This Christmas season you will often find me in my bedroom. While the whole house is filled with merry decorations and lots of sparkle our master bedroom and sitting room is my favorite place to be! You can see the main reason for my new favorite Chrismas spot HERE. Come on in and head upstairs and meet me for a look at Christmas in the master bedroom and sitting room.

There is a “get the look” at the bottom of this post too!

Hey friends, I really debated about letting this post go live! Right now I’m working with no lead time (busy season, right) and I photographed this room yesterday and it was a horrible, dark and rainy day. But I did promise to have a post to you with the links to the products in my room. The pictures were so so dark I had to do a lot of editing. And that really hurts the quality of the photo. Sorry, I don’t feel it’s my best. But let’s do it because I promised… Thanks for understanding!



It’s taken me almost a year to decorate this room. We gutted it and made it over from the floors up. Out came the old carpet (finally) and new hardwoods were laid. The walls and trim were painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore, my favorite white wall color.

Every piece of furniture was replaced to create a sanctuary for us.

I have a small sitting room off the bedroom. A large desk fills up one side of the room and a pair of very comfy chairs on the other. Unfortunately, the chair side of the room was so dark the photos did not come out.

The bedroom is decorated simply for Christmas because the real star of this room is the WHITE TREE! Click HERE to see it lit up, it’s really magical!




Use the cursor to move the pictures back and forth. Click on the picture to see the product.




The herringbone rug in the sitting room can be found HERE.

The curtains and dust ruffle are from Soft Surroundings. So is the Italian setee. But it is no longer available.


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  1. Kay Speck says:

    Lovin’ the white Christmas tree … very elegant. I also love the two prints you used on the wall in the sitting area … where did you find those? Simply always seems to say more on the walls. Thank you again for all the inspiration through the year, Merry Christmas from Carolina.

  2. Where did you find the herringbone patterned rug under the desk in your sitting area? I NEED one! Gorgeous!

  3. Sandi from Wisconsin says:

    Thank you for taking the time to share your lovely bedroom in this busy season! It is so beautiful and peaceful looking. A lovely place to unwind and rest. Love that settee! I was fortunate to find one, and at a wonderful discounted price as well! I’m still working on a final place for it. Can’t decide if it will have a permanent home in my living room or bedroom! Lovely, lovely piece which I first saw on your new bedroom plans post. You continue to inspire me to create a home as lovely as yours!

  4. Sondra Gettys says:

    I LOVE it! Can you tell me where you got your rug? Thank you!

    1. Hi Sondra, the rug came from Hayneedle. I’m not sure they carry it anymore. Sorry I can’t tell you more!

      1. Julie Briones says:

        Silly me… should have looked here first, before asking my questions! 😉

  5. Karen VanLoo says:

    Your bedroom is gorgeous! I’m so glad you did this post. I get a little “down” after Christmas is over, because I love the season so much. But then in January I like to start a deep cleaning in my house and a new project to kick the year off. While I just bought new kitchen and dining room tables, so new bedroom furniture isn’t in the budget, I am planning to paint my bedroom furniture a creamy white. It’s good, solid furniture I bought years ago and it was pine. Then I painted it all black. But I’m tired of the black, and I want to brighten up my room and use neutral bedding colors like yours. So this just gave me some inspiration that I truly needed! Merry Christmas!

  6. What a beautiful sanctuary! Would you mind sharing the source for your office rug please? It’s just what I’ve been looking for. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  7. So peaceful and festive! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  8. Oops you said it was a sitting room not office that I’d like the rug source for.

  9. Yvonne. You seem to make every room so beautiful I would just love to roam your house with a cup of coffee and be as quiet as a mouse. So simply elegant. Thank you for all your inspiration always and everyday throughout the year. I wish you a very blessed Christmas to you and your whole family. Enjoy those grand babies. ??. By the way. Do you have any window coverings on your windows besides the drapes to keep out light at night.

  10. Jan Fusco says:

    What a welcoming retreat! So beautiful. You would find me there all the time.

  11. Love the finished Master Bedroom. It is beautiful. I’m disappointed a bit because you stated several years ago that you would post about painting a Rice bed in your bedroom and I have been waiting and waiting for that post patiently because I, too, have a Rice bed that I want to repurpose. This, the reason for me disappointment. But, I LOVE your new bedroom!!! Merry Christmas!! ?

