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Welcome to our Spring Home Tour! This tour will focus on the spring home decor details that bring the beauty of outdoor spring elements indoors!
spring home tour- dining room

Everyone loves a home tour! It’s fun to peek inside or snoop around other peoples home to gather ideas for our own homes. So, today I’m opening up my front door and welcoming you in to look around!

spring home tour- front door

Welcome, welcome! I’ve been waiting for you! Today I’m so excited to be touring with a very talented group of bloggers. You will find all the links to their tours at the bottom of this post.

A big huge THANK YOU to Kelly at The Tattered Pew for organizing this group and asking me to join in! Kelly is a delightful girl and an amazing blogger who just moved into her dream home! I’m so happy for you Kelly! Make sure to stop by and see how quickly she got her home ready for this tour!

graphic for spring home tour

I’m so thrilled to welcome everyone who is coming over from Willow Bloom Home. Shawna has such a cozy and pretty aesthetic and I’m sure you took away lots of spring decorating ideas!

If you didn’t see part 1 of my SPRING HOME TOUR, it’s here.

I’ve been decorating seasonally for decades. I was a first-grade teacher for 10 years before I started having babies.

So I keep time by moving from one season to the next and from holiday and holiday! It’s just a part of me! Decorating with seasonal things is what I love to do!

I thought you might like to chat about spring details and how to add them to your home.

spring home tour- dining room

My style is Transitional and I like a curated look so I keep my decor rather simple. If you would like to find out more about Transitional Style go Here.

Spring in Lancaster Pa is breathtaking! Our area is filled with trees that, in about a week, will be resplendent with blooms! Pinks and white flowering trees from late March until the middle of May! Right now the trees are swollen with buds ready to pop!

So of course I wanted to mimic the beauty outside. I started at our front door with a Cherry Blossom Wreath to welcome everyone who comes down our walk. I love to make wreaths and this pretty pink wreath was the easiest wreath I’ve ever made!

spring home tour- front door

The first thing I do right before a new season is to make a wreath for the front door.

Ready for a little tour and a look at the spring details I’ve decorated with this season? Let’s start in our sunroom, the smallest and probably the busiest room at Tanglewood!

spring home tour- sun room

Our sunroom is a work in progress. You can see what we plan for our sunroom HERE along with ideas for how to redecorate a room.

The sunroom has windows on three sides and is open to the dining area. It’s very open!

spring home tour- sunroom

Pansies are such sweet harbingers of spring and I love to decorate with them as soon as I can find them at a grocery store or one of my favorite greenhouses.

This year I found white ones and I thought they would work nicely with our sunroom.

spring home tour- sunroom

When I decorate for a season I like to give a nod to the season. Just little hints. Mostly organics and sticks and twigs and moss!

This pansy bowl was so easy to make. I used a wide and shallow bowl and popped four pansy plants out of their plastic containers. Then I gently tore off half of the soil from the bottom of the plant, arranged them in the bowl, and covered the dirt with moss.

spring home tour-sunroom

When the pansies are spent I’ll replace them. Easy peasy and pretty for spring.

Almost all of the spring details in our home are so easy to do! I like easy!

spring home tour-sunroom

Do you have decor that you use over and over because it just seems to work with everything? The white pottery lanterns are oldies but goodies with the emphasis on goodies!

I found these at the Pottery Barn almost a decade ago and I love them as much as the day they came to live with me!

The cutout motif is really a snowflake but I think it can pass for a flower! So, here they are again, showing up in my spring tour!

spring home tour- sunroom

Another piece that has nine lives in the sunroom is the little caramel-colored chair. I want to get another chair that is a little more updated but, as of yet, I can’t find one as comfortable. Everyone who sits in this chair comments about its comfort!

I will probably wait until the new sofa, end tables, lamps, etc. are here. If you have any suggestions for a chair I’d love to hear! Nothing too big.

Now let’s head through the dining area and stop for just a minute before going to the kitchen.

spring home tour- tulips

Last week I had a big vase of white tulips and brass candlesticks on the dining room table but look what I found when I was looking for pansies…

spring home tour- dining area

When we talk about spring details, I think organic spring details are the best like this pussy willow centerpiece. I’m not a big fan of bunnies and cutsie things. For me, organic elements are the best way to decorate for spring.

