FALL WOODLAND TABLE- A beautiful table full of fall inspiration and ideas to set your own table
Let’s take a walk in the woods. Are you a collector of nature? Would you come home with a pocket filled with acorns and tiny pinecones? Would you pick up a pretty feather? And would deer sheds or a fallen nest be treasures to you? Today’s Fall Woodland  Tablescape is inspired by a walk in the woods on a late fall day. 




Pulling an old worn utility table out of the garage and setting a table in the side yard adds to the natural, no fuss feel. This table was my grandmother’s. It’s the real thing, chippy and worn with years and years of use. Every time I use it I can almost see her working at it with her strong, rough but loving hands!
I found this exquisite china on a trip to Southhampton many years ago.  

Made in France, Gien china has been produced for almost 200 years. “Sologne” is named after a region in France where wildlife is abundant.

 The dinner plates have a rim of leaves, grasses, and feathers. 

FALL WOODLAND TABLE- A beautiful table full of fall inspiration and ideas to set your own table
The soft subtle aqua in the dinnerware was reflected in plates with gently curved edges with soft brown antiquing.

 A grapevine wreath becomes a charger and is reminiscent of the thickets and brambles in the woods.
The napkins are a little less subdues and the print is a little playful like the wind kicking up leaves. 
 A feather wreath acts as a napkin ring. 
Organic bowls remind me of the speckle on an egg. 
The centerpiece has is bits and pieces of organic material to look like it had been gathered from a walk in the woods. I put everything in a brown turned pedestal. 
I think the contents of the centerpiece looks rather like a still life.
Nothing formal just a couple handfuls of nature spilled onto a pedestal!  
A simple little fall woodland table!  
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FALL WOODLAND TABLE- A beautiful table full of fall inspiration and ideas to set your own table

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  1. JILL NELSON says:

    Do you remember where you bought the pedestal? It’s beautiful – I’m loving the turned part!

  2. I love your walk in the woods.i have been doing my fall decorations with a lot of outside items.i love all your ideals.thanks for sharing may God bless you always.

  3. I would love to have a bowl of soup and a glass of wine at your beautiful table!

  4. Yvonne, your natural tablescape is just beautiful.All the items from nature just define a feeling of autumn to me. I love walking through the woods at this time of year and gathering treasures.We have an abundance of acorns this year and old timey lore says they predict alot of snow this winter but right now I would just like some ideas o how to use them. Already have cylinders filled and candles added and pretty wooden bowls filled with acorns pine cones and gourds.Anyone have any ideas?

  5. Your beautiful table and setting reminded me of my own long passed grandmothers.
    It brought me to tears. Much love.

  6. Absolutely stunning!! We love rustic and woodsy touches because it just fits so well for our home. My husband, a hunter, finds his peace in the woods. We have some of his trophies hanging around our home. I love how you incorporated the theme into a table setting! The dishes are beautiful!

  7. Jan Fusco says:

    I love beautiful table settings! Especially fall ones. The elements of nature add such an organic feel which I love. Love those dishes!

  8. Very pretty. Love the dinnerware, love the animals on it !

  9. You are a girl after my own heart. This table setting is just gorgeous! !

  10. Karen VanLoo says:

    I absolutely LOVE this table setting! Those dishes are fabulous, I love them! My dream home would have a HUGE shelf-lined closet just for dishes, bowls, and serving pieces. Because I love them so much! Right now I am on a Rae Dunn by Magenta kick (the cute white mugs with tall skinny letters with different sayings) and apparently many people are because they’ve become difficult to find. My cabinets, hutch, and pie safe are full of dishes. But they make me happy! This table setting is so pretty, and gives me so much inspiration for my Thanksgiving table.

  11. What a beautiful table setting. Your China is beautiful and I love the napkins. I am taking a walk in the woods this weekend!

  12. Christie P. says:

    I love the woodsy, nature elements! And it works so well w/ the light blue. The China is perfect!

  13. I loved everything about today. Walking in the woods is my favorite thing especially this time of the year. A pocketful of acorns with occasional pine cones is normal. Picking up acorns in all shades, cleaning , baking and using varnish to bring out their luster is a great way to save then for fall decorating from years to come. Loved all the ideas in this post

  14. Thanks for the inspiration! This idea is something new and different.

  15. Pamela A Beck says:

    Yvonne so gorgeous! I love it all. Where do you find the beautiful colored goblets. I have many different dishes but not the colored glasses nor different eating utensils. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful ideas. I feel so blessed to have found your blog! I sure wish you were my next door neighbor!

