Spring Decorating After Easter

Looking for fresh ideas to decorate your home for spring after Easter? Here are easy-to-do ideas that will elevate your space in fresh and inspiring ways

How do we decorate for Spring after Easter? Do we put all our spring decorations away and wait for Summer? Do we keep our Easter-inspired decor up it’s time to decorate for summer? Knowing what decor looks fresh in our homes when the Easter bunny has come and gone and when Memorial Day Weekend seems too far off is the key to decorating this time of year. Here are some ideas to decorate our homes now that Easter is over and we have lots of pretty spring days ahead of us! Embrace spring, my friend!

I’ve been getting lots of emails from StoneGable readers asking this question. It’s hard to know exactly how to decorate our homes for spring without them looking too Eastery!

Put Away All Bunnies, Chicks, Nests, And Other Easter Decor

I know this might be hard for some of you! If it looks like an Easter decoration, you might think of putting it away until next year.

At the end of a holiday or season always look ahead to the next season and use transitional decor that can go from one season to the next. So begin to decorate with an eye to summer! This makes decorating easy!

Use your own good discretion! You will know what spring decorations to put away and what to keep out.

Pro Tip

At the end of a holiday or season always look ahead to the next season and use transitional decor that can go from one season to the next. Now is the time to begin to decorate with an eye to summer!

Here are some things I put away right after Easter…

  • eggs
  • nests
  • bunnies and rabbits
  • chicks

And here are spring-inspired things I leave up for a while…

  • blooming branches
  • spring wreaths
  • moss
  • tulips
  • spring potted plants
  • birds

Decorate With Spring Inspired Pillows

Put all pillows that remind you of Easter away. If a pillow has any overtly Easter motif on them it’s time to retire them until next Easter.

The pillows I put on the spindle chairs will work all the way through summer! Now is the time to celebrate late spring and early summer with pillows that have a fresh seasonal feel! If you like a pillow without a pattern choose cotton, linen, or even a woven fabric that is visually lighter.

Don’t forget pillows in the bedroom, as well as bedding, need to be lightened up too! The bedding in our master bedroom will work the rest of spring and summer.

The power of pillows should never be overlooked when decorating for any season!

Create A Lightened-Up Feel

Lighten up is the buzzword for this time of year!

Oh, I love to lighten up decor as the weather warms. Think about adding lighter color accents and lighter-feeling accessories. The weather is getting warmer so now is the time to use natural materials and textures.

Think linens and burlap and pretty white things! Add items to your home with less visual weight!

Add a simple jute table runner to your dining room table. If you have an accent rug, think about changing it out for a sisal or jute rug. These types of rugs are inexpensive and scream warmer weather! And they look so pretty with the spring decor you have out now!

And don’t forget paint!

Paint heavy furniture or picture frames or shelves and more! Use the magic of your paintbrush to lighten up the things you love!

Twigs, Blooms, And Spring Branches

I have a not-so-rare condition known to be rampant among interior decorators. It’s called stick-and-twig-itis!

I love love love sticks and twigs and brambles and anything organic! I’m crazy about them and find every opportunity to decorate with them. Sometimes I use real blooming branches but mostly great eye-fooling faux. Spring is a time to go a little bit overboard with them!

While you are putting your Easter decorations away don’t put away your faux blooms and brambles! Keep using them. They will look pretty in your home until mid-May!


Use Tulips Year Round

Did you know that tulips were worth a king’s ransom at one time? They have been prized for their beauty for centuries! And we should not just use them with our spring decor. Thankfully we can get tulips at most grocery stores year round.

Grab a bunch from the grocers and add them to your decor!

I can’t resist tulips. They may be the quintessential spring flower, but they are beautiful all year!


Every new season you should shop your home and change your decor around. Even if it is just a little bit. Doing this exercise on a regular basis will add new life to your home and spice things up a bit.

Swap accent chairs from room to room. Create a new vignette with the decor you stashed in your basements, garage, under the bed, in the back of the closet, etc! Your home will feel so fresh!

There you go, StoneGable readers! I hope I have answered your question! There are lots of options when it comes to decorating for spring even after Easter! 

How do you decorate? Please share I’d love to hear your best spring tips!

Spring is such a fleeting season and such a beautiful one too! Let’s make the most of it, even after Easter!

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FAQs About After Easter Decorating

There are several things you can do to keep your Easter decorations looking good from year to year. First store them covered and in a dry area. Use waterproof bins with tight-fitting lids and store the bins in a cool dry area. Also, don’t overload the containers you put your decor in.

