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Farmhouse style is white hot right now! But, what IS farmhouse style? What defines it? How do we get the look? Do you have to live on a farm? Let’s start out by saying that farmhouse style is more of an attitude or a way of life than a style these days. Once farmhouse style was distinguished by 3 key elements… rural location, functional porches and formal and informal living space! Today there are lots of fun decor element that bring the warm, simple and savvy farmhouse look to almost any home. And that’s what I’m sharing today!



Today is HOME STYLE SATURDAY! I’m sharing one of my most popular post about farmhouse style! Make sure to check out my blogging’s friends entries at the end of this post! These girls are so so talented!

This is a long post. So grab something and get cozy!!!!

Here’s the front of my Lancaster County Inspired Farmhouse Home!!!!



Now, let’s talk about Farmhouse living!

Farmhouse style originally developed out of necessity. It was born out of geography. Farmers needed places to live and farmhouses reflected the the land, building material and goods in the rural area.

WHAT IS FARMHOUSE STYLE- farm-stonegableblog.com

View from my back porch

A farmhouse usually included a transition area from the outside to in… hence the farmhouse porch.

The front of the home was the “formal” area where guests were welcomed. Although usually quite simple, it served to meet the formal social norms of the day. The back of the house usually had the kitchen and a bedroom. Or if the home was two-stories, the bedrooms were there.

That is the origins of FARMHOUSE STYLE!

WHAT IS FARMHOUSE STYLE- corm-stonegableblog.comView from my side porch


Today, farmhouse style is a way of life that reflect a love for the land and it’s bounty and keeps a close connection between both. Farmhouse style loves simplicity and has a do-it-yourself attitude. Recycling, upcycling and renovating are all in the wheelhouse of farmhouse style! Although unpretentious and very welcoming, there is a great sense of style about farmhouse living! 

Anyone can capture the spirit and spunk of farmhouse style! It marries so well with other decor styles. Traditional, modern, Southern, Cottage and even Industrial, just to name a few.

By adding just a few practical and perfectly placed farmhouse elements your home can radiate this popular style!

Here are 10 farmhouse elements to add that can wonderful farmhouse charm to your home! 


A farmhouse sink is the quintessential farmhouse element! Big hefty sinks were a must to hold lots of produce from the farm, babies that needed washing, chickens that needed plucking and a whole lot more. I don’t have chickens to pluck or babies to wash (yet) but I sure love my soapstone farmhouse sink and use it hard!  

Update: I now have a little boy (3 months tomorrow!) and a little girl on the way in June. I’m planning to give my first baby bath in the farmhouse sink very soon!

farmhouse style-sink-stonegableblog.com



Painted kitchen cabinets, especially white ones, are a farmhouse favorite! Beadboard pairs fabulously with white cabinets!

FARMHOUSE FRIDAY-white kitchen cabinets-stonegableblog.com



LOVE these! They have donned farmhouse walls for hundreds of years but lately they have become popular again! YEA!


FARMHOUSE STYLE-wood walls-stonegableblog.com


Gotta love their warmth and rugged appeal. Add a farmhouse table with some classic or updated chairs for a modern look!

WHAT IS FARMHOUSE STYLE- farmhouse table-stonegableblog.com


Not just for canning anymore. Almost any food in a mason jar looks amazing and tastes even better. Add a straw and a beverage and you have pure farmhouse style!

WHAT IS FARMHOUSE STYLE-mason jars-stonegableblog.com


Add chippy architectural element to what you already have. It will breathe some farmhouse style into a room. Chippy things look great mixed with traditional pieces! It’s all about that rustic/luxe balance!

WHAT IS FARMHOUSE STYLE- rustic-chippy elements-stonegableblog.com


Burlap is not just for farmhouses anymore. It has become a classic! Add just a little to give your room or table or even bed a cozy, relaxed feel! 

WHAT IS FARMHOUSE STYLE- burlap-stonegableblog.com


Continue the tradition of the original farmhouse style by creating an outdoor living space on your porch, stoop or patio. A rocker or a swing will lend a relaxed, come-sit-a-spell touch to your home! Don’t forget lots of potted plants and flowers!

WHAT IS FARMHOUSE STYLE- porches-stonegableblog.com


SIGH! Ironstone is the sturdy workhorse of a farmhouse kitchen. But remember to take ironstone out of the kitchen and use it to decorate your home for a great farmhouse look!  

WHAT IS FARMHOUSE STYLE- white ironstone-stonegableblog.com



Even if you don’t have a garden you can always tuck some herbs and annuals in a little kitchen herb garden. Get those hands into the good earth and bring its bounty right to your table!

WHAT IS FARMHOUSE STYLE- kitchen garden-stonegableblog.com


 Here’s a few more idea of farmhouse style!

WHAT IS FARMHOUSE STYLE- collage-stonegableblog.com

  • planked wood floors
  • simple, sensible styling
  • glass front cabinets
  • aprons
  • barn beam anything
  • galvanized metals
  • wire baskets
  • grain sacks
  • wooden spoons
  • painted wood floors
  • open shelves
  • plate racks
  • large glass jars

What can you add to this list? What are your favorite farmhouse elements?






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  1. I love the farmhouse style! Even though my home is more traditional, I am enjoying incorporating some of the farmhouse elements. Your ideas are great and very doable! Thanks!

      1. I’m new to your blog and love seeing and reading about all of your ideas to get the look we desire. I love the farmhouse style and incorporating it into my new home with some southern, cottage, and traditional fill as well.

  2. I am new to your blog. Enjoyed the farmhouse style post but mainly wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on your first grandbaby and the one on the way!!! They are the best aren’t they?

  3. Great blog today. Love to have some farmhouse in every room. I keep collecting every time I go shopping and trying to add unique pieces. You are always so inspiring.

  4. I’ve enjoyed (for the 2nd time) reading ‘Farmhouse Style’- I feel as though we can share a morning cup of coffee in your kitchen & talk for hours. Always love your down to earth, wonderful ideas.

  5. I adore farmhouse style in all of it’s forms and different countries have their own slight variations. What, for me, is the one constant, the most important thing is that farmhouse style completely embraces the warmth of the family home, it’s all about conviviality, eating well, preparing homegrown food, and just a slightly simpler more organic lifestyle. Have a great weekend xx

  6. I love the glass jars I purchased two small tea cups in red toile and they add that farmhouse touch to my sugar and flour. They sit on my counter next to my kitchen aid mixer at my baking station. I love my touch of farmhouse decor. Thank you for the great idea!

  7. As we are buried in snow, I find your colorful touches and farmhouse living pictures so uplifting and inspiring. Thank you.

  8. Great post on farmhouse living. I think the basic theme behind farmhouse decorating is “welcome, family and love.” You and your blog definitely express all of those things. Keep sharing. I feel like your emails and blog are sharing’s from a family member and love reading each one.

  9. I love all the little touches in your kitchen! My husband is a camping guy and I think I will be “borrowing” some of his blue & white enamel ware for my kitchen!!

  10. Love your ideas and the way they bring such warmth to your home. Can’t wait till I get to incorporate some into my own home.

  11. Farmhouse decorating is my favorite.Love the
    casual no fuss style.Slowly taking my home in
    that direction.Your home is so lovely inside and
    out,looks like you have a small piece of paradise.

  12. I like to incorporate some farmhouse touches around the house. I have small collection of white ironstone and used them with fresh flowers too. Thank you for the ideas.

  13. So refreshing! Wish I had your talent of putting things together.
    Hope you are feeling better and congrats on grands. I heard that when you have grandchildren you see a color you had never seen before,.So apropos my experience.

  14. Perfect post for me today. I am getting ready to begin implementing some farmhouse style into my very bland and boring home. I have been gathering blog posts and pinterest ideas before I start so this was the perfect blog post and the perfect time. Thank you so much.

  15. I love farmhouse style and want to add a farmhouse sink and some shiplap to my home. Your home is beautiful – so warm and inviting! Thanks for sharing.

  16. How my grandmother would have loved your kitchen. She had a hand pump, wood-burning stove and oven. Your country farmhouse kitchen is so inviting. I have a traditional style, but do enjoy your country touches.

  17. Love this post and this style. I would add embroidered white dish towels to your list. My mom created birds in the corners of hers out of bias tape, while my grandmother stitched kids doing chores for the six days of the week….no chores on Sunday!

  18. You have such a lovely home in a bucolic location. I live in a subdivision on a small lot but it does have a nice porch out front that
    I enjoy immensely. My decor used to be country but now is more transitional. I felt upon retirement that I needed a refresh. I still love farmhouse style and borrow from your incredible style. I find touches add a coziness not found in any other style.

  19. I am a farm girl. It would seem to me that Farmhouse Style is a way of life rather than a style. However, I enjoy that my way of live is now in the vogue! Thank you.

  20. When are you sharing the big secret you have been teasing us about? I thought I read that you would share January 17th. Or, did I miss it? Thanks!

  21. so pretty, I love the black and white in the kitchen and am in love with white dishes. I can’t resist them.

  22. More a suggestion than a comment, but would you consider doing a monthly drawing giving a winner the chance at having you offer design advice (via Skype or face time) for a room in their house?

  23. Farmhouse style has so much charm and warmth. I love it too! Thanks for another great blog. I look forward to it every day!

  24. Wow!!! I just love the views at your home! ! I too love the farm look. I am fortunate to live the country. Thanks for all your .

  25. Awww… Fresh flowers! Going to get my enamelware out – white pitcher with fresh flowers on the kitchen table. Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. Love your porch: The rocker, the pillow and of course my favorite color green. So fun to switch with the seasons. Great hints and tips Thank You

  27. I love Farmhouse style! Your home is absolutely beautiful inside and out. I grew up with a covered porch, but I do not have one. I would be out there everyday with my coffee enjoying the view if I had yours! I
    love the stone on your house.

  28. I LOVE your home inside and out. My parents used to live in Yardley and I loved to visit and drive through Lancaster county. Please send some of your weather to Texas!

  29. Absolutely beautiful! Great ideas! In the process of transforming my split level home into a “farmhouse”. Thanks for the tips!

  30. My farmhouse style seems to have “evolved ” accidentally … the wonderful “primitives” collected over many years, combined with my attempt to “Cottage up” my decor seems to have brought me to “farmhouse”! But I still don’t know how to use or fit in my old wooden butter churn….any suggestions?

  31. P. S. What kitchen countertops do you and your followers recommend ?
    Not crazy about granite; love black; have seen black “Formica” that looks great…what about soapstone? My cabinets are white; white porcelain sink; wood floors. Need your opinions, please…

  32. Timeless charm ! I love your farmhouse ! I have a farmhouse myself -Just bought 64 acres going to build a New England farmhouse with front porch for sitting and sipping I have some great ideas to share for front porch coziness !!

  33. Yvonne, Thank you so much for sharing your home with us. It is so lovely and I get a lot of inspiration from seeing the photos that accompany your tips and information. I’d love to be entered for your giveaway…but I don’t Facebook.

  34. I love the Farmhouse style. I have had a horse probably since I was 15 years old. At least one horse. I always wanted the horse at home with me and always pictured a farmhouse with a barn. Of course I wanted to live in a barn style home. I love everything Yvonne about your area you live and the styles of your farmhouse. Thanks for always sharing.

  35. Great post to read again! Thanks. I saw your update on the babies! (I’m assuming you are talking grand-babies!). Is your daughter having another one, or is this your son? Congrats! So exciting!

  36. I definitely don’t live in the country but I really do enjoy the farmhouse look and have incorporated it as much as possible right now in my living room. I love the small changes that I’ve been able to make.

  37. I love your farmhouse kitchen! I am getting ready to replace my late ’90s era tile countertops in my kitchen with soapstone. One thing I’m wondering about is selecting a soapstone slab that will be the color I want once “cured.” I hear that the counter will typically darken over time as you treat it with mineral oil or soapstone wax. I’m curious how to know what the final product will look like when I’m shopping for a slab. The end result I’d like is to have a very dark charcoal or black soapstone, like yours. What did yours look like when you chose the slab and how long did it take before it looked as it does now? Also, I notice yours is shinier than others I’ve seen (most I’ve seen are more of a matte finish). How did you achieve the more shiny, polished look?

    1. What a great question Jamie. Natural soapstone slabs look MUCH different before they are treated with mineral oil. A good way to see what soapstone will be like once treated is to pour water over it. It will show it’s treated look. When you look for a slab the merchant should have a hose to to wash them down. If not take a bottle of water or two to pour over a slab you are considering. Hope this helps.

  38. Your home is gorgeous! I live in a brick ranch style house. It’s an updated floor plan with living room, breakfast nook and kitchen open concept. It’s hard to incorporate farmhouse style on my front stoop. After seeing your porch though, I am going to add a lot color with a garden stool and flowers, come spring! Thanks again for your inspiration.

  39. Your home is always so stylish. Thanks for the reminder of what a true farmhouse style home is all about. Always love to see pictures of your home. Your inspiration is always welcome.

  40. Congratulations on the new baby boy and soon to be here baby girl! I love that you snuck those small milk bottles in with your mason jars!

  41. I enjoy every one of your posts. The decorating post are so informative and have a classic style to each one. Recipes are great also. Thanks so much.

  42. Love your Farmhouse Style post – and especially love anytime you post photos of your gorgeous hydrangeas. Love them!

  43. I’m fairly new to reading blogs and I love yours! So much about this post that I love …the woven burlap… the white dishes that my precious Mother in Law also had… Love this look!

  44. This list looks pretty complete to me. 🙂 I live in nothing resembling a farmhouse from the outside, but my friends seem to like the farmhouse decor and “homey” feel of my home. I have these elements all around my home, and love them!

    Your home is so inspiring to me and so many others! You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful home and environmenr.

  45. Today I picked out cabnits and farmhouse trim for my new home! It is a small addition to our kids home in Kentucky. Can’t wait for it to be done! Thank you for such great inspiration!

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