Take a little trip with me to a beautiful place. A place filled with grace and beauty and handwoven dreams come true. A place with gilded furnishings and French inspiration and a great love of flowers and the slightest imperfections that make this place perfectly sublime! I’m trying to put into words what I found in Courtney Allison’s new book, French Country Cottage

Courtney, the creator of the very beautiful and widely popular blog French Country Cottage, like her blog, has created a home with her uniquely creative and visionary stamp on it.

Courtney shares her story and the story of a 1940’s cottage that had seen better days. She shares how she fell in love with this ragtag cottage and how she saw potential in it and had a dream for it.

And she tells us how over the years with the help of her family her dream came to life. This is a real brick and mortar Cinderella story!

Her images look like they floated right out of a dream they are so incredibly gorgeous! I got to see this book this summer before it was available to the public and it held me in its spell!

From cover to cover French Country Cottage spins a story of how a cast-off cottage became a home. And how Courtney’s imagination and dreams mixed with years of hard work made this little cottage into the famous French Country Cottage!

I can hear Courtney voice telling her story and taking us through each room of her home.

Here she talks about her kitchen…

“With drawers that like to fall when I open them too far, tall shelves I have to climb on a stool to reach, and quintessential cottage-style charm, the kitchen reminds me daily that not everything needs to be perfect for it to be absolute perfection.”

And about her attic…

“A place to play and for retreat. A place to daydream with a cup of tea. Our attic is a little bit of a childhood dream spot in our home.”

Courtney also lets us visit her “little cottage” and greenhouse and outdoor spaces. All done in Courtney’s signature style. She explains details and backstories and the history behind things in a way that makes her words as lovely as the home she has opened up to us!

I’ll leave the rest of her story for her to tell. I’m so excited for you to discover her cottage and outbuildings and surrounding grounds and Courtney’s way of life.

There are more surprises to thrill and captivate you!

Courtney, CONGRATULATIONS on for very first and most beautiful story! It truly reflects you and the life you have dreamed and created! Your book is a work of art!


I’m sure you will want a book all your own.  You can find it HERE.

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  1. The book looks so awesome, can’t wait to get it..

  2. Sandra Mansfield Wright says:

    I enjoyed reading about French Country Cottage and am purchasing the book today, as well as going to follow Courtney’s blog. Thank you for sharing the book and author with us, your readers.

  3. Courtenay has created a beautiful, French country/cottage home. Such dreamy pictures. It would be a perfect Christmas gift for anyone interested in this style.

  4. Lue Blickfeldt says:

    I absolutely love this site. It is my “go to” for inspiration, and peace in the morning. I am do glad I found you. God bless! And thank you.

  5. My husband got this beautiful book for me for my birthday. I couldn’t have gotten a lovelier gift!

  6. Julie Briones says:

    Such a gorgeous book! Thanks for sharing with us, Yvonne!

  7. Arden Grant says:

    Oh Yvonne,

    I want to thank you for sharing such beauty with your subscribers. I look so forward to receiving your emails for my morning inspiration.

    You are awesome!!

    Love & Blessings,

  8. Yvonne- you are such a treasure and such a wonderful friend to me. I adore you and so appreciate your kind words and sweet share of my book. So glad to have met you in this blogging world! Looking forward to seeing you and catching up again soon! xoxo

  9. marian zimmerman says:

    just got it in the mail today, it is one of the first blogs I followed, it’s like answering the door to a bouquet of flowers at every read!