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  1. Karen VanLoo says:

    I just love that bedroom! It’s gorgeous!

  2. Good morning Yvonne I have a question for you regarding the made up bed. I see you have the quilt on and the duvet at the bottom. Could you also make it up with the duvet on and the quilt at the bottom? Which is best for guests or does it matter more what season it is?

    1. I keep the duvet at the bottom of the bed and the matelasse covering the bed because to me it is more practical. A duvet in the duvet cover is often for cooler weather so I don’t want that to be their first cover. Often it is too hot. I use a matelasse cover because it is pretty and is much cooler than a duvet and works great as a second cover over a sheet. If my guests are chilly they can add the duvet. Also, if it is summer I often take the duvet out of the cover and use the cover as a blanket. I hope this helps, Debbie!

      1. Yes this is very helpful. Thanks for answering me. Your guest room looks very inviting

  3. Beth Grotteland says:

    Just stunning! Where is the duvet cover from please?

    1. Hi Beth, I picked up the duvet cover several years ago at the Pottery Barn. I don’t see it in stock right now.