Use What You Have To Decorate Your Home

I’ve received many emails recently asking me how to decorate with things you already have. This is such a great question! Today, I have smart and savvy ideas and tips for using what you have to decorate your home.

Using what you already have to decorate your home is easy, economical, and smart! The biggest thing holding us back is our mindset. We sometimes need to think outside the box a little and be willing to take a chance or learn something new.

Shop Your Home

When decorating your home with the decor you already have, it is most important to shop for your house! It’s the best way to find items that will look nice in other areas of your home! This works best if you have a consistent color palette and decor style throughout your home.

Make a list of what you have and where you might want to put the things on your list! It may sound like a bit of extra work, but it will pay off big time! Or better yet, take pictures of things you have to decorate your home and put them in files on your phone or computer.

Knowing which things in your home will look great used in new and fresh ways and which items won’t is decorating gold.

Decorating your home on a budget and using what you have is all about the thrill of the decorating hunt, my friend!

Accent decor or small items like throw pillows, table lamps, family photos in attractive frames, and faux greenery are examples of decor that can easily be moved to different rooms to give them a new look.

Be savvy and choose the items you already have carefully! Some can look better and are easier to incorporate into a room than others.

Give The Decor You Have A New Look

a wall clock that was painted white to give it new life.

I love, love, love using the decor I already have in new and fresh ways. And I almost always tweak it in some way. Decorating your home with things you already have will give you an opportunity to rescue and restore your furnishings! 

Interior designers know paint is magical. Paint is my “magic” of choice when it comes to updating the decor in my home. A fresh coat of paint will give an old piece of furniture new life!

I’ve painted chairs, clocks, tables, pillows, legs of soft furnishings, curtains, buffets, garden stools, mirrors, coat racks, and more! And sometimes things get painted and repainted again.

Learn how to paint furniture. Start small, like a picture frame or a chair. YouTube has many great videos showing you how to use paint. 

Second to painting, slipcovering, and reupholstering works to change the look and livability of what we have. I’ve let fabric work its magic on accent chairs, sofas, benches, dining room chairs, and more!

Learn how to paint furniture. Start small, like a frame or a chair. YouTube has many great videos that show you how to use paint.

Second to painting, slipcovering, and reupholstering works to change the look and livability of what we have. I’ve let fabric work its magic on accent chairs, sofas, benches, dining room chairs, and more!

Use Books As Decor

book as a riser for a white bowl

Don’t let your books sit around collecting dust in their dust jackets! Put them to work. Use a little creativity and make them important decor items in your home.

Stack books as risers. Display your favorite books in a bookshelf or bookcase. Use books when you need a little filler decor. Show off books on your flat surfaces. People can’t help leafing through a coffee table book on a well-appointed coffee table. Books are fun ways to add your personality and preferences to your home.

A good book is more than something to read!

The Ultimate Guide: Decorating With Books You Have And Love is full of savvy and simple ways to use books in decor.

Move Furniture From One Space To Another

How about taking a piece of furniture or an accent decoration from one room to another? I do this a lot! Especially with accent chairs. Because the color palette and style of each room here at Tanglewood are pretty similar, I can easily change out furniture.

I also move around lamps, pillows, bowls, trays, side tables, drink tables, baskets, flowers, plants, mirrors, and more! I’ve even moved a living room sofa to our sunroom and a settee from our bedroom to the dining room. Taking furniture from one space and adding it to another will make a huge difference in a room.

We will talk about smaller items you have to use in fresh ways later in the post.

Divide and Conquer

If you still have sets of matching furniture in your home, I have the BEST tip for you: Break them up! Divide your matchy furniture up, and your entire room will look more beautiful and different.

Matchy-matchy is a hard style to update if you are not willing to break up the matched set.

I know many of you, like me, have purchased a dining room set. And you probably spent a fortune decades ago, right? If you love your set and the look of things that match, you can skip over this part.

But I have the answer if you are aching for a new look! You don’t have to replace all the furniture! Just some of it!

