Ready for another fun Wednesday Weekly Wish List! This is becoming a VERY popular series and I’m thrilled you are finding it not only a fun mid-week post but also very helpful! Let’s get started!

This week I’m first up…


1) I’ve been thinking about great summer reads lately and the best real-life trilogy I have ever read is by Jeanette Walls, The Glass Castle, Half Broke Horses, and The Silver Star. I had the honor of hearing Jeanette Walls speak about overcoming great odds and being better for it. These are excellent books, read them in the sequence she wrote them.

2) We are in what I call the “doldrums of summer”. It is so hot and humid in my neck of the woods. So keeping cool in these hot days is my number one goal! I often exchange my morning coffee for iced coffee. YUM! Here’s how I make a lo-calorie version… Make a strong cup of coffee or two the night before and refrigerate. In the am add flavored coffee creamer and sweetener. That’s it. Nothing fancy but so so good!

3) Do you still iron? I do. Our iron broke and I’m heading to Walmart for a new iron. We have had Rowenta irons forever! So I’m looking at this model. When it comes to irons you get what you pay for!

4) Bobby and I do a fun little activity as we drive. We love to look at the names of streets. We have our favorites like Feather Bed Lane (my fav) and English Creamery Road and Little Goat Hill Road. And some roads make us wonder what they were thinking like Stub Toe Road or Tick Hill Road. Bobby says he could not live on Peony Drive or Lilac Lane. I think he would much rather live on someting like I Got A Huge Stag With One Shot Circle! Thankfully, Tanglewood Drive is one we can agree on!

5) I’m taking a business blogging coaching course right now. OH MY GOODNESS! It is like drinking out of a firehose! I have been blogging for 12 years and I have seen it all! When I first started to blog it was like the wild west! No rules, no blueprint! We all made it up as we went along! But now, it is very regulated and lots of best business practices. You just see the tip of the iceberg when you visit a blog. If you are a blogger I highly recommend this Academy to help you better manage your business. And if you are a reader, I hope this coaching will help me create a better experience for you. And it would be so nice if you would say a little prayer so I can get through this course!

6) I’m a huge fan of Etsy. Etsy is full of small business! And supporting small business is in my wheelhouse. I’ve been looking for fruit watercolors for my kitchen. I love these peaches, this watermelon, and these limes.

7) On The Menu is posted on Friday’s and I make a lot of Air Fryer food. Oh, I love my Air Fryer. You can see it here. There is a few things to know about Air Frying to be successful. You can find out how to Air Fry successfully at Simply Recipes. Here is my favorite Air Fryer recipe ever!

8) I’m thinking about fall already! Actually, I’ll be gently easing all of us into fall on the blog the second Monday in August. And right now I am creating some fun fall home decor. Fall is my favorite season. And Lancaster country is gorgeous in the fall! Here’s the accent color I’ll be using this fall! The pillow makes me swoon! I’m already starting to collect white fall pumpkins like this one. LOVE the faux stem.

9) This is the most beautiful devotional! The watercolored pages are exquisite and only the words of wisdom and truth are better. I give this book as a gift so often!

10) My Instagram account got hacked and held for ransom! Of course, I did not pay the ransom so I lost 38,000 followers and I had to start my IG account all over again. I sure would love if you would follow me. Go here and search for @stonegable_blog. Thanks, thanks, thanks! You are so sweet!


1.) I’ve always wanted to write a post about home measurements, but have never done it. Maybe someday! In the meantime, here is an excellent guide from This Old House. So if you’ve ever wondered how high to hang a robe hook, I’ve got you covered!

2.) If you’ve been thinking about creating a stairway gallery wall, this blog post is full of inspiration!

3.) In this world of blogging, we always have to be three steps ahead. That means preparing for the coming season way in advance. So, believe it or not, I’m already starting to think about fall. (I know…it’s crazy!) I plan to keep things very simple. I’m going to stick with my blues, and sprinkle in russet, gold, and lots of neutrals. I was totally influenced by an ad on Facebook, and I just ordered this table runner. You’ll be seeing it in a few months!

