Most Loved Recipes Of 2023


Most Loved Recipes Of 2023

2023 brought some culinary gems into my kitchen, and these top 10 recipes have become family favorites. All the recipes are easy to make with things from your local grocery store.

These barely baked chocolate chip cookies are such a crowd-pleaser. They are sprinkled with a bit of flaky salt to enhance their flavor.

Recipe 1

Delicious, perfectly seasoned, and crispy tender, these Crispy Air Fryer Potatoes are a perfect side dish for any meal. They do not disappoint!

Recipe 2

This Strawberry Cobbler is a scrumptious, easy-to-make strawberry cobbler dessert made from fresh strawberries three other pantry staples.

Recipe 3

Every bite of this satisfying breakfast casserole is hearty and full of flavor! Make this recipe for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Recipe 4

This beautiful summer-on-a-plate salad uses the best of in-season fruit, veggies, and fresh herbs with creamy Burrata cheese.

Recipe 5

Keep the cider warming on the stove, and it will also infuse your home with its memory-making aroma.

Recipe 6

Strawberry lemon pound cake is an easy-to-make, dense, moist, sweet loaf cake. And all that deliciousness is topped off with a lemony glaze.

Recipe 7

Arugula Salad is a very easy-to-make salad using fresh, peppery arugula, nuts, and shaved Parmesan cheese and drizzled with a puckery lemon vinaigrette.

Recipe 8

Baked Stuffed Pumpkin is an easy recipe to make and impressive to serve. It’s a versatile one-pumpkin dish that uses a hollowed-out pumpkin as a baking vessel.

Recipe 9

Irish Soda Bread is a very easy recipe to make! Buttermilk and baking soda give this bread its rise and a delicious flavor.

Recipe 10

There you are! The Top 10 Most Loved Recipes for 2023! I hope you give them a try in 2024.

Most Loved Recipes Of 2023



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