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I bet you have an old ratty fake green Christmas wreath lying around your basement or in the garage or way back in the darkness of a closet. Great! Grab it because today I’m sharing how to update an old wreath and make it spectacularly festive and oh, so Christmassy! You will be so glad you saved it! I can’t wait to show you just how easy it is! Let’s get going you will want to use it later today! 

Here’s the nice thing about updating an old wreath beside not spending for a new one, you can make it work with your current decor. Fabulous! This is a keeper Christmas wreath diy!

Here is the wreath I used a few years ago. Not in bad shape, but not the style I’m looking for. 

And this is a great project to do now so when you are ready to hang the wreath it is ready for you!!!

REPURPOSING A CHRISTMAS WREATH- Easy way to make an old wreath new and beautiful again!

This year’s Christmas decor is more traditional and less farmhouse. So I took my pine wreath and started adding!

materials needed to make a Christmas wreath
  1. I like to gather up my supplies. I always start with things I might use. I really don’t know until I start working with a wreath exactly what elements I’ll use. So I gather a “collection”.
  2. I have tons of old greens on picks and cut up garland. I just keep reusing it year after year. (Here’s a little tip: I buy 6 new good quality greens every year and mix them with the old. I also throw away my oldest and worst looking greens.  I love good faux! I used to use all fresh, but I can’t stand when they begin to drop!)
  3. Because this wreath will be used indoors on the mantle I don’t have to glue the greens into the wreath. This will save both the greens and the wreath for future use. I intertwine the greens into the pine wreath. Keep adding different greens into your old wreath. Until you get the look you want.

As you can see, the wreath is so much fuller and has many different kinds of green woven into the original pine.

wreath with a read plaid bow

The next thing I did was make a loopy bow and attach it to the wreath with a thin wire. You might like to see my post on MAKING A CHRISTMAS BOW. I got this ribbon at Costco.

Then I took long stems of frosted red berries and laced them through the greens into position. 

wreath with bow and red berries

Before I put the rest of the decorations on the wreath I hung it on the mantle. Because I didn’t glue the embellishments in place I did not want to move it around much. If you are using an updated wreath where it might get touched or on a door make sure to put a dab of glue on the Christmas fru fru so it won’t drop.

To hang the wreath, I took a length of ribbon and looped it through the metal rim in the back of the wreath and stapled the ribbon to itself securely! This made a nice ribbon to hang the wreath from.

ribbon on the back of a wreath

Once the wreath was hung I fluffed the bow and repositioned the berries and tucked snowy pinecone and stars into the wreath. This year’s decor has lots of stars!

EASY PEASY! A new wreath from an old one! The best Christmas wreath diy ever, right?

stars on a wreath

And my newly updated wreath has a whole new look! Because I didn’t glue anything together I’ll be able to take this wreath apart and use all the part again!

Get organized with the free printable Christmas Gift List Organizer below…

Now get busy! Get out an old wreath and some greens and see what you can come up with! I bet it will be spectacular!


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  1. Ellen Sorce says:

    Perfect inspiration first thing in the morning. Thank you.

  2. Sandi from Wisconsin says:

    The updated wreath is a beauty. I checked out your mantle post as well, and I do love the look you are going with this year! The stars really make everything a little more special. Love, love, love it!

  3. Beautiful update, Yvonne! I need to invest in some faux greenery. I’m still using all fresh and it’s already dried out!

  4. Mary Beth says:

    Thank you for the wonderful tips, Yvonne! I use mostly faux because I can’t stand the mess of fresh but I have but putting a fresh garland around my front door. It seems to do well in the cold and I love the way it looks.

  5. Barbara Williams says:

    Beautiful way to repurpose a wreath! Also, I love the way you recycled an old window! Very creative and inspirational!

  6. Love the wreath and anything with stars.I have recycled many a wreath, making something old new again.

  7. Love your wreath. Who sells ‘great faux’?

    1. You can find them at stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels and online on Etsy or Wayfair or almost any other home decor stores. Hope this helps

  8. The update is very cute!!!

  9. Looking this morning for fresh inspiration! I am so ready to start decorating! Since I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year, it’s an early start!

  10. Thanks for the inspiration! I love plaid so definitely caught my eye and adding in more greenery is a great idea! I’ve recycled old wreaths, but never thought to add more greenery to fluff them back to life! Thank you!

  11. Absolutely adorable! I love it. What a fabulous transformation of and old wreath made like new, more fantastic than before. Thanks so much fir tge useful tips. Happy holidays