I bet you have a secret, or not so secret, decor crush? Something that right now catches your eye and makes you swoon! A crush can last a long time or can be here one day and gone tomorrow. For me, a crush seems to last at least several decor seasons. And I love adding new items that beautifully update my home AND that don’t cost me a ton of money or break my decor budget!

Today I’m not only telling you what my biggest decor crushes are right now but why I love them and where you might get them too!

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Today on Decorating Tips And Tricks we are also talking about our decor crushes. And we have some good ones! I think of a crush as something that I don’t want to spend a lot of money on and that something will update my home and make it look fresh!


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The biggest “WHY” for me crushing on a particular decor item is… first of all, I like it. That’s pretty obvious. It’s usually something unique and different and has not been a part of my decor before.

The second reason for a decor crush is the crush item will fit nicely into the decor I already have. And third is that it will enhance and breathe new life into a room in my home.

Besides those big three reasons, I like certain decor for its trendy feel or its WOW factor value. I never want to get bored of my home or have it look boring! And I love decor pieces that can be moved from room to room. 

For me, a crush items must be economical! And be well worth its price! Because like most crushes, they are only a friend for a season or a few more and seldom turn into the love of my decorating life! So beauty and economy are of the utmost importance!

Here are 5 decor items I’m crushing on right now…



Lucite goes with everything and every style. It has class and sass and because it does not have much visual weight it can be slipped into almost any room! 

Lucite is hot right now, but has been on the decor scene for almost a century!

Lucite can be very very, over-the-top expensive but you can find it so so reasonably too. And most people cannot tell the difference! I go for the less expensive versions because lucite is still a crush!

I have a set of lucite stacking tables and several lucite dining room “ghost” chairs. And I just ordered a gorgeous lucite tray! It has a fun design on the bottom of it and my monogram. I think this tray is something that will be with my for a long, long time!


My ghost chairs are top row right. I love them!

The next thing I’m crushing on is…



No fauxs for this crush! I’m crushing on the read deal green thing! I’ve fallen in line behind all the people who are crazy about fiddle leaf figs! It’s hard to admit that I’m like minded with millions of people who love this plant of the moment!

I’ve not had big plants in my living spaces for over a decade because I’m not a huge fan of that more-is-more jungle look. And to be very frank… I am a plant killer. I apologize to all plants that come to live in my home. I look at them as cut flowers. YIKES!

But I’m a changed woman… turning over a new leaf (lol)! I am so taken with this gorgeous, big leafed plant that I bought a few months ago! And it is still going and growing strong. I promised this plant that I would do everything in my power to keep it alive. And so far so good!


A single big plant makes quite the decor statement! Don’t you think? Put a big plant in a planter, urn or basket worthy of it!

Try one in your living room, dining room or family room. It’s great for your rooms and good for your soul!



Again, these rugs have been around for centuries. But now they are reasonably priced and they not from endangered animals. Hide rugs give a room warmth, pizzazz and a bit of a global look. 

My zebra rug has gone from crush to love and is now a permanent fixture in my living room! I’m adding a couple cow hides to an upstairs bedroom and a Mongolian sheep hide to my master bedroom.


If you try them you will love them. And don’t be afraid to layer them. It is a very on trend way to use hides.

You can also take them off the floor and drape over a chair or bench or use on the back of a sofa! 

The price range for the rugs below is varied. My zebra hide is the top row on the right. It really is not a crush, but something I dearly love in my home!



As you probably know I love neutrals and live comfortable with them. But lately, I’ve been hankering for a pop of color and a fun motif in my monotone rooms. 

Maybe it’s the season, but I’m finding so many chairs with some fabulous fabrics and gorgeous colors and I am certainly crushing on them!

It all started with THIS chair!

I know it is still very neutral but I just love the fabric! I’m waiting for it to come back in stock at Wayfair. It’s going in my Gable room!

You can get it in this pretty blue too! See it HERE. (Notice the big plant?) 


Accent chairs can be priced reasonably enough to be used for several seasons and then given away or tossed out! They add personality to your rooms!

All the accent chairs below are less than $250.00. Some much less!



Now here’s a blast from the past. I have a huge crush on large urns and shapely ginger jars with lids. Oh, so pretty. Just adding one or two to a room makes a huge decor statement!

Look in vintage store for older ones and you will save big bucks! I got this pair for a song at Luckett’s in Va! The question is do I repaint them, make them into lamps for my bedroom or leave them just as they are?


Thank goodness I didn’t get rid of this pretty lidded blue and white jar. I’m going to use it in my master bedroom!

 Now you know what I’m crushing on! And maybe you are crushing on the same things too!