    1. Donna B Oliphint says:

      You can paint it with chalk paint without having to sand a lot. A friend had hers painted, and it’s beautiful. By not having to sand, if you ever wanted it back to stained, the varnish coat will make it easy to strip–especially in the detailed areas.

  12. Just beautiful as always,,(take care of your knees). A Merry Christmas to all keep up the good work. Looking forward to all new reads.

  13. Donna B Oliphint says:

    Your home is GORGEOUS! Especially the family room. It makes me want to throw out everything and start over. Everything is so peaceful feeling.

  14. I have followed you for many months and enjoy seeing what you have created every day. Would you please tell us where you purchased the bed skirt, etc. for you Master Bedroom. I would love to try to duplicate it. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!

  15. Julie Briones says:

    It looks just lovely, Yvonne! I love those framed pieces in your sitting room (they caught my eye last week 😉 ) Two questions… Is that a sisal rug under your bed? Is it soft on your feet? Where can we all find it? (I guess that is three questions). I can’t seem to find it in your links… thinking it might do well in my living area if it’s comfy to sit on. 😉

  16. Carole Strawn says:

    That room is so gorgeous that I would NEVER leave it if it were mine. I am still swooning over the white Christmas tree. It truly is magical. And I love the monochromatic look of the bedding, rug and furniture. So soothing and beautiful.

  17. This is so beautifully inspiring! I’m in the planning phase of my master right now…nor quite ready to roll up my sleeves and dig in yet. We too plan to remove carpet and lay hardwood floors and replace a few pieces of furniture. I LOVE the neutral palette. It is so inviting! Thank you for putting vision to some of the ideas I’ve been kicking around. For example, I was debating about whether I wanted to go with a upholstered headboard. I have a few bookmarked on Wayfair and one of them is the same one in your bedroom. I love the way it looks in your photos. It looks so much better than Wayfair’s photos! Now I know I’ll love it! Thank you for sharing your master bedroom…it proved greatly valuable to me!!! Thank you so very much.

    1. You are so welcome! We love our headboard! Merry Christmas, Denise!

  18. It is gorgeous, Yvonne! The furniture is fabulous. It’s funny how our tastes change through our lives. The tree is indeed magical! Wishing you and your entire, beautiful family a happy and blessed Christmas! Hopefully we can get together in the new year!!!! XOXO

    1. Thank you Pinky! LOVE and wishes for the merriest Christmas. Enjoy that beautiful granddaughter!

  19. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Your photographs are just fine. With so much crazy stuff going on in the world, it is nice to just escape into blog land and indulge in the beauty of so many talented ladies. I visit you first and love your style and your home is fabulous. I know you must be relieved that your Master bedroom is completely finished. I hope you have time to sit and enjoy your beautiful tree and can relax some. Have a wonderful Christmas! XOXO

    1. Thank you, Cecilia! Merry Christmas! You have been so encouraging to me! xo

  20. Looks a LOT like Christmas Yvonne!

    Everything is Covered in WHITE SNOW

  21. The bedding looks itchy scratchy to me. Love the rest!

    1. WHAT? Now why would I ever have a bed that was itchy? That is just silly! LOL! The bedding is very soft!

  22. linda jensen says:

    Really no need to apologize about the lighting for your photo. Even on your worst day you still are the best. I would love to meet you but feel like I already have

  23. Laurie carpenter says:

    Thank you for going to so much trouble to keep a promise when you are your busiest .
    Your room is lovely. A total reflection of it’s owner.
    God bless and enjoy every minute of your time with family & friends.

  24. Beautiful?
    Can I ask where you got your bedroom rug?

  25. Shirley Housepitality Designs says:

    Beautiful room…beautiful tree Yvonne!!!….I wish you and your beautiful family a most Joyous Christmas!!!

  26. Yvonne, your bedroom is simply beautiful! We are in the process of updating ours as well. What a process! Did you get your sconces from Soft Surroundings? We have a pair of sconces that have been up for a few years but are more bulky than I’m wanting.

  27. Your makeover is beautiful! The white tree is also beautiful! I am wondering where the source is for the sconces on either side of the headboard. Are they a rose gold color or a brushed gold?

    1. Hi Cheryl, they came from Wayfair and are brushed gold. Sorry, I don’t see them anymore. It’s such a bummer when something goes out of stock and I know my readers would love them too!

  28. So sophisticated! And a beautiful place to retreat to nightly. I’m jealous of the windows and view!

  29. Love the dust ruffle on your bed. Where can I get it or did you make it?