I’ve gotten so many emails from StoneGable readers asking, “How do I decorate a round coffee table”?  I recently added one to my family room because I have been working to refresh it a bit. So today I want to show you how to style a round coffee table the easy way! I have a formula, like a recipe, for getting it right every time! Let’s get started!


Going from a rectangle coffee table to a round was a smart decision in this room. I chose this round coffee table because it was not as long as my other rectangle coffee tables and gave me more space on either side of the sofa for legs to stretch out. Also, because this table was 36 inches in diameter it also did not protrude into the family room too much.

And of course, it is the perfect place for two toddlers to play on. And they love to set up zoos and farms and car and trucks and dinosaurs and all sorts of imaginary things on it. I also chose a sturdy table for that purpose.

Stying a round coffee table is so simple if you think of a triangle. Yes, lots of shapes in this post! But the triangle is the foundation for decorating a round table!

If your round table is small make the triangle smaller. And if it is bigger use bigger things to make the triangle bigger. Unlike a rectangle, table decor is not spread out linear.

Now let’s get right down to the styling…

As always bring a bunch of decor to play with to style your table. Unfortunately, I did not have a stubby fat candle for this arrangement. I did have a very pretty blue container for a candle but I thought there was enough blue on the table. Then I thought about using dried split peas to the square container and nestle the votive in it. But as luck would have it no split peas in the pantry.

Note to self… put a stubby white candle and a bag of dried split peas on the shopping list!


Here are some things you might want to think about using in a round table arrangement…

  • low topiary
  • vase of flowers
  • candles and candleholders
  • books
  • small basket or tray
  • shallow bowl with filler such as moss balls, ornamental balls, pinecones
  • interesting vase without flowers
  • tall, narrow lantern
  • architectural elements



One thing to think about is the view of the people who will be sitting on your sofa. I’m keeping my arrangement low, low, low so we can see over it to watch tv.

Here are some tips to help you style the best round coffee table.

  • Be careful of adding too many round objects to a round table. Although one round item mimicking its shape is great!
  • Put the focal point item on the table first. For me, that’s almost always the flowers or some organic beauty
  • Add something square or rectangle. I’m still looking for a small rectangle tray that would work with the size of my table. I used burlap covered books to create a rectangle item in the vignette.
  • Balance is very important. Choose things that are not too small or too big. Let your eye guide you.
  • Using different heights will make your coffee table look appealing!
  • Add a bit of texture to your arrangement. I used burlap covered books and a chunky bead garland. 
  • Don’t get crazy with color. Keep your vignette to three or four colors at most.
  • Add a bit of sparkle using fairy light or a candle or small lantern. So pretty!

If your round table has a bottom shelf there are two ways to style it. Use one big container, no matter the shape. Or use two rectangle arrangments. Like two groups of books. Keep it simple and in the same color family as the items on top. Under my round coffee table I keep a rectangle shaped basket with some design books that are blue. 

These same tips will work for a round dining or kitchen table.



I said styling a round table would be easy!  Now find a round table in your home, use these tips and get styling freind!

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  1. I don’t have a round coffee table but have a large round side table in my living room. I always use my go to magic number of three. I have a floor lamp behind the table so have more surface area to arrange upon.The table is covered in a dark taupe colored linen tablecloth and since the room is primarily blue and beige with lots of blue and white pottery ,I have a large live, plant in a Chinese pot, a glass hurricane with a timer set candle and another smaller piece of blue and white in the form of a covered box. Not too exciting but works in this room. I think your idea of a triangle is great.

  2. Okay, Grandmother, you need to invest in a child’s table and chairs IF you don’t have one.
    All children like to dine together, color, play (as you mentioned). Pottery Barn has a nice selection.
    One of my fondest memories were those shared at this table with cousins. Go for it!
    You love tea parties and I will enjoy seeing you style it.

    Check the OLDE CANDLE SHOP in Intercourse, PA for your rectangle tray. Great place!

    Thank you for you for sharing with us each and every day!

  3. Love everything you do!Used these hints for a small round side table. Might need to switch my LARGE square coffee table for a smaller round one like yours. Source please. Thank you!

    1. Hi Sherry, I found this table at Wayfair and unfortunately it is already out of stock. However, I’ll be doing a post soon on other beautiful round table options. I love the round table. It is perfect for my family room.

  4. Yvonne, I just LOVE looking at every post of your home ! Your talent to put together so many textures adding interest, pattern layering achieving the all-together cohesive look. It always looks amazing! I am a mother of 6 and never had time when they were small. Now I am a Gigi and a “decorator in-training” faithfully reading your blog and and still listening to the DTT pod cast. I aspire to learn how this is all done so that I can someday pull some of these amazing ideas together and create something beautiful in my home. Thanks for all that you share!

  5. So pretty. Yvonne. My coffee table is rectangular, so use a round tray, then follow your 3’s. Am excited to see your Christmas home. Praying you are well. Miss you on tips and tricks, but love the girls.

  6. A triangle? Such a great idea to try out on my round coffee table!!!! Thanks. Love the textural design on your two-toned lumbar pillow! I don’t recall seeing that one before. Even the pillows and mirror relate to the round table and vignette –but I didn’t have to tell you that. Taking notes here.

  7. Thank you Yvonne. I have desperately been looking for a round coffee table but need one even smaller and not more than 16” high. So hard. But you have reinspired me to keep trying. Love how you have decorated the top with such simple ideas! And who would think a triangle but makes perfect sense. Thanks so much and look forward to the post about future round coffee tables. And yes we have to think of our grand kids??

  8. I love all your posts. They are so helpful with all the tips you post to guide us. Can you tell us where you got that wonderful nubby blue and cream lumbar pillow?

  9. Yvonne… have you written a book on vignettes? If not, please do. You made this process so much easier for me. I miss you on DTT.

  10. Your photos look amazing! And I love your ‘formula’. I have a round ottoman table I’m upcycling, and I’ll be using your tips! 😉 Hugs!

  11. Yvonne — great post as usual. Thanks for the tips on doing a round table. Not for a REAL challenge, I have a “triangle” dinner table (seats 6). It sometimes is also referred to a guitar shape too. Great looking, but doing a vignette is really a challenge. If anyone can help, it is you. Would love your magic take on this. Mine is kinda like this one. Glass top and wooden base.

    1. Oh, I love a good challenge Penny! I’d treat the triangle table as a round one and use those guidelines! Use a round basket to create a vignette. I think that would give you a little more structure and accent the beautiful Mid-Century Modern shape of your table.

  12. This advise is the most practical and beautifying I’ve read on internet posts. I love it for my round coffee table.

  13. In our front LIVING ROOM I use an upholstered rectangle ottoman as a coffee table with an antique Tole
    Oval tray. on it. The ottoman can also be used as extra seating. Should I embellish this with any other items?

    1. Hi Su, great question. If you don’t use it all the time I say keep the tray on the ottoman. And when you do use it you can whisk everything away on the tray.

  14. I have the round coffee table, try to style it, but something doesn’t add up. Either I put to many items or very few of them. Hope that your advice will help me) Thx a lot

    1. Try creating a vignette with a round or rectangular basket to create the vignette in. Or use a trio of objects: one plant or flowers, one candle or lantern and one other object. Give that a try!