You have come to the right place today! I have a post that will help you collect pillows to make the most fabulous arrangements on your sofa! Do you often look in magazines and sigh at how beautiful the sofas look with their gorgeously arranged pillows and say, “I wish I could do that?”. Well, my friend, you can! And I’ll show you how.

Pillow arrangements are not magic and you do not need a degree from design school to have the prettiest pillow arrangements in your town! With a little thought and practice, I’ll show you how to build the perfect pillow collection just for you!

Let’s get started!

Here are 5 rules that will help you collect pillows that work together on your sofa or chairs. 


It is important to do first things first so when it comes to building a pillow collection you can mix and match from you need to know the color palette of the spaces you want to use the pillows in.

Not only do you need to know and recognize your color palette you need to know if your colors are predominately warm or cool colors.

And you need to know what accents or color pops you are using too!

I call my color palette BLOND. It’s filled with warm neutrals, rich caramels and lots and lots of white. So when go to look for pillows these are the colors I know will work together.

From time to time I like a bit of warmed up gray in my rooms too. I know gray does not sound like a super exciting pop of color but it works wonders for my color palette.


I used to buy pillows on a whim. I would go to a store, like HomeGoods, and make a beeline to the pillows! Then I would get overwhelmed by all the beautiful pillows and buy them liberally! Remember I LOVE pillows!

But when I got home and tried to arrange all these beautiful pillows they look horrible. I would get so frustrated! I could certainly pick gorgeous pillows I just could not make them work together.

The pillows weren’t the problem. I was not thinking ahead.

We need to keep in mind how we are going to use pillows on our sofas and chairs before we go to HomeGoods or look online or end up in your favorite place to find pillows.

Unless you know exactly what you are looking for the chances of getting the right pillow that will look perfect on your sofa is slim.

So, make a plan.

I love the classic look of a 5 pillow sofa arrangement.

For a 5 pillow arrangement I know I will need …

  • two 24 inch pillows or pillow covers and inserts
  • and two 18-20 pillows or pillow covers and inserts
  • one lumbar pillow or pillow cover and insert

And for the two chairs in my living room I like…

  • two small lumbar pillows or lumbar pillows and inserts
  • two 18 inch pillows or pillow cover and inserts


I have a mantra when it comes to decorating…


So if I get a pillow and it does not work with the other pillows I am collecting I get rid of it. I take it back to the store or give it to one of my girls or friends. I just don’t keep any pillow that won’t create beauty in my home!

And you should do this too! These outlier pillows will end up collecting dust.


Once you have perfected your favorite pillow arrangements for your sofa and chairs then you are ready to expand your pillow collection.

The object is to find pillows that work so well with what you already have that they can be easily changed out.

So if I want to change out the 18-20 inch pillows I’ll by two pillows or pillows and pillow covers. Never one! I have bought singles before and they end up sitting on a shelf in the basement!

Even though there is only one white pillow with jute trim in the pillow above, I have two.


I snap a quick picture of all the pillows I buy with my iPhone and keep them together in a folder so I always have them handy when I’m shopping. I even use the images when I am in my living room toying with the idea of changing my pillows and all my pillow are in the basement. Those pictures save me steps!

It’s also a great idea to take pictures of the pillows arranged on your sofa and chairs. This helps you remember what pillow arrangements you like and want to repeat.

I just love the pillows on the white spindle chairs (above). I’m so glad I took pictures of them so when I change them out for something different I won’t forget these sassy pillows together so I can repeat the arrangement again.

Pretty pillows add color, texture, interest and beauty to a room. Creating a collection is smart! It helps you easily create arrangements that you know will work with the furnishings in your home.

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  1. Love your insight with pillows and I love how they can change a room. Thank you again for your amazing creative thoughts.

    1. Love 5 pillow tip rule and color combinations…

    2. Carol Ann Poore says:

      Love this blog!!

  2. You are so creative. Love all your choices. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What’s your advice when your sofa is a flower pattern? Than do all pillows need to be solid colors from the pattern in couch. I love how’re pillows looks.

  4. I am always struggling with pillow arrangements. I am trying to build up more pillows so I can mix them up. Your ideas help me to understand placement, so I will try this.

  5. Marilyn Soto says:

    Hi Yvonne – I think I’m “missing something” – I thought that the monthly reader appreciation winner was posted on your Facebook page (although I wish it was announced on your blog) anyway I still can’t find it on the Stonegable Facebook page. What am I doing wrong? Thanks and again thanks for sharing your home and great ideas with us – love the podcast too. (I tried to use the contact me feature , but I kept getting an error -something about the “captcha” not sure what that is.)

