My laundry room is more utilitarian than a showroom! And it gets used a lot! It’s smallish and does not have room for lots of extras. But you would be surprised how much can be fitted into a laundry room if you organize it well! As much as I love my laundry room it has a big downfall. It easily becomes a catch-all for things I need to put away or things that don’t have a home. And when it gets a little cluttered it not nearly as efficient. Let’s talk about giving our laundry rooms a big cleaning out and after we have it tidy things that should go into a laundry room if you have the space. Here are my 10 BEST items to have in a laundry room.


Today on Decorating Tips and Tricks we are talking about laundry rooms! And we are sharing tons of tips and ideas for laundry rooms big and small! You can hear the one thing I would put in my laundry room if I could have my dream laundry room! I bet many of you would like to have it too!

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And you can listen to all of our podcast episodes HERE.

No matter the size of your laundry room there are just some things that would make clothes washing, drying and organizing a whole lot easier! Some you might already have and some you might want after reading this post. And some may not work in your laundry room space… but a girl can dream!

I’m not talking about washers or dryers or laundry room sinks or cabinets. But here are 1o things that will make laundry day a whole lot easier!



First of all, an uncluttered laundry room is much nicer and easier to work in. So dig in and get EVERYTHING that does not belong in the laundry room out! 

And let’s organize everything that goes into a laundry room! You will be so happy you did!

Here are 10 great laundry room items that a laundry room should have!



Laundry baskets come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. I have lots of plastic ones that I use for hauling everything from Christmas decor to veggies from the garden. And using them to haul laundry up and down the stairs makes doing laundry so much easier! I also keep a chippy metal one in the laundry room to put clothes that come out of the dryer.




If you don’t have one, this is the number one laundry room item to get! I’ve had a small drying rack that has hung on my laundry room wall for decades. If it could talk!!!!! I found it at an Amish craft sale and love love love it! I also have a big tall drying rack that I keep on the back porch to dry clothes.

I used to hang up all of our clothes when I was a young mother. A drying rack now works fine for our more delicate clothing. I love the smell of air dried laundry!

The apron on the pegboard below is my gardening apron.



I keep a small hamper in the laundry room for dirty dish towels and other small things. It’s so much better than throwing them in a pile on the floor! I got this one at IKEA.

The wet dish towels get dried on the drying rack and then popped into the laundry basket.




Our washer and dryer are elevated on stands and are tall! So I use the space above them for two big baskets. They are fabulous places to organize things that could look quite messy! 


I like to hang our clothing on hangers right out of the dryer or off the laundry rack. So I keep a bunch of hangers in one of the big baskets. Having baskets in the laundry room to hide and corral items is such a great idea! I also keep my drop cloths for painting projects and my computerized vacuuming system in a big basket too!

Out of sight and organized!




This is something that I do not have right now in my laundry room. I usually fold clothes in my family room while watching the cooking channel. I really do not like to fold clothes. It’s one household chore I could do without! So as a treat for folding the laundry right away by watching my favorite cooking shows.

I’m thinking about installing a folding table or using my extra large ironing board as a folding table. It would save me carrying the laundry into the family room.


A must for lint! Make sure you clean the lint trap out after every use. 



I have the coolest “piggy bank” in the bottom drawer of my washer stand. It literally counts change as it goes in. Right now I have over $12.00 in it just from going through pockets before washing clothes.

Click on the image below and it will take you to a link to see my coin counting bank.





I make my own laundry soap and it works wonderfully! A little goes a long way. I think having a good laundry soap and stain removers is so so important! You can see an oldie-but-goodie post for homemade laundry soap HERE.



I no longer use fabric softeners or dryer sheets. I am wild over dryer balls! They can cut down drying time by one-third and makes clothes soft and helps keep away wrinkles.  I add several drops of essential oil on a dryer ball and my clothes smell amazing! You can see a tutorial to make them HERE.



I iron almost everything. But I’m pretty sure this is the worst household thing I do. Years ago I decided that I would hang or put away all clothing and everyone in my house can iron as needed. This works amazingly! I iron everything I wear and so does the rest of my family. So I have an iron and ironing board upstairs and one downstairs too!

We also have a steamer that we keep upstairs.

