Fall Porch And Patio Ideas


Fall Porch And Patio Ideas

Transform your outdoor space this fall with creative porch and patio ideas, and welcome the season in style.

So, our fall front porch is all about using different colors and small changes, like a new wreath from year to year!

Idea 1

I used the same doormat and rug as I did last year. The doormat is just so cute!!!!

Idea 2

This year I added a smattering of white baby boo pumpkins to our front porch. The ledge above the front door is a perfect pumpkin perch!

Idea 3

The bench on the left side of our fall front porch gets tons of use… by the UPS or Amazon or Fed Ex guys! This is also a nice spot to have my first cup of coffee in the morning.

Idea 4

There is a little sitting wall on either side of our patio. It’s a great place for planters and pots of seasonal flowers and plants.

Idea 5

Our patio is small. It’s just the right size for an outdoor living room. And now is the most perfect time of the year to use it. Our fall patio gets lots of use!

Idea 6

I have such an easy way to fill the fall planters around our home every year. It had one of those huge AH-HA moments.

Idea 7

I love mums in this chic planter! Happy fall!

Fall Porch And Patio Ideas