  6. As I’ve heard said, “Now, ain’t that somethin’ !”

  7. Carol Brooks says:

    I guess the best way to have pillows if you don’t have a place to store seasonals and/or color changes is to buy pillows with zippers, making it easier to change and to do it more frequent. Unless you can make your own pillow covers!

  8. It helps to have a great pillow stash too, you always have such pretty pillows! I love the blue and green pillows!

  9. I really love the sunflower pillow in your picture! Any idea where you purchased that one?

  10. Robin Riley says:

    I have a pillow addictjon too! My problem is where to store them. My solution is to reuse the same pillows over and over. I just change the look by using covers. I’ vs found some really nice cover with zippers,good quality ,on line for each season. This free up space and makes my addiction much more affordable.

  11. Pam klocke says:

    Changing pillows can really change the look of a room. My problem is storage.

  12. I have the same arrangement of 5
    on my couch.Your green against the
    neutral couch is striking and fresh
    for spring.

  13. Linda Manuel says:

    Fun and useful pillow info! But the thing that I was drawn to most was the coffee table arrangement using the window and covered books! WOW. Am gonna copy that stat!!

  14. P. Bozanich says:

    I have 2 large white sofas facing each other. I use 2 euro shams on each to anchor, then two 18″ pillows next to the euro pillows. I can use pre-made shams for the end pillows and smaller, custom pillow covers from online retailers and Etsy. It makes for lots of changes when I get bored, but is cheaper than a pair of new slipcovers.

  15. Good arrangement…not to many

  16. Hilda lavender says:

    Love the podcasts! I enjoy all your posts.

  17. Sherry Killough says:

    I love pillows! I also enjoyed listening to your podcast. It was fun, informative, and entertaining. It was nice to put a voice with a face!

  18. Debby Carmack says:

    Love the arrangement of the pillows and also love the color of green. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Tonya Vakser says:

    LOVE it! I am always and forever trying to figure out the pillow situation! This is really helpful!! Thanks!

  20. I love pillows. And baskets. And black and white. And this year’s color Greenery. And your fabulous info on pillow collecting. I am always on the lookout for fresh ideas and I love the large-medium-long “rule”. Thanks as always! xx-hb

  21. Thanks for the info! Suggestions are great!

  22. Jill Miglin says:

    Amazing, how much just tweaking pillows, can change the look of a room.

  23. Kathy olson says:

    Where did you get the serving tray that looks like a window with frames?

  24. I love th pillows with the large button! It’s nice to change out pillows with the season but I have no room to store off-season!

  25. Lessons learned…Love the green pillow arrangement…my number of pillows is 7 (maybe too many )…I also was drawn to the coffee table and the window used as a tray. Going on the hunt for an old coffee table like that and giving it a white wash for the spring. Love all you do !!!

  26. Bernadette says:

    Thanks for the tips Yvonne. I have taken my share of pillows back to the store!!

  27. Love the pillow combination and colors. Your ideas and advice are always the best. Simple and beautiful. Thanks.

  28. nancy limestall says:

    Love, love, love the Sunflower pillows….

  29. Love your fresh ideas! Hope you are feeling better…

  30. Yes I love pillows too. I just hate when people sit down before I can move them. Sometimes they just squash them?

  31. Carol Elkins says:

    I love your five pillow arrangement! I’ve already started with the middle long pillow. I’ve bought a pillow insert and so far have two different covers for it. Now I’m off to find the other pillows. Thanks!

  32. Love the green and black

  33. I am enjoying the podcasts with you, Anita, and Kelly! I really appreciate knowing where to go to find the exact or similar items that I see on blogs! Thanks for including that info.

  34. I just recently started reading your blog. I love your style. There is so much to learn! Love your ideas on pillows!

  35. I love pillows but don’t have storage space. Finding pillow covers not so easy except online, which makes it difficult to be sure of colors. Always love what your designs.

  36. Love your pillo/decorating ideas, I have used and love them! Keep new ideas coming.

  37. Great post, Yvonne! Glad to hear you are almost out of the chair!

  38. Kristine Grego says:

    Thanks for simplifying pillow placement. I’m ready to give it a try on my window seat!

  39. Thank you for this post! I struggle with my pillow placement.

    BTW, love the Daisy pillow!

  40. Dauphine Bonham says:

    Like the rule of five. I always knew things looked better with uneven numbers but never thought about it for furniture. Thanks

  41. Linda Charlton says:

    Loving your podcast and your pillows. Do you have any ideas on how to keep pillows from sliding on leather?