  16. Just beautiful. I love it all.

  17. You have exquisite taste. Thanks for sharing your God-given talents..you are truly inspiring. Can you please let me know where you bought the deer antlers? I love how you incorporated them in your tablescape. thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Marcie, Thanks so much for the sweet comment. I found my deer sheds at a craft fair. Hope this helps.

  18. My pockets are always bulging after a walk in the woods or fields near our home. Usually filled with pinecones.

  19. Linda Bond says:

    Oh my goodness! That china is to DIE for!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. This is a lovely tablescape! I love everything about fall, and decorating the table is one of my favorites. Your plates are simply beautiful. I would love to sit at this table.

  21. Beautiful,loving all the natural elements.

  22. Karen K from Buffalo says:

    I was just going to ask the same thing about your brown pedestal! Do you remember where you got it?

    1. I recognize that pedestal because I have the exact same one in my dining room. It is the Barley Twist Pedestal from the now-defunct catalog Southern Living at Home. You can still find them on eBay. Good Luck.

  23. Gorgeous! Just my style. Yes- to all of the questions you asked at the beginning. Teaching my grandchildren to do the same thing too.

  24. Mary Bannon says:

    You are so creative using life’s simple treasures. You always inspire me and I find your taste is eloquent, tasteful, and impressive. I love how your ideas flow for each season.

  25. Norma Rolader says:

    Yvonne, what a beautiful setting and I love getting things from the yard! We have an acorn trees and oh my when they are falling and hitting the top of the house!! LOL!!! thank you and God bless

  26. Rita C at Panoply says:

    Yvonne, this is beautiful. From the table to the napkin rings, and every piece of china in place. I love tablescaping, and this really rings my bell. Happy weekend.
    Rita C at Panoply

  27. What beautiful dishes! Just love the table, too.

  28. Love, love those dishes and your centerpiece!

  29. No woods in my neck of the woods, just fallen leaves red and gold in our yard, acorns in our neighbors yard, pinecones strewn all over from the little squirrels who decided to carry them from across the street. I do love your tablescape all the elements you have incorporated are just lovely. I am especially crazy about the dishes and napkins. I am always on the hunt for beautiful napkins.

  30. Absolutely fantastic!!! Love it.

  31. It really DOES look like a still life!

  32. Laura Harrie says:

    Love the various natural elements you combined on the table! Lovely!

  33. Jacklyn Carney says:

    Your lovely post this morning left me all warm & fuzzy!
    I’m in love with the woodland plates, they remind me of my Daddy!
    Thank you for this beautiful fall post, blessings to you now and always! ??

  34. I am enjoying your podcasts. You all seem like friends of mine. Keep it coming. Love the colors you used in the fall woodland tablescape. And the dishes remind me too of birds’ eggs. Thanks, M.

  35. This is another lovely tablescape…the china is beautiful, mixed with the understated elegance of gathered items from “Mother Nature”! The birds’ egg blue color and the browns are magical when used together. Thank you for creating this peaceful setting for your readers.

  36. The table is just beautiful. I love the soft blue with the brown; so pretty.

  37. I absolutely love the dinnerware. Love the blue. So subtle yet so beautiful! Thank you Yvonne

  38. Lanita Anderson says:

    I loved your Woodland Fall Tablescape and all of the great fall elements…..so pretty! I’m a “dishes girl”, so really loved the beautiful plates with the deer! Thanks for sharing….

  39. Shirley Wood says:

    You always set the prettiest tablescapes. I love all the natural elements in this one. Your plates are gorgeous. Oh those dishes!! Love that it’s outdoors on your Grandma’s table! #merrymonday

  40. Such a beautiful table. Love every bit of it.

  41. Lovely table setting! I, too, am always coming home with “treasures” from the woods where I am blessed to hike almost daily. I encourage my grandchildren to look for treasures in nature, also.

  42. Kelly Tracy says:

    Hello! I just started following your blog and love your style! I was wondering if you have on your page where you buy the items you use to put together this look? Thank you!

  43. Stunning is the appropriate word to describe this tablescape.
    This woodsy feel and cherished china cannot be compared!
    Many Blessings.

  44. Love the barley twist pedestal . I have one too , presently holding an orchid. I will follow your lead in filling it for fall?

  45. Clicking on “napkins” in the narrative took me to a Walmart page advertising paper napkins. ???

  46. Love the woodsy look. The dinnerware is gorgeous. Than you for sharing l. Jean

  47. Leandra Snow says:

    It’s just lovely. I am such a dishes girl. I could have different ones for each day of the week and every holiday too! I do love the napkin rings. Can I buy them somewhere or are they a D.I.Y. kind of thing?

    1. Hi Leandra, the napkin rings are ages old. I’m sorry but I can’t remember where I got them.