am in God’s waiting room. I am an awful worrier. I always want to fix things. My son is looking for a job, but he is handicapped and there are so many people that assume a physical handicap is also a mental one. He has two master’s degrees and just needs a chance. My daughter and her husband are going through infertility issues and have been trying to have a baby for 3 years. The waiting room is crowded, but I know God will answer. I hope everyone will include my children in their prayers. I am including you in mine. Your posts always give me hope!

  62. Phyllis Veal says:

    Thank you for this thoughtful post. Yes, I too, am in Gods waiting room. While I am here I will pray for you also.
    Phyllis Veal.

  63. Dawn Turner says:

    Thank you for this devotion, I needed this so much! My husband has lung cancer, and we have been in the waiting room–physically and in God’s precious one. Always encouraged to be reminded to put our full trust in him and wait patiently.

  64. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Thanks once again, Yvonne, for such a wonderful devo! God bless you!

  65. Bernadette says:

    Thank you and God bless you!!!

  66. Thank you…I needed this as a reminder.

  67. Thank you for the reminder of not worrying.

  68. Thank You!!! This is my first visit to your Sunday devotions and this is one that I needed the most right now. Isn’t God great how He orchestrates the timing! Always on time and perfect, just as He is and we’re not.

    Thank you for taking something so common, a waiting room, and bringing it to an illustration that can be applied to each of our lives, whatever stage they are in. May God continue to give you that vision and may you continue to share it.

    God Bless. In my prayers,

  69. Decorating is wonderful but words of wisdom are priceless and that is what you have given us today! Thank you.

  70. Christine M. says:

    I needed to hear this today! Thanks for sharing!

  71. Judy Covert says:

    Thank you for this beautiful message. I needed it today. MY husband and I are in our 70’s and have had to take our two grandbabies who are 2 and 9 months. We don’t know how long,but we are doing all we can to help our daughter who has had some severe problems and with GOD we know that she will make it. We are now and have been in the waiting room for over 6 months and all we have is God. We also have another daughter who is mentally challenged and some days are pretty rough. I thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement. May God bless you as you continue your wonderful blog both with joy of decorating the home and our hearts. Thank you again.

  72. Pam Fogal says:

    Beautiful conversation this morning. Thank You!

  73. Carol Elkins says:

    I really needed this today. Thank you so much for sharing.

  74. I have been in the waiting room for a very long time (13 years) – but I keep believing in HIS perfect timing and am remaining steadfast in my walk. The cross before me – the world behind me. Sometimes I do feel weary. My 25 year old daughter is also in the waiting room – waiting for a full time position. She graduated with a degree in Graphic Design 1.5 years ago. Please keep her in your prayers. You are in mine.


  75. Thank you. I needed that. I have been waiting many years for an answer to a situation in my family. God is faithful!

  76. I needed to read this post…and most importantly this scripture. My family is in God’s waiting room now…
    Thank you for your Christian heart and sharing the word and joy of loving our Savior.

  77. Theresa Winterberry Lane says:

    Yvonne, I loved your Sunday blog on God’s waiting room,we all have been there and you wrote the subject so well! Years ago on my 40th birthday my father took a gun and tried to end his life. Angels in heaven watched over him for many months, as he was in the head trauma unit at a St.Francis hospital in Peoria,IL from February to June. Pray is a powerful thing! Our family experienced alot of God’ Waiting Room. God truly had a hand in my Father’s recovery. It has been 19 years this Thursday since that horrible birthday,but what came out of it is I have a better understanding of being in God’s Waiting Room. Thank you Yvonne.

  78. A really good reminder that He is always there for us.

  79. Yvonne, I will be praying that your ankle continues to heal, that your daughter finds a nanny for her son, and that the pregnancy of your son’s and his wife’s baby goes well.

  80. Great lessons for everyone. All of us are in God’s waiting room, for something! Even if we don’t know it. It’s wonderful to know that He has the victory already, in every situation!

  81. Yvonne,
    Thank you so much for such an inspirational message. I am definitely in God’s waiting room, and patience is something I am trying to work on. Lots of great reminders.

