How To Create A Christmas Vignette Step-By-Step

Christmas vignettes are the perfect way to decorate for the Holidays. It should be a big part of your Christmas home decor! Get step-by-step instructions and lots of ideas for creating beautiful Christmas vignettes for your home. 
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There is a basic formula for most of my holiday vignettes. Today I’m sharing my vignette secrets. Adding a few well designed vignettes around your home will be the framework of your Christmas decor.

Here’s a step-by-step look at how to put together a pretty holiday vignette and lots of ideas for what to put in it.

Here is my most recent Christmas vignette.

So easy and don’t you think it has lots of Christmas cheer? You can make a Christmas vignette for your Holiday home!

This simple vignette took me less than 15 minutes to put together and that was even collecting the things to go into!

All you need are a few decor items, something to corral them in, and a place to put your vignette when it’s done!


I chose a large white tray to corral my vignette in. You can see it HERE. It holds the cedar greens and the rest of the items in it comfortably!

Here are some ideas for corraling your vignette…

  • basket
  • large low platter
  • tray
  • placemat
  • table runner
  • wooden breadboard
  • box or crate
  • old window or mirror
  • cake pedestal
  • wide low bowl


When we think about something to go into a Christmas vignette, keep in mind not all the items need to be Christmasy! Maybe one or two things should have a Christmas vibe. But the rest don’t necessarily have to. And be creative!

In my Christmas vignette, I used faux greens, flowers with a Christmas feel, and a little wooly lamb with a crown.

You are creating a little story with the items you put in a vignette. Our minds are very creative and can pick up the meaning and feel of the Christmas story in your vignette with just one or two items that even remotely look Christmassy.

Here are a few Christmas ideas to add to your vignette:

  • Santa
  • Christmas ornaments, balls
  • string of lights
  • pinecones
  • mini wreath
  • tree
  • gingerbread house
  • candy cane
  • figures from a nativity
  • lantern
  • deer sheds
  • reindeer
  • nutcracker
  • wrapped gifts
  • Christmas sign
  • faux greenery or garland
  • Christmas cookies in a jar
  • tiny presents in Christmas wrapping paper
  • small boxwood wreaths
  • berries

It’s a long list of things that could go into a vignette that would give it a bit of Christmas charm.


Every vignette needs a focal point. Something that stands out and gets noticed. In this easy Christmas vignette, a vase with hydrangeas creates a nice focal point.

A focal point will attract attention to the vignette and the rest of the items will add interest and beauty.


Now that the focal point has caught our attention we need to have items in our vignette that keep our attention and interest.

There are a few designer tips that will help us to create a really lovely vignette.

Here are important basics things your Christmas vignette should have…

  • varying heights
  • lots of texture
  • something organic
  • a tight color palette

I used lots of greens in the base of this vignette to add texture and depth to it. Green is also a very predominant color in this vignette’s color palette.

The red berries are a pretty pop of color and also call attention to this vignette. If your color palette is tight adding a bright color in a very small dose is an attention grabber.


Here’s a bit of wisdom to take to heart when creating any vignette…

One of the biggest mistakes we make when creating a vignette is to throw too many things into it.

Use at least three items. But don’t overcrowd it. A vignette needs a little breathing room between elements.

See just how easy it is to make a Christmas vignette? So gather some home decor items together plus a couple Christmas-inspired things and put them in something that contains them and make a fabulous Christmas vignette!

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  1. I have so admired the little lamb with the crown each time you have used him. Glory to God in the highest and to the Lamb who sits upon the throne. Merry Christmas, Yvonne!

    1. Amen and Amen! When I read scripture in a comment it makes my heart sing! Thank you! Merry Christmas

  2. Julianna Agoritsas says:

    Happy thanksgiving! Can you please share where your coffee table comes from?

  3. I agree … Glory to God in the highest and to the lamb who sits on the throne…..beautiful!

    Where can we purchase the little lamb with a crown please?

    1. Oh yes and Amen. You got the significance of the Lamb! I found this darling lamb almost a decade ago. I looked on the Etsy shop and they are not there. BTW: I am teaching Revelation in Bible Study and LOVE all the worship services in heaven.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family Yvonne !

  5. Andrea Harmann says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Yvonne to you and your family as well. Thank you for being a part of my decorating life!

    1. Andrea, you are so welcome! I love helping. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. Teddee Grace says:

    This is just perfect. You are the best at creating vignettes!

    1. Teddee!!!! So glad to see your comment. I wondered where you were! I’m so glad you like this post.

  7. Beautiful vignette! I love the gold candlesticks. Would you mind telling me where you purchased them. They would be perfect for my mantle!
    Happy Holidays!

  8. Virgilee Reed says:

    Do you have tips for displaying Christmas collections? I have a JOY theme. I’ve always scattered the items about but am wondering about making a vignette of them! Could you help me?
    I love your site, esp the scripture portion!

  9. Where can I find the darling Lamb with the crown? I want one really bad!