Smart Things To Do NOW for NEXT Christmas

Wouldn’t you love to start Christmas 2024 already ahead of Christmas decorating? Organized decor, some Christmas projects done, and a to-do master list with boxes already checked off? Before you put away your Christmas decorations this year, here are a few smart things to do with next Christmas in mind!


NOW is the time to start getting ready for next Christmas! I know Christmas has just come and gone but there are things we can do right now so we have a merry and not harried Christmas next year! I’m making a list and checking it twice and doing what’s on it early! Here’s my top 10!



 Being a blogger, I start decorating for Christmas by the first week in October. And even though I love Christmas I’m ready to put it all away by the New Year. 

Go through all your Christmas decorations and toss out what is tired and worn and give away the Christmas decor you don’t use anymore. What is left box up in smaller clear boxes and label the contents on the box. You will be SO THANKFUL next Christmas! 



If you need a box of Christmas balls or a new tree or a stocking to hang NOW is the time to get new Christmas decor. Prices are slashed! Today I was looking for a few things for next year and got 70% off the retail price. Whoo-Whoot!

I’m looking for Christmas pillows for next year, and a few more wreaths. And there is still lots of Christmas decor with really pleasing price tags!



If you wait until next December to start Christmas DIY projects you are already too late! Start those great DIYs you want to do for Christmas now! The earlier you start a project the more likely you are going to finish it!

I wanted to do two Christmas DIY projects to share with you this past Christmas but I waited until the last minute and got too busy to do them. I’m starting this summer so I’ll have them ready to share and use in our Christmas home for 2023.

You might want to try your hand at BLEACHED PINECONES this year. They are so beautiful and easy to do and one of my most popular DIY posts! 



I keep a big spreadsheet of all things Christmas! Every year I duplicate and tweak the list so I have a fresh and relevant blueprint for the next year.

Start a list in a notebook or a google spreadsheet or AirTable (mine). And keep everything on it from ideas, to colors to cards to meals to presents and more!

This is such a timesaver! And when I buy that Gross Chemistry Set for my grandson in April I will know where I put it in the basement.

Keep Christmas spirit in your heart all year by doing a little bit of the Christmas things on your Master List once a week until Christmas!

Here’s what you will find me doing…

  • buying gift wrap and ribbons and tags
  • wrapping “fake” boxes to have ready to use as decorations
  • purging my Christmas stash
  • letting family know that this Thanksgiving we are taking Christmas pictures (this get postponed this year, so no family pictures. Boo-Hoo!!!!!)
  • finding great Christmas ideas on Pinterest and making a Christmas 2023 board
  • Making personal gift tags
  • making a tutu for Emma Kate and Amira
  • planning a cookie exchange
  • planning a girl’s Christmas luncheon
  • buying a few gifts and putting them where I can find them for next year. Here’s a tip… take a picture of the and where you put them.

Start today! Put pen to paper or use a site like Air Table and start planning and start by doing one thing!!! Enjoy the process, enjoy your home and enjoy the season all year!!!!!

Hugs and Blessings,









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  1. I received a Coca-Cola box similar to your 7UP box. It has been out in the shed because I had no idea what to do with it. Thanks for giving me an idea on how to use it! I will be bringing it in today and planning on using it as I start to get ready to decorate for the holidays.

    1. I’m thrilled you will be using that vintage treasure in your home!

      1. Elaine Hewitt says:

        Love your lovely site! DId you make the little boxwood wreaths featured in some of your pictures? Could you share how to make them? Thanks!

  2. Thanx for all of the ideas. Working on cards as we speak.

  3. Linda Lubach says:

    Like you, Christmas is my favorite time of year. I did want to let you know, that at Thanksgiving dinner last year, I made your stuffed pumpkin (actually 2) and they were a feast to look at AND eat. Thanks again

  4. I love the fireplace adorned with roses and fresh green. It is a switch up from all things pine! I’m going to have to do a variation on it for the holiday this year. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thanks so much for this post. I am now having the Christmas celebration at my home. I work full time out of the house and care for my son and aging parents. This is a great place for me to start so the family traditions don’t get forgotten.

  6. Thanks for getting me stimulated for the holidays. There is no reason to leave it to the last minute. I have the whole family this year, so I better start planning. I always use some of your ideas and love them.

  7. I didn’t even read through all the ideas but I will keep this post and go back to it throughout the season! So many great ideas that I know will help me over the next two months. I am so thankful that I have an organized friend to help wish-I-was-organized me!! I am looking forward to a wonderful holiday season!!

  8. Sherry Pelle says:

    Great tips Yvonne! I love, love, love them!

  9. Bonnie Trott says:

    Reading this article makes me want to put up the tree and put on Christmas music! You are very organized with your holiday planning, much more than I. I follow the advise of Christmas cards. I handwrite my cards. I make attempt at calligraphy on each. It’s fun. I’m starting my list if holiday things to do today. Thanks for the nudge.

  10. I am going to start getting ready this weekend. Thanks!

  11. Ann Black says:

    You are super organized! Keep those decorating ideas coming!

  12. I love how organized you are! Thanks for sharing your great tips!

  13. I just saw your porch on the Country Living site via Decorology!

  14. Like you, I do a few cards a day with all supplies next to TV remote.
    I HAVE to plan ahead bc of lead time for ads in our local, biweekly paper. I place a animal shelter angel tree ad so I must have my trees ready and tree locales lined up before newspaper is read.
    We’re trying your breakfast casserole this year

  15. Great ideas to make your holiday easier and more organized, however, I must disagree with one idea. I do not put my fall decorations away. This is my favorite time of the year. I love the fall greens, golds, maroons, and reds. I live all year to enjoy
    the colors and richness of fall, so I do not put my fall decorations away till the day after Thanksgiving. I enjoy the colors till the very
    last minute, then get out the Christmas decorations.

  16. Great ideas, Yvonne! Like you, I’m already at Christmas here for website and blogging purposes {I’m writing articles and doing photoshoots for Valentine’s Day already for the magazines!} so crazy. But your tips are fantastic, I always learn how to be more organized from you.

    I am looking forward to the magic you spin for Christmas, your home makes me happy to see, loved, personal, and filled with family and friends, I know it is a cozy haven for all who are fortunate enough to visit you. xo Lidy

  17. I am like you. When November 1st gets here it is time to start Christmas decorating. It is my favorite time of the year. One of the fist things I put up is my Dept. 56 houses with snow and streets. My grand children have always loved it. If something breaks we just glue it back . I love to see their faces when it is all turned on with the lights.

  18. Great tips. I will use them and hopefully stay sane this season!

  19. Great tips, I think I’ll start today.

  20. Yvonne, the best tips ever! You can’t start too soon with all there is to do at Christmas! I like to get my big cleaning out of the way first so thats where I start.

  21. I have my lower level ( basement) decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving. But the Main level the day after, everything is sorted and ready to go up…I enjoy my fall decor until then. Love all your tips and recipes.

  22. Great tips. Instead of waiting, I think I will start my Christmas cards now. Maybe I will start putting away my fall decorations just before Thanksgiving, as I am not hosting this year. Then I can start my Christmas decorating over Thanksgiving weekend. I agree with you about wrapping gifts as you buy them. Wrapping everything at once is a major chore just when time is getting tight to get everything done. A major cause of my holiday stress!

  23. This page is a “keeper”. Great tips and ideas. I put fall out early because I live in Texas and I am always so ready for fall after a very hot summer. Still very warm here….but it looks like fall in my house.
    I am going to start putting things away before Thanksgiving…it will make it easier to put Christmas out.
    Love your thoughts and ideas.

  24. I was so happy to see today’s post. Being Canadian, our Thanksgiving is long past and Halloween being on Monday, it is just about time to tuck Autumn decorations away and transition into winter/Christmas. So many great ideas to give me inspiration.

  25. Avril Crundwell says:

    Thanks soooo much for this post. There was so much helpful information and inspiration. I really needed the organization info. I will purge and not be sentimental. Haha. Merry Christmas!

  26. pamela Lepage says:

    Love all your tips. I read your post on the wrap station ,you are just too cute! Will be pinning this post for reference.

  27. Lori Lockwood says:

    I have a huge Dickens Christmas Village (>70 buildings) that I used to put up every year with my parents. We made a annual happy day of it. Since they passed away some years ago, I hadn’t put the village up. Today reading all the posts on your blog, I realized that it was time for me to do so again, and carry on the tradition with my children and grandchildren. Thank you for writing such a wonderful blog, encouraging me to step outside the comfortable area. You are certainly an inspiration.

  28. Such wonderful tips! Onward to a more organized and stress-less Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  29. You have to be organized.I decorate in stages
    so it doesn’t become overwhelming.I also keep
    a wrapping station in a spare bedroom,it keeps
    the clutter out of sight.

  30. Kymberly Starr says:

    I always try to get my Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving. Everyone expects them early now! I hand write in them all as well and hand address for the same reasons you do.

  31. Shirley Melges says:

    I enjoy your blog. Thanks for figuring out why I don’t get as much done as I used to…..I haven’t been writing my lists like I used to! I also love the fall decor and wait until the week after Thanksgiving to pack everything away and the Christmas boxes come out as I’m putting the others away. Thanks for all the great ideas and links….I will be checking them all out in preparation for the Christmas season.

  32. Great tips Yvonne. The past couple years I have decorated the house, with the exception of the live tree we put in our family room, the week before Thanksgiving. My family usually spends it here, and Christmas at my brothers. This way they can enjoy it along with us. The house is then ready if I host a party in early December or just a small brunch for friends. This year we are decorating early because we will be moving our youngest home grad school early December. Want to enjoy and not rush through the season.

  33. Such a great list!
    Right now I just want to have my carpets cleaned… Lol!
    I do try to get my cards out early. With things at the storage center this year, I am feeling a little less holiday spirit, and being in the rental I thought we would be out of this month.
    I am certain you will get me
    Inspired in due time!

  34. I would love to see meal suggestions such as the night before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving morning breakfast (other than pizza and leftover pizza!)

  35. Thanks for the great list. I’m wondering -is your grandbaby here yet? Oh what joy awaits you! Blessings!

  36. Jane Beckenham says:

    Yvonne, i love your Christmas plan tips. My daughter Anzhela and her husband and new baby are celebrating their first Christmas in their new house this year, so i’m forwarding these tips to her.
    Thank you

    Jane in NZ

  37. Karen Cook says:

    I always ask for Christmas like lists by Halloween–can see that I need to add some more must-dos to the list!

  38. Great list. Wrap as you buy is definitely what I need to do. Tired of Christmas Eve wrapping.

  39. I am feeling that holidays are becoming too staged and structured .It doesn t make sense to me anymore, We celebrate,extend well wishes and are on our best behavior one day a year Too bad we don t celebrate the other 364 days.

  40. Lisa Marutz says:

    Wrap as you buy..such Great advise, but sooooo hard to do! I am going to try harder this year to do it?

  41. So many excellent ideas and tips! Thank you!! And, you have such pretty packages!!

  42. So many great ideas! That you Yvonne for your beautiful and helpful blog. I am excited to put my cards in a basket and get started. I also want to try to bleach some pine cones for decorations. Time to get started and plan to enjoy this wonderful celebration!

  43. Marilyn Finn says:

    Thanks so much for all your great tips. You have a wonderful knack of making decorating simple, but beautiful. I have a folder I always refer to, filled with your ideas and advice.

  44. Theresa Kleinschmidt says:

    Thanks for all the great holiday tips.I can not wait to bring up the totes from the basement and create christmas magic for our three granchildren.

  45. Last year I put candy canes and greenery in white pitcher with a black checked bow just like yours and it was my favorite thing in the kitchen for the holidays. It is the first on my list to do this year. You always have just the right touch and make something simple look gorgeous.

  46. Yvonne! Such great tips. It’s that time of year…!!
    Hugs, Jamie

  47. GwenCondit says:

    All of this I know. But this year I don’t feel,is even normal. My daughter has a baby and I do not drive anymore due to my health so I cannot help her nor visit her. She has not been well so that too weighs on my heart. My husband has major two day surgery Dec 15,16. His vision is limited and with the surgery we would not be able to drive anywhere. My Mom passed away so we don’t get to have our time up north having our own traditional oyster stew. I feel dis-jointed. I feel inadequate in picking out gifts. A task I used to love I no longer have finances to buy them all the stuff I did before. I can’t. So I started a paper what do I want to do at Christmas? I have no direction. I feel lost. My step kids who declared love decided they don’t want to see me. It was awkward. I’d not seen nor heard from them to offend them. I’ve been composing a Bible study on organizing, collecting our thoughts about the gift before we even think of looking for the gift. Lee read Gen 3:15 and we’ve done more verses but just to get us thinking about God making a plan for the woman’s seed–a Messiah that would be bruised in his heel but the serpent eventually squashed on his head. Foreshadow of Jesus already given in Genesis. We will talk about the prophecies that are often known, read in Matthew and Luke and then ask, now you have the gift. It’s been paid for at a high cost. What shall we do with Jesus this Christmas? Maybe when all my lesson plans are complete, I won’t feel so empty about the this Christmas. I like to write a bit in each card too. I hope I’m well enough to make it through the list. I’d like to make an array of my jarred snowglobes. That’s two plans. I’d like to get my oldest a gift. Then three guys. Hmmm. That’s about it. I thank you for your list that has helped me to think things through.

    1. Gwen, Since I can not take you shopping I will pray that everything comes together for you and your family. Use what money you can at the Dollar Tree or Dollar Store. There are lots of and lots of small inexpensive gifts there to show you thought of those that matter. Have a blessed Christmas and a healthy New Year.

    2. Dear Gwen,
      I understand your pain. Earlier this year during a family vacation a huge disagreement ensued so that neither of my boys are speaking to both me and my husband. They are not young, 42 and 46 and to add to that, my daughter in law joined in so that now we only see my grandson. Plus this is not the first time this has happened. For years we’ve been more than generous with all of them. So we will be alone for the holidays-made worse since we moved two years ago to a smaller home for retirement.
      It’s time for the kids to stop expecting to receive from us. Your kids should be giving to you, and paying attention to how you feel. No amount of money can buy a merry Christmas, how people treat one another is most important. I will say a prayer for you tonight and hope that you find the courage to not let others take away your Christmas spirit.

      1. I understand you and Gwen both, Margo. From 5 children at home to just myself in a small apartment is not easy. I love the Lord and serve Him, so He has become even more precious to me and that is really Christmas I know, but am human, too. Of my 5, only 2 speak to me or care. I have a grandson I’ve never seen. So the last paragraph of your comment fits me exactly. I will pray for the two of you right now and wish you both God’s blessings. I cook and make plates for others here in the senior apartments where I live and do what Marilyn below says.

  48. Really enjoy all your ideas because l like to change things up for all the seasons and holidays. Save your emails so I can go back and enjoy them again. Always brings a smile and joy to my day. Thanks

  49. Portia Read says:

    The master plan idea is masterful! Just the idea of Christmas brings butterflies and anxiety. It used to be joyful. Maybe a master Plan would help. So many wushu washy people to plan around. It’s always a major headache. Thanks for the hope of sanity. I’ll get on it early. Love you Yvonne!

  50. I live in so not a Farmhouse but have followed you for a couple of years. Your ideas are great and flexible for other styles. Started on Christmas a few weeks ago, doing many of the things you mentioned. Thanks for great inspiration! Love the tray idea. Will change up to fit a smaller table and maybe do a similar look on the dining.

  51. Bonnie Gutierrez says:

    Yvonne, your tips are practical and efficient! Note to self: reorganize Christmas decorations with early touches in mind.

  52. Yes, this is the year I’m going to try the bleached pinecones!

  53. Great ideas, all of them! I always say that I’m going to start early. I think having it in writing is key. Thanks much!

  54. What great advice. I think the most helpful for me would be making a complete list. Looking forward to Christmas!

  55. I am going to TRY and plan ahead this year and appreciate all your helpful Tips. Love your decorating.

  56. Thanks for the great tips! Perhaps this year since I won’t be gone a week on vacation in December it will be a little less hectic for me, especially if I follow your ideas to start my planning now!

  57. Love following your holiday tips – always get inspiration…love the greens inside rain boots, teacups, pitchers…so many options. Thanks for your inspiration!

  58. grammy goodwill says:

    Love these tips. I was shopping today and told myself on the way home that I need to wrap what I bought tonight. We’re on the same wavelength.

  59. Angie Chadwick says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    As I read your email I was actually planning my Christmas dinner and shopping list ! I am usually a very organised person and thought your tips were great. One year I was not that organised person and decided to return to Australia from Germany where my husband works at different times, 3 days before Christmas! I had a tree and house to decorate, food shopping to buy and then cook dinner for the family with a good dose of jetlag ! A lesson well learned! ?

  60. I sometimes find the perfect gift for someone that will replace a gift that I have already bought and wrapped for that person. To save valuable time identifying said wrapped gift, I always number each gift on its label that corresponds to the number I have written on their gift list. This saves unwrapping similar sized gifts to decipher which gift needs to be returned. I take a picture of the gift (and leave it on my phone) before I wrap it if there’s a chance I’ll need to match it with another gift. i.e. color, style, shape, etc.
    Never too late for a helpful hint when it comes to Christmas!
    Happy Holidaze!!

  61. Diane Wyte says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful list once again! I’m doing a few of the things correctly but this year but I’m in a rental while waiting for my house to finish being built. So decor will be different, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stars made out of clothespins you have at the end of your post. Do you have directions? That’s something I can do here in my smaller space AND carry it forward next year in my new home! Love to make a bunch!!! Thanks for everything you do to inspire, Yvonne!

  62. Love all of these ideas, and many I have already implemented. A few gifts did slip into the house that I haven’t wrapped. On the to do list today! Also, just made a sign for the basement stating, “Be Ruthless, Don’t Be Sentimental.” That will help get rid of many boxes of decorations that I no longer use, but still hold onto.Love the Airtable app suggestion. That might really help a list maker like me. Do you still bullet journal and use the Airtable app for organization? Looking forward to seeing all of your Christmas posts coming up!

  63. Great article ! On my FB page Christmas on a Budget I have been going over how to prepare your home for the holidays and have included a lot of organizing and thinning out of what you have and taking inventory !

  64. Holliday Johnson says:

    What a fantastic post! I am all over this!!

  65. Doroth Galvan says:

    We have our traditional taco supper on Christmas night. We host our 3 children with spouses and children. The vegans and vegetarian, as well as the carnivores are happy with a variety of fillings and toppings that we provide. Rice and beans, with some variations fill out the menu. We end with a veritable dessert buffet. I tried to change this plan one year and some were disappointed and I had to make several main dishes to meet everyone’s dietary needs. We have our traditional lasagna dinner at my D-I-L’s on Christmas Eve and all the children go to their spouse’s families earlier on Christmas Day. It’s nice knowing all these plans ahead of time.

    1. YUM! I love an easy dinner for Christmas Eve! And love that it is a tradition in your home! I just might steal that idea, Dorothy!

    2. Carol Benchouia says:

      Yes, we’ve started a tradition with tamales and chili on Christmas Eve! We’re a non-pork family, so I need to find them early (it’s a hunt!) and freeze them! We have all the trimmings too! Our son-in-law has Hispanic roots, so I know he appreciates this as he has no family left. For Christmas dinner, I make Algerian couscous and meat pastries. Appeases that side of the family! I make all my mom’s cookie recipes, so my American roots are satisfied!

  66. Thank you for all your wonderful suggestions!

  67. I have solved the longtime problem for my children and grandchildren in buying a Christmas and other occasion gifts for me. When I see something I want . I purchase it. It become a gift item. I leave the price tag on the item. These items are on shelves in a spare closet. I put a pretty sack on the inside door knob of the closet. Each person can pick the item they want to give me for the occasion. ONE I LIKE AND ONE THEY CAN AFFORD. No shopping needed, no exchange necessary. If they want to give me a gift of love , for my pleasure, some time during the year, they can stop at the store and make the purchase. no pressure just a happy occasion. No stress for the holidays. It has worked great for me over the years.

    1. What a great idea, Margaret! A gift closet to shop from. ?

    2. Carol Benchouia says:

      My kids know…candles make mom happy!

  68. This is exactly what I needed this morning and it has helped me to decide when to begin
    my Christmas decorating….earlier this year! Love the ideas.

  69. What is your source for the boxwood wreathes in this post? Also, I had posted a comment a few weeks ago asking about an apple version of the baked oatmeal. I found one that I really like. It’s in a blog called Budget Bytes. She has many awesome recipes and they are also budget-friendly.

    1. I love Budget Bytes and have featured their recipes on StoneGable. I find my boxwood wreaths on Amazon.

  70. Agnes Hamilton says:

    I bake my cookies early and freeze. Thaw and decorate when ready to serve…

  71. I want to share my tip for Christmas planning. Back in 2011 I purchased a little decorative notebook and started a Christmas journal. The front pages were used for my Christmas lists followed by to do lists that were organized by the week and then days during Christmas week. I kept a list of all the events for both November and December even jotting down what I planned to wear. As I did my shopping, I kept track of the cost. I used a page for the menu of whatever celebration I hosted. I kept track of how many pounds of prime rib used to serve how many guests, etc. at the end of each season I left notes for the next year. Having all this information in one place is extremely helpful. The second half of the journal I used to actually “journal” small bits of thoughts which sometimes got me through difficult times. In today’s world of technology, I find my little journal an easy and comforting friend that reminds me of good times past, difficult hurdles we overcame even during the celebrations of the season, and a roadmap to go forward with each new year.