How To Rescue Matchy Matchy Furniture

Think about keeping a piece or two, maybe the bigger, most expensive piece, and replacing some or the rest of the set.

Here are some examples…

  • In the dining room, keep the table, buy second-hand chairs in different styles and paint them all the same color, or paint the chairs you have all the same color and reupholster them (I did this)
  • Use the bottom part of your china cabinet and get rid of the top. Now you have a buffet. If you are not using the displayed dishes, think about letting them go too. Maybe paint the buffet or refinish it.
  • If you only have a matching buffet, paint it (I did this too)
  • Let go of your head chairs and buy updated upholstered ones (I did this). Or use those chairs in another room.
  • You can keep the sofa or the loveseat of a matching set in the living room, but not both. Maybe reupholster the one you keep. Then, buy two new chairs (or borrow them from another room in your home) to replace the piece you get rid of.
  • If you have matching end tables, you might consider using one in another room in your home and replacing it with an updated floor lamp. End tables also work great as nightstands.
  • Use end tables from the living room or family room in the bedroom and repaint or refinish them to work with your bedroom’s color palette.
  • Use a long coffee table from your living room as a bench at the bottom of your bed. Make a padded cushion for the top of it to coordinate with what you have. (I love this idea)

Bring The Outdoors Inside

Outdoor items can look amazing inside! I often bring small indoor/outdoor rugs from my porch indoors and use them as accent rugs. They’re so pretty, and they add a punch of color to my neutral home.

The pom pom pillow in the image above is from my back patio. I often bring it indoors to put on a sofa or a chair. I’m such a fan of using my outdoor pillows indoors and planters and even my outdoor bench inside! Be creative!

A pair of side tables and a bar cart, all outdoor furniture, are permanent fixtures inside my home!

Bring in your outdoor furniture during the cold months and use it in your home.

Use Your Textiles In Creative Ways

If you are like me, you have lots of pillows, throw blankets, scarves, and blankets! People who love to decorate also love to collect textiles. There are plenty of ways to use them all over your home.

Here are examples of things you can do with textiles you already have:

  • Cover a dining room or kitchen table with a sheet or decorative throw as a tablecloth.
  • Use dishtowels as cute cafe curtains.
  • Mismatch pillows for a perfectly imperfect look that is so popular right now
  • Arrange throw blankets on a decorative ladder
  • Layer several throws over the back of a sofa
  • Use a tablecloth or blanket to upholster chair seats or a small bench
  • Make pillows out of old tablecloths or curtains

Create A Focal Point

Use decor you have to create a focal point in your home. Create a gallery wall with photographs, art, free printables, collected paraphernalia, or other things that are personally important to you. Corral decor in a basket to create a show-stopper vignette. Style vases, urns, pots, and containers to create a focal point on a table by styling a real or faux flower arrangement in them.

Put what you already have to good use, and create a focal point for the room in your home.

Change Up Accents

We’ve been talking a lot about larger pieces of furniture, but accent furnishings are perfect for changing things up in your home. You can make little changes when you decorate your home with what you have, such as vignettes, lamps, mirrors, pillows, and throws, right now! And these changes have a big impact!

At the Tanglewood House, decor like urns, vases, baskets, pillows, and trendy items fly from one room to another, to the basement, and back almost daily!

Changing out small decor items in our homes is the easiest way to give a room a new look. Think about using items from one room to give them new life in another. This is such a smart way to decorate with what you have!

Just like you can give furniture new life by painting it or reupholstering it, you can do the same for accent pieces!

I am obsessed with covering books! My fabric of choice is burlap, but lately, I’ve been covering books with napkins. Yes, napkins. See How To Cover Books With Torn Tissue, another super fun and easy way to use books as decor.

Burlap books go with my style. They add texture to my decor and have such a nice uniform, unbusy look! I’ve also painted books too! And I can still use them! What a big decor win/win!

You can see how I cover books HERE and paint books HERE.


Burlap books go with my style. They add texture to my decor, and have such a nice uniform, unbusy look! I’ve also painted books, and I can still use them! What a big decor win/win!

