Draw Your Line: The Secret To Live Above Your Circumstances

In today’s scripture, let’s look at how Daniel thrived amidst trauma, loss, and fear. He knew where to draw his line. Let’s talk about how Daniel lived a life above his circumstances and lived a life clinging to God.

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Before my children learned how to drive, they were a captive audience in the back seat of our minivan! Because they were very active in sports, ballet, cheerleading, church, drum lessons, and the like, we spent a lot of time in the car- lots and lots of time! And it was the perfect time to talk.

A Captive Audience

There they were, safely strapped into the back seat. We talked about everything under the sun, and I imparted my very best wisdom to them from the driver’s seat.  I loved even the thought of a long drive with my kids.

We would talk, laugh, sing, pray, connect, learn, and have some pretty deep conversations! We did not shy away from tough conversations; we encouraged them.

As parents, Bobby and I wanted our children to hear a true, wise, biblical view on every topic before the outside world screamed in their precious ears!  

The sensitive topic of the birds and the bees was no exception! I don’t remember having “THE TALK” with our kiddos because it was more of an ongoing conversation from when they were very little. It was natural. When our children asked, and boy did they ask, we would answer and have the most marvelous Godly conversations!  

A Boy Named Daniel

The Book of Daniel is one of my favorite books of the Bible. The author of this book is an example to all of us! His young life prepared him for both suffering and great and mighty things for the kingdom of God!   

Daniel was a young Jewish lad. He lived during a horrific time in Israel’s history. A time when the Babylonian empire destroyed the Southern Kingdom of Judah and Jerusalem and the Holy Temple.

Daniel was captured at the age of about 15 and ripped from his family. He was taken away to live in the land of his captors and, as far as it is known, never returned to his beloved home.  

Daniel’s Fate

Unspeakable things happened to Daniel!  He lost his home, his family, his name, his country, his religious practices, his place of worship, his culture, his language, and his friends, and was probably castrated and made a eunuch at the age of 15!

Daniel not only survived all the trauma, but he thrived and did so well that he was promoted and loved by many foreign kings! How could a young man do so well with such trauma? Here is Daniel’s secret…

He thrived by never giving in to the Babylonians’ religion. He thrived by being faithful to God and God’s ways in an idol-worshiping, debased society! He kept his eyes on God and not on his situation.

At times Daniel’s faith caused him big problems! Life-threatening problems like being thrown into a lion’s den. And he faced every traumatic event in his life by never turning away from God but clinging to Him all the more!    

God was with Daniel! And Daniel knew exactly where his strength, protection, and eternal well-being came from.

Daniel remained faithful to God through all the bad, terrible times and all the good, as well!  

Drawing The Line

I remember one particular car ride with my kiddos.  After school, I picked up my daughter and son, ready to chauffeur them to some activity. There they were, safely strapped in and a captive audience.  Although I can’t remember how the conversation started, I certainly remember the topic! One of my 7th grader’s classmates was having sex. I was so shocked and sad, but I knew this was the perfect opening for a discussion with my captive audience!  

We talked at length about “girls have sex for love and boys show love to girls just to have sex”. We talked about hormones and heady feelings and reputations and regrets. We talked about how sex before a covenant marriage fractures the inner soul!  

And we talked about the line! I talked about the line a thousand times to my kids, even and especially when they were no longer a captive audience.  

I told my kids, who were intently listening that the time to decide to have sex was not when they were in the back seat of a car with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Because if they were in that situation they had already made a fatally bad decision and probably crossed quite a few lines!

I told them the time to decide was now, way before those situations happened to them. I told them to think about where they were going to draw their line. This would be the line they would never cross, no matter what!   

I asked them to think about where God would draw that line. We discussed how God’s and their lines should be the same. I told them that where God draws a line, they should draw their line on top of His with an indelible marker!  After dropping my children off at their activities, I prayed in the parking lot!  I prayed hard!

I prayed for my children and the lines they would draw in their lives!

How Daniel Thrived

Let’s look at Daniel again in chapter 1. We meet him already taken to Babylon and taking part in a three-year-long brainwashing program by his captors.

I find it so interesting that the book of Daniel opens with Daniel already in a big trial! And how did Daniel face this trial and every other situation in his life?   


Daniel had drawn a line, too! It was God’s line, a line that, if crossed, would cause defilement. The lines Daniel drew kept him in God’s will his whole life.  

I love the bible version that says, DANIEL PURPOSED IN HIS HEART NOT TO POLLUTE HIMSELF.  

In the days of Daniel, the mind, the will, the intellect, and the emotions were all called the heart. So, Daniel placed boundary lines around his mind, will, intellect, and emotions. I think young Daniel has a very big lesson for us all, no matter what our age!  We all need to think about the lines we draw in our lives! Lines not to defile or pollute ourselves!  