Now it’s your turn! What are some items in your laundry room you love and can’t live without? Please share! We would love to hear.

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  1. Dryer balls are wonderful

  2. Doris Campbell says:

    Love your ideas for the laundry room. It is beautiful and functional and full of ideas to tweak mine.

  3. I have been dying to make dryer balls.

  4. Very good tips. You have a pretty room

  5. Kelley Jacobs says:

    Yvonne, your laundry soap recipe is fantastic! I tried it a year or so ago and have used it since. I am definitely going to make some of the dryer balls now….wouldn’t they look so cute in a jar on top of the dryer! Thanks for all your wonderful tips! Keep’em coming!

    1. Aww sad the page cannot be found for the laundry soap. Can you post it for me ? Thanks

  6. Love your post. Cleaning up and organizing the laundry room is on my list for today. My laundry room has an entrance to outside, so I also have a really cute, wooden shoe rack of sorts. The two bottom shelves have shoes the family uses to walk out in the yard or to the mailbox. The top shelf has room for laundry baskets or could be used to store something else. Thanks!

  7. I am looking forward to reading your DIY post on dryer balls. I never knew it cut drying time down by so much. It would be fun to see a full view of your laundry room. I’d venture to say that most of us have small laundry rooms and to see it not quite so zoomed in would be fun. Do you have anything above your washer and dryer? I’m trying to decide open shelves or cabinets.
    Thank you for such beautiful posts.

    1. My washer and dryer are very tall as they are perched up on stands. And they are deep. So nothing above them because I could not reach anything without standing on a step ladder. That is why I use large baskets on top of them.

      1. Carol Whitten says:

        I’m late reading this post, but just wanted to you know…I. Am. Inspired. I have hated my dysfunctional, too small laundry room for years. You have inspired me to do something about that . Thank You.

        1. So glad to hear that StoneGable has inspired you! That is exactly what I want to do for my readers! Listen to the podcast episode on Laundry rooms too. It is packed with tons of great tips!

  8. Very pretty room. I have never used dryer balls – can’t believe they would help the static cling problem but will have to try them. Love the drying rack!

  9. Good tips on the baskets……I you have inspired me to corral those things on top of my washer and dryer into bigger baskets instead of a lot of small ones. It will look much better. Thanks!

  10. Believe it or not, I once had an antique bird bath in my laundry room! Well, we had a home with a covered entrance connected to the garage. This door opened into our laundry room and was the entrance that everyone used. It was a nice size room so I wanted it to have a good “first impression” look. So, I decorated it with a garden room theme and placed an empty antique bird bath in it which I decorated seasonally. I must say that it came together nicely and was always my favorite room in the house 🙂

  11. I made some dryer balls, I LOVE them!!! I gave my daughter some too, but she doesn’t use them ?

  12. Your laundry room is fantastic. I wish mine was on my main floor instead of in the basement. I love your drying racks and the chippy laundry basket. Always look forward to your posts. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  13. genie steger says:

    Oh I love your ideas and chippy laundry cart! I would love a dedicated laundry room, but alas I just have a laundry closet!!! I do use baskets for supplies, but it also use a little decorating to make it better…If I ever have a laundry room in my future, I will use my antique wooden ironing board for folding…

  14. Sandra Barnhart says:

    Love the laundry room so organized and even that room looks so peaceful to do your chores.

    1. I don’t love to do laundry so a pretty and functional laundry room is a must!

  15. Help! I can’t get the link to your homemade laundry soap or dryer balls to open:(

  16. Oh my! I have laundry room envy! Mine has all the essential items but is not pretty and can’t be. But I can see it’s time for a cleanout again and fresh organization. Thank you so much. this is an excellent post.

  17. Nancy Schipper says:

    Love that chippy rolling laundry cart!! Great post – as always. 😉

  18. Have to make these dryer balls!!!!!

  19. I can’t think of what else that I have in my laundry room. Always have stain remover and some woolite for small items. Your laundry room looks great and I am going to add some baskets.

  20. My laundry room is basically a walk through. Everyone seems to come through my laundry room from my garage; so a few years ago I made it look much nicer. I had a custom cabinet made with new sink and an artist painted my cabinet doors with beautiful flowers. Now I feel better about people coming through that room and I enjoy it too.

