On The Menu is filled with summery recipes this week! We are now officially in the hot, steamy dog days of summer! And although the weather mostly chases us indoors the produce growing in our local fields are loving it! So of course, corn is on the menu! YUM!

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It was one year ago today our kitchen renovation started! And we survived it! I have been cooking in and enjoying our white kitchen for four seasons now.

Here’s what we are making in the kitchen this week…


I would put tonight’s main dish, from Midlife Healthy Living, into the FUN FOOD category! Oh, YUM!

This recipe checks off so many boxes at my home. Pasta, check! Pizza, check! Easy, check! Extra yummy, check!!! WW friendly, check!

What I love about casseroles is that I can make the components when I have time during the day and at dinnertime just throw everything together!

We eat with our eyes…

Look how pretty this pizza casserole looks in the blue glass pan! And did you notice the pretty tea towel? Think about serving dishes and linens when serving food!

pizza casserole in a blue casserole dish


Tonight’s pasta, from Ann at On Sutton Place, will be fabulous the rest of the week for lunches!!!

Here’s a tip about making Magic Rub…

When I make Magic Rub I make a big amount all at one time and then save in a mason jar. That way I’m not scrambling to make it every time we grill!

Here’s an updated version of our favorite Magic Rub…

1 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup smoked paprika, 2 TBS chili powder, 2 TBS garlic powder, 1 1/2 TBS onion powder, 1 TBS cumin, 1 TBSP thyme, 1 tsp cayenne pepper, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp ground pepper, 1/2 tsp dry mustard,2 tsp finely grated dried lemon peels. Combine and store in an air tight container.

To use, dry off meat with paper towels and rub the Magic Rub liberally all over the meat.


Another casserole! Oh, YUM! I think casseroles give us lots of licenses to be creative! And if the casserole sits in the frig overnight it just gets better and better!

The flavor profile is scrumptious!!! I really don’t make stuffed peppers because I think the pepper to stuffing ratio is off but in a casserole, I can create the ratio I like best.

Thank you Erin at Well-Plated! I bet this recipe will become a family favorite!

Here’s how I use leftovers for lunches…

I like to portion out my lunches in small glass containers with a plastic lid. That way I won’t be too generous at lunchtime when I’m hungry!

stuffed pepper casserole in a pot


I’m such a fan of cod! And this recipe looks just beautiful!!! Cod + topping = deliciousness!

If you have family and/or friends who love fish this is company-worthy! I’d just cut up cod loins into individual serving before I cook them.

This glorious recipe is from Tania at Cooktoria. I have a bit of a foodie crush on her blog!

Here’s how I would serve it to company…

I’d serve cod on a bed of wild rice mushroom pilaf or ancient grains. What a pretty way to plate!


Tonight’s salad is one of my very favorites!!! And it’s so easy to make, company worthy and good for me and you!

A total win from Dinner At The Zoo.

Friday nights are really laid back at our house! We eat an easy to make dinner and Bobby and I watch a movie or play cards or a game. When our kids were little we would have Friday Night Movie Night. Now our children do the same thing with their children. So fun to see family traditions carried on!

When I serve a big salad I often lay the protein right on top of it and bring it in a big serving platter to the table. For this kind of a meal, I like a platter instead of a salad bowl. It looks so pretty!

ramen asian salad in a big bowl topped with slivered almonds


Local corn is beginning to show up at Farm Markets and Stands around Lancaster Co! So that means lots of corn-inspired meals.

I grew corn for several years in our raised beds but honestly, it’s a lot of work for a couple ears of corn per stock! So I’ve been buying corn from the Corn Wagon and at Meck’s and it’s delicious! Good as the ones grown in our backyard!

Today’s corn chowder is the most delicious recipe. It’s an old old post but the recipe is amazing! The corn is summer-sweet and the smoky bacon adds a wonderful note to the recipe. After all, everything is better with bacon!

And I’m paring the soup with some delicious beer bread! Oh, we love this bread! Just remember to serve it with butter and gobs of jam or honey.

If you have not made Beer Bread it is the one thing on the menu that you should try!

