A Decorating Guide To Small Drink Tables

Looking for a stylish and functional addition to your living room? Learn about drink tables: what they are, and creative ways to use them. Also, see a selection of stylish drink tables for your home.

drink table with a vase of tulips on it

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A drink table is a small piece of accent furniture you should not only know about but use in your home. They are stylish, diminutive, and add a dose of sophistication to a room as well as very practical! Here is a decorating guide for the useful, darling, and decorative drink table and a collection of 18 favorites.

My Drink Table Story

drink table in the living room

I am a bit obsessed with drink tables! I bought a drink table to put in our living room at the end of our sofa. And since then, I’ve given three more drink tables a home! The first one has stayed at the end of the sofa, but I have moved the others around to many rooms in our home. They are so portable and can be added anywhere I need a place for guests to put down a drink or a place for my reading glasses! My favorite thing to put on a drink table is my morning cup of coffee!

I like drink tables for their functionality and the way they add a unique layer of decor to our room.

What Are Drink Tables

drink table with a vase of tulips on it

Drink tables are just what they sound like. They are little tables, also called martini tables or cocktail tables. These charming yet elegant accent tables are just big enough to hold a drink or something small. They are modest in stature, usually no more than twenty inches high, and often smaller. This makes them perfect to put next to an accent chair or sofa.

Where To Add A Drink Table

Drink Tables are most often used in a living room or family room where people gather to socialize or relax. They are small enough to tuck between furniture. Or to add at the end of a chair, loveseat, or sofa that does not have a coffee table or end table near.

Drink tables are so versatile they can be used in the bedroom next to a bed or in the bathroom near a tub. Think of drink tables as side tables that are the perfect size to go anywhere you need to put something small on. From a dining room, to a stair landing, and a foyer, little drink tables will enhance your style and the beauty of your living space.

And think about using drink tables in outdoor spaces too. If you sit on a porch or patio, move one there!

What To Put On A Drink Table

drink table with a plant on it

From their name, it’s obvious that drink tables are convenient because they are the right size to put drinks down on! But with just a little thinking outside the box, they can be used for many other things!

Two of my favorite non-drink items to put on a drink table are a little vase of flowers and a plant. These tables are also nice to put something as simple as a book on.

Here are a few other ideas to put on a drink table…

  • a candle in a glass container- I use faux candles because these little tables can tip over if knocked hard
  • a bowl of snacks and napkins
  • a little framed photo or piece of art
  • a small blue-tooth speaker
  • a stack of books
  • a small lamp
  • a pair of reading glasses
  • bedside essentials
  • a tv remote
  • bathroom essentials
  • coasters
  • a small plate of appetizers or a dessert
  • nothing- it will be ready for that drink

Materials And Design Options

These small accent tables are made in many different materials and design options.


Drink tables can be made from various materials, depending on the desired style, functionality, and durability.

Just like any table, drink tables can be made from metal like brass or brushed nickel and from other materials like marble, acrylic, wicker, glass, wood, or combinations. This makes them easy to work with the look, feel, and style of any room.

Design Options

There are a few common drink table designs that are very popular.

The Tabletop: The top of a drink table can vary in shape. The most popular shape is round. It can have a border around the edge or be borderfree. However, drink tables with square, rectangle, oval, and tops with irregular shapes are popular too.

The Base: The three most popular bases on a drink table have four legs, a pedestal base, or a C-shaped leg that tucks under a sofa or chair. There are also three-leg drink tables and garden stool drink tables that are drum-shaped.

Other Design Options: Some drink tables can be folded up for easy storage, have an additional shelf, or even have a place for coasters.

How To Choose A Drink Table In Three Easy Steps

drink table with a mug of coffee on it
  1. Think about where you will most likely use a drink table. If you are going to use it next to a chair or sofa, choose one that is about the same size or lower than the furniture’s arm. This will help ensure a drink will not be knocked off the table.
  2. Measure the area where a small accent table will be put in a room. This will give you a good idea of the best shape for your drink table.
  3. Find a style and material you like for a drink table.

By following these three steps, you can narrow down your options and choose a small drink table that fits your needs, aligns with your style, and will work in your home.

Drink Table Shopping

Here is a selection of attractive drink tables that might be perfect for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a standard drink table size?

Drink tables come in various sizes. Because they are small and work as a table to set a drink down on, they usually sit at or slightly below the arm of a sofa or chair. They are often between fifteen and twenty-one inches tall and can vary in diameter.

What are other names for a drink table?

These small tables are also called martini or cocktail tables.

What is the most popular drink table shape?

The most popular drink table shape is round. However, drink tables come in many shapes, like rectangles, ovals, and squares.

A drink table is a reasonably priced, attractive, and multifunctional piece of furniture to make part of your decor. Cheers to finding the ideal drink table that perfectly complements your taste and lifestyle!

Click On The Video For More Inspiration

drink table with a white planter on it

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  1. I have a small “drink” table in storage. You’ve inspired me to dig it out and take it home. Mine is an antique, hand-turned, three-legged table with a pie crust edge. It is adorable and gifted to me by my parents many years ago. Love it. Thanks for the reminder about how useful they can be and how little space they need.

  2. I thought I was the only one that is crazy about these small tables! I have three in my house. My favorite one is a small wicker table in my sunroom. I like the suggestions you gave of items to place on a drink table.

  3. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Thanks, Yvonne, for your informative post! I think I might need to get at least two of these for our living room. I have never thought about this until I read your post. These little tables are great. I really like the oblong table you have by your sofa!

    1. I move the drink tables I have all around my home. They are so versatile. The one next to my sofa is my favorite!

      1. Hi Yvonne. I’ve been looking at the side table you have next to your sofa. It has mixed reviews. What is your honest opinion of this table? I’m thinking one on each side of my loveseat. Is that too much? Thanks.

        1. If you are talking about the one from Ballard, I LOVE it! I’ve had it for several years and it is really lovely.Hope this is helpful.

  4. CarolBinTX says:

    I know this is an old lady thing and probably passe, but I use tv trays…I’m even thinking about painting mine to dress them up a bit. They are so convenient. I haven’t even had a coffee table in ages. It started when the grandkids were small and I was afraid of sharp corners. Now that they are grown and live far away, I might reconsider.

  5. Teri Pickens says:

    I have always decorated rooms with drink tables just to accommodate guests in my home and on my porch as well!

    1. Teri Pickens says:

      I think it must be a southern hospitality thing! I hope you have a great week!
      Talk soon,