Easy Fall Mantel Ideas


Easy Fall Mantel Ideas

One of the first things I do at the beginning of a new season is decorate my mantel. It sets the tone for the rest of the decor in my home.

Go easy on fall mantel decor in August to mid-September. Then start adding things like pumpkins and gourds later in the season.

Idea 1

The wall behind the mantel is prime decorating real estate! So make it count and put something on the wall that is big and pretty and works with the rest of your home.

Idea 2

Grouping three items together will create a very happy synergistic relationship between them and a decorating home run!

Idea 3

Another thing our eyes just love is symmetry. Symmetry is easily described as things that are mirror images.

Idea 4

Asymmetry is when one side of something (like a mantel) looks a bit different than the other side. And often has some of the same elements on both sides.

Idea 5

Even a mantel needs a little breathing room or negative space. You don’t need to decorate the entire mantel.

Idea 6

Here’s a very easy little tip that will up your fall mantel’s good looks! Bring a bit of fall mantel decor down to your hearth.

Idea 7

So next time you see ANYTHING about styling a mantel perk up! You can use these ideas even when you don’t have a mantel!

Easy Fall Mantel Ideas