4.) So what do you think about the black staircase featured in this pin? I think it’s beautiful…but I’m not sure I could live with it!

5.) These sandals are my all-time favorite. I’ve been wearing them for years, and have just about every color they make! They have the perfect amount of cushion and are so comfortable.

6.) FAVORITE BLOG ALERT: City Farmhouse. Jen O’Brien, along with her family, is living a modern country life one project at a time. Her style is effortless and so comfortable. Take Jen’s home tour to see her amazing decor up close.

7.) I’m always looking for unique and special gifts to give my grandkids…and also to give as new baby gifts. Take a look at these hand-knitted cardigan sweaters from a darling shop on Etsy. Aren’t they just beautiful? (Click HERE for a size conversion chart.)

8.) I honestly don’t know what’s going on with the Cambridge and Sussex families…but I was very happy to see William and Harry dedicate the Princess Diana Statue together. There was no drama, and the day was quiet and respectful. As it should be.

9.) Sometimes at night, when I can’t sleep, I open YouTube on my iPad and roam around. I recently stumbled on to this video by Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli. It makes me happy every time I listen to it!

10.) Recently on the blog I shared some ideas on how to love your imperfect home. There are just four things, including how to combat comparison, and how to be happy with what you’ve got. 


1. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t hear of someone I know putting their house on the market. What a crazy real estate market we’re in, with everything selling like hotcakes! If you’re contemplating whether to stay or go, I’m having a flash sale on my toolkit, Downsize or Optimize, to help you work through the decision of whether to move or to update your existing home.

2. If you’re not already a subscriber, you might also enjoy my FREE guide, “20 Ways to Update Your Home for Your Changing Lifestyle”.

3. How have we not already talked about flutter sleeve blouses? Like square-toe sandals, it’s another trend that’s impossible to ignore. So flattering and yet flippy and fun… 🙂 I recently got this one and this one. Not gonna lie… I got more than one color.

4. In love with these Instagram accounts: Tuft and Trim and Sanctuary Home Decor and White and Faded.

5. Do you have a morning routine? Mine includes a daily read in this book of philosophy and a relaxing read of one of my two favorite magazines. This is the other one. Then I take my blood pressure. True story.

6. I see Ann included my very favorite music video on her list, so go look at her #9.

7. Last week I mentioned the charming French film, Amelie, but I didn’t get a chance to link to the wonderful soundtrack by Yann Tiersen. If you have Spotify you can listen here.

8. One of my all time favorite products is a moisturizer I’ve been using since I’m 25. My daughter starting doing the same when she turned 25. It’s pricey, but it works amazingly well and I’m afraid to stop using it!

9. This week on the blog we looked at how to welcome overnight guests, I shared this DIY painted clock and revealed part 2 of my kitchen remodel.

10. Whew! I have so many balls in the air, but it feels like nothing’s getting done. I’m still hoping to start the small bath makeover and they finally shipped this vanity! But I haven’t even gotten the tile yet… 

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  1. Yvonne,
    I strongly encourage you to listen to Andrea Bocelli sing with his son Matteo, Fall on Me. It is so beautifully and powerfully done. Perfection. The best song to add to your family’s photo collection you put together in a video. Enjoy!

  2. Jina sheppard says:

    I laid claim to my mother’s tiny iron iron from the 1940’s. It gets super hot and because its small it fits into awkward ironing spaces. I keep my steam iron for everyday ironing. Love to iron!

    1. Oh, wow! I think they are still around because they don’t have so many electronic gizmos!

  3. Barbara C says:

    I still iron quite a bit and usually buy Rowenta irons at Costco. However, one problem with them is that too often their water reservoir is a dark color that is hard to see through, thus making it difficult to determine the water level when you are adding. I have no idea why they do this! Otherwise, I like my Rowenta iron!

  4. Irene Kimball says:

    I had so much fun reading this blog today. I clicked on every one of the links you provided and I even spent some money!! Keep up the wonderful product!!