    1. How do you keep pillows from sliding on leather furniture?

      1. That is a tricky one Jan. One way is to put a nubby throw over the arm of the leather piece and then put a nubby pillow on top of that. Look for a post about this issue and how to solve it this summer.

  42. Love the way you come up with simple changes to make a big difference on a room

  43. LOVE THE information on pillows! They look Great. I will try to make mine look as good!!

  44. Linda Andrews says:

    I love pillows too. My favorite pillow source is Pottery Barn. I have the inserts for the sizes I like and them buy the pillow covers. I just use a large hanger and fold the pillow covers in half and hang when not in use. This way I can change them out for every holiday and season. Thank you always offering such wonderful advice. Love your blog.

  45. Love your ideas, I am with Susan, I hate when people sit down and squash the pillows, LOL, ??. Also a great way to store extras is to buy pillow covers at Hobby Lobby, just use the same pillows, and change the covers!!!! I love all of your combinations, but I love the
    Sunflower ones!!! Thanks for all of your ideas!!!

  46. you need to venture out to the Midwest and give this tiny farmhouse an assist!

  47. Patty Soriano says:

    I love pillows and the way they make a couch or chair look so fluffy and comfy! But I have kitties that get hair on everything and it’s just one more thing to try to keep un-furred. 🙂 I’ll just live vicariously through the blog world.

  48. Elaine Wesselman says:

    You have made me a believer! I love all of your pillows and ideas on how to use them!!! I sure hope you get better soon.!

  49. I’ve recently ‘happened’ upon your blog & I love it! Love the advice about pillows & everything else! I really like how you take the time to spell everything out for us (and I need this!) I’ve been spending hours on here just checking everything out!
    Thank you for all of your great advice & hope your foot/ankle is much better & you are soon up & around!

  50. Rosa Garrett says:

    Yvonne, what a beautiful selection of pillows! Thank you for sharing your tips today. You have been in my prayers, so here’s hoping you are feeling much better???

  51. Anne Marie says:

    Love your pillows! Thanks for all the helpful information.

  52. Alma Garst says:

    I’ve always loved pillows! Absolutely enjoyed seeing your pillow arrangements. Thanks for the inspiration!

  53. Loved the pillow arrangements . Just what I needed .

  54. I have a neutral sectional sofa and love it. I change the pillows for the seasons or ‘just because’. Is there any thing you might suggest for the size difference. I love your style and have become quit a fan of your blog. I have found I love it even more than the MANY magazines I have stacked every where. I look forward to a more personal read in the morning. Thank you!

  55. I love your ideas so much wish I could bring you home with me for a day to get some ideas flowing for my awkward family room.
    Hope you’re well. Many blessings.

  56. Love your mirror picture frame your using as a tray. Where did you find it? Love

  57. Pillow love is a great way to add detail and color to any setting.

  58. I love pillows for pizazz but I have so many and storage is an issue I now try to purchase only pillow covers.

  59. Colleen van de Kraats says:

    Yvonne I’ve truly learned so much from your blog and tutorials. Everything from recipes, to how to make wreaths, to style tips for our home…’ve helped me out tremendously. Thank you so much and I pray that healing comes quickly and effortlessly in God’s power!

  60. Love the green pillows with the black and cream! You are always my decorating inspiration.

  61. I, too, feel that I have a pillow addiction…..I have a King size bed and I just purchased two more pillows….so not I have two shams ( to match the bedspread of course), then two bolster pillows, then two 20 inch butterfly embroidery pillows and of course a lime green pillow to pull some color into the room and to blend with the floor rugs…..I love it….and the only problem is where to put them when time to go to bed 😉

  62. Teresa Sole says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pillows!!! And I love your ideas, thank you!

  63. I love how you decorated with these pillows. I especially love the greens. You alway make me want to get up and try to do something to my home when I click onto your site, because I know everything I see will make me turn green with envy. Your work throughout your home is amazing.

  64. Love pillow talk because I too have a love and obsession of pillows!!!!
    Don’t you love when pillows are different on both sides … The versatility … Is great!!!

  65. I follow your formula on my sofa – two big ones, two medium and the oblong one in the middle. I put the same two big and medium ones on my lovesseat. I’m not sure having them match exactly is the best way to do it. What would you suggest for a lovesseat in the same room?

  66. Love how you change the look with the pillows and rug.

  67. Those pillows are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  68. Franceen Patti says:

    Love the pillows, especially the arrangements. Thanks for sharing you talent

  69. I love all those pillows. They are so colorful and cheery.

  70. I cannot make up my mind which pillow is my favorite. They are all so beautiful.

  71. I love your arrangements; colors and style; pillows have always been a headache for me..the problem is I have a leather sofa and loveseat and it is difficult for me to find harmony …but maybe you have answered my questions..someone told me that leather couches do not require pillows..what is your view on that one…I love your site so much..thank you

  72. Nancy Mattox says:

    You are our valentine!

