1 FALLING LEAVES FALL MANTEL-Give your mantel a nod to fall. Neutrals, white pumpkins, burlap leaves and other autumn elements.

You know it’s fall when the mantel at StoneGable sports white pumpkins and falling leaves! Oh, yes! StoneGable is being slowly transformed and getting ready for a few fall tours in just a couple weeks! I love all the orange and saturated color that fall brings but for early fall I’m showing off the softer side of fall with a neutral mantel. 


Today is HOME STYLE SATURDAY and I’m sharing one of my most popular mantels!


Here’s the spring mantel. I styled it with an easy transition from summer and fall in mind. Instead of recreating the wheel, I just tweaked it!

SPRING MANTEL-looking-over-the-sofa-stonegableblog.com-2

I changed out tulips for burlap blooms…

I added more books and white pumpkins…


And hung a fun-fun-fun burlap and book page leaf garland!



You can see how to make this easy peasy BURLAP AND LEAF PAGE GARLAND HERE.

Hope my fall mantel has inspired you today!!!






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  1. Your neutral mantle is lovely! I love changing the mantle for each season. You have such a knack at simplicity and beauty! I am always inspired! Thank you!

  2. Always love your mantels and your fall mantle looks great….love the white pumpkins with the black accents!

  3. LOVE your blog.
    LOVE your mantel, porch, etc ?
    Inspirw me for my deco.

  4. Anne Marie says:

    Love your fall mantel – white pumpkins are my favorite.

  5. I,m studying how you placed items on your mantel including the items in background/on the wall. I do traditional autumn colors but I really like the flow and balance of the mantel items. Thanks for sharing

  6. Love the neutral transformation into the harvest season! Still swooning over those velvet pumpkins from yesterday! It’s obvious that you love to decorate for the Fall season! It’s as if your personality and creativity sings!

  7. The white touches of fall just make your mantle beautiful! I love your fall decor!

  8. Rosanne Turtle says:

    I’m new to your blog Yvonne…I love your style! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  9. Sure would like to know where to find that little black footstool. You use it over and over.

    1. HI CHRIS AND SHAWNA, I found that little black stool at a local shop. Sorry I can’t help you more!

  10. I love how you changed just a few things and made a beautiful fall mantel. I love the white pumpkins.

  11. Deb Wostmann says:

    You can never go wrong with white pumpkins. New to your blog and just love it.

  12. Sally Smith says:

    I just love the soft, homey look of your decorating….very calming, soothing. Thank you for sharing your inspiration.

  13. Vee Muller says:

    Love your mantel “staples”, especially the clock and the black stool.

  14. Love your mantel!! The neutrals look great. Your style is fabulous. Thanks for inspiring me to try new things. Enjoy your weekend.

  15. Sandy Manning says:

    Do you mind sharing where you got the burlap flowers?

  16. Katherine says:

    just love that garland!!

  17. absolutely love the burlap flowers with the neutral mantel…love autumn!

  18. shawna d wyland says:

    I love your style. I am wondering if you can share the link where you found your clock?

  19. I love your suggestion of not starting from scratch each season. I’m incorporating this from now on! Thanks for always inspiring me!

  20. Marilyn Clark says:

    I picked up some of my favorite magazines while grocery shopping. When I opened one I recognized the room immediately. There you were in a Cottage magazine!

  21. Beautiful mantel. I see Mr. Mouse is getting braver. 🙂

  22. I love the nod to Fall but since you went with whites and the burlap it’s not the bold in your face Fall; just a subtle touch. Just perfect.

  23. Love the leaf garland and the neutrals.

  24. Looks fantastic! Love the neutral Fall decor.

  25. I still like these leaves. Is it the teacher in me that likes the old fashioned machine that cut out shapes before the fancy machines of today?!! I think I did this a few years ago but made my leaves a bit simpler??? But I did not save them!!! I hope I have time to make them again. I still like them. Thank you for sharing.

  26. When I look at your room designs I would just love to sit in your inviting settings and read a book with a nice cup of tea. I love your ideas because they are possible to recreate at an affordable price. Thank you for sharing all your helpful hints.

  27. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my love the falling leaves on the mantel God bless and keep Texas in your prayers

  28. Love the burlap flowers on the mantel and the leaf garland. So elegant!

  29. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lace on the pumpkin – i have tons of those and will be doing that this year!!!

  30. Nikki Gwin says:

    I love those burlap flowers! Did you make them or buy them?
    🙂 gwingal

  31. Reader appreciation contest?? can you tell me where I can find all the details, rules and who can enter?

    1. Every time you leave a comment on any StoneGable post you will be entered to win a $100.00 Visa Gift Card. A winner is picked at the end of every month. So keep on commenting.

  32. Oh my gosh Yvonne, you know I love everything Stone Gable……including your gorgeous mantel!! Shhhhh….just a little cropping would make that little piece of blue painters tape disappear that popped up in the full picture. 🙂

  33. I just love, love, love your decorating style. I’ve gotten so many ideas from your blog, especially your vignettes! Keep all your decor tips coming!