Where Will You Draw Your Line

Today, I’m asking you to take a good look at your lines. Where are they? Do some need to be reset, or do you need to draw new ones for the first time? Do you even know where God’s lines are drawn?   God is very clear about our abundant freedom and sin in His Word, the Bible.

First, we need to read the Bible and be determined to obey God’s Word!  What it says we do or don’t do with our whole heart!  

Be like children, a captive audience of the Word of God. Are you ready to love God’s word and align your life with it!  

We all look for the boundary lines in life. Find out where the real ones are and draw your lines right over them.

This is a true word to ponder this week.

Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself. Daniel 1:8

Happy Sunday, Friends.

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  1. Barbara Wilson says:

    Sounds like you are wonderful Godly parent.

  2. Erica Dolan says:

    I love these words, Yvonne! I am attempting to print this off and put it in my bible for constant reminders. And most importantly, hoping to share with friends who still have little ones running about.
    Thank you,

  3. What. Beautiful reminder! Thank you.

  4. A hearty amen to all the above!!

  5. Yvonne,

    This was exactly what I needed today! Thank you! I think sometimes we need to definitely reset our lines. Daniel Is one of my favorite books in the Bible so many lessons to learn and hang on to. Have a blessed day!


    If we start writing from the lines of this verse, it doesn’t look very tough, but reality shows us, or me, at least, that it is quite hard not to break the limits and pass the line! That’s why we have to pray, meditate to be ready to keep the line where it is supposed to be, which sometimes is a bit hard to do! Anyway, we have to go on trying to be the best “photocopy” of Jesus we can!

    Have a wonderful week and thanks again for these “raising spirits” lines.
    Hugs for you, yours and every single person in this blog

  7. So wonderfully said!

  8. Julia G Crow says:

    Thank you – I a going to share this with several of my young friends who have that cherished time in the car with their children. I loved those days before cell phones when my son and I would be in the car and just enjoy each other’s company – talking, singing, telling jokes, etc.

  9. Marian Zimmerman says:

    very Godly advice
    so where should the line be drawn with homosexuality? would you bake a cake for the wedding if you had a bakery? or cater it ? so hard today , but we will build a house for them or a kitchen…..

  10. Thinking back the car was a great place my Daughter and I had a lot of great talks and great fun. Your devotion has made me stop and think about redrawing some lines in my live.
    I enjoy your post and I have gained lots of ideas and recipes to use but your devotions that you share will help me but also someone that is struggling. Have a great week!

  11. Claudia Willey says:

    I always look forward to reading your Sunday blog. Not many people speak eternal truth. Thank you for sharing your faith. It’s time for me to redraw some lines in my life!!

  12. Thank you so very much. As always, your words speak truth and life. Such a contrast to what our world “worships” and reveres. God, and God alone, is deserving of our worship and adoration. When He is the center of our life then those lines are clearly defined. Reading His Word and being in constant communion with Him allows us to resist temptation and the “crossing” of those lines.

  13. Robin Zerillo says:

    I had written to you before to see if you could give me any insights for updating my den to sell for 30 something family. I can share some pix but I’m not sure how to send them to you – email?

  14. Thank you for the wonderful post about setting boundaries, “our lines”, according to God’s Word, Yvonne! I’m encouraged to reevaluate my boundaries before the Lord remembering He is faithful to me as He was faithful to Daniel!

  15. Jenese Russell says:

    Great message!! Some of the most interesting and teachable moments have been riding in the car with my girls when they were young. I can relate to the discussion you had with your kids.

  16. …….Good Morning……this is a read for every young Mothers today I say this because theres a lot more for them to deal with than my time raising my Children…….I will be rethinking my lines……Today we all need to think about lines..
    Thank You for Sharing !!!!

  17. Rebecca Cole says:

    So awesome. Well said. Well written. Happy Sunday to you as well. Love your blog and beautiful decorating inspiration. Thanks for your light!

  18. Jo Ann Bohannon says:

    Thank you for a thought provoking post today. I appreciate you.

  19. Ms. Kathryn says:

    Yvonne, I love the beauty and wisdom of the Bible, but you have the ability to explain it so well!
    I wish I could have been the kind of mother who was able to talk to my children is such a loving and
    helpful way! I think it is exceptional! Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom! Although my children are
    adults, I sent this article to them and hopefully they will benefit from it now that they are middle aged.
    Never to old to learn! Many Blessings to you and your family!

  20. What a great word. I had never considered that Daniel was likely made a eunuch- so much was taken away from him. Thank you for sharing!

  21. Yvonne – Thank you for this! “And he faced every traumatic event in his life by never turning away from God but clinging to Him all the more! God was with Daniel! And Daniel knew exactly where his strength, protection, and eternal well-being came from.” What a great reminder to Cling to the Lord in every situation!