  73. Love the pillows. I use the green and white in my living room and kitchen in spring and summer. I keep my house neutral, then switch things up seasonally with pillows and accessories. Thanks for all of your beautiful photography and ideas.

  74. Mary Frederick says:

    LOve your pillow tutorial. It really helps me figure it all out. Thank you so much!!!

  75. I love how pillows cozy-up a room and flesh out a color theme. Thanks for default arranging idea.

  76. Judith Koffler says:

    You make it so easy! Simple rules, yet so professional looking. Love your décor.

  77. Barbara Craze says:

    Pillows just excite me !! Thanks for sharing your great ideas. You are the best!!

  78. Love everything about your site. I read it daily and have tried several of your delicious recipes and decorating ideas. Please continue to send us your ideas.

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    I am inspired to make new pillow covers for Spring.

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    Love your blog. Look forward to reading it daily! Love your home

  81. Pam klocke says:

    You made your house so cozy it makes me want to move in.

  82. Pam Fogal says:

    Your instructions for arranging pillows was plain and simple. I get it now! ha Thank you for another lesson learned! Class dismissed, ha!

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  84. I love the green pillows and green candles !

  85. Janice Davis says:

    Your pillows are gorgeous. Wish I knew where to find some bright fun pillows for the porch. We live on the river so some with fish would be nice. I enjoy your blog immensely.

  86. I find so much inspiration here. Thnkas!

  87. I love your pillow ideas! I really admire your amazing variety!

  88. Stephanie C says:

    I love your design tips!

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    I like the green and the blue. I want some new pillows.

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    Thank you for tips on the pillows and also I read a post you did last year about the pillow cases, that’s is an excellent idea!

  92. Love the pillows, I have the black and beige flowered ones, and I am looking for some green ones now.

  93. Great ideas!!
    Love this month of February!! Love all the hearts and red colors!!

  94. I am new to your blog. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Thanks for sharing how to store pillows (covers). I am a pillow addict. I have a bedroom closet stuffed with pillows. I will start shopping for covers instead. 🙂 I am curious….are those brass lamps in your living room?

  95. I love the look of throw pillows but dislike having to remove them when company comes as we have furniture with short (instead of deep) seats, because we like to touch the floors when we sit. Consequently, the pillows look great but are in the way when we sit down. I usually throw them up on the top of the furniture. Ditto with the decorative pillows on the bed. At night, I have to stack up all those extra shams and pillows but I’m thankful I have them.

  96. Love the pops of green. So spring-like, and I’m so ready for spring!

  97. Judy Covert says:

    I have always loved the way you decorate since I found your blog. The five pillow is the way to go to make an effortless look. It looks great and fresh. Your way of using different things for decorating makes every room look so wonderful. I love your blog and everything on it. I have been coming to your blog for most of my decorating needs and find ways to decorate that I have not thought of before. Thank you so much and keep up the good work for all the blog friends who need help.

  98. Bonnie McCloy says:

    Yvonne, I look foreward to reading your blog everyday . I have used many of your ideas over the years and have told my friends about you posts . May God bless you with many years of health and happiness .

  99. I love this! Pillows are such a simple way to add pops of color, drama and most importantly COMFORT to a room. I love mixing things up with my pillow arrangements. If I get tired of a throw pillow, I just make a new cover for it and I love it again! I love the 5-pillow arrangement too. It’s the perfect balance of pillows on the couch without getting too crowded.

  100. Thank you for inspiration on pillow decorating. Love it!

  101. Janice Stewart says:

    Thats it. I’m going pillow shopping. Can’t believe the difference pillows can make. Thanks.

  102. mattsgramma says:

    Thanks for another chance at winning the giveaway!

  103. Karen Cadden says:

    Great pointers on arranging pillows! And the old rule to use an odd number in arranging still applies. Thank you!!

  104. Kathryn Barton says:

    Your pillow arrangements (5) was so perfect. So I have taken your comments to heart. I have been sewing new covers for my collection. Thanks for all of your great help.

  105. I never gave the color green much thought as an accent – aside from Christmas, of course. Thanks for opening my eyes to a new color!

  106. Inspiring post as always. I recently (within the past year) discovered what an amazing accessory pillows are and I’ve been having pillow fun ever since … so of course I love when you talk pillows!! And with so many pillow options out there, you could talk pillows every day — and I wouldn’t mind!!