  21. Dianne Lanier says:

    Laundry isn’t such a chore when you have an organized and beautiful room!

  22. You always make even the smallest areas look so pretty and functional. Thank you for more great ideas.

  23. I love the baskets and the chippy cart, great laundry room

  24. Your laundry room looks so fresh and clean. Mine also houses all my pet supplies – including the cat’s litter box. Simply put – my elderly cat has issues – so every time I enter the laundry room, there is another chore waiting to be cleaned up before I even get to the laundry…lol. Not my most favorite room in the house.

  25. Janet MacDowell says:

    Will this be reposted to access the homemade laundry soap and dryer ball Tutorials? Love your blog!

  26. Very pretty Laundry room. I need a drying rack. Yours inspired me to add one. I had hooks at one time but lost them when we remodeled. My favorite thing in my my laundry/sewing room is my cutting board on top of my front load w/d. Mine aren’t tall so hubby built a counter over them and that where I cut quilts etc.

  27. Great ideas! love the chippy white laundry cart, where did you get that?

  28. Beth Brown says:

    I only have a laundry closet so I have to keep it organized. Too small for clutter. But love these ideas for an actual laundry room!

    1. Hi Beth, We just have a laundry closet too next to our guest bathroom and 2 bedrooms. I had my husband take the doors off then we wallpapered it and painted the shelf in a coordinating solid color. I put pretty glass containers like stone gable has with pretty handmade laundry detergent and a glass container for my dryer balls. I cheated and got my dryer balls from amazon and add the essential oils. I also have a silver turntable to put my spray starch and other cleaning supplies on that I got at the container store. Now its my favorite part of the house 🙂

      Yvonne, I love your blog, I always look forward to your pillow suggestions. I appreciate the links to where to buy them too. Not sure my husband appreciates them as much

      1. Penny,

        Are you happy with Amazon’s dryer balls????

  29. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Yvonne, there is no doubt about it…you have the BEST blog! Love all your ideas about home! I can almost smell your fresh laundry on the back porch. Of course, being nosey I want to see more. Sometime could you take a pic of the whole context rather than a snippet here and there? I just get interested and then the pic stops just short of a complete view.

  30. Carol Elkins says:

    I need to get one of the drying racks! Love your laundry room!

  31. My laundry room is big enough for the washer, dryer,sink and me !
    No room for anything else.I do have a shelf above the machines with
    decorative baskets for storage.I also have an old window over the sink
    trying to make a small space pretty.Your laundry room is very light and
    a happy place to be in.

  32. Good Afternoon Yvonne, Oh my word, if I could change one thing about my home it would be to include a laundry room. I read what you said about it sometimes becoming a little too convenient to hide away bits and bobs and do you know, I probably would be guilty of that.
    I love drying racks, but my number one love for drying washing is to hang it out on the washing line…. as you say there is nothing like the smell of freshly dried laundry. I am a real lover of seeing white sheets blowing in the breeze.
    I am intrigued by your drying balls, so I am going to pop over and investigate.
    Have a lovely weekend. I really cannot believe Friday is here again.
    Best Wishes

  33. Great post. Loved all the ideas. Love reading your blog and your home is always so beautiful

  34. I’ll have to try the dryer balls. Thanks for the tip.

  35. Ricie Fuller says:

    Great ideas! My project for this weekend!

  36. I have a question about your dryer balls. I have been wondering if putting drops of essential oils on them would leave oil marks on my clothing. Has that ever happened to you? Or does it soak into the wool enough that that does not happen?

    1. I have woolen dryer balls I bought on Amazon. If you use essential oils on them it’s good to know that high heat will destroy most of the essential oil fragrance and you would be eAting it. If you want the fragrance you should dry without the oils, then use essential oils on the air fluff setting to infuse the laundry. I have never had an issue with oil stains or transferring to the clothes. But you would not use it on delicate fabrics regardless.

      1. Make that wasting it! Lol!

  37. Thanks for the information. Will be trying to make some dryer balls. Have always wanted a laundry room as mine has been in the back part of basement for 36 years and rather dreary. Always trying to think of ideas to brighten it up a bit down in that area.
    I too iron everything!
    Blessings to you,

  38. Hi, Yvonne- I’m a new reader of your blog and love it! Thanks so much for combining beauty and practicality in the home. Question: I have a front-loader washer and dryer like you, but have drawers in the dryer stands…that have been sitting empty because I don’t know what to put in them! They aren’t tall enough for laundry detergent bottles so all that great space is being wasted. Thoughts?

