DECORATIVE ORB DIY- A very easy-to-make trendy orb.

I have such a crush on decorative orbs! They add tons of texture, interest, and appeal to our homes! And they are so on trend right now! If you are like me, you love your home but are always on the lookout for fresh new ways to decorate it. I am comfortable with my classic furnishings but also want to add things that are popular right now! How about you? That’s where decorative ORBS come in… they are a great way to update our homes.  But they can be quite expensive. So let’s make some ourselves. This is one of those DIY’s that is so stinkin’ easy and the end result is so so impressive. Come on, let’s get busy!


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Aren’t these orbs so so pretty! And they can be spray painted to any color or metal. Today, I created iron and antique bronze decorative orbs for my living room. Ready to make some too? Here’s how…

Things you will need:

    • 2 embroidery hoops the same size  You can get them here:  

  • 3 thumbtacks any color
  • spray paint     I used satin black to look like iron and satin antique bronze.    

Can you believe these pretty orbs are made from inexpensive embroidery hoops? 

DECORATIVE ORB DIY- A very easy-to-make trendy orb.

1.  Here are the material. Pull the embroidery hoops apart. Put the inside hoops in one pile and the outside hoops with the tightening fixtures in another pile.  

2. Work with the inside embroidery hoops first…. Put one hoop inside the other to make an “X”. See image above. This is not rocket science so don’t get stressed out about making them perfectly symmetrical. Close is good enough.

3.  Push a thumbtack into the intersection of the inner hoops. Yes, they do push in but may need a little extra thumb pressure. See image above. Push the thumbtacks into both intersections.

DECORATIVE ORB DIY- A very easy-to-make trendy orb.

4. Now let’s work with the outside hoops. Loosen the tightening fixtures. Mine have a spring-type action.

5. Open them both up without them coming apart and put one hoop inside the other the same way you did with the inner hoops. Intersect the tightening fixture and tighten both. Make an “X”  and thumbtack the one intersection like you did for the small hoops.

6. No for the fun part! Put the smaller hoops INSIDE of the larger hoops. You can do this any way you want. Just make sure everything looks sorta even. 

 Paint them with your favorite spray paint. 

DECORATIVE ORB DIY- A very easy-to-make trendy orb.


I just love these industrial accents! The next ones I’m making will have a hammered metal finish! So fun!!!! And I can’t wait to show you a light fixture I made from giant hoops! So easy!

DECORATIVE ORB DIY- A very easy-to-make trendy orb.

When you make these how will you use them?

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DECORATIVE ORB DIY- A very easy-to-make trendy orb.

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  1. I just love the weather came out. I thought about embridery hoops when these first became popular, but…this is why YOU are the fabulous blogger and I am not…Follow through!!

    I will be doing this. I wish there were a way to make tiny ones, so far I have settled from grapevine, but f you think of a way to do mini orbs, show us!

  2. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I just wanted to know if you leave the tightening mechanisms on and just spray paint them or do you somehow remove them?

  3. Love how easy this one is. I’ve pinned it and added embroidery hoops to my thrift store shopping list. The link to Thistlewood Farms isn’t working. I even went to her site to search and couldn’t find it. I’ll try again later today.

  4. Love this, Yvonne – just to make sure I’m understanding this correctly, those tightening screws, etc. are still on the hoop, right? You just place the orb with them down at the bottom to make them less noticeable?

  5. Who knew? I may try this! I will have to get some hoops though, as the ones I have are currently in use! I love the hammered metal look.

  6. Love these! I made your topiaries a couple years back and still get compliments on them. I can’t wait to try my hand at these!

  7. Wow, I am going to try this. I know I have some hoops in my stash of sewing stuff. I always look at orbs in the store and you are right, they are pricey! Thank you for this post.

  8. I have used store bought orbs in my decorating for years but never tried this project. I especially love the metallic painted orbs! I think I’ll try those myself.

  9. This is cute and so doable! Right now we have a 70lb, 7mos old puppy who is getting into everything. He is learning quickly but our decor is limited for now because I wouldn’t want him to eat it! I will have to try this when he isn’t such a little (huge) “munchmouth”! Thanks for the inspiration! karen…

  10. Genius, my beautiful friend! This is truly a fabulous idea, your orbs look amazing. With all the wonderful metallic spray paints these days, you can give the orbs any metal finish. I want to make some huge ones to add to my Provence front garden display for fall.

  11. Just thinking about the many, many embroidery hoops I’ve left behind in many, many thrift shops!!!! Love this project….off I go to my fave TS!!!

  12. Yvonne,how cute and resourceful. I love the little orb as a decorating element. I can not wait to try my hand at making my own orb. Thanks for including the instructions on how to make the orbs. Have a great day!

  13. What a great idea!! I am pinning and can’t wait to make one!! I’ve seen them in home stores and they are so expensive, so I’ve always “just looked”. But now you’ve given this great tutorial – thanks for sharing! Blessings to you…..

  14. I too love the orbs! A couple of years ago I made some with the embroidery hoops with the intention of painting them but then decided to wrap jute twine around each of the hoops. This took a little of time (a couple of evenings in front of the T.V.) but I love the different texture. Now I think I will make some painted with the look of metal. Thanks for the tip of the thumb tack!