It’s your turn! What are you crushing on?


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  1. Thanks for the daily inspirational pictures and ideas!!!

    I have had a crush on blue and white for a long time … so glad it is actually coming back on the scene again!!

  2. mattsgramma says:

    I am thinking of getting an olive tree for my new plant crush. Baskets are so pretty to use with a plant. Good luck with your new plant, it looks marvelous.

  3. Only one click worked. Wayfair one. Love your posts!

  4. Judy Harris says:

    Lovely mix! Plants always seem to add just the right touch!

  5. LInda of No.Cal. says:

    NICE. I ‘crush’ on the Lucite stacking tables.!!(A LOT). I know the perfect spot prorated them
    in our great room. Do you use a special cleaner and cloth ?!– as not to scratch them ?? 🙂
    Linda of No.Cal.

    1. Great question, Linda. I don’t use paper towels to clean them. I have a feather duster and a Norwex cloth.

      1. Linda of No.Cal. says:

        The Lucite Nesting Tables are sitting quite nicely in the great room. I feel giddy!…
        they look so great… and they are a f.u.n. addition.
        Linda of No.Cal.

  6. LInda of No.Cal. says:

    OH DEAR… auto correct…! …perfect spot ‘for them’.

  7. My favorite of your new “crushes” is the fiddle leaf fig! Looks great in the basket, really draws your eye right to it!

  8. Anne Marie says:

    Love your crushes especially the live plant – good luck keeping it alive – I am sure I could not do as well as you are doing with your plant!

  9. Kathy bruns says:

    My daughter just purchased a fig plant as well. I am worried her house is turning into that jungle look though.

  10. Love the plant. I am starting my list of things to look for when shopping.. You inspire me. I am estate sale junkie and my obsession is footstools. I buy cheap paint and recover

  11. Elaine Wesselman says:

    Love ALL of your crushes! Great ideas!

  12. Debbie Brown says:

    Always love your ideas! thanks for inspiring us!

  13. I am crushing on using textiles in unusual ways – using embroidered quilts and table clothes for window treatments makes my home unique.

  14. Leslie Hassmann says:

    I love the Lucite and how it blends into the decor. I am wondering how easily it scratches, I do not have a delicate family!

    1. I find lucite very sturdy! And so far no scratches. See the comment above about cleaning it.

  15. Love your current crushes!

  16. Cindy Finter says:

    I have always liked ginger jars and remember my Grandmother’s house having them. Don’t know what happened to them.

  17. I am crushing on plants. I brought a foxtail fern home from Alabama and it is growing like crazy. It will go on my porch when the weather cooperates and then back into my house. I am also eyeing a olive tree but haven’t found one yet.

  18. Love your crushes!! Thanks for all the inspiration! The fiddle leaf fig is awesome in that basket!

  19. I’m loving some of the same ‘crushes’ you are, too. Since we moved into the new house, I’ve not had any large plants in our great room but with the big windows, I’m going to move my orange tree in to see how it works. Thanks for the suggestion!

  20. I’m so happy that large indoor plants are back in style as I just bought an Areca Palm for the indoors. Now, I need to find a fiddle leaf fig—-and a lucite chair. Thanks for the inspiration! Susie from The Chelsea Project

  21. I used to have a couple of large fig trees which didn’t make one of our moves. Ready to get some more. Plants are so good at cleaning the air in the room also.

  22. Robin Talley says:

    Wow!! Those are some really gorgeous pieces!!! I love that animal skin rug!! Beautiful. Thanks Yvonne for more awesome ideas today!!!

  23. Love all your daily suggestions and innovative ideas Yvonne!!! But I’m crushing on that little stool in front of your chair. Where did you get that ? Please?
    Hope your ankle is healing ❤️

  24. I love the footstool too! Quaint, charming, comfortable – love it. The fiddle leaf fig is gorgeously displayed in the wicker basket.

  25. Thank you for another beautiful post. I’ve always loved blue and white, but my latest crush is your blue and white, and shocking pink napkin rosettes on your Valentine’s tablescape. I was battling cancer, so couldn’t host my annual Valentine’s Day Girlfriends’ luncheon this year. The image of that table has stayed with me and I’m already slowly acquiring the necessary accent pieces to pull it off next year. I knew my girlfriends will love my version of your lovely tablescape.
    Thank you for all your inspiration.

  26. Elsa Sale says:

    LOVE fiddle leaf fig trees! I have two in my entry in large, cement square planters, with braided trunks and they just keeps growing and growing. When the branches got too heavy and started to drop, I carefully tied fish line to it to pull them up. They are now about 15 feet tall and gorgeous.