    1. How about putting your laundry detergent in bottles that will fit? I also keep my loose sock basket in the drawers and my piggy bank for change I find.

  39. We don’t iron our clothes. We take them out of dryer and hang right away. I know someone who irons EVERYTHING even socks LOL

  40. Robin Talley says:

    Very Helpful Yvonne! Going to fix up mine this weekend! Thanks!!!

  41. I really like the chippy laundry cart. Unfortunately my wher and dryer are in the garage.

  42. I want to try the dryer balls – would make great Xmas gifts! How do you dry your sweaters that need to lay flat? I keep meaning to get one of those racks that lay across the tub, but end up laying them on a towel on top of my dryer.

  43. I have to get working on my laundry room…very functional needs cuteness!!!

  44. I too iron almost everything. Some of my younger coworkers think I’m crazy, and maybe I am, but I’m not wrinkled!!

  45. I love your metal laundry cart and definitely going to make dryer balls.

  46. Teresa Sole says:

    I LOVE your WHOLE laundry room! So crisp & elegant!!! Useful, too! Do you have a link for the wall art? I would love it for my laundry room. Thank you!

  47. Great post! My laundry room is tiny so optimizing space is critical. The handiest things in my room are two cabinets hung two feet apart above the washer and dryer with a closet rod between the cabinets to hang delicates on. Those cabinets keep all the laundry essentials handy and hidden, and the closet rod is right there to dry the delicates.

  48. I love your laundry room, especially the chippy metal laundry basket and the wall mounted rack. My laundry is in the basement and we live in a 90 year old farmhouse, so “pretty” is not possible, but adequate is. I have a floor drying rack and a rolling laundry sorter. I also make my own laundry soap and it works well. I love the wool dryer balls, but I am allergic to wool, so I use synthetic dryer balls instead. I do love your posts, they inspire me to do better things in my own home. Thanks so much!

  49. penni Brown says:

    These are all lovely ideas for a laundry room! Alas, my home only came with a closet in the hall – which actually serves the bedrooms well as far as easy access, but with room for only the appliances, everything else (baskets, carts, decorative what-evers) have to find a different home.

    This very small space is also the best place for storing a lot my cleaning supplies, like polishes, cleansers for the bathrooms, mops and brooms, etc. so I had to get organized.

    I hung two wire grid shelves over my w/d low enough to have small clean containers with the necessities easily in reach. Spray bottles (water for ironing, windex, cleaners, spot removers) can be hung on the lip of this shelf, out of the way of the washer lid and looking neat.
    I too, make my own laundry products, soap, whiteners, dryer balls, etc., so those are in the clear containers on the bottom shelf. Clothes pins, scrubbers, and other laundry additives are also contained and sit on the upper shelf along with polishes, anti-bacterial clothes, bleach, etc. and those items that are too tall for the lower shelf.
    I hung a tension rod across the closet as high as I could (but within my reach) so that I could hang things fresh from the dryer to avoid wrinkles, and to hang dry what can be “hung” as it dries without misshaping in the process.
    With the w/d snuggled up to one another there is about a foot wide space on one side that can accommodate a hook system for hanging brooms and mops needed to keep and polish the floors. On the opposite side, juuuust enough room to manage a waste basket to catch lint, etc. that literally sits level to the dryer top instead of on the floor.
    I made a magnetized ironing pad from quilted teflon material that fits snugly over the top of the dryer -handy for smaller ironing needs, so the iron lives there. Unfortunately, there is no room for the actual ironing board to be stored in this space, so it has to live in a different space and pulled out when needed.

    Hoping this comment helps anyone with a closet instead of an actual (dream) room. : )

  50. I wish my laundry room was bigger! I have only 1 shelf right now but I plan to add more. Since my laundry is also my entryway from my garage I don’t have space for anything but my washer and dryer on the floor so I guess the only way is up!