Store faux spring branches and other larger faux blooms upright in a large trash can covered with cloth like an old sheet.

Store large arrangements or other big Easter decor covered on a shelf.

When Easter is over and it’s not time to decorate for summer, think about lightening up your decor and textiles. Take down all overtly Eastery items but keep using flowers such as tulips and blooming branches until you are ready to decorate for summer.

It’s easy to repurpose Easter decor an use it to decorate after Easter. Remove all items like nests, chicks, bunnies and other decor that is strictly for Easter and use the rest.

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  1. Mercedes Piesco says:

    Another great post on how to edit out stuff that no longer applies and help to move to the next season!
    I agree…love white tulips…I have some pretty good silks that get used Year after year!

  2. Thanks for your idea to store the tall twiggy branches in a trash can – why didn’t I think of that?!

  3. I tend to keep Easter up until right before Mothers Day. Since I was born on that day it is a great way to clean up, edit and start my New Year correctly. Then out comes the Red, White and Blue. With Summer on the way and all those great Patriotic holidays I use my own made quilts on the rocking chairs on the porches, on pillows here and there and the other themed decor pieces. I try not to over-do because I tire of it by mid July! Each season, Each holiday beckons for change. I even change out curtains. Thanks for this post, It is reassuring to know that many of us think alike! Hope you are feeling well and life is getting back to normal.

    1. Carol Davis says:

      We share the same feelings about Red, White and Blue. Mine starts with Memorial Day, thru Flag Day, gets a lot of addition to in for the Forth of July. It tapers down until Memorial Day then we look forward to cooler days and early autumn decorations.

  4. I love the trash can for branch storage. Mine are kept in a dresser drawer right now. Forsythia and pussy willow are two of my favorites.

  5. Once again…beautiful! I’d been wondering myself how to decorate afterwards also. Regrettably, I don’t have any other pillows that signal spring or tulips. My pillows go directly to summer and it’s too early, in my opinion, for pillows with shells. I stopped doing live plants in the house years ago, after dealing with water spots on furniture or the flooring. Overall, I probably need to focus on purchasing some items that aren’t seasonal.

    1. Hi Melissa – I know what you mean about water spots as I noticed certain plants (such as the common Pothos) do that but having something real and green in a room really does add life to the decor. There are plants that don’t emit droplets such as Asparagus Fern and Snake Plant. I was looking at some stunning interiors the other days, all professionally done, but they looked incomplete and just “flat”. I visualized a tall palm in one corner (in one photo) and a Boston Fern (in another photo) and realized that’s what was missing.

  6. Love hour Spring banner! It’s so cute.

  7. Back to neutrals and touches of green.I have some neutral rabbits
    that I leave out all year.Paint and spray paint are my friends to
    repurpose items.Love the white tulips and natural elements.

  8. Everything always done to perfection! Love your posts!

  9. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    I was thinking a long unused drawer would be a good place to store branches but I like the garbage can idea too! We live in a very dusty area so I’d probably slip a loose bag or pillow case over them. Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. I’m in a condo, Elizabeth, and have NO room at all to store tall branches (I love them as well!) so I still keep mine out on display in a tall vase on my bedroom dresser. That way, I’ve solved the storage dilemma but they aren’t on plain sight anymore. Sometimes, I place a lower vase (with seasonal silk flowers) slightly in front of the vase with the branches which seems to place attention on the florals and not the branches.

  10. Thanks for all the inspiration. Time to change things up. Happy Monday.

  11. Just what I needed!! I’m looking around and wondering what to do!! Thank you! You gave some great ideas!

  12. Spring has sprung! I will be busy this week cleaning house and getting ready for round two of company so Easter will last another week in my home.

  13. Great ideas and beautiful images, Yvonne. I love the nest with eggs – so pretty! Happy Monday!

  14. Great ideas to change from Easter to spring.

  15. Rhonda Nelson says:

    Love the ideas, I put up all Easter by end of April. this year I am excited about bring out the Spring/Summer with birds/nest/birdcages, etc in colors of green, white and burlap/brown. I will start in a couple of weeks but like you Memorial Day and July 4th have to play a part too, so I spend a lot of time packing and unpacking, but love the look of all seasons. Can’t wait to see what you do for Memorial/July 4th.

