I’ve been diffusing my essential oils non-stop at StoneGable. I love their beautiful, real scents! They make my home smell amazing and lift my mood! Essential oils have so many practical uses, especially during the winter. Today we are focusing on how to make our homes smell clean and cozy and scrumptious! And these blends help lift our mood during the short winter days! I have six new printable winter “recipes” for you to keep on hand and use over and over this winter!

I use Young Living Oils because they have a seed to seal commitment. You can read about it and see a video HERE. As a member, I get very discounted product and access to many other perks. 

Before we get to the winter oil diffusing recipes, let me tell you the best way to get Young Living Oils and all these essential oils. Become a YLO member. You will get this starter kit…

No, we don’t ask you to sell anything! No, you don’t have to spend a minimum. You get a wholesale membership and can purchase Young Living Oils and other essentials at a very discounted price. That’s it! 

Notice the pretty diffuser? And all those amazing oils! I have a few recipes below to diffuse beautiful scents for Winter from the oils in the starter kit! 

Here’s how to get started…

Use # 3098375 at checkout!

You can always buy any of Young Living Oil products separately at any time, but you won’t get them at a discount. Just go HERE and…

Use # 3098375 at checkout!

I’m so thrilled to introduce StoneGable readers to my friend, mentor and amazing lady, Dr. Edie Wadsworth. Dr. Edie blogs at Life In Grace and she is a Dr (Internist) and a big proponent of essential oils. She is quite the expert!!!! You will want to watch this video if you are buying a starter kit or if you are interested in the Starter Kit! She shows us everything in the starter kit and how to USE everything in it! And gives us information and uses for each essential oil!

You will want to pay special attention to THIEVES cleaner. I LOVE it and it is the only cleaner I use in my home! And make sure you listen for the LLP blend! It is amazing and will really help with that “foggy” mind feeling from pollen and other things!

Please let me know when you buy this amazing bargain-of-a-starter kit and I’ll add you to our oh, so informative and fun Facebook group. You will get a great education about essential oils and many many ways to use them. And you can see all the video’s Dr. Edie often publishes.

Now, here are some very nice smelling and mood lifting winter diffusing oil blends…

Click HERE to get a printable copy of the WINTER DIFFUSER OIL BLENDS.

You might like to know my story and how I came to use essential oils HERE.

I hope you make the investment in yourself and your home! If you have any questions about Young Living Oils leave me a comment and add “please contact me” and I’ll reach out to you to answer your questions.


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  1. Karen VanLoo says:

    I am also a Young Living Essential Oil member, they’re simply the best oils. I love to diffuse them and clean with Thieves! Makes my home smell so good.

    1. I can’t imagine I used to spray scented aerosols into the air in my home! And I agree, these make the whole house smell fabulous. I just ordered a car diffuser to use Thieves or Purification in my car.

      1. Karen VanLoo says:

        Oooh! Great idea! A car diffuser!!! I just may have to buy one for myself.

  2. Hello Yvonne!
    I purchased a starter kit about 3 years ago and now I would like a new, cuter diffuser! Could I buy just a diffuser and some individual oils from you or do i have to buy another starter kit?

    1. Great question, Julie! If you have a starter kit you should be able to buy what you need at the discounted price. Go to and find the “virtual office” in the upper right-hand corner of the site. Then put your email address in and if you have forgotten your password follow the directions for getting a new one. If you don’t want to do all that you can get these items directly from me. Just go to, order what you like and use my #3098375 at checkout. If you need more help please email me at and I will be glad to give you a hand.

  3. My niece introduced me to YL oils earlier this year. I have the starter kit and have been purchasing additional oils here and there. I received the car diffuser as a gift and I’m looking forward to using it. I will be trying your diffuser recipes starting today!

    1. Then you know how lovely all the essential oils are. I hope you will try other ways to use them. I LOVE the peppermint to help me ease the effects of a headache and to freshen my breath on the go.

  4. Debra Kerr says:

    Dear Yvonne,
    I hope that you had a wonderful holiday with your family and grand babies.
    Something to be aware of before using essential oils: some of the oils can be toxic to your pets. If they inhale or ingest some oils, they can be deadly. Please do your research before using if you have pets. I would love to use the oils in my home but I can’t take a chance with my 17 year old cat.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Just like many things such as shampoo, cleaners, detergents, plants etc. some essential oils can be toxic to pets. I have a cat and two dogs and I diffuse essential oils and it does not hurt them. Certainly, I would not let the open bottles of oil out. They are very concentrated and when used correctly they can be a great help to us and our homes.

  5. I have been diffusing YL Essentials oils for about 4 years and over the past two years, only use natural, non-toxic, chemical-free products in my home. Don’t forget what we use on our bodies and wash our clothes with. Thank you for all the combination recipes. I love all the same sents you do.
    Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year, Yvonne!
    xo Linda

  6. Nan Johnson says:

    I am considering the starter kit … just what to know the price so it is $160.00 ? is that right ?

    1. Yes, Nan. YOU will LOVE it!!! I’ll invite you to a fabulous private facebook group so you can learn to use everything you get and more!