  51. Lea Carper says:

    My husband used to plop the water bottle, spray starch and other ironing aids on the windowsill of our laundry room, for all to see. It was convenient for him, instead of putting thrm back in the cabinet.
    To fic this annoyance, I hung a small, cute, country themed shelf directly above the ironing board and he loves it. All the spray cans and bottles are now always neatly stored!

  52. Bonnie G. says:

    There is not one thing in my laundry room that I like starting with it’s location! Instead of babbling on ,I will hold on to your great suggestions to use in my new laundry room.

  53. We just cleaned up my laundry/utility room, and it makes a world of difference in my “laundry attitude!” I really need to try those dryer balls.

  54. Love this post. Wish I had room for a drying rack like yours. I have a small rod that hangs above my laundry tub that I use for hanging those special items I don’t want going in the dryer.

    I love having a deep laundry tub. Last year we replaced the old builder style with a small cabinet and stainless utility tub. Great for cleaning up painting tools, large items, etc.

  55. Laura Kent says:

    It looks so clean and crisp! I want to make your dryer balls! I love getting your emails. Thanks so much for all the neat Info! Laura in Houston ❤️

  56. Love love your podcasts!!

  57. I’m going to be making these dryer balls!! I’m also getting ready to fold laundry (on the couch in the living rooom) while I listen to the podcast on laundry!!

  58. Tanya Sharp says:

    Thank you! I’m definitely going to hang a dryer rack!

  59. Yvonne love our laundry room post this morning such wonderful ideas. I want to add a drying rack now that I have seen yours. I have a large summer kitchen in our 100 year old farm house.,it still has the pulley system in the ceiling for drying clothes and the copper dipped pressed tin ceiling tiles. Thanks for the all the inspiration and have a great day.?

  60. love the laundry room ! I think blue and white just looks so good together

  61. You inspire me everyday with your posts!! Great ideas for my Laundry Room today! Thank you so much.

  62. I wear a lot of sweaters and knits so I had a drip dry made. It has 3 clothes lines and a shower bottom so things can drip dry. It has been very useful. I also have lots of cupboards to put linens.My next house is going to have a larger laundry room because I also want to have an area for sewing and a cleaning closet. My current one is on the 2nd floor but in my next house I will have it on the main floor. I am constantly going up and down stairs. It was great while my children were little but now the children are gone. I am no longer working and don’t have the volume of laundry. Besides I am thinking of what will make my older years easier to live in place.
    Enoy your day!

  63. My laundry room is in my kitchen. It’s not very big but is is convenient. I would
    like to make out pretty. Thanks for your pictures, they inspire me.

  64. Vicki N. Martin says:

    I love this post for a laundry room and baskets. I now want baskets to place on the washer and dryer. I have to clean my laundry room up. It seems to right now be the catch all. It’s a pretty good size with shelves but if I clean it up it will look better. The thing I like about it is it has a large ceiling wood beam. I have thought of putting a tin ceiling for decoration. I think if I paint it a lighter color it will be more attractive. This weekend calls for rain may be it will be a good day to clean. Love the homemade laundry detergent and the dryer balls. I just enjoyed the post. It was most helpful.

  65. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    Oh Yvonne…if only I could pay you to come give me a consultation! My laundry room is AW-FUL. Small, narrow and cluttered with 5 people’s coats, backpacks, shoes, and MESS! Thanks for these great tips…at least it has gotten me motivated to make some changes!!


  66. I almost skipped this post because I don’t have a laundry room, or even a washer/dryer! Because I live in My Wee Abode, I have to do my laundry either at the local laundry mat (which I have NEVER done), or at one of my relatives that lives close by (usually my sister, 5 minutes down the street). Anyways, I’m glad I *didn’t* skip this post as it reminded me of your laundry soap recipe and the dryer balls! Everyone needs these two items!

    Thanks, Yvonne. Have a blessed weekend!

  67. Love the metal laundry basket, pretty. Great post


  68. I love the simplicity of your 10 items. I have done all but make my own soap (so I am going to try yours) and the wire laundry basket – you make it sound so functional that I definitely have to get one.

  69. Shannon Crater says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that chippy metal cart in your beautiful laundry room.

