Organic elements and Christmas go together naturally.
And one of my very favorite places to see natural Christmas decorations is Williamsburg.
Williamsburg looks it’s most beautiful this time of year. Decked out in Yuletide finery and brimming with good cheer, it is a true study of decorating with naturals.
Greens, fruit, magnolia leaves, dried florals and pods of all varieties are twisted and turned into beautiful wreaths, swags and corners.

Simple designs with vibrant colors make a big show on white backgrounds.

An unusual mix of organics gives a big visual punch. Dried artichokes, red peppers and other greenery make this natural display a winner.

Unexpected elements mixed with greens catch our imaginations and curiosity.
Card sharks must frequent this establishment. Cards folded and fanned adorn this clever and creative wreath. Dried apples formed into rosettes and cotton fluff add more detail.
A cobbler’s shop uses salt dough figures of a cat and some mischievous mice to tell a whimsical story on this wreath. A leather shoe that has been commandeered by a little mouse sits on the windowsill to continue the story.
Natural leather signs and balls of cotton twine add to the organic feel.

The mice have gotten into the house… so cute!

This wreath outside historic Chownings Tavern is adorned with small silver beer mugs, wheat tops and hops. It cleverly gives a nod to the libations inside.

Horseshoes, hunt horns and stirrups!
Look at the creative way this equestrian lover combines their love of horses with Christmas decorating. There is so much personality in this natural design! Make sure you take one of the apples to your favorite horse.

Whether humble or majestic, decorating with naturals is a festive and traditional way to decorate for Christmas.
Let the Merry season begin…
I am participating in SEASONAL SUNDAYS with my good friend The Tablescaper. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas over there!
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    Yvonne, thank you for the memories! We used to live in Newport News–just a “stone’s throw” from Williamsburg and went often. We loved it at Christmas with the gorgeous natural wreathes, the warming pots, the wassail, the groaning board dinner at Christiana Campbell’s, a cup of ale at Chowning’s–I’m going to pull out my Williamsburg Guide Book and cookbooks and continue this nostalgic trip.

    Happy decorating to you. Can’t wait to see what you do.


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    Beautiful pieces. I used to make balsam wreaths and 150′ of roping (garland) every year for my split rail fencing. Decorated with bows and lights it was quite striking. Thanks for rekindling the memories. Happy Holidays!

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    Well you hit my decorative Christmas nerve with the beautiful Williamsburg pictures Yvonne. I have spent a few Christmas holidays admiring all the beautiful decorations there and your pictures make me want to get in the car and head east right now. I am a sucker for ANY Williamsburg, I was there this summer as a side trip headed north to BWI but it was in the 90’s and I thought I was gonna pass out, certainly not as charming as Williamsburg at Christmas. Anyway, thanks so much for the beautiful start to the holiday season.

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    I love these, Yvonne. The first one and the one with the silver mugs are my two favorites. I love all the natural elements. I’m ready to make a wreath today! Sometimes I like to hang just a simple evergreen wreath too with nothing else. I love the different textures and just like to enjoy the lovely smell. Take care!

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    I would love to see WIlliamsburg this time of year! All of the wreaths are stunning! I love to add fruit to the greenery on my mantel and I would really love it if I could get some of those magnolia leaves shipped up to me! lol!

    Beautiful pictures, Yvonne!


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    Oh, I love Williamsburg! I’ve always dreamed of visiting during the Christmas season – and someday I will!! Thank you for glimpses of the natural beauty there.

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    This was just beautiful!!! My favorite was the horse shoe wreath!!! And BTW your Woodland Tablescape… I’m in heaven!!

    Love Carissa

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    I love every single one of those wreaths and door swags…wouldn’t it be lovely to have a collection as beautiful as that! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous eye candy!
    I’m going to try to make a “natural wreath” this season!

    Miss Bloomers

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    I love Williamsburg too, a 45 minute drive up the road from where I live! They will have the grand illumination December 5th fireworks start at 6:15 :) It really is a beautiful place to visit at Christmas. In order to participate in the wreath decorating contest, wreaths can only be decorated with “things” that would have been in the area during the 1700’s, thus the playing cards. Happy decorating-can’t wait to see what you do!

    From Virginia

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    I love going to Williamsburg, although I have never seen it at Christmastime! Much of my holiday decorating is inspired by the books I have from Williamsburg. The wreaths in your photos are so creative! I know they used to have a contest each year, and the winning wreath would be on the catalog or even reproduced for purchase, but I don’t know if they still do it. Have a wonderful weekend. Linda

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    I love real greenery and berries for Christmas. Something so lovely and real about them. Thanks for sharing these photos, I think I could reproduce some of these looks on my own!

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    The natural elements wreaths are, by far, my very favorite. They say CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS in ways other wreaths can’t.
    Thanks so much for these beautiful inspirations.

    The bread recipe was googled and if I can find it again, I will pass it on. It didn’t rise very much…more like a french loaf, I think. But the flavor was robust and really good. :)
    Look at ME telling Noah about the flood. You are probably ranked in the TOP 5 BEST COOKS of Blogland.

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    What a wonderfully seasonal post. All the wreaths are lovely, but then anything you post here is gorgeous. Should you want a recipe for the traditional rosette, click on “Christmas rosettes” in my post and you’ll be taken to the original recipe. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings…Mary

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    I am so glad you shared with us your beautiful photography and the lovely natural decorations… I love Williamsburg although I’ve never been there during the holidays, I can imagine how magical it must be. Be blessed.

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    This is my absolute favorite decor. I started my blog just about a year ago and I wrote and Ode to Williamsburg. I have never been there but have always wanted to go. I have a lot of their Christmas decor books. Your photos are just gorgeous. Thanks for taking me there.

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    Yvonne I have been trying to get to Williamsburg for weeks now! We used to go every year when my parents were alive! Thank you for taking me with you through your beautiful photography in case I don’t get there this year.

    Kat :)

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    the best Christmas inspired post I have seen this evening….just lovely…I was in Williamsburg recently but nothing compares to how it looks at the holidays…thank you!

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    Yvonne, how did I miss this post? I love the style and it’s right up my alley. I can’t remember what they use for a preservative, it is clear shoe polish or something? Thanks for the beautiful assemblage of photos…

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