  16. Denise Moraris says:

    Ready to change it up a bit! I do have two tall Bunnies wood carved that I put out Easter right thru to Fall Decorting. They are one of my favorite pieces I own

  17. Thanks for all the tips, Yvonne. Today is my day to remove Easter and refresh! Happy Monday!

  18. Since I tend do seasonal decorating with just a sprinkling of specific holiday touches, I simply gathered up the two bowls of eggs I had in 2 vignettes and stored them away for next Easter, leaving my basic spring decor still in place.

  19. Thanks for the great ideas. I still drool over your pillow stash. Love pillows.

  20. Robin Talley says:

    I really like your ideas Yvonne, I will be adding more color to my rooms and more flowers and plants!!!

  21. Spring banner hung today. Hope your Easter celebration was meaningful

  22. Thanks for the great spring update ideas. I’m glad to hear it’s OKAY to use faux branches and florals!

  23. I love the burlap lined crate/tray and the burlap covered books! Love decorating with books! Thank you for the inspiration as always!!

  24. Great advice! what is the name of the Greenhouse, thanks for any help.

  25. Marcy Leonard says:

    Lovely and motivating! We keep Easter for 50 day, right up to Whit Sunday [Pentecost], but the pastel bunnies and chicks depart today. I love the lightness and brightness of your spring style. Easter fell so late this year–will come even later next year–that it will be summer here in Texas really soon.

  26. Carol Elkins says:

    Great tips for spring!

  27. I love nests, so happy they can be used all year!

  28. What a great idea of storing tall branches in trash cans! Thank you again, Yvonne, for sharing your wonderful dcorating skills with us!

  29. Brenda smith says:

    Such good ideas. My birds and rabbits stay out pretty much year-round , except at Christmas ..

  30. Elaine Fawley says:

    Love all the spring ideas. I also love tulips and all the trees and shrubs bursting with new life! Happy Monday.

  31. I love your white tulips. So pretty for spring!

  32. Hi Yvonne,
    Love the idea of keeping that bunny tureen out all spring. I just purchased one recently and will do the same. Then it will go with the rest of my ironstone, for the rest of the year, on display! Thanks for the idea.
    Happy, happy spring!

  33. Birds, nests , rabbits , branches, Spring has sprung!

  34. I always decorate with plants and pillows. I love live plants best.

  35. Anne Marie says:

    Great ideas – thanks.

  36. Good ideas to remove some of the Easter in our homes. I am so glad that greenery is a part of the spring decor.

  37. Eleanor, Virginia Beach says:

    I agree. Just get rid of the bunnies and such and leave out the bird’s nest, and spring flowers. I guess I love decorating for spring and fall the most. Thank you for all your tips.

  38. Enjoyed the post…let those rabbits hop around a little longer! Bunnies are special anytime of the year!


  39. Love those nests!! I am putting away my bunnies but definitely will be using my nests and birds.

    1. I use nests and birds all seasons. The nests that I bring out December 1st have faux snow and they stay out until the middle of February unless we have a very mild February like we did this year and last.

  40. Carol Ostopowicz says:

    I love tulips also. Thanks for all the great tips. Can’t wait to try some of them.


  41. I have the same bird pillows and rabbit soup tureen. They along with my bird nests and rabbits stay around the house and garden for the season. Ordered some yellow faux tulips for a blue vase in my blue and yellow guest room.So pretty they may stay till fall! Will put away the things that definitely say Easter like my pastel egg wreath ,Easter baskets ect but so much can stay till Memorial Day when summer starts for us in North Carolina.Then the beachy decor comes out.

  42. I love the bird nest and the eggs…yes looks like Spring

  43. Love that basil tree!

  44. Thanks for all the great ideas of decorating for spring. I love bird nests. Even my 2 oldest granddaughters, ages 4 and 5, like to play with little decorative birdcages, birds, and nests that I keep for them when they come over. They love taking the birds and nests out of the birdcages and putting them back in, pretending to feed the birds, and carrying them around.

  45. love spring, your suggestions for spring are great!

  46. All very good ideas Yvonne. I love to change out my pillows and a few accessories are taken out and more springlike elements take their place. I like a clean fresh look all year so to be honest, my home looks kind of Springy all year long to most peoples eyes. Flowers are always in the scenario, all year long, but like you, tulips and daffodils are a favorite for this time of year. Lamp shades can be changed out to white or lighter type fabrics as well. Heavy blankets and throws are put away for a cleaner look. I use to change out some of my artwork, but the new house does not really allow for that anymore. Just have fun!!