    1. You are my hero Margo! I love that idea! I do something similar but digitally. But I would really love to have something tangible in my hands. This will be a lovely thing to pass down!

  72. I wish I could be as organized as you are. I will try and remember some of these tips while I am shopping. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family and a blessed new year.

  73. Great article. Could you give sources for your cream xmas tree, cream bottle brush trees? I bought the west elm ones after I saw yours.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Debbie, The white/cream Christmas tree came from a local shop called Cocalico Designs and the bottle brushes I found on Amazon over the years.

  74. Debbie Atchley says:

    Merry Christmas Yvonne! I always love stopping into your blog for the beauty of your posts and the great ideas that I can copy. In fact of all the blogs I cruise, yours is my go to for ideas and recipes and I want to thank you for all you share with us. Over the years I have followed you, your site has unfortunately become littered with annoying advertisements. It is a sad distraction from the beauty of your blog. But I realize that’s where the $$ is….

  75. I purged unwanted Christmas decor when the totes were brought up. That way a family in need has them for this year’s Christmas. This year, I decorated in white & gold with deer. Next year, I think I’ll go with white & silver with lots of stars. I’ll be on the lookout for stars in the after Christmas sale. Thanks for the reminder!
    I always buy my paper & cards after, so I can buy the best quality I find. Nothing beats good wrapping paper!
    The rest I leave for the following year as I never know what gifts the kids or grandkids might want as needs/wants change.
    Have a Merry One Yvonne!

  76. Barbara Warner says:

    I love your plan to get ready NOW for next Christmas. You have mentioned many of the things I’d like to do – brunch, cookie exchanges, a night supper for friends, some times these do not all get done because I’m not ready. I am taking notes now for next year as you suggest. Thanks so much for the inspiration throughout the year.

  77. You’ve inspired me! Going to the store right now to see what I can buy, on sale, for next year color scheme! Navy and gold!! Happy New Year!

  78. Mother of 3 says:

    I definitely find planning early helps! This time of year I’m often stocking up on discounted wrapping paper, tags, ribbon etc. and I do start putting a list together of who to buy for along with some ideas of what to get them.

  79. Thank you for inspiring us to prepare early for the next year’s Christmas. You are such and inspiration. All your ideas are very helpful and I’m so excited to follow it.

  80. I miss your recipe posts!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Good news Mary! They are all still on my blog. Go to the top of the page (under the StoneGable name) and hover over the word MENUS. You will see a drop down box with all my recipes listed by season! There are a ton of them to choose from.

  81. Planning and prepping for next year is a good idea. I’ll have to look at your Air Table idea.
    I always can use more greenery. So the sales are helpful in getting the best deals.
    Your white holiday trees are so pretty. I think maybe next year I’ll add some more lighted houses or ceramic trees.

    Happy Holidays Yvonne!

    1. Happy New Year, Lori! I love my little trees! I’m sure this type of collection will look so pretty in your home too!

  82. Debbie Barkley says:

    Please share where I can find faux greenery . I am going to refresh mine during the winter months Always love your arrangements Thank you. Have many blessings in this new year

    1. Hi Debbie I have no one spot I buy faux greens. I do like Pottery Barn and Alfloral online. Hope this helps. Happy New Year.

  83. Linda Wolf says:

    I can so relate to not finding the gifts you buy early ! I still cannot find my son-in-law ‘s and grandsons Christmas pajamas. I’ll be early for next year! If they ever surface. Happy New Year ! Linda W

  84. Some really great tips. I have 2 projects that I bought all the supplies for and never got around to. I put all the supplies in clear bags and will be working on them as soon as I get all my Christmas stuff put away properly. That being said, I love those clothespin snowflakes. Did you just paint and glue? Or do you have a texture on them as well? I’ll probably add a little low luster glitter. I LOVE glitter! Thanks! And Happy New Year!

    1. I painted them and then glued the pieces together. It’s an easy and fun project.