Soups are great recipes to be doubled! Because soup is not rocket science it is very forgiving. I like to say I make a vat of soup! Freezing soup in freezer-proof containers or freezer bags makes lunches and dinners super easy!

a bowl of fresh corn chowder on a green plate with a loaf of beer bread in the background.


Sunday evenings are good for grilling! And for having a couple neighbors over to enjoy the patio and the 7th green! I am praying for a nice evening. Very iffy here. We get lots of thunderstorms this time of year.

My very favorite steak is ribeye! Kori at Seeking Good Eats has a fabulous recipe for this steak! YUM!

Sour cherries are in season now in Lancaster County. And we love sour cherries! They are smaller than their sweet variety and quite tart. The dessert recipe below is my all-time favorite way to use sour cherries.

grilled portobello mushrooms on a white plate on the menu this week


Let’s get out our Air Fryer! I’ve never made a sweet treat in an Air Fryer so I’m looking so forward to this sweet treat. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE puff pastry!!!

I’ve made pinwheels in the oven and they are just so so good!

A big thank you to Cassie from Cook It For Real!

I often get asked where I put my Air Fryer. It is big and cumbersome. I keep it in my laundry room on top of my washer. LOL! And my sister keeps hers on a chair in her dining room.

Even though most Air Fryers do take up space it is soooo worth having, even if you have to keep it on your washer!


Seriously beautiful, good, and easy PEPPERONI ARTICHOKE BREADSTICK FOCACCIA!!!

My all-time zucchini recipe is the beautiful LEMON ZUCCHINI LOAF BREAD.

I love grilled salmon and SOY SAUCE AND BROWN SUGAR GRILLED SALMON looks so good!

Zucchini is still in season and ZUCCHINI CHOCOLATE CHIP is a great and sweet way to use them!

Look at this MEXICAN STREET CORN!!! I will definitely make this!

Oh, these MINI S’MORES are adorable!!! A perfect easy, summer dessert!


SHAVED ZUCCHINI SALAD is the prettiest looking recipe!

I can think of so many ways to use ROASTED STRAWBERRY SHEET CAKE!

I’m a big POPSICLE maker! Here are three of my favorites.

I am so excited about this gorgeous WHIPPED FETA WITH ROASTED TOMATOES! Making this!!!

Use this easy-to-make GARDEN HERB SALT and sprinkle it onto your summer vegetables and more!

There are just some recipes that make me weak in the knees and TOMATO AND VIDALIA PIE is one!

EASY SPICY ITALIAN SAUSAGE GRILLED FLATBREAD PIZZA is perfect for a relaxing Friday Fun night!


Summer is the time for yummy salads like SUMMER ITALIAN SPAGHETTI SALAD.

SWEET AND SPICY CHICKEN AND PINEAPPLE KABOBS are perfect for an easy grilled meal!

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  1. I look forward to all your yummy menu ideas each week
    to make something different from I normally cook.
    Thanks for all your creative ideas each & everyday you post . The giveaway sounds like a winner this time
    Keep up the great work in getting all your informative ideas to ya all

  2. I’m a little jealous of your access to corn on the cob! We typically have some with dinner almost every night when it’s in season, but this year it has been very hard to find and very expensive here in northern VA.

  3. stephanie borop says:

    the link to the corn bacon soup goes to the beer bread

  4. Hey there! I was trying to open and pin the roasted corn and bacon clam chowder but it goes to the beer bread. Can you tell me where else to find it? The hubs would LOVE that! Thank you.

  5. Yvonne in the past I’ve made your Zucchini Chocolate Chip bread and loved it. I have extra zucchini so I want to make the lemon and chocolate chip zucchini breads. I have froze the Chocolate Chip bread and it’s great. Unfortunately when I click to go to the recipe it tells me it no longer exists. Can you tell me how to get your recipe?

    1. Hi Ann, some of my recipes got destroyed through a technical glitch. So sorry, the Zucchini Chocolate Chip bread was one.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing all these recipes! I feel like I have so many recipes, yet run out of ideas on what to make. The cucumber salad recipe is exactly what I need. We have cucumbers to use up and I would never have thought of cucumber salad. I haven’t eaten it in years, but really enjoy it. I think I’ll try substituting Greek yogurt for the mayo.