EASY PEASY FAUX BOOK PAGE BOOMS- You don't need to have a flowering tree to have pretty spring blooms! Easy to make!

Don’t you love free decor? And don’t you love it even more if it looks just amazing? Well then, you will love today’s post! I was so sad when the forced branches I had been babying finally dropped their blooms and were done. They looked so so pretty and I wished I had more. All I had left was a bunch of great bare branches! They were too pretty to throw away. So I came up with an idea of making my own blooms for the branches. These blooms won’t drop or die either! So being a fan of book page creations I make my own book page faux blooms on twigs! Even if you are not crafty, you can do this!!!!

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You won’t believe how easy this DIY is and how pretty your branches will look! I chose to use pages from old books to cut out my little blooms, but you could use tissue paper or craft paper or paper bags… You are only limited by your imagination!

EASY PEASY FAUX BOOK PAGE BOOMS- You don't need to have a flowering tree to have pretty spring blooms! Easy to make!

I transferred some of the branches to an old enamel pitcher and made a little vignette on my breakfast nook table.

EASY PEASY FAUX BOOK PAGE BOOMS- You don't need to have a flowering tree to have pretty spring blooms! Easy to make!


The little flowers are so delicate looking!

EASY PEASY FAUX BOOK PAGE BOOMS- You don't need to have a flowering tree to have pretty spring blooms! Easy to make!

Let’s make easy peasy Book Page Faux Blooms:


  • flower punch I got mine HERE.
  • old pages from a book
  • branches
  • hot glue and hot glue gun
  • hair blow dryer (optional)

EASY PEASY FAUX BOOK PAGE BOOMS- You don't need to have a flowering tree to have pretty spring blooms! Easy to make!

  1. Punch out the little flowers from old book pages
  2. Use thin-ish branches
  3. Hot glue the little blooms on the branch. Glue on all sides of branches. When flowers are glued and the glue is dried, blow them on the hot setting of a hair blow dryer to get rid od hot glue spiders.

Arrange and enjoy!

EASY PEASY FAUX BOOK PAGE BOOMS- You don't need to have a flowering tree to have pretty spring blooms! Easy to make!

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EASY PEASY FAUX BOOK PAGE BOOMS- You don't need to have a flowering tree to have pretty spring blooms! Easy to make!

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  1. What a cute idea that I never would have thought of. I will definitely have to make some cute book page flowers. Thanks for sharing a neat idea.

  2. You are sooo creative and yet all your projects become elegant additions to your design, even the cute things!! Amazing!!

  3. I have the flower cutter, now all I need I see graceful branches. What a perfect idea! I thought I might try parchment paper; have you tried that?

  4. I just bought a vintage book for $1.00 from the thrift store yesterday and started taking it apart last night! I intend to make an indoor wreath with it, and I may take this idea and add some paper punch flowers to it! How timely is this post!?! Thanks for always sharing your great ideas with us.

    Blessed Easter! He is Risen!

  5. Cute, Simple and inexpensive. What could be better? Wishing you a joyous Easter with your family! Peace.

  6. Love this idea…in the spring, I’m up north, and plants, trees, etc. don’t bloom until May, so I’m excited to bring this simple idea to my front porch!!!! Thanks for all the super cute ideas you bring us!!!!!!

  7. Oh Yvonne,
    That is the cutest idea!!! I’m going to do that TODAY! So easy! Thank you so much for this easy peasy idea! Love it! Have a beautiful day!

  8. A great idea, especially since I didn’t force any branches. I’d like to try this idea next year with Redbuds, I love their color and dainty flower. The vignette is beautiful, especially with the hen tucked away by the window. I collect ceramic roosters, even though I don’t have a country kitchen. Love the oval galvanized tray! I saw your swan on a previous post and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Love this idea! I assume you used tweezers to place the paper – looks like a finger burner for sure!
    Thanks for all your creative ideas, and happy Easter!

  10. In your experience with projects which brand of glue gun do you prefer? Love getting ideas from your posts.

  11. This is great! I have a vintage blue water jar that is too tall for many of the store-bought stems. With your inspiration, I can cut a branch to size and make my own. Thanks! Off to the back of the pasture I go.

  12. Love the branches and flowers, this would be a great idea for Christmas using stars, etc. I’m going to do this, thanks.

  13. Love the easy peasy stuff! This is perfect for a light, fresh touch of spring!
    Have a Blessed and Happy Easter

  14. Love this idea, Yvonne, because for once I have everything. Won’t have to make a trip to Michael’s.

  15. Wonderful diy and a project that 3 of our young grandchildren will get to do with (me) Nanny. Their family will share 3 days with us, so I may include your napkin eggs. I have several white (in my craft stash) wooden eggs that we will use, making it easier to handle, packing when time, “and” I’ve gotten rid of more stuff..Amen! Hugs for helping Yvonne.

  16. I love this idea.We have so many twigs from our weather here so now I have something to make with them

  17. This is really an adorable vignette that you made using those branches. I really like the galvanized tray also.

  18. You’ve inspired me! I have some “Red” colored branches that I purchased from IKEA, and had no idea what to do with them.
    Because of your post, I think I will spray the branches more of a warm brown tone, and apply these adorable little delicate book page flowers.
    Thank you for always being so inspirational! Enjoy your day!

  19. I could just kick myself! A few months ago I did some trimming on a couple of crepe myrtle trees I have out front; why in the world didn’t I keep the limbs? I’d be willing to bet some of them had some branches on them small enough that could’ve been brought inside and used for projects such as this.

  20. I listened to the storage podcast. Very good stuff! One thing you all covered lightly was the hidden storage under the sofa. Those that have sofas with high legs can fit beautiful coordinating storage boxes/baskets under their sofas, and it looks great! Many people have a low-standing sofa (short legs) and can’t store much under them. However, I found that under my low standing sofa (in my Wee Abode) I can store pieces of wood for craft projects! I had some wood standing on its end in my kitchen for quite a few months.. then realized I had this little hidden storage gem! 😉 No one can even see the wood in its little hiding place! Works like a charm when you have a tiny home with no garage!

  21. I have been sick and I am behind on everything but i clicked on this today and I am so glad I did! I bet my granddaughters would love to make these! Instant Spring!

  22. Yvonne,
    When I ready to decorate I look at your posts and then go to my treasure trove and pull out all kinds of new vignettes inspired by your lovely pictures. I’m so glad to have found you!

  23. Luv the Easy-Peasy faux book flowers… flower punch ordered. Now to gather small branches…
    this will be my weekend project AND then later in the week the punch arrives… I will be ready.
    FUN project. –thank. you. Linda of No.Cal.

  24. Hello Yvonne.Thank you for the information on faux flowers and greens.You are sooo generous with your ideas.I really appreciate it. It will help save some cash, and they are beautiful.Blessings to you.Sharon

  25. I love the punch out flowers idea. I’ve got some twigs and branches ready to be decked out in beautiful blooms. Thanks

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