    1. Wrapping the jute sounds like a great idea! I like these orbs but many times are a little pricey so am going to try this. Thanks! 🙂

  15. Your hoops look like the real metal orbs! Thanks for posting so I can make my own. Btw, I am not viewing your beautiful blog in my emails the way I used to. The site looks very basic…like it would when you are preparing it. Could it be a problem on my end?

  16. This is genius! I can’t wait to try. I made an orb out of the metal plates around wine barrels (I live in wine country!)
    This gave me an idea how to improve my orb, and make one for inside. And, I’m sure it’s easier on the furniture.

  17. I thought these were metal! I was very curious as to how you were going to make them and figured I would see a blowtorch in the instructions. Embroidery hoops! How clever!

  18. I think this is a terrific idea . Make a bunch and then hang from the ceiling with fishing line. Thanks for the inspiration .

  19. Oh the fun colors these could be painted to go with seasonal decorating! A huge one for the front porch in a beautiful fall color…oh my!

  20. I made a couple of these, one small and one large. I found with the larger one it looked better to add and additional ring (just one, though, so since they come in sets of two I did end up with an extra ring…an excuse to make another, I guess!)

  21. These orbs are great. Can’t wait to make one. I just bought one at Home Goods, but it will be a fun project for sure. You have the best ideas. I look forward to your blog each day. Happy Thursday ???

  22. Thank you for your instructions on how to make a decorative orb. I, too, have fallen in love with them. I’m starting to think about Christmas gifts and might try to make these for my daughter and niece as a little extra side gift. I believe even a non crafty person such as myself might be able to pull these off ok.

  23. Thank you for sharing how to do this. I am kicking myself for giving away many embroidery hoops to the thrift store!!! I can always get more, and this is a beautiful accent. Blessings

  24. I made these in some smaller sizes, but now I’m ready to make larger ones in the hammered look. Such a fun look anywhere you put them.

  25. I have quite a few of these from my mother’s crafts, I am going to make several for the girls in the family as a fun way to remember mom’s crafting. Thank you for the great idea. Always enjoy your ideas. Thank you for all you do, I look forward to seeing your ideas each day.

  26. I have always wanted an orb. but your right they are pricey, can’t wait to try this ….I have a list of projects to do from this blog ….so excited.

  27. What a great idea!!! I dug out some of my old embroidery hoops from many years ago!!! Nothing a little paint won’t fix!!

    Yours looks awesome Yvonne!!!

  28. Very nice job! You have inspired me to make them as well! Thank you for sharing. Love your blond look forward to your emails.

  29. Will hang mine in front of my kitchen window for Halloween. Have a Anna Lee small witch on a broom that I will tuck in the center of it an easy simple window hanging over the kitchen sink.

  30. I can’t believe how good these look! And I would’ve never guessed they were made with embroidery hoops! Love It!

  31. I have looked at these and they are so expensive I had to pass them by but still took a 2nd and 3rd look. I think I can do this.

    Thank you so much !!

  32. great idea would love to find the info on making one into a hanging lamp!! I too will try the thrift shops first. I’m not on Facebook but hope to win your wonderful gift of Visa. Ann Lee S

  33. These are just so cute , I love them. Thank you so much for the how too’s.
    I will be pinning this also to make a little later as I have some fall projects from you that I want to get started ,now that I have graduated from school I can play.
    Be Blessed

  34. Love this. I might even be able to accomplish this. They are so expensive otherwise. Thanks for the idea.

  35. Oh Yvonne, this is a great crafting trick and I really thought they were iron! I’m looking forward to making a couple of these for the console table in my living room and for one of my Thanksgiving tablescapes. Thank you!

  36. Love the pillows arrangements need to buy couple lime green pillows also neat idea for the embroidery hoops you are so talented

  37. I love this! I have some old embroidery hoops somewhere and I going to fish them out and get going on it right now.

  38. Awe you made this look so darned easy!! I’m going to try it. I think the hard part will be spray painting..I’m not that great at spray painting and I have very little patience waiting (especially for things to dry!!) Thank you!

  39. I made a small one a couple of years ago for the dresser in my bedroom and I love it. I think I found the instructions on Pinterest. I wished I’d seen your instructions first because I had a rough time getting the hoops to stay together. My instructions did not call for the thumbtacks. I’m ready to try my hand at a larger one for our TV room using your instructions this time.

  40. When I saw your orbs I thought, wow, and then I find out I can make them and with, “embroidery hoops”, I’m off to the store. As always, thank you teacher.

  41. How clever! I never would have guessed by looking at the first photo the what the orb was made from. And to think, I recently gave all my embroidery hoops away :o(

  42. What a cute and easy tutorial. I love orbs as well Big, small , metal or grass. Ineven saw one made from drinking straws! The orbs in my home are all gold but I love the black. Can’t wait to get to the craft store for supplies. Thanks,

  43. My husband and I made an outdoor orb with the metal rings off of wine barrels. Turned out pretty cool.

  44. I’m in love with these orbs! I have already ordered all my supplies & am excited to begin making them. I only hope mine end up looking as good as yours! I would like to give some for gifts. Keep posting your awesome ideas…& I LOVE the Sunday scriptures & bible study you present. Thank you so very much for that. God bless!

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