I added a glass hurricane and a candle to the arrangement. All the candles look so pretty when they are lit in the evening.

The centerpiece is made from both regular pussy willow and curly! I would love to make this myself, but I would need to find someone who has a lot of pussy willow they would not mind me cutting. In our area, the plants are considered invasive.

Just one striking spring detail is all my dining area needs!

Let’s head to the kitchen…

I love to cook so I keep my countertops mostly clear from decor!

Our kitchen has a large counter that my grandbabies or family or company like to sit at while I cook.

spring home tour- kitchen

On the island, I put one self-indulgent flower arrangement in an old gray urn.

I put all the flowers into the sink and gave them a good spray once they were unwrapped. This helps revive them.

spring home tour- flowers

I love flowers! Especially white flower. Can you tell I love almost all things white.

spring home tour- flowers

For this arrangement, I used white and green hydrangeas, white “fluffy” tulips, bells of Ireland, and other greens.

I have a pretty neutral home but I like to add a bit of green to it, especially in the spring.

spring home tour-flowers

On the island in front of the sink, I often add pots of plants. In the winter I plant herbs and use them to cook. You can see the pots of herbs HERE and a post all about growing indoor herbs.

spring home tour- sink

I found the containers at the same greenhouse as the pansies. The little plants are called English Daisies. I used them last spring in my planters outside.

Moss comes in handy to push in between the plant and the container. I like hiding dirt with moss!

spring home tour-flowers

When they are spent I think I’ll put herbs in the nubby pots.

spring home tour-kitchen counter

Across the kitchen from the sink is the stove area. I keep glass canisters with items we use often. Flour, sugar, and granola. The fourth canister holds split peas. I don’t eat peas so it is just for color!

spring home tour- kitchen counter

In the corner is my crock of knives with a Kapoosh insert. I love my knives in here! I put a little faux fern in the corner along with a green candle that smells like spearmint! And a diffuser. Right now I’m diffusing spearmint and sweet tangerine.

The long countertop in the kitchen houses our simple coffee bar!

The bunny baker is joining the coffee bar for spring.

spring home tour- coffee bar

The only thing that changes are the flowers. Getting coffee in the morning and being greeted by a little vase of flowers is such a lovely ritual.

spring home tour- flowers on coffee bar

All the rooms in our home get such wonderful light! I took this shot about 4:00 in the afternoon when the sun dancing across the buffet.

I had a large urn of greens on the buffet until last week.

living room

Here’s what I replaced them with…

spring home tour- flowers in urn

I replaced the greens with faux white cherry blossom branches. Just so simple! It took less than a minute to add this detail to the living room.

spring home tour- flowers in urn

The books on the buffet are covered with paper napkins. What an easy DIY! You can see how I covered them HERE. Just think of all the great ways you could cover old books because you are only limited by the different patterns on paper napkins.

In the living room, I decorated the mantel with a light hand.

spring home tour- mantel

The just budding green leaves on these tender branches are the perfect nod to what is happening outside!

spring home tour- mantel

As I said in my Spring Tour, Part 1, I wanted to add different, more springy pillows to the spindle chairs that flank the fireplace but I just couldn’t bring myself to put away the zebra pillows!

I’m obsessed with them!

spring home tour-living room

So, let’s suspend reality for a little and say these are spring zebras!

The foyer is dressed up for spring too!

spring home tour- foyer

The vertical coat rack holds my grab-and-go totes. I like to add a few faux or flowers or something that is seasonal to the baskets.

spring home tour- foyer

Every year I look for tête-a-tête daffodils. They are just so sweet. This spring they are part of a simple vignette on the console table in the foyer.

They are such a pretty organic spring detail! There’s that moss again!

spring home tour- foyer

Well, our tour is coming to an end! Thank you for stopping by!

Make sure you head over to my dear friend Julie at My Wee Abode. Julie is one of my favorite people. She is next on the stop today!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing all the spring details in our home!

Happy, happy Spring!

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  1. Yvonne,
    Your home is stunning. the Cherry Blossom wreath is so beautiful and those zebra pillows, oh my. So well done.

  2. Beautiful, as always! I do miss the tobacco basket being natural, though. Seems like a bit of a darker natural color
    would “pop” that wall. I know that you are loving the “calm” though. And that’s what styling our homes is all about! 🙂

  3. Yvonne, your home is looking so beautiful this spring! I love all the artfully arranged planters and that sweet wreath on the front door.