    Much Love,

  82. Amen! I see this exact thing in my ER. I realize it’s an “emergency” but some people handle the waiting far better than others. Phil 4:6-7 is my favorite verse in the Bible! Thank you for the inspiring words.

    PS. I’m about to retire (9days to go)from 30 + yrs of RNing to a 10 acre farm. I loved your suggestions about developing a morning routine. I believe there were 12 habits. I’m still trying to find the article so I can print it. Today I printed how to clean your house in 30 min/day. Can’t wait to start cause there is so much else to do…build my chicken coop, get my garden going, walk my pups, enjoy my husband and most importantly have fellowship with the Lord!

    1. Congratulations on your retirement! I’m thrilled that StoneGable is helping you.

  83. Thank you for this wonderful teaching.


  85. Yvonne, you are definitely not just a blogger with a passion for home decorating. You have a gift of sharing the Lord’s word. What a gift! I thoroughly enjoyed this reading and GREAT REMINDER!!!
    Prayers to you sweet lady!

  86. Thank you for this devotional. So inspiring for me today. I needed it without knowing that I did. You are an amazing person.

  87. Ingrid Pineda says:

    Beautiful post!! It spoke to my heart. Thank you.

  88. Trish Collins says:

    What a beautiful post and so appropriate I had to comment.I had set up a Gods room in my mind a few weeks ago along with two others. I soon found myself visiting these rooms throughout the day but going into God’s room more and more. Each time I entered to leave something I felt such a peace knowing I no longer had to handle one more thing alone. I also realize how much more at peace we can be if we turn things over to him. I will be putting you and your family in my room today. Wishing you the best. Trish

  89. Annmarie Wehmann says:

    Phil 4:6-7 is one of my favorite verses. One that I need to recall daily. Funny my Paster just gave a lesson on Waiting this past Sunday. It must be exactly what I needed to hear this week. Thank you. Blessings. Annmarie

    1. Annmarie Wehmann says:

      Funny, I’m reading your message as I’m waiting in my dentist’s waiting room. ???

  90. Love this post! Prayers said.

  91. Thank you so much for this post. It tugged at my heart and brought tears to my eyes as we have been in the waiting room for years. Praying, waiting and praying some more as we continue to watch in amazement in how God works in great and mighty ways in our wayward child’s life. Our favorite song during this time has been Laura Story’s “Blessings” and although our hearts ache we trust in our sovereign God to do what some think to be impossible. Philippians 4:6-7 have been such an encouragement and actually a lifeline for our family to cling to. That peace of God which surpasses ALL understanding has been guarding our hearts and minds like a soldier guards something valuable. Praise the Lord for your website and your encouraging posts. God bless you greatly <3

  92. I love your Sunday devotionals and always look forward to them.

  93. Linda James says:

    As I am in my waiting room, waiting prayerfully, I will be praying for your family and well as others in this room if waiting. God send peace and His grace as we wait on Him.

  94. Yvonne,
    This is a good lesson for everyone. Your parallel helps everyone relate to waiting. And lastly giving GOD the glory after the results is extremely an important reminder.

  95. Ginny Ricci says:

    Your insight into “God’s waiting room” is priceless. The parallel between our waiting on God, and waiting in a drs office is so clear….we “sit” anxious not knowing the outcome, we tend to “fear” the worst, we become impatient when the wait drags on…..and all of us at one time or another find ourselves there. In all things, our God IS in control no matter how much they seem to be otherwise. Whether it’s our health, or other situations in our lives….ultimately, he IS in control, and he loves us, his kids, even more than we could ever love our own, and he WILL do that which is right. We need to pray, relax in his care, and trust that at the right time, he will act and do what is best for us. No matter the outcome….WE WIN!!! There’s no need to fear.

  96. Rose Boxk says:

    I’ve read some of your material and I find it very uplifting. So I decide to add my name to your mailing list.

  97. Thank you. I am waiting for marriage

  98. Vince Hohnsbein says:

    Appreciate the insightful thoughts from work experience and your own ‘waitings’.
    With an illness, as enumerable have,
    the thought came to mind:
    I am (we are) in the waiting room of The Great Physician.