Thankful Hands

Thankfulness is the antidote for a bad day or a grumpy attitude. And being thankful turns our stress level down and makes us feel lighter and happier. Here is the true meaning of being thankful.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about thanks! I think we are happier when we practice being thankful! We are nicer and more aware of others, and being thankful makes us feel good too! Thankfulness is like a reset button for a bad day, bad attitude, or bad what-ails-you! Let’s talk about the real meaning of Thanksgiving!

The word thanks or the concept of thanks comes up a lot in the Bible, 102 times in the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The Word Thanksgiving

The Hebrew word Thanksgiving comes from the root word yada. It means intimacy. It has a wonderful word-picture meaning.

It’s the idea of throwing our hands up to God with thanks and praise in them. As if we are literally throwing our hands up, filled with tangible words of thanks, and tossing them like confetti up to the Lord. Being thankful intimately connects us to the One all things to be thankful are from.

It reminds me of watching a football player make a touchdown and the fan going hands-in-the-air, high-five wild! Today, I want to share your thanks on these pages!

Being Thankful Now

Let’s worship God right here! Let’s all throw up our hands filled with Thanksgiving together! I’d like you to share 3 things you are thankful for right here!!! And please read the person’s list before you and thank God for that person and their list of thankfulness, too.

Let’s get into the true spirit of Thanksgiving today!!! 

As you meet with family and friends for Thanksgiving make sure to throw up your hands filled with thanks too!

I will be throwing up thankful hands in thanks to the Lord as I am thankful for YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

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  1. So thankful for my salvation in Christ Jesus, my family, and my health. The list endlessly goes on. God is so Good.

  2. 1. I’m Thankful that Christ thought me worthy enough to shed his blood on the cross. 2. I’m Thankful that God will never leave me or forsake me! 3. I’m Thankful for my family and friendships. During times when we need each other we are there for each other.

  3. I am thankful I can still walk.
    I thank God for my husband who is so good to me
    And I am thankful being able to appreciate the world around me.

  4. I am thankful for God’s guidance and inspiration on the journey I am on. I am thankful for my family and friends. I am thankful for God’s forgiveness, salvation, grace and that he he is always there for me.

  5. I am thankful that I am well, functional and independent for my own needs at soon to be 77 years old!
    I am thankful to live near family again.
    I am so thankful to know my Saviour lives and will always be with me, loving me, forgiving me and providing for me.

  6. I am thankful for Jesus who died for me. I am thankful that my children and grandchildren are healthy and safe this day.

  7. I’m so thankful for freedom, food on the table, and family love.

  8. Tura Vancini says:

    I give thanks for freedom in Christ and freedom in this land. I give thanks for God’s Word which guides, encourages,
    and disciplines me through His Holy Spirit. I give thanks for my husband, my family, my church and my home.
    God’s blessings on you:)

  9. I am thankful for you, Ida, and your list which I agree on.
    I find it difficult to list just 3 things. I am thankful for family, as estranged as it is, to include my wonderful loving husband; thankful for friends who support me and encourage me, and I am thankful for living in the United States of America, even with all its problems.
    Thank you Yvonne for your Sunday posts.

  10. Your post was beautiful. Thank you.
    I am so thankful for the GOOD side of the internet: connections with family and friends, instruction on anything you might WANT to know, so many craft ideas for beautiful homes, holidays and gifts, plus so much more. We hear so much about the BAD side of the internet, but as always, the good is everywhere if you look! Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Such an important reminder. Look for the good!

  11. 3 things I’m thankful for…
    A godly husband
    My boys, daughter-in-loves & grandchild
    God’s provision

  12. Father God, I am thankful for Penny Jo and for the countless blessings and love you give her. Thank you Yahweh for your constant presence and guidance in my life, for the assurance that I will spend eternity with you, and for the beautiful testimony you’ve written in my husband’s life. Please richly bless Yvonne as she ministers through this website.

  13. Anne from Simply2Moms says:

    What a beautiful reminder as we prepare for Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Happy Sunday, Yvonne.

  14. I am thankful for my salvation, the cross, my parents- who taught me about Jesus, my brother, who is a gift from god, my husband- who is a gift from God, my daughter- who is a gift from God, my health, forgiveness of my sins, God’s holy word- which keeps teaching me, and my blessings.

  15. I am thankful for Jesus. I am thankful for my church family. I’m thankful for my mama.

  16. I’m thankful for amazing co-workers and God’s provision with a wonderful new hire. I’m thankful that my daughter is starting to heal. I’m thankful our church’s study on the book of Romans and how it reminds me that God is my help in time of need. He has a purpose for my life and when I turn toward him in suffering I will be strengthened.
    I’m also glad I stumbled upon this charming website. xxoo

  17. I am thankful that we can still worship our Lord and Saviour, in peace, and openly; pray that religious oppression will never come to our country as it has to so many. Thankful to have enough to share with others. Thankful for my wonderful family and extended family.