Timeless decor is practical, beautiful and endures the test of time! I love that timeless decor also plays so well with almost any style decor and elevates it! Here are 10 doable and wonderful tips adding that timeless look to your home!

A hallmark of the StoneGable look is the feeling of classic decor and a timeless look!

I find decorating with classic, timeless furnishings so easy! Much of my decor will still look fresh in five, ten, or even fifteen years from now!

It’s true decor beauty!

Here are 10 tips to help us hone a timeless decor look!


Timeless furnishings should be comfortable!

If you are going to have a piece of furniture, like a sofa, for a number of years make it the most comfortable one you can find.

Look for well constructed pieces and wonderfully time-honored fabrics!

Make sure the styling is not too trendy or lack luster! A classically beautiful sofa or chair or table is the backbone of a timeless look!


Timeless decor means fabrics that will stand up to years of changing trends! They transcend those changes. 

Don’t rush out and buy foundational furniture in the “color of the year”! It’s only the “color of the year” for one year!

Choose colors and patterns, especially when buying big ticket items, that will still look amazing when this year’s trends have come and gone!

Add layers of accent decor like lamps, art, mirrors, tableware, pillows, bedding, etc. in more updated colors and styles. They can be changed out easily when they get tired or are out of style!

Introducing a new color or contemporary style is so easy if you have timeless pieces!


Pillows and throws are like jewelry to our soft furnishings!

They can be relatively inexpensive and add lots of pop and pizzazz to a timeless look!  

Here’s where to add just-now colors and patterns! And have fun! When furniture is timeless introducing a little decor trend and sass is possible!

This classic, neutral chair is a great background for these colorful pillows! 


Neutral colors, for me, are the biggest bang for our bucks!

They are perfectly timeless and these tones work with most any color or style!

And living with neutrals is a delight!   Neutrals never go out of style! They evoke a clean, fresh feel and are the epitome of timeless! 

Since I changed to a neutral color palette several years ago my home feels fresh and up to date no matter what’s new in the decor world!

Going neutral was the best decor decision I have ever made!


Timeless decor respects the space it’s in. Better furniture be a little sparse than crowded together!

Timeless decor looks honor and shows off each piece of furniture! 

This is a little hard for me! I love to fill my rooms. I’m still learning this tip!


Spend the extra time to think about and choose every decor detail with care.

Pay attention to lighting and seating and mirrors and art and candles and objets d’art. Everything!

With a timeless look, less is often best. Ask yourself if what you choose to put in a room is something you love and is worthy of the space in the room!

Give yourself time to sit in a room and daydream about how it could look. This is time well spent!


Timeless looks often blend old and new.

I absolutely love this look! I call it “collected”.

Mixing classic pieces from different eras is an amazing way to bring interest and beauty into your decor!

Now is a fabulous time to put this tip into practice!

Painted furniture is now a new classic and not just a trend so paint an old outdated piece with a great new fresh color. Or upholster an out of date pattern with something new!

The clock above the buffet was an old brown clock that had seen better days until I repainted it! Now it looks fresh and contributes lots of beauty to our great room.


Many of us love to collect something!

And if you are a collector I bet you love showing it off.

For a timeless look, edit your collection to the “best” and display them. Or rotate your precious items and display a few at a time!

Less is more when it comes to displaying collections within a timeless decor! 

I am an avid basket collector! And I use my baskets as accent pieces all over my home. But I’m learning that a little at one time can go a long way!


To “curate” means to choose, organize and look after something!

Today, we have talked about “choosing” timeless decor. We have mentioned “organizing” or how to use your timeless furnishing in a space.

Now let’s make sure we look after our furniture to keep it looking its best. Part of a curated look is “caring” for it!

A timeless look is well cared for and neat as a pin. Free from dust bunnies and stains! Nothing ruins a timeless look like unkempt areas and furniture that has seen better days!

Here’s the good news. When a timeless piece finally starts looking tired, it can be repainted, slipcovered or reupholstered as long as the frame is still good! And it can continue to give you years of service!


Most important of all is to live with what you love!

If you are looking for that timeless, classic, amazing look choose pieces that YOU love!

It’s your home… your sanctuary!

Make it a reflection of wonderful YOU!

If you love that timeless decor look that so many of us do, you now have a few tips to help achieve it in your home! Achieving a timeless look is a process! Enjoy the journey! 

What is your favorite thing about a timeless look? Please share!

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  1. Emily North says:

    Can you share the link for the navy pillow sitting in the chair with the floral pillow in the post? We just added a navy board and batten wall in our living room and my chairs are a neutral leopard. I’m having a hard time tying in Navy pillows on the light chairs.

    1. Hi Emily, I found these pillow covers at the Pottery Barn several years ago.

  2. Ginger Shutt says:

    Dear Yvonne, I have been enjoying your blog for years. You do it all, decorating, crafting and recipes. I, like you are in the process of downsizing, and it is painful! Would you please share the source of you spindle chairs?
    Best regards,

    1. The spindle chairs were an investment about 10 years ago. We found them at Ethan Allen.

  3. Kathy Menold says:

    Yvonne, Your 10 timeless home decor tips are great and all very easy. One question for you. When you are using your porch do you remove the large tray on the coffee table and if so where do you put it?

  4. I have been in the process of changing my home over to neutrals.Like you,I feel they create a soothing space and are timeless.I like to keep the same pallet throughout so all the rooms flow.

  5. Neutral Furniture is hard to do with pets,kids,and grandkids. Wish it was feasible .

  6. Debra Matcovich says:

    Timeless to me is being married 36 years and still have many pieces I purchased, and still loving them. The decor has changed, but my pieces still fit in and make me smile.

  7. Pretty Please write and publish a decorating coffee table book. We all love your style and advice. Thank you so very much for all that you do. Kim

    1. Hi Kim! Although I would love to publish a book, I’m using all that energy and time to pour all my best into my blog!

      1. Well how about publishing a book of your blog posts?

        1. I hear you! However, right now my heart is in my blog. I reach more people than a book.

  8. Laura Corbett says:

    Thank you again!❤️

  9. Pat Mcclendon says:

    I love your mirror that is in your house . Could you tell me where you bought them at. Enjoy reading your post. Have a merry christmas and a happy new year.

    1. Hi Pat, that mirror came from HomeGoods. I snatched it up and didn’t even know where I would use it but knew that it was totally my style.
      It ended up over the Curlacue chest in our Tanglewood House. Sorry I don’t have a source for you.