    You’re right about lucite! One of these days I’d like to buy a couple of arm, French chairs, just for fun! Thank you for your wonderful ideas.

  27. Mary Nell Harding says:

    Love your posts! So inspiring. I’ve always loved blue and white, a classic indeed. My bedroom is blue and white and I never tire of it…may change it around here and there for freshness, but have kept the colors for a while.

  28. My problem is …I “crush” on everything! 🙂

  29. Thanks for sharing, you always inspire. Enjoy your day!

  30. So fun to see what you’re crushing on!! Thanks for a great post!

  31. Love the fig plant in the basket, especially with the neutral palette.

  32. Great ideas. I am going to check out a new accent chair. I also like the fiddle leaf plant, but I haven’t seen them anywhere.

  33. My latest purchase was two white porcelain garden seats. The plan was to use them as accent tables, in a week-end home, but they made it as far as my front porch! They look lovely holding large, lush Boston ferns on either side of the door. The garden seats have multiple uses, are classic and they were a bargain! The designer stools cost a fortune, so my “mission” paid off! By the way, keep your ginger jars white…You won’t be sorry. I am excited to know you will use blue and white in your master bedroom. I love the look!

  34. For some reason I am drawn to footstools as well. Your’s is just a wonderful find!

  35. I love all of them, but especially the Ginnger jar.

  36. I happen to love the white spindle chairs. Would you mind sharing a resource for them? The footstool is a cutie also!,

    1. I found these at Ethan Allen. But you can get them at places like Wayfair!

  37. I am looking for a fiddle leaf fig! Love that look! Looks so nice in your living room. Looks like a new leaf at the top. How do you water and care for it?

    1. Water once a week and give it lots of light. When you water, water it well instead of giving it small amounts of water. Watering “well” encourages roots to dig deeper, in the soil, for water and develop a healthy root system. The same principle applies to all plants and outdoor plants AND your lawn! Mine was started from a cutting in January and has grown over a foot in height.

  38. I find myself hitting thrift stores for vintage glass items. Lidded jars especially. So fun to decorate with.

  39. I’m loving the fiddle leaf fig real and faux.I saw them at Michael’s,
    they are quite pricey.I am also loving anything with the word farmhouse
    in it !!

  40. Love your crushing post today. I love green plants as accent pieces for the home. I recently purchased a small fern to display with my family photos on the sofa table in my palor. The Fiddle Leaf Ficus is definitely on my crush list. Thanks and have a great day .
    P.S. I also have a crush for old crocks. I display my cutting boards and rooling pins in my three gallon crock in my kitchen.

  41. Carol Elkins says:

    Love all of your crushes – especially the Lucite pieces and the colorful accent chairs.

  42. LOVE the fiddle leaf fig…I’ve been looking for a while now …you inspired me to try one!

  43. I love all your crushes as well! My next addition to my home is a large live plant. And like you I’m going to try not to kill it!

  44. Giving me lots of new crush ideas!

  45. All pretty ideas. I am especially liking the blue and white. Recently purchased a large blue and cream fringed shawl or throw at my local antiques barn. It was only $8.00, and will use it on a cream chair or as a table covering. Still praying for a full recovery.

  46. I crush over your spindle chairs….maybe my next purchase!

  47. High five to all your crushes, I love them all too! Your home is just beautiful!

  48. My latest crush is raw wood!! Swoon!!
    I am all a flutter for that footstool of your though. LUV!!!

  49. I giggled. I thought you were going to say you were crushing on old fruit crates made into stools? Because I bought some old table grape boxes because the original Grandpa was humble and went to my church. I’d seen your footstool in a catalog and thought it would be a fun way to display it. But then I was supposed to get my Grandpas leather footstool and …but oh I do crush meaningful “junk”. I actually use my boxes when we take a lot of items somewhere and it keeps them together. I am trying to mix in some things I got from my parents’ home into my home but in a creative way. My sister suggested using sheet music of my aunts in a frame. It’s perfect in my bedroom as it’s not old fashioned really –has a painted iris in gold–and says Truly I Do. I propped a wedding photo next to it on my dresser. I am crushing again on a different shade of blue. I’ve added it to my bedroom. Patio French doors are getting a coat of it as will the front door. I think I’m over a kind of rustic green basket I loved two years ago. Thank you for putting it as a “crush” that we like for a season and don’t invest much in it. I can see myself purging several items with that word “the crush is over”.