You can see more ways to cover books HERE and paint books HERE.

Here is an old lamp I almost gave away to my kids. I gave it new life by using napkins and decoupage medium.

You can see this easy DIY HERE.

Think about giving things you love, like books, baskets, urns, and pottery, a new look with a coat of paint or covering them with something to work with your decor. Again, this is using what you have to decorate your home gold!

Take A Second Look At Your Window Treatments

buffalo check curtains in the dining room

Think about updating the drapes you already have. If your curtains are puddling on the floor, hang them higher by moving the curtain rod closer to the ceiling. This is the best way to make the curtains look fresher.

I recently moved the curtains in our bedroom into our dining room. This instantly made our dining room look happier and more attractive. You can see the curtains in the dining room HERE.

Edit What You Have In A Room

Sometimes, creating an attractive room is not about what you put in it. It’s what you can take out of it.

Most home decorators overdecorate. When you can’t figure out why a room looks tired, out of style, or off, it just might be that you have too much stuff in it. Try removing a few things. It’s a great way to make a room look less cluttered, more spacious, and updated. 

Facing A Hard Truth: Sometimes Something Might Need To Be Replaced

If you want a fresh look, an outdated or worn-out sofa you already have may not be the best choice if you want an attractive room. It is much harder to disguise.

Adding great pillows and throws will help, but a sofa is a big piece of furniture. And if it is upholstered in a patterned or bold-colored fabric, it might be very hard to use as is. It’s sort of like trying to put lipstick on a pig. Better to reupholster or get a new piggy!

The reality of decorating your home with what you have is that not everything can be used. It’s better to save up for big-ticket items and replace them with neutral-colored furniture because it will stand the test of time and look good with almost every color and style. Sometimes, we can’t use all the furniture we already have.

Be savvy and choose the items you already have carefully! Some can look better and are easier to incorporate into a room than others.

Here’s a rule of thumb…

The larger the item and the more of a focal point it is, the harder it is to use if it is outdated or worn out.

This is a good rule to keep in mind!

One easy way to find unique decor pieces is to peruse a thrift store, flea market, or estate sale. These are great places to find a unique piece and inexpensive furniture or decorative objects. Although thrifted pieces may not be family heirlooms, they have that time-honed look and feel. 

About Our Homes


Our homes are our sanctuary- a safe place away from the noise and clutter of the outside world, a place of comfort! It’s so important to create a space that is uniquely yours. It really does not matter what is on trend, in style, or the best- not at all! What matters is YOU and your family.

It matters that you create a space that works for YOU! Be happy and content! Change what you can, and be grateful for the rest!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 3 5 7 rule?

This is the rule of odds. Our eyes love things in odd numbers. Three is called the magic number in interior design. Grouping three things together is very attractive to us. So when you decorate, use things in odd numbers.

What is the 80/20 rule?

This rule is all about creating beauty and balance in a room. It states that 80 percent of a room should be neutral in color, and 20 percent should be other colors that work together with your neutral color palette. Watch the undertones in decor. Make sure they work together.

What is the 70 30 10 rule?

This is another rule about color. This rule states that 70 percent of a room should be one color, 30 percent a secondary color, and 10 percent an accent color. Remember to watch undertones and make sure they work together.

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  1. Ann Light says:

    I love this because it’s about sustainability! It’s about collecting things we love, that speak to us, and using in a new way to reignite that first love once they are well used and seen so many times. Great ideas – thank you.

  2. Thanks so much for the great advice. I will be using some of your amazing ideas. I love my home, but sometimes it can feel a bit stale. These are wonderful ideas to wake up my home. Thanks again and blessings to you.

  3. Your ideas are inspiring and I am thinking of mixing up the bedroom furniture. I painted a headboard black in a guest room with a new spread and I like it. Now to tackle my main bedroom.

  4. Julie Briones says:

    Great tips, as always, my friend! 😉

  5. I swapped out my bed for an upholstered one and that made a welcome change. I now have to get up the courage to paint my night tables. I’m so afraid of ruining them in the process.
    I’m going to get busy today switching decor items up from different rooms to create new vignettes. I’m like the pieces I have but am bored with the way they are displayed. Thank you for the kick start!

    1. If you are afraid of paint start on something small. There are so many pretty ways to paint and embellish furniture!

    2. Joanna, maybe changing the hardware if you’re afraid to paint. Will make a world of difference.

  6. Kathy Menold says:

    Shopping my home has two benefits.Gives my rooms a fresh look and makes me find things that I need to donate because I really don’t love them anymore. Great time to purge.

  7. I love finding new places for old furniture or accessories. Make me feel like I’ve been shopping!

  8. I’m right there with you Yvonne.Can’t really move furniture around, but am painting accent pieces to give them new life.Heading toward neutrals with a lot of black and white.Also a good time to donate items.

  9. tonya schoepf says:

    Could you tell me where you got the cute blue lumbar pillow with white band and white stripes with knots?

  10. Karen VanLoo says:

    Great tips, Yvonne! I’m also a believer in investing in some good pieces of furniture that won’t go out of style quickly, and finding good deals on decorations at places like Home Goods to freshen up my home and keep up with changing taste and styles. I don’t spend a lot of money on something I know in a few years I’ll get tired of. Last fall I purchased the most beautiful cabinet for my kitchen, it is now my favorite piece in the home and I get so many compliments on it. That was an investment I will keep for years. Then I change things around inside as I want to, and for holidays and seasons. I’m about to tackle painting my bedroom furniture. It’s going to be changed from solid black to white and slightly distressed. I know I’ll love it! I love to paint.

      1. Karen VanLoo says:

        Thank you! I learn so much from you.

  11. Hello. Where did you get the accent chair with the silver nailhead? thanks and love your blogs. Read them all.

  12. Kim @Serving Up Southern says:

    Hi Yvonne! I love all of your ideas on using what you have to decorate. I practice myself as it’s so refreshing to see how different you can make your home look just by moving things you already have around. I wanted to let you know that I featured you this week on Homestyle Gathering. Thank you for coming over and joining our party. I hope you’ll join us again this week.

  13. Great advice! I live in a small cottage style modern ranchers house I love, and a full hutch and buffet would overwhelm the dining area, which is a spot and not a room. My living, dining, and kitchen are open to each other (the kitchen is open on one side to the dining area which is blended into the living area). I have a small, really cute gem of a dining table that I found at a thrift store, and I am using an old wood dresser with metal wheels, from the 1930s, with a cute plank style top (everything except drawer pulls is original) as my “buffet.” I put four gray chairs around my dining table. I put a mirror above my dresser buffet, which looks far better here than a traditional hutch and buffet would.

    I have been checking out your blog and like how you are decorating your home and the solid advice. I am going to keep checking out what cute stuff you continue to do!

    1. Tracie, you are my kind of girl! I love an eclectic, curated look! YOU GO GIRL!

  14. Thank you for some really great ideas. Things are going to be changing this summer.

  15. Terry S Haskell-McDonald says:

    I found your website a couple of months ago and I am totally addicted. I am constantly updating and arranging things in my home. I am using many of the tips that you suggest. Right now I am in a huge purge and update post a kitchen renovation with a living room, dining room update too. I wish I had seen your site before I picked rugs for my living room and dining room.
    Do you have suggestions for decorating a round kitchen table? I find that we can’t have things too big and tall but I like to always have something in the middle. You have a round basket tray on one of your tables. Where did you get that?
    Do you ever have people send you photos and do you help them update and suggest changes? Can anyone hire you to help decorate or use what people have? I just love your style!
    Thanks for all the great info!