  70. I love all of the ideas you have. You are my favorite blog.

  71. Your laundry room is adorable. I am afraid mine becomes a catch-all.

  72. I just got my dryer ball and I love them , need to add a few more , my water is not soft so I’m not sure what to add to the water to use homemade laudery soap.

  73. Love this. I am going to be on the lookout for a rolling basket, and a wall mounted dryer rack. Awesome stuff.

  74. I am enjoying the podcasts…Monday, Wednesday and Friday are fun days!!!

  75. Really like that rolling laundry basket, and your wall mounted drying rack. I have bid on several at auction in the past but they always went higher than I was willing to pay.

  76. Thanks for letting us look in your laundry room. Mine is so small, there is no room for a drying rack. The wire rack over the machines is used for storage. What I did was put two plant hooks in the ceiling with chain hanging down. I hang my drip dry from them. I put another hook on the door to the garage to hang a couple of things. I do not like to dry colored clothing or under ware to keep the colors true and in FL, elastic dry rots sooner or later.

    1. So so smart! And don’t forget you can get a drying rack and take it outside!

  77. Love your laundry room! Mine is so small and even though I try to make it look good…..well it’s not pretty like yours! I’ll keep working on it!

  78. Lisa Matarazzo says:

    Yvonne, if my laundry room was as pretty as yours, i’d be there all day!

  79. I need to get some larger baskets to corral stuff! Thanks!

  80. Kathy bruns says:

    Finally a laundry room I wouldn’t mind working in!

  81. Nancy Pharr says:

    Love the drying rack! Where did you purchase? Thank you

  82. Lanita Anderson says:

    Love, love your chippy vintage rolling metal laundry basket and I’ve pinned the tutorial for making the dryer balls! Thanks for sharing the great tips. Happy Friday!

  83. Karen Mosher says:

    I have several things in our laundry room – some practical, some pretty. The practical would be a decorative wall shelf that we added cup hooks to for car keys – no more lost keys. The pretty is a tiny chandelier my husband hung in what I now call our Liberace Laundry Room.

  84. Love your bright laundry room. I have a great deep sink in mine that I love for hand washing,watering plants and even washing my small dog. Also have lots of cabinets over washer and dryer and a shelf for good storage. Need to find a wall clothesrack for hanging clothes that don’t go in dryer At present I have an expandable rack with pegs which is a catchall for everything from dog leashes, hats and a collection of gardenwear .My laundry is small but it has a nice window to gift me good light. Need to make it prettier with some of your great ideas.

  85. Love your laundry room. Y0u have such good ideas.

  86. I haven’t seen the homemade dryer balls. I don’t dry very many of our clothes in the dryer, but I might try these for when I do. Sometimes I like to dry the towels in the dryer instead of hanging them up.

  87. I have thought about making some dryer balls and now I know I will. Thank you for the extra nudge to do so.

  88. I’m intrigued by the dryer ball idea!

  89. You can add me to the group of people who iron everything. I actually love to iron! When I was little my mom let me iron daddys’ white handkerchiefs and the pillow cases. I loved it even then. I still iron our pillowcases and even though my hubby teased me about it, when he had to travel for work he said he sure missed those nice soft ironed pillowcases!!

    I also love to hang clothes out on the clothesline. There is nothing better than climbing in bed at night on sheets that have dried on the line in the sun.

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that chippy clothes basket. LOVE IT!!!!!

  90. Minnie mccoy says:

    Even your laundry room is pretty! Mine looks like a junk bomb exploded

  91. Dawn Turner says:

    Great advice! I love the rolling basket!

  92. I keep a large drying rack on the deck. It works great, then collapses accordion style, when unused. A friend found it for me in your area. Maybe Good’s General Store????? Thanks for the great laundry room ideas.

  93. Can’t wait to make some dryer balls for myself and for some gifts. Thank you for the great tutorial.

  94. Always love your posts! I used to have some plastic dryer balls that made lots of noise, so I was excited to see your post previously about the dryer balls. Not that I don’t love a good craft project, but lately I’ve had little spare time. I found a nice set of 6 online for less than I could probably have bought the yarn. I really love them. I found besides helping fluff the laundry, they also help keep the load from turning into one big ball when drying sheets or blankets. I have to fiddle with those loads less than I used to because the balls help keep the blanket or sheet separated. The only problem I have is my Border Collie now thinks that the dryer is his personal “ball” dispenser, so I have to count the dryer balls each time to make sure he hasn’t stolen one of them. Looking forward to more ideas and inspiration.