  50. Happy Monday! Thank you for sharing your inspirations, I just found a tray I love on the site you provided. I love plants, I keep a few in each of the rooms, I find they give life to a room. Enjoy your week 🙂

  51. It’s funny reading this because aside from the lucite, I already own all the other “crushes”. I bought garden stools many decades ago and the same goes for blue and white pieces. Be sure to rotate your fig tree once a week or so – so that it grows straight. Mine has grown about 18″ – from a cutting started in water in January!

  52. Okay… so the ginger jars are DEFINITELY a blast from the past! 😉 My parents used to have a custom lamp business (in the 80’s) and, boy, do these bring back memories!

    I REALLY like the lucite chair with the ‘spindles’… pretty!

    I really want a fiddle leaf to put in the corner of my living room. 🙂 LOVE!

    Nice post, Yvonne.. thank you!

  53. Still can’t past up orbs, glass containers for terrariums ,cloches and Chinese blue and white China porcelain. Have never stopped using large plants but lust after the fiddle leaf ferns. Plants add so much to a room. Hope your latest surgery went well and recovery will be quick. So much I am sure you are itching to get to in your house and garden now that spring is here. God Bless. Kathy

  54. I have a big crush on the accent chair, also the hide rugs and the table! Thanks

  55. Deborah Webster says:

    I purchased a Boston fern yesterday, for use as an air purifier. It does have prescence! Now I need to find an attractive stand for it. I have been successful with dark leafed begonia, amaryllis, and Christmas cactus. I’m thinking to combine groups of like plants in large containers. Walmart (!) has large oval galvanized steel containers and coolers, some with stands. I also have a couple big popcorn tins from Christmas that I was thinking to paint or cover with fabric. I have China knobs to screw in the bottom for feet.

  56. I love the southern bottlers footstool in the picture of the plant. So unique.

  57. Love the accent chair. You should have really good luck with the fig plant. I think they are low maintenance.

  58. Portia Read says:

    Love your faux zebra rug and the plant. It’s beautiful.

  59. I’m crushing on your crushes!
    My Fiddle Leaf Fig plant has grown 1ft. In a year! Love it!

  60. I love the clean, crisp look of your decor!

  61. Like the word “crush”! Then I don’t feel like I have to keep it forever! ?

  62. As usual I am so inspired. Right now I cannot get enough of white dishes. Thinking this will turn into “Love”.

  63. Ginger jars and large plants, ,,I loved them back then and now

  64. rhonda Atwood says:

    In the last few weeks, I have gone wild with plants! I have big plants in the living, dining, and bedroom. They release oxygen, so they’re good for the air in your house as well as being pretty. I’ve also done a few terrariums in apothecary jars. They are my latest “crush.” 🙂

  65. I, too, would love to have a fiddle leaf fig in my house. Maybe I’ll get one for Mother’s Day! :o)

  66. Very pretty things….your home looks lovely

  67. Pam klocke says:

    I crush on vignettes and I love a unique accent chair.

  68. Your blue and white lidded jar is wonderful. I hope my fig takes off soon. It had a run in with a golden retreiver and I think its growth was stunted.

  69. I love your footstool and the accent chairs you displayed. I’m crushing on antique and vintage ironstone, mostly in pitchers. I also love vintage red transferware dishes.

    I can’t bring myself to use hide rugs (real or faux) as I’m an animal lover and it goes against my grain!

    Enjoy all your posts! Keep up the tremendous work!

  70. My favorite is the fiddle leaf fig…love that and just might have to buy one!

  71. Kathryn Barton says:

    You always show such exciting crushes, new or older, to enhance the decor in your room.

  72. Rae Dunn.

    I live that your new crashes are things you have had in your home for a while now– trending then or not!!

  73. Bernice McAndrew says:

    I love the chairs you have in one of the pictures above. They are on both sides of the lucite table. Could you tell me what is the name of the chairs???? I have been looking, but I haven’t had any luck.
    Also, I remodeled my kitchen and I used many of your ideas that I have been collecting for awhile. I love my kitchen!!!! Thank you!!!! Love your blog!!!

  74. Maggie Nelson says:

    I have a crush on live plants so I have 2 spider’s plants on top of 2 short pillars and now they are blooming. God blessed me with a green thumb so I have them for many years and take care of them. I also I have a crush on white and also blue and white jars.

  75. janeinbama says:

    I am famous for my plant killing abilities and have kept a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree alive and thriving for 6 years!!! It was a plant given at my MILs funeral – 12-14″ grocery store version and it has gotten as tall as 9′ we trimmed it back and I am now braiding it. I am looking for a basket for it.

    My crush is a Lucite chair, armless for my bathroom. I know it would look wonderful the first day, but worry about hair spray and makeup.