  16. I wanted to dress up the stairway to our basement and I did it with minimum cash outlay. I already had an antique cabinet minus the door with shelving, an antique wooden box that I hung on the wall, and several framed prints of the Irish countryside that I had for over 20 years. My only real purchase was a $30 little wooden board with black hooks on it. I was going to make one, but it was actually cheaper to buy it from Home Depot. My colors are cream, golden yellow and green. I hung 3 of the over 100 baseball caps that my husband has hanging on the basement rafters – they are all the golden color. The only other purchase was $6 worth of flowers from the Dollar Store that I arranged in the antique wooden box. I wanted to buy a couple of the wooden tobacco baskets, but didn’t want to go to a store, so I hung a thick woven highly textured placement instead. It is so cute. Total cost $36! I used a few accessories I had to stage the antique cabinet. It’s bright and cheery.

  17. Tgank you for sharing all your ideas and faith
    I am looking at jute style area rugs. What should I be looking for in quality. Edges etc?
    Thank you

    1. That’s a BIG question, Cynthia! It really depends on where you are using the rug and how much wear and tear a rug will get. There are all kinds of natural fiber rugs. Sorry, I just can’t answer your question because I really don’t know what you are looking for. Maybe this would be a great post!

  18. Advice…how to paint bedroom furniture that cannot be moved out of the room. New house with new carpet ! Help!!

    1. The best thing to do is to put large painting tarps under the furniture and be careful! Congratulations on your new home!

  19. Nancy Jackson says:

    Under “Bring the outdoors in” heading you have some beautiful pillows shown. Can you advise where you sourced these?
    I find your decorating extremely helpful!
    Thank you, Nancy

    1. Nancy these are a mix of annuals and perrenials. There are oak leaf hydrangeas, knockout roses, salvia, purple verbena and clippings from a bush on the side of our house, but I don’t know what it is. Hope this helps.

  20. Debra Johnson says:

    Love the Southern Bottler ottoman! Where did you find this piece?❤️

  21. Mary McGill says:

    Hi Yvonne, can you please tell me where you bought that darling very narrow table next to you couch in the living room. Perfect size and very different. Thank you, Mary

  22. I think often we go buy more stuff first, but we may love our homes more using what we have. I see people shopping buying cartfuls of decor, but I think that can be the desire for new things when maybe at home they actually have prettier items they don’t have displayed to the best advantage. I donated more “cutesy clutter” type stuff, and I feel like it was donating rather than buying that helped me to get the house more so how I want it. I also tried to aim for “Is this my FAVORITE of something, or just an item I LIKE?”. I only want my favorites and not a million things. I have also loved plants being here more than I have ” more decor items.”.

  23. CarolBinTX says:

    I typically gut and clean at least one room in my house each month. This includes deep dusting (moving furniture away from the walls to get back into the baseboards and corners), cleaning windows, cleaning the floors, cleaning out closets (sometimes those are rooms in and of themselves) So, I end up doing this in each room about twice a year (ok, sometimes only once per year). When I do this, the ideas just spark! I take things out, bring things in, move things around. This sometimes causes havoc in other rooms, but it really works. I don’t even have to exercise on these days because it’s a workout! I did this yesterday in my bedroom. I didn’t spend a dime other than the cleaners that I used and my time!

  24. Great post as usual. I love your (I have done this)! I have done most of them too. When I think of changing something up with paint, fabric, etc, I just think to myself “it isn’t working for me now, so what do I have to lose?” And I usually love the new version. I have moved furniture, etc inside & outside & room to room (thankful I have a 1 story house now, I used to move major stuff up & down stairs!) Happy tweaking, everyone!!!!!!

  25. Great tips. I’m a huge fan of decorating with what you already have. Blessings to you.

  26. Beverly Mendoza says:

    I absolutely adore you!! Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge and information with us! I enjoy reading the emails and learning not only about decorating and gardening, but also about our Heavenly Father! You are a true blessing to me and to Jesus!! Thank you for sharing what you know and believe!!

    1. Oh my, Beverly! What a comment. Thank you. I’m so touched and humbled. I love what I do and also my readers. God bless you!

  27. cushion online says:

    I’m swooning over this bohemian bedroom with its eclectic mix of patterns, textures, and plants. It’s a true oasis of creativity and relaxation.”