Christmas Ribbon and Bows


Christmas Ribbon and Bows

I’ve compiled the best tips and tricks and simple bow skills that will have you making gorgeous bows all Christmas! My friends can tell my gifts a mile away! It’s all about the bow.

First, get rid of 90% of your paper ribbon.  You are wasting money by using them only once!

Tip 1

Only buy very nice, real ribbon! It can be wired or sparkly or satin or silk. Thin or thick.

Tip 2

After a ribbon is used, especially at Christmas, I roll it up and keep it with other like colored ribbon in clear plastic shoeboxes.

Tip 3

I put all my ribbon and embellishments together and start making little works of art out of each package.

Tip 4

I work on making bows and adding little embellishments and a gift tag to each package.

Tip 5

Here’s my very favorite bow. It’s super easy to make and always looks so pretty!

Christmas Ribbon and Bows



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