It dawned on me a few weeks ago that I have never shared a house tour of our Tanglewood home that has not been season or holiday centric. So before I start decorating for fall I thought I would take a few pictures and give you a look at our home of 21 months!

Welcome to our Tanglewood home…

Let me tell you a little bit about our Tanglewood House.

This is our second forever home. Some call it downsizing, and we certainly did but now that our children have families and homes of their own we wanted a home that was the right size for our lifestyle!

And we found just what we needed and most wanted in our Tanglewood House!

Our home is a villa-style house that sits on the 7th tee of a country golf course.

There are 6 villas that make up 12 homes here. Each home faces the street and the back of our homes faces the golf course.

In the past 18 months, we have been changing things and making the Tanglewood House feel like our home.

Before we moved in we had the entire house repainted Simply White by Benjamin Moore. Because our home is an open concept home we wanted to paint it one overall color that would look bright and create a sense of cohesiveness and flow between the rooms.

There was also carpeting in the bedrooms and loft. So we had all the carpeting removed and had hardwood flooring installed to match the flooring that was already in our home.

Here is a post about the Tanglewood House when we had lived here for one week. Oh, we had a lot of work to do!

It’s exciting to move from a home that was pretty much how we wanted it and move to a home and have projects to do to make it our own!

Click on the HEADINGS to see rooms in this house tour.


Come on I’ll take you on a little tour of our outdoor spaces.

The little sign on our front door says it all! We love to get together with family and friends here!

Our patio is a great place to see the golfers hit their balls off the 7th tee.


Our foyer is long and interesting!

It is dressed up simply and welcoming!


My office is just inside the front door as you step into the foyer. I usually start my day with a big cup of coffee, working for an hour or two in my pj’s before working out or swimming, and then getting dressed. I love working from home!

Another big project we completed soon after we moved in was to add built-in bookshelves across the back of the room and the french door to the office opening.

This room is such a nice space to spend my day! It has a big window and even on rainy days looks bright!


The living room at the Tanglewood House is light and bright and open to so much of our home.

The fireplace makeover was one of our projects soon after we moved into Tanglewood.


Our home does not have a formal dining room but a very centrally located dining area.

This is a busy place! We are making the most lovely memories here.


Our kitchen was the biggest makeover in our home.

It’s open and interesting!


This room is a work in progress! I’ll share all the updates soon!

This room has three walls and they all have lots of windows. The views of the golf course are beautiful from here.


The colors of the master bedroom are my favorite! They are soft and serene!


This room is light and roomy!

Our guests love the views from this bedroom’s windows!


Here are the other spaces in our home that we are still working on!

  • the loft
  • the powder room
  • the front bedroom
  • the upstairs bathroom

I will keep updating this post as we change our decor to reflect our lifestyle and tastes!

Thanks for taking this little house tour of our “just right for us” home!

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  1. The master bedroom the pillow that has the blue stripe of blue and ends look like an oatmeal color could you please tell me the source.

  2. Oh my, would love to stay in the back guest room, so lovely!

  3. Love your house! I absolutely love the rug in your dining room. Is it easy to clean up spills? Can you tell me if you would buy it again and also, where did you get it?

  4. Cathleen Brickhouse says:

    Yvonne, what is the color you are using on your front door? Who makes it? You have a lovely home!

    1. Hi Cathleen, I’m not sure. I’ve been trying to find out since we moved in here. When I know the color I’ll do a post about it. I do know it is Benjamin Moore

  5. Welcoming, lovely and serene environment I !love your style, Yvonne and always look forward to discover how you are using your God given talents to help others.
    Could you please, show us where your TV is placed in your sun room? In one post, you made a comment about it but never actually showed us where it was.
    Thank you ?.

    1. The tv is in our sunroom on the wall. There are only two small walls in this room a tv could be mounted on. We chose to mount it diagonally across the right side of the wall close to where the opening is to the dining area.

  6. Susan Mulligan says:

    Yvonne, I am doing a kitchen project and putting in a Blanco/IKON sink in Truffle like yours. Yes, I’m a copycat! The quartz countertops in my updated kitchen will be the same as yours too. I love the tiny streak of gold in the white quartz. My husband and I are wondering about your backsplash. Is it smooth for easy cleaning, or is it as textured as it looks? How do you feel about cleaning it whatever it is…smooth or textured? Thank you for all the research you did on your kitchen, and then for sharing all your ideas so we can copy! You’re the best!

    1. The backsplash is Calacutta Gold marble and it is a bit textured. We had it sealed and I don’t have a problem with any clean-up. Thank goodness!

  7. Thanks for sharing. Your home is beautiful. It was especially nice to see your exterior pictures. We installed a new deck this year and are doing some landscaping. Great to get ideas … love your patio and your hydrangeas.

  8. I love the serenity and cohesiveness of your home Yvonne! I am looking forward to the inspiration of your next home project!

  9. Cookie eddings says:

    I love the curtains in your front room/den. They have horizontal thin stripes. Please tell me where you got them or were they custom made?