  47. Maggie Nelson says:

    I love birds and nest too and I have several that use some inside and birds and birds houses in the patio and around the back yard. Love the last podcast. You ladies are so much fun!

  48. I actually thought this morning, “Bunnies are over and just plain “Spring” continues. Love the Spring banner. Off to Etsy now. Your blog is always great! Hope your Easter gathering was wonderful.

  49. Thanks for all the the tips to change out Easter to Spring. I like your idea to store your faux stems in a trash can,I store my longer stems in the tubes from wrapping paper, I also use the plastic container that the wrapping paper comes in at christmas for storage of my silk flowers. Have a good evening.

  50. Great ideas and beautiful home. I am trying to step up my seasonal decorating and you really inspire me.

  51. Love how you put everything together. And yes. Love white tulips.

  52. Great suggestions! Debunnnying tomorrow.

  53. Marilyn Holeman says:

    I love to do lambs before Easter, and birds and nests afterwards. I love your basil and beautiful tulips. Pink’s my favorite.


  54. love the birds nest & pillows.

  55. Love the tips on using nest in spring!! Love the table with white and fruit, very refreshing!!

  56. Minnie mccoy says:

    As always you never disappoint. And I’m in love with the pillows!

  57. I love,love, love that tablescape. You are sooo brilliant, and I am sooo copying it. Thank you very much

  58. Bernadette says:

    Lovely spring ideas Yvonne!! Thank you!!

  59. Thanks for sharing, Yvonne. My favorite tip is your one on pillows. I have been wanting to purchase some pillow inserts for quite some time now, but just couldn’t justify spending the money. God is SO good and kind, even in the little things… I recently won a $100 Pottery Barn gift card, so the inserts are on order (plus a couple of covers!)

    I was going to share something that I read recently in “Glimpses of Grace”. If you haven’t read it, I thought you would appreciate this:

    The centrality of “me” in our lives takes precedence over meditating on the grandeur of the Holy One. We’re also easily distracted with the things of eternal insignificance and obsess over petty trivialities. To take and example from my own life this afternoon, I found myself with some extra time, so I purposed to pray I sat down on the couch in my home and immediately my mind was transfixed on whether that couch ought to have two pillows or three plus a throw blanket. Here I was with free, unlimited access to the throne room of the Most High because of Jesus’s blood-bought gift of reconciliation with God. And all I could think about was pillows. To illustrate how important the pillow problem was to me, I’ll confess that my mind came back to this great pillow dilemma every time I passed by that particular couch tonight. (I eventually ended up switching a pillow out from another room and added a throw blanket to the couch, in case this dilemma left you hanging!”

    Funny, yet serious, too! I’m sure many of us know this very real struggle, yet, there is no condemnation. And the author of the book knows that, too. 🙂 Such a balance in being creative (and reflecting our Creator’s image) and experiencing tastes of Heaven through our homes, and being sure that we are worshiping the One that we want to always bring glory to, in everything.

    Thanks for letting me ramble. I promise it won’t be a habit. 🙂

  60. A good post. I always hate to put out a lot of Easter stuff just for it to be over so soon. So, carefully selecting your decorations does make it easier and you can leave them up for a good 6 weeks or so. Thanks!

  61. Karen VanLoo says:

    This is just what I needed to read right now! I also have a bunny soup tureen that’s white and I love to leave it out. I always have faux branches and flowers, and love nests for spring through summer! Thanks, you gave me just the inspiration I needed to transition from Easter through the rest of spring. Let’s enjoy spring!

  62. Lanita Anderson says:

    Thanks for all of the great ideas as I think about transitioning from Easter to spring decorating! Your tips were just what I needed as I think about packing away the Easter decor. Blessings to you….

  63. Cay Collie says:

    Thanks for the motivation! I still have Easter bunnies & eggs out, but I’m ready to move on. You have given me some inspiration!!

  64. Hi Yvonne,
    Great post! I also love bringing in color with pillows. Yours are gorgeous! I do have a question, where/how do you store your pillows?
    Thanks! Love your home!

  65. just put away Easter! I love these ideas and can’t wait until summer! Thanks Yvvonne!

  66. Pamela R LePage says:

    Love the post today!!! great tips, I think im going to go head and see if I can make a cute nest. I so love your bird pillows,

  67. Kathryn Barton says:

    I love using the nest with eggs during Easter, but also after.

  68. I always find so much inspiration from your posts and what a great tip in regards to using a trash can to store your floral stems.

  69. Sheila Philippi says:

    Bye Bