USING A MIRROR IN A VIGNETTE- Add sparkle and pizzazz to your vignette with a mirrored base!

Using a mirror as the base to contain a vignette has been around for a long long time. It has fallen out of decor graces over the last decade or so because some people think of it as a dated look. You know, gold rimmed filigree footed mirror with lots of bric-a-brac collecting dust on it! Yes, THAT IS dated!  I say a mirror in a vignette can be a real classic that just needs to be updated a bit and displayed in a fresh new way! Here are 5 tips to help you bring a little sparkle to your vignettes…

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Now let’s put some sparkle into our vignettes!


USING A MIRROR IN A VIGNETTE- Add sparkle and pizzazz to your vignette with a mirrored base!


Use a mirror as a base for your vignette. Think upscale, modern, chippy, new, vintage, fun! I’m using a window turned mirror that my brother made for me. It has just enough chippy charm to feel warm and modern in a vintage way! How about using a glass bottom tray with handles or a gilded framed mirror! I love the look of the old white window frame against the sandblasted coffee table and the zebra rug!


USING A MIRROR IN A VIGNETTE- Add sparkle and pizzazz to your vignette with a mirrored base!


A mirror used as a base to corral a vignette will show every speck of dirt or lint or dust! Make sure you start out with a squeaky clean mirror!  You want a mirror to reflect the objects on it and not any smudges! I use a lint free cloth to get my mirrors sparkling! I also heard that newspaper works too.


USING A MIRROR IN A VIGNETTE- Add sparkle and pizzazz to your vignette with a mirrored base!


The BIGGEST mistake we make when displaying things we love in vignettes is to use lots of little items. YIKES! Lots of little things don’t have the same decor weight as a couple of big things!  Go bigger and fewer! Especially when working with a mirrored base. The mirror will duplicate everything! And lots of little things will look very cluttered! Layer, add height, use texture, give your vignette a little organic love… but don’t overdo it! Let “edit” be your mantra!!!

If you need a little help with Vignette basics, make sure you see WORKING WITH TRAYS, a decorating 101 post about crating beautiful vignettes. Step-by-step instructions.



USING A MIRROR IN A VIGNETTE- Add sparkle and pizzazz to your vignette with a mirrored base!


I’m the queen of limiting color! I adore neutrals and feel so comfortable with them. Adding one splash of color bring tons of interest to a vignette. And the mirror will pick up that color so nicely! When using a mirrored base a little color goes a long way!


USING A MIRROR IN A VIGNETTE- Add sparkle and pizzazz to your vignette with a mirrored base!


A mirror will take candlelight and explode it into shards of sparkle like no other surface can! And don’t we all love that soft glow? Make sure to add a couple of candles to a mirror vignette. Simple as that!

Now, it’s time to think about all the mirrored surfaces you have in your home that could be upscaled into a vignette with a mirrored base!  Let’s do it!!!  Tell me what you think? Where would a vignette like this work in your home?


USING A MIRROR IN A VIGNETTE- Add sparkle and pizzazz to your vignette with a mirrored base!

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USING A MIRROR IN A VIGNETTE- Add sparkle and pizzazz to your vignette with a mirrored base!


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  1. Anne Marie says:

    Great ideas – thanks.

  2. So pretty. I love bringing in the green. It just gave it some pop. When I am reading your blog I look in the room and see what I can do. You do inspire me. Thanks

  3. I use mirrors a lot in my decorating. They are inexpensive and bring light and a sense of space to a room. Thanks for the ideas! I also love Kim’s guest bedroom! What a fresh and relaxing space for guests!

  4. I have an old chippy window frame, think I will have hubby add mirror to it. Thanks for a great idea!

  5. Love the mirrored look! Makes all the difference using a reflective surface.

  6. Erica Thomas says:

    Thank you for sharing. WhT do you so with the back so it doesn’t scratch the furniture? Mine have the wire hangers in them do you remove it? I have an oval vintage one from my mother I would love to use but the wire hanger is screwed in the back on both sides so it rests even on a wall but toggels on the table

  7. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks. You are my inspiration! Enjoy the weekend.

  8. Love the window frame mirror idea! Great look! Thank you!

  9. Great idea for an old window. I have a couple from my parents house so it would mean so much to use them like this. Thanks.