    1. You can find them at Ballard Designs. They are really beautiful curtains that have weighted hems.

  10. You have a beautiful home. I love the light airy feel. I am quite new to your site and am loving everything you post. Thank you for sharing beauty and inspiration. Lyn x

  11. Sherli Morgan says:

    Your home is lovely – I’ve followed you for several years now. I’ve used many options you’ve shared in my own home. Thanks for the tour today – can’t wait to see what’s next.

  12. Your home is so beautiful. So much love is shown in your design. I have a question about your refrigerator. What brand is it? and do you like it?

  13. We were recently visiting my sister and husband at Willow Valley & were able to find your new home. It is a beautiful setting on the golf course. I enjoyed the inside tour today & it matches the beautiful outside! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Yvonne, so nice to see the finished rooms. Looking forward to seeing your other sapces. I can tell it has been a labor of love!

  15. Where did you get the picture on the wall in your master bedroom? Love your house!

    1. Hi Julie, I get asked about these pictures all the time. I found them locally and sorry, I do not have a source for them.

  16. Your home is just lovely! I love the way you arrange your furniture and all your decor items!
    I really like the rug in your great room/living room would you mind me asking where your purchased it?

    Thank you for sharing your home!

    1. I found it at Annie Selke rugs. Unfortunately, they are out of stock right now.

  17. You have a lovely home, Yvonne. You mentioned your home is Villa style. Is that a duplex?

  18. Lovely start to making it your home. I wanted to tell you that I made your recipe for “the best ever Easy Chicken Taco Soup”. We all loved it. When we try new recipes we invite friends over to “test” it out. It was a great hit. The only change I made was adding a can of Rotel tomatoes & green chilis, as I was short a can of diced tomatoes. I was probably heavy handed on the Taco Seasoning too. We added every one of the TexMex toppings that you suggested. It really was great. Thank you for sharing. Oh…we added Corona on the table as well :)))

  19. What type are those tallest white hydrangeas by your entry way? I had those in Alabama but never knew what kind they were. I love that elongated shape of the blooms. Thanks and your home is beautiful. Yours is the first email I open in the mornings, just great.

    1. Hi Gloria, the hydrangeas are called Annabelle. Hope this is helpful!

  20. I love the bed skirt in your guest bedroom. Where did you purchase it? Great post as always. God Bless

  21. I love the way you keep your home so beautiful so elegant ,simple and organizedl

  22. Alissa Regitz says:

    I have always admired the split round mirror in your living room.
    Do you have a source for where to find it?
    Thank you for every nook and cranny of inspiration you create and share.
    Following from NC

    1. What a lovely and sweet comment Alissa! The mirror was a HomeGood find years ago. I’m so sorry I don’t have a source for it. I’m thinking of painting it!

  23. Yvonne I love what you have done in your new home. We are in the agonizing phase of deciding if we should stay or go, rightsizing our lives after 3 children and starting the retirement process. Lucky you got in before the prices went crazy. Please in the future do some posts about downsizing especially going through all the sentimental family stuff that is the hardest to let go. I would love to hear your thoughts and others feedback as well. The struggle is real but I don’t want to leave my children with the work and pain my parents left me with. Thanks and Happy thanksgiving!


    1. First of all, Pam, I know exactly how you feel! Letting go was a big process! I just decided to let myself have all the feelings I would have. I cried every single day for three weeks! Oh, it was like mourning a death of sorts. However, I was determined to weed through all the sentimental stuff and be ruthless. I was not going to carry things into my new home that would just sit in my basement because they had a memory attached to them. I did this funny thing… I would hold items that were hard to let go, close my eyes and literally pull all the memories out of them and put them in my heart. I know, odd! But it worked for me! And Bobby and I are thrilled living in our second forever home. We were having breakfast together this morning and the sun was streaming though our big windows and I felt so blessed! I pray you will feel this way too!

  24. Doris Self says:

    I love your house and they way you decorate. Would you tell me the color you painted your fireplace please. Thanks, Doris

  25. Your house is absolutely amazing, I love the colours and furniture, I am lost for words it’s just fabulous

  26. I just discovered your site and I am so delighted. You have a wonderful gift of design and the ability to share it and inspire others. Simply white was recommended to me and by seeing yours, I’m going to take the plunge and paint my pale blue walls for a total refresh. Was the trim in your stone Gable house a slightly different color?

    1. Yes the trim at StoneGable is Atrium White by Benjamin Moore. You will love Simply White.

  27. At last! Your site us just what I was looking for and ends my search for how to do decorate with greenery, rattan and fabrics. I had a hard time figuring out the flow of things and placement. I live in Florida and want that easy relaxing feel.
    Do you have suggestions on how to decorate a small hutch? Right now it is a mish-mash of things. I want a soothing neutral look.
    Thank you.

  28. You have a cat!! Please tell me, how do you keep it from using all of your beautiful furniture as scratching posts??

  29. Could you share the name of your kitchen countertops? They look lovely.

  30. Gail Binder says:

    Love your house! Can’t wait to see the bathrooms!