Decorating Home- Use What You Have


Decorating Home- Use What You Have

Using what you already have to decorate your home is easy and very economical, and smart! The biggest thing holding us back is our mindset.

First of all, it is most important to shop your house! It’s the best way to find items that will look nice in other areas of your home!

Idea 1

Be savvy and choose the items you already have carefully! Some can look better and are easier to incorporate into a room than others.

Idea 2

Paint is magical and my “magic” of choice when it comes to updating the decor in my home. Paint will give an old piece of furniture new life!

Idea 3

How about taking a piece of furniture or an accent from one room to another? I do this a lot! Especially with accent chairs.

Idea 4

If you are still living with any sets of matching furniture in your home, I have the BEST tip for you! Break them up! Divide and conquer your look.

Idea 5

Outdoor items can look amazing inside! I often bring small indoor/outdoor rugs from my porch indoors and use them as accent rugs.

Idea 6

It matters that you create a space that works for YOU! Be happy and content! Change what you can, and be grateful for the rest!

Decorating Home- Use What You Have