Christmas Hot Chocolate Bar


Christmas Hot Chocolate Bar

Transform a small space in your home into a Christmas Hot Chocolate Bar! Here are lots of holiday ideas and a delicious hot chocolate recipe for a Holiday Hot Chocolate Bar in your home!

We can roll our bar cart around the house so we rolled it into the foyer! I think a great entertaining tip is to use your whole home!

Tip 1

I used a tall tiered tray to put many of the hot chocolate bar elements on. It’s so so easy and people tend to think anything elevated is extra special!

Tip 2

I started with the middle tier of the tray. Simple white mugs from Corelle were perfect for the hot chocolate bar.

Tip 3

And to make the hot chocolate bar ever more festive I added snow to the base of the tray! And a twig of green to each much too!

Tip 4

The bottom layer holds all the goodies to add to the Hot Chocolate.

Tip 5

The base of the bottom tier of the Hot Chocolate bar was also filled with snow and I rimmed the base with greens, pinecones, and red and white ornaments.

Tip 6

Four little white bowls are filled with some yummy how chocolate fixings!

Tip 7

The tops tier is a pretty little candy cane and Christmas greens centerpiece!

Christmas Hot Chocolate Bar