Holiday Pinecone Cheeseball 


Holiday Pinecone Cheeseball 

Make your holiday festivities more special and your guests delighted with this beautiful holiday pinecone cheeseball. Choose from three different cheese recipes,

Grab your Ingredients

cream cheese


and more...

Shape your cheeseball for a realistic-looking pinecone.

Step 1

Toast the almonds for 5 minutes. Add to the cheeseball starting at the tip of the pinecone and work either side to the edge.

Step 2

Start the next row right above the row before.

Step 3

Make the cheese spread in a food processor. Garnish with fresh herbs and cranberries.

Step 4

Cooking Tips

- Shaping your cheeseball is the most important thing for a realistic-looking pinecone. - Refrigerate the cheesballs for two hours before decorating.

Holiday Pinecone Cheeseball 



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