  95. Shay Moore says:

    Love those pretty blue touches

  96. chris mcginley says:

    need to try your dryer balls

  97. I do plan on making some dryer balls. I heard from an appliance repair person that dryer sheets create a buildup in your dryer that shortens its life, so the dryer balls would be a better option.

  98. I love my Stone Gable recipe laundry soap.

  99. What a great idea! Dryer balls are now on my DIY list to do!

  100. Interesting information about using dryer balls. Never thought I would want to use them but now I am thinking about trying them. Love all the good information you always give us. The laundry room is so great. Wish mine was a little bigger so I could do more to make it more usable. Fold clothes on top of washer and dryer.

  101. Maggie Nelson says:

    So you don’t like to fold the clothes? guess what, I love to do it and it happened that I just finish doing it while I was watching the shows “Who do you think you are” that I recorded. So we can exchange services, I fold the clothes and you make me the a couple of dryers ball !! Thank you Yvonne, you are so good at what you do.

  102. Marcy Leonard says:

    #1 thing for me would be to have a laundry room –sigh..but you have inspired me to spruce the laundry corner in the garage!

  103. Jeanne VanDerSchaaf says:

    I have an Amish quilt hanging on a wall in my laundry room. I made the wall hanging and my dear Amish neighbor quilted it for me. It’s a treasure for me to enjoy every time I’m in the laundry room.

  104. Judy Swinea says:

    I am glad I have a shelf with a hanging rack so my retired hubby can hang up some of our clothes to dry or when they come out of the dryer.

  105. Dianne Lanier says:

    I love the chippy cart! Do you have a source for something similar?

  106. mattsgramma says:

    Your chippy laundry basket is to die for!!!

  107. I can’t wait to try the laundry detergent and dryer balls!

  108. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    Everything looks so clean. I love a mostly white laundry room..

  109. I have 2 drying racks and can’t imagine doing laundry without them!

  110. Dorothy Auker says:

    I still hang my sheets out to dry whenever I can.

  111. Karen Baumgardner says:

    Yvonne…another must I could not do without is a little clothes hanger bar that is mounted on the wall next to my dryer. I hang some of my tops there that do not go in the dryer, and also as I take shirts out of the dryer I immediately put them on hangers and hang them up there. It can fold back to the wall, but I just leave it out with extra hangers on it. Even though my laundry room is just a corner of the basement by the stairs, I have it painted a bright cheerful aqua and have cute artwork there, too. Might as well enjoy being there! oh , and nice warm rugs in front of the washer and dryer for the winter, too.

  112. Great inspiration – I too have one of the smallest laundry rooms and am always looking for ways to make it more functional. The drying rack will be project

  113. Your laundry is is very simple, neat and pretty. Mine is a “walk through” laundry room from the garage thru the laundry room and into the kitchen. Our home before had a completely separate laundry room that I liked better but you can’t have it all!

    On another subject, has your foot (?) completely healed up and your are back to full-speed? Wishing you the best.

  114. beverly e says:

    I love the dryer balls idea! Thanks for the DIY to make my own. I will definitely use the essential oil on them, too.

  115. lovely, I’m trying to talk my husband into putting a barn door that rolls on my laundry, because the door swings in covers my sink and makes the room smaller.

  116. Love the calming feel of the room. Who wouldn’t want to fold clothes in that laundry room?…and that laundry basket <>. Will have to try the laundry balls. I know you use essential oils, but does the wool not leave that wool odor?

  117. Teresa Alexander says:

    lovely ideas – really like the chippy metal laundry basket!

  118. Kathryn Barton says:

    I have my laundry room in the garage. It is ugly. I put up shelves and a hanging bar. But it is still ugly but organized.

  119. I’m going to be working on organizing and adding some decor to my laundry room in the next few months so this post will come in handy when that time comes. One of the things I definitely want to add is the drying rack on the wall.