  107. Thank you for the great pillow tips. I try to keep these in mind when arranging pillows on my couches.

  108. regina jones says:

    I love all the pillows!!! Such a great blog!!! I look forward to seeing it everyday!

  109. I LOVE your pillows!!! I think my all-time fave tip you have given (that I have read thus far on your posts), is to use the same inserts, but buy different covers! So great, in so many ways! 😉

  110. Debbie Gregory says:

    You know decorating! Beautiful!

  111. Sonya Gills Black says:

    Love the color combinations you put together! Any recommendations for how to arrange on a sectional couch?

  112. I always get great ideas and inspirations from your posts. Right now I am loving calm and serene neutral colors in my home. I am using shades of taupe and cream with different patterns and textures while still following the default setting. I am told my Amazon Alexa can play podcasts, hopefully I can figure out how to use Alexa to listen to yours!

  113. Tricia Wentrcek says:

    Can you make some suggestions about how to pillow a curved leather sectional?

  114. Ok now I’m confused. I came over from the inspired room who has a lovely gold & silver pillow pictured with your link & there’s not picture of that on your post– nor are the fellow bloggers she lists and you list for Home Style Saturdays the same.

  115. I love your website. You have a great design sense. Thank you for a great tutorial on pillows. I guess that I’ve always been missing that 5th pillow. I also love your ivory sofa. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. If I may ask, who is the manufacturer and if you know, what is the style name? I don’t usually subscribe to blogs, but yours is special. It fits my style.

    1. Hi Page, thank you for subscribing to StoneGable! The sofa is from Smith Brothers. Go online and google this great company. Hope this helps.

  116. Suzanne Campbell says:

    Yvonne… I love your pillow tips. Your home is lovely. I’ve been doing this for years. My living room is black and ivory and I use seasonal color in pillows and accessories. AND I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that takes photos! You’re spot on, girl! Have a blessed day.?

  117. Jill Miglin says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    As always, great advice. I have a question though. I’ve purchased pillow inserts, from Pottery Barn, so not cheap. Should I have to be straightening out the inserts all the time? That’s what I feel like I’m doing on a pretty regular basis. Thanks in advance, for any advice.

    1. Are you straightening out the inserts inside the pillow? If you are then the insert does not fit the pillow well. Try using a pillow insert one size larger than the pillow cover. This gives you a nice, full pillow. So if you want to fill an 18-inch pillow cover get a 20-inch pillow insert. And one other thing, you get what you pay for when it comes to pillow inserts. Cheap ones are often made from lots of pin feathers and they poke through the pillow insert. A mix of feather and down is the best. Hope this helps.

  118. A friend of mine told me the other day that all trim and welting on pillows is “out”. I have not heard that and I just bought to custom made expensive pillow covers with added contrasting welt. Without tithe welt they would look not nearly as nice. Have you heard this too? I was surprised

  119. Yvonne, I love this post after spending so much on beautiful pillows not to have them work out. I have a sage colored sofa and still have not found the perfect pillow. Your home looks great and love love all your tips.
    Thanks so much

  120. Mary-Lou SONMOR says:

    In this post about pillows which I loved, I noticed the material ON THE SOFA and the draperies. Would you kindly tell me who sells the fabrics as I would like to order thenm. Looking gor both for quite awhile. Amazing they are both there on your site. Love your site. Thank you.

    1. Hi Mary-Lou, I did not upholster these items so I don’t have a source. Sorry!

  121. Jeanne Defferari says:

    Can you tell me where you find your furniture? I am looking for a square armed sleeper sofa the color of yours-very light.
    Thank you!

    1. I don’t have a sleeper sofa so I really can’t recommend one. Check online and read the reviews.

  122. Thank you for a very informative lesson on pillows. I have a question, however. I have a small living room and I have chosen to use 4 chairs – 2 facing each other for a conversation group. So, my question is should I use 4 18-inch pillows that are the same pattern and 4 lumbar pillows that are the same pattern or use similar but different patterned pillows in each chair?

    1. Hi Sally, great question. I think it all depends on the other patterns in your room. If you have lots of other patterns it might be best to keep the pillows the same. But if you don’t have lots of patterns in your room it might be nice to maybe choose three different patterns for your pillows and one solid color and mix them up a bit on your chairs. I would love to see a picture when you are finished. Sounds so pretty.

  123. Anne Kennedy says:

    Just wondering the names of blue and green floral fabrics in pic. Thank you!

  124. I have a sectional and I would love advice on how to arrange pillows in that case. Also, I have a multi-colored rug that includes the following colors like light grey, red, black, okra, pumpkin and a light dusty blue. With such a crazy rug, do I stick with solid colors?