  4. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home! The very first picture struck me perfectly because I recently added some candlesticks like that to my decorating but was unsure whether I should use candles in glass or not and, if not, whether I could burn them without making a drippy mess. You’ve not only answered my questions but inspired me as well with some fresh ideas for the spring decorating I have been anxious to do! Have a blessed day!

    1. Here’s a little secret, the candles are all faux and on timers. I don’t have to worry about forgetting to blow them out or wax getting on my table.

  5. Beautiful Yvonne! I LOVE your pansy bowl! I bought some white pansies for indoors for early spring too – they are wonderful in your bowl, Also to me pussy willows say Spring. They are hard to find in the Carolinas!

    Can you tell me the source for your white curtains with the beige horizonal stripe??

    Thank you for all the ideas you share!

      1. Thank you Yvonne- The curtains are no longer available at Ballard, but I’ll try to find something similar.

  6. Yvonne, I could look through your decor inspiration all day! And, your Spring home details tour is just amazing, thank you for always sharing such lovely ideas. Pinned!!
    It is an honor to be on this blog hop series with you.

  7. Yvonne, where and how would I go about getting a foot bar like you have for people sitting at your bar so their feet done mar the cupboards I have?

  8. Your home is so beautiful, Yvonne. Love all of the pretty spring touches you added. My favorites are the daffodils. Happy to be on this tour with you. Pinned!

  9. Hi Yvonne, what a lovely idea to cover the earth (it is no dirt!) with moss. And your home looks lovely every time of the year as well.

    Now I have to go outside in my garden to get some moss from the gras. My husband is happy about that ; – )

  10. Of course, your home is always a fave of mine with your wonderful light touch and elegance! Love the pussy willow ‘ring’. Do you have an affiliate link for that? Also, we both have three pots of those English Daisies! Mine are just outside in my window box! 😉 Your ‘peas for color’ made me giggle… and I love sitting on your bar stools talking with you, or eating a breakfast that Bobby makes us. 😉 Memories! (I’m stealing your pansy planter idea! Perfect!)

  11. Yvonne, your home always looks so pretty! I love the white flowers you added for spring, especially the pansy bowl! Pansies are our fall through spring flower here and I think a bowl like that would really dress up my front porch!

  12. Thanks for the tour.
    I enjoy your open floor plan and all the glorious whiten paint.
    You switched the green rug in the foyer! Tell me about the rug in the photos in the tour, please.

  13. Yvonne I too am all about the small details. You do those so well and your tour was so much fun. I enjoyed every word and picture. How did I not know you use to be a teacher? I knew I liked you! Thanks for joining me this week and sharing your beautiful home with us al.

  14. I am always so inspired by your gorgeous seasonal tours Yvonne. The flowers you brought in are so pretty. I love bringing pansies and violas into the kitchen for early spring. They make such an impact. Happy Spring!

  15. Your home is beautiful all dressed up for spring Yvonne. I absolutely love all the real flowers you used throughout your home.Those nubby planters are darling. Pinned!

  16. Yvonne, your blog/website has long been one of my favorites! I ,also, appreciate your spiritual emphasis! However, I am finding it difficult to navigate through the content because of the ads!
    If I tap on a subject of interest an add pops up and then it’s difficult to exit. Am I missing a helpful clue that will make viewing more pleasurable?

    1. I am so sorry about that. I wish it were different but with the cost of everything, it would be impossible to publish it without the ads. Since my ankle accident, I have an assistant to go to the basement and help me put things away, and that is a very big expense. I hope you understand.

  17. Hi Yvonne!

    Your home is so pretty all ready for spring! I love your front door wreath. That shade of pink is so gorgeous! I pinned it to my spring board to share! Have a great weekend!


  18. Lovely as always! Would you please share the name of the greenhouse where you bought your flowers (love those daisies!). Did you also purchase the pussy willow ring there? Thanks!

    1. Love the linen like nubby curtains in the sunroom. Can you share your source or where to get something like that??

    1. Hi LinB, I found it at a local greenhouse. I have a cat and once in a while, he will get up on the table. However, he is not allowed on the tables we eat on or our kitchen counters. A spray bottle of water trained him well.

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