  10. gretchen roberson says:

    Your ideas aren’t just lovely and inspirational..but they cheer me up..since decor is a LOVE of mine!

  11. Candles and mirrors, one of my favorite tricks. Casts the most beautiful glow. I love mirrored sconces.

  12. I am such a fan of your mirror idea! I love how it looks on your weathered table!

  13. I think accessorizing takes a really good eye and talent. You have mastered it!

  14. Terese Stevens says:

    I’ve experimented several times with creating vignettes throughout my home with no success. After reading this, I purchased an antique mirror, which I painted then distressed, as my base. Adding larger pieces instead of many smalls (as I had previously done) and greenery made all the difference in the world. Thanks, Yvonne!

  15. Love the mirror tray and the spring green with the neutrals,
    so light and airy.

  16. I love the mirror design and the burlap on the books

  17. Carol Elkins says:

    Great tips and I love the mirror you used on your coffee table.

  18. I like your tips about limiting color and not displaying too many little items. Your green candle looks great with your green pillow.

  19. I’ve been downsizing and have an entire stack of old windows to dump….good inspiration for one of them Yvonne! Hugs

  20. I have a window mirror very similar to yours which I had never thought about using it flat on a table. Thanks for your always inspiring ideas.

  21. Marcy Leonard says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. We are having mirror tiles fitted to the back interiors of our bookcases, so they won’t look like black holes anymore.

  22. I have been using mirrors with seasonal vignettes on my dining room table for several years. Love the look!

  23. Still like my trays for vignettes especially in the kitchen but think I will give the mirror idea a try on my large square coffee table in our family room. Love the reflection of the candlelight in the mirror. Thanks Yvonne for giving me a good excuse to go hunting for the perfect mirror in my favorite thrift stores and flea markets!

  24. About two years ago, I bought a lovely mirrored tray (it has mirrored sides as well) at Home Sense (Home Goods in US). It was marked down due to two tiny scratches. My large, heavy crystal candleholders look very glam sitting on it – especially at Christmas time. I also tuck a few shiny balls at the base of the holders. In the Summer, my faux peonies are beautifully reflected. I use mirrors a LOT in decorating!

  25. Minnie mccoy says:

    Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most cleaver of us all?

  26. Beautiful creative way to incorporate mirrors especially using an old window. Yvonne, did you purchase yours with the mirrors attached or did Bobby use his do it yourself (DIY) techniques?

  27. Jan Fusco says:

    That is lovely. I love that shade of green. I may have to try bringing mirrors in to my décor more.

  28. Rebecca Neustel says:

    I simply love vignettes: looking at others’ vignettes, creating my own, dreaming about vignettes, pinning vignettes and on and on! One thing I haven’t done is use mirrors. I love what you’ve done and the tip on limiting colors. I need to use neutrals more in my whole house.

  29. I adore mirrors — they really highlight any decor items. Thanks for your ideas….

  30. I am not usually a fan of green, but I love the fresh green with your burlap accessories!

  31. Priscilla says:

    Thank you for the great mirror ideas!

  32. I listened to your pod on white floors, tell Bobby not to be afraid. I’m an artist an all scratches can be fixed with white oil paint bought at hobby lobby thinned with turpentine , blended with blue n brown to match your shade of white. Ive done this on my brown hardwood scratches. can’t wait to do my living room floor. ( I’ll even come fix it for you!) Love your stuff!

  33. What a great idea! You are so creative and everything always beautifully done!!

  34. Shauna Neuenswander says:

    I love this idea – thanks for sharing.

  35. Lanita Anderson says:

    I never thought of using the mirror as the base…..I’m not quite sure why!?! I love how it reflects the light and adds another dimension to the vignette. Thanks for sharing the great tip….I’m in search of a mirror, now! 🙂

  36. Julie Briones says:

    Your vignette is beautiful, as usual. I don’t have a space this large to do a vignette this size, however, I think i could use a small mirror (like a jewelry tray) *under* a candle stick, and that might give the same effect. 🙂

  37. I purchased a mirrored window frame at Target awhile back and I never thought to use it as a tray; thanks for the inspiration!