Drying Hydrangeas The Easy Way, Fall Ideas, A Symmetry Lesson, and A Home Tour

This week we are featuring how to dry hydrangeas the easy way, affordable fall decorating ideas, a design lesson in symmetry, and a home tour in beautiful Charleston.

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Welcome to Home Style Saturday #360, your weekend mini decorating and lifestyle magazine. We have lots of interesting and fun things to share today! Lory is up first today.


Affordable Fall Decorating Ideas

flowers in a vase and pumpkins

Lory says…

 Do you love the look of fall decor but don’t want to spend a lot on it? You’ll love this affordable fall decor with styling ideas and tips.

On Sutton Place

DIY Lambs Ear Garland Centerpiece

lambs ear garland across a fall table

Ann says…

Learn how to make an easy and beautiful fall garland with faux lamb’s ear and cotton bolls. This tutorial shows you how – along with helpful tips.


Applying Symmetry In Interior Design

a French Inspired dining room

Janet says…

Looking to elevate your home style in a budget-friendly way?
All that you need to know is how to apply the principle of symmetry in interior design with the pieces that you already own!

Southern Hospitality

Charming Homes Of Charleston

A home in Charleston

Rhoda says…

I have more to share with you from my trip to Charleston, where I took so many pics of the beautiful homes there. I didn’t want to leave these out, so I’m sharing them today.  Charleston, SC is a gorgeous and charming Southern city with so many architectural details on the houses, it’s definitely worth sharing.


The Ultimate Guide For Drying Hydrangeas The Easy Way

drying hydrangeas in a gray urn

Yvonne says…

Now is the time to think about drying hydrangeas! We have lots of hydrangeas around our home! So, over the years, I have perfected the drying method! It’s easy to preserve hydrangeas for a year of beauty!

Happy Weekend, Friends!

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