  120. Great ideas! I’m loving that sign!!

  121. My laundry room contains a hot water heater (behind a screen), ceramic top range, commercial ice maker, washer, dryer and an oak mantel hung on the wall that I decorate seasonally, in addition to stepping stools, cleaning supplies, extra light bulbs in a cabinet above the washer/dryer and no telling what else. And, the room isn’t that BIG!!!
    I long for your laundry room!

  122. Portia Read says:

    I enjoy your posts so much Yvonne.

  123. Thanks for the tip on laundry balls. My new washer without an agitator ( don’t like it) wrinkles my clothes. Hoping the dryer balls will solve my problem.

  124. Sheila Philippi says:

    Love the entire laundry room, but….. I covet the chippy rolling basket!

  125. This post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. After just having the whole interior, including the laundry room, painted, I am just getting to put things back in the rooms and trying to update and organize them. The laundry room wasn’t at the top of the list, but will definitely be moved up now that I have your great tips and suggestions. Thank you!

  126. Terri Smith says:

    Good Morning Yvonne, I have loved the laundry room since your first post on it, but I always have forgotten to ask you where did you find the sign over your washer and dryer. I am going to Lancaster in a few days to shop and shop so I was hoping to find something similar.

  127. Terri Smith says:

    Yvonne, I love your laundry room! I have searched for the sign that hangs over your washer and dryer, if you can please let me know where you found the sign you are my sunshine. I found a sign but I really love the color of your sign. Thanks so much Terri

    1. Hi Terri,
      It’s hand made and I found it at a local shop. Sorry, it’s one of a kind! Bet you could make it!

  128. I too love to decorate and organize my laundry room ! I also use dryer balls and also keep 2 tightly compressed balls of aluminum foil in the dryer as well .they really help to reduce static cling !!

  129. I keep a stack of white, cut- up t shirts in one of my baskets on top of my washer. They are my go to for dabbing up stains. I also like to keep a pretty plant mister in there that also make my own ‘wrinkle- releases’ and keep it in a pretty spray bottle in the same basket. I hate ironing!

  130. I would love to see how this look in tge entire space, but because of you being the designer, I know it’s fabulous. I love what you did post.

  131. I’m redoing my laundry, I’m leaving a space to mount a small t.v on the wall to watch shows during those folding/ironing hours

  132. Love this post! I pinned the instructions about making dryer balls and added some yarn to my Amazon list. Also pinned the homemade detergent. We live in a mid-50’s ranch so the laundry is in the garage. I try to make this little corner cute and organized. I have a couple of old washboards hung up and a little crocheted dress that I think was actually intended to go on a dish detergent bottle in a very small laundry basket with clothespins on the dryer. What brand of fabric steamer do you use? I am thinking of getting one for quick wrinkle jobs.

  133. I love you posts and comments.
    I’ve been wearing aprons since forever and I hate when there aren’t any around.
    I’m going to share you blogs with my daughters for a pick-me-up 🙂
    Thanks for all of these.

  134. Where can I purchase a rolling metal laundry cart/basket like yours? It’s perfect for my needs.

  135. You mentioned a folding table foe a laundry room. We are downsizing from a large home and I will also have a small laundry room. Can you link or show some folding tables? I’m enjoying reading anything about downsizing!

    1. Hi Kathleen, since our downsize my bed is a wonderful folding table.

  136. You hit the top 10. I also have a small arsenal of specific stain removers and small handled plastic tubs that only hold 1item for soaking.

    Some laundry rooms are dual purpose, such as a mud room, extra closets for seasonal storage, etc. This will add other essentials.

    When my children swam on teams and for fun, our laundry room cabinets were filled with swim towels. 4 to 8 towels went out during the day and were put directly into the washing machine when back home. It was easy to launder the load every night and put them right back in the cabinets.

  137. Perfect timing on this post. I’m in the planning stages of a new laundry/mudroom. Definitely going to add a drying rack like yours. We’ve had conversations just this week about how to reduce the amount of plastics that we use, so the laundry detergent recipe is spot on. I will skip the Downy Unstoppables though, can’t take the strong smell. Making the dryer balls is fun, we’ve been using them for years. I use Patron’s roving wool. Love, love that chippy laundry basket! Thank you, Yvonne!

  138. Could you provide a link for ordering that awesome laundry basket? It would be the perfect size for my space. Thank you for the inspiration!