  76. Love the ‘fiddle leaf fig’ – it works in your corner! Also, keep the jars the way they are – so very adaptable to any new idea you have – vases, on a table alone, as a pair, etc. etc. – love them!

  77. Minnie mccoy says:

    Every visit is so pretty!

  78. My new crush: an ivory shaggy rug for my living.

  79. Mary Beth Schmidt says:

    I love your posts and I’m crushing on those white chairs. Where can I find those?

  80. I crush on several of the same things you do! Thanks for sharing all your terrific decorating ideas.
    Once your fiddle leaf fig gets settled in an area and likes it there, don’t move it……they are NOT keen on being moved. Good luck with this pretty plant!


  81. Ok! Love this post! And I want to know 2 things:1) where did you get the 2 lovely white chairs in this post? And 2) Where did you get the nubby
    Sisal colored pillows on your couch?
    I’m seriously crushing on this beachy summer look!

  82. I say leave the white ginger jars as they are; love them.

  83. I have to tell you about my ginger jar that was originally a lamp! My mother in law made it back in the ’80’s. She passed away in 1989 and I only recently acquired this ginger jar. It’s gorgeous….she made it in a ceramics class. It is turquoise with flecks of other colors throughout. The lamp part didn’t work, so I decided to use it as just a ginger jar. It looks great in between 2 large blue Mason jars that I have. I LOVE, love, LOVE your blog!! So glad I found it. Thanks for the great tips and I love your home!! xo Have a blessed day.

  84. OMGosh ~ I love all your crushes! I want lucite chairs to contrast with our lighter wood dining table & buffet, and a huge plant (even though I have a black thumb!) for that room. Then I’ll take one of each of those other crushes, and all the better if they’re budget friendly. In fact, I have an accent (large floral) barrel chair stored away, and it’s one of the most comfortable we’ve ever had! It’s coming back in ~ because it goes perfectly with the furnishings in one of our rooms!

    Thanks yet again for wonderful inspiration!

  85. Love your blog, just came across it. Isn’t it funny how our ‘crushes’ come and go. We mostly know what we love, sometimes
    forget and then come back to it at a later date and ‘relove it’ .

    Thank you for the beautiful ideas.

    1. Welcome to the StoneGable family Linda. We will look for your great comments!!!!

  86. Lila Housden says:

    I am in LOVE with the Southern Bottlers footstool!!! I’m sure it was a “find” an not available to purchase. I keep looking for a way to “make” one for myself. With three little grandsons….all 7 years old….we use stools a lot in our house!

  87. Anne Porter says:

    Thinking about simplifying and “streamlining” some of my decor and realizing how difficult it is when I decorate with only my “crushes”….
    Love decorating with “crushes”, and can’t help myself!!

  88. Elizabeth says:

    You gave me a lot to think about. I have a very small house with lots of windows. I think the fig plant has a perfect spot in my house. Since my house is small I do want to think about the Lucite furniture. Thanks so much for your help. 🙂

  89. Wanda Lee says:

    I love the fiddler leaf.

  90. Fun post Yvonne. I too crush on lucite in the form of a bench with lucite legs. French woven bistro chairs, mid century Eames style white leather chair and ottoman, a model sailboat, brightly painted piece of furniture in cobalt blue a buffalo check or awning stripe dining settee a black and white marble bathroom, lighting, oh lighting, there is always some lighting I am crushing on. A pizza paddle with long handle and old. Dash and Albert rugs.

  91. Jacque Avant says:

    I have always crushed on blue, white and yellow. These colors make me happy and after 56 years in my home I have never tired of those. Thank you for all your tips.


  92. I am also a big fan of large plants and I already have your Southern Bottlers, Inc. footstool! Love it!

  93. Maya Williams says:

    I love the little bench/ footstool made from an old box. What a great way to preserve it, and it looks fabulous!

  94. Hello,I also have recently joined you. I am fortunate enough to have plenty of large storerooms so I constantly scout flea markets here in Spain. I love almost everything and am definitely a collecataholic,but the objects must be old or unusual. So what is my crush at the moment? Definitely eclectic, bohemian. I’m layering almost everything ( my cleaning lady must be going nuts dusting it all,lol). To me less is less not more !! I’m constantly chopping and changing things around and by moving things into a different room ,the look changes dramatically…without spending a cent. I’m having so much fun that I wish that I could live forever. Sob sob. Byeeee

  95. Michele Smollett says:

    Whooohoooo! I just picked up the Southern Bottler’s footstool at Decor Steals this morning for $49.99! It is sold out almost everywhere else at a lot higher price.