Need fall mantel ideas? Don’t we all need ideas when it comes to decorating this long piece of decor real estate that becomes a big focal point? Fall lends itself to pumpkins so this year’s mantel is filled with tumbling green and white pumpkins! And I’m sharing lots of designer tips for creating a beautiful fall mantel!

This mantel was sooo easy peasy to create! And I hope it inspires you to create something fun, festive and fall on your mantel or other flat surfaces.

Wouldn’t the mantel transfer well to a table?

Here are a few designer tips that I used when styling this pumpkiny mantel…


The decor on the mantel is asymmetrical. Symmetry is when one side of something is mirrored on the other side.

Asymmetry is when the things on one side of something are not the same as the other side.

There is beauty in asymmetry and creating that visual tension

Creating a balanced look is the key to a beautiful and interesting asymmetrical creation.

The visual weigh on one side of this mantel roughly balances the other side of the mantel and hearth.

Each side is differently arranged but they have the same elements on both. This is a designer trick that works!!!!

You can read more about BALANCE IN DECORATING. This is a must-read post if you love to decorate!


Fall colors don’t have to be brown and orange! Choose colors that speak to you and work with YOUR decor! I love to get creative and use non-traditional seasonal colors!

This year’s mantel colors are soft browns, greens, and whites. I found some pretty green and white pumpkins at a local farm stand and they became the inspiration for my mantel this year!


I used real and faux pumpkins spilling across the mantel. Another trick I use often. Mix real and faux!!!!

I don’t have many of those big blue storage bins. I really dislike lugging them up from the basement! But I do keep one filled with faux pumpkins. And there are lots and lots of pumpkins in that bin!

I found some pretty green faux pumpkins on sale at the end of last season so you can imagine my surprise when the green pumpkins looks perfect together! Decorating serendipity!

And yes, you can tell the difference between real and faux pumpkins and I’m so okay with that! But from across my family room, the real pumpkins make the fake ones look real too!


Pumpkins are so pretty when they are grouped together. But because they are round and hard there are usually gaps between them. And those gaps often detract from the overall look!

Here’s a simple way to fill in the gaps and give any pumpkin creation a soft oh, so becoming look… add fluff!

I used seeded eucalyptus to fill in the arrangement on the mantel. I love its pretty look!

If it is not your thing, try faux leaves or stems of cotton bolls! Or how about long pinecones?

Using fluff makes a huge difference in the finished look of a pumpkin mantel!


No man is an island and neither is decor!

I used the same pumpkin element and seeded eucalyptus and spilled it over to the bookshelf!

And if you look at the before and after you will see how I changed and added a few things to create a better flow!

Pay attention to detail. I think the switch from a nubby white throw to a soft white and beige throw made a huge difference!

Creating a pretty fall mantel is not hard! Especially if you are using pumpkins!

Happy FALL decorating!

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  1. Love your mantle. The green pumpkins are beautiful. Seeded eucalyptus is my favorite filler. I even love it all by itself! Have a great weekend!

  2. You have such a delightful way of explaining/interpreting the design processes! The mantle is simply gorgeous. But I am wondering, where did your blue & white theme go???

    1. I change things up from year to year! I just found these delightful side chairs on Wayfair for a very good price so I got the itch to change! Blue and white will come back!

  3. Love the mantel decor, the colors are perfect for my home. I love seeded eucalyptus wish I could find it fresh. Guess I’ll have to get some faux.

  4. It’s lovely. I see nothing wrong with mixing a good faux with real. It makes for longevity in your styling and cuts the cost. I’m on the lookout for small white pumpkins with a realistic stalk. Any ideas?

  5. Your mantle looks lovely,I like the neutral colors.Nothing wrong with mixing real and faux,just adds to the beauty, love the seeded eucalyptus.

  6. I love the mantel and the colors! I’m leaning more and more towards neutral tones for Fall decorating. I love the fluff you speak of! Your past blogs have taught me how important that is. I’ll buy garlands on sale and cut them up to create my fluff. It just adds softness and beauty. I can hardly wait for our weather to cool down though, it is still almost 100 degrees where I live!

  7. Loving the neutral look more and more, thanks to your great tips, Yvonne. The mix of faux and real also works well in my home. May try the eucalyptus on my mantle this year, instead of Fall colored leaves. It looks so pretty and fresh. Am keeping a few chinoiserie touches, as I purchased a blue/white lamp recently, and want to keep it out. Fortunately, it has a wooden base and rim around the top, so it looks fine with the neutral Fall arrangement on my sideboard. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This is such a beautiful and educational post. Every time I think I’ve taken my creative talent to a new level, a find one of your posts and feel humbled.

  9. Just beautiful Yvonne! I am always so inspired by your how to posts and appreciate them beyond words! Have a blessed season friend!

  10. Appreciate all the great tips here for Fall decorating. Wish I had seen it before the weekend when I was pulling my hair out trying to get our bookcases just right for fall. I’ll be doing some tweaking today after seeing this!

  11. Thank you for the tips on asymmetry, I was doing a Halloween mantel yesterday and thinking about exactly that, and trying to balance the weight from one side to the other. This post is so helpful, and love that you teach how to do a mantel that isn’t all matchy matchy.

  12. Love, love, love your mantle! Where can I find those candlesticks? I have been searching everywhere for some like these.

  13. Absolutely love the soft neutral colors. Although I have my favorite Halloween treasures I am going to mix it up this year and try these colors and keep it simple this year. Thank you for the inspiration!

  14. Love your look! Just did my Fall into Winter today. Used my Christmas short pine faux garland, white pumpkins, purple hydrangeas, and pine cones. After Thanksgiving will change out the pumpkins and hydrangeas with large white flickering white candles, snowballs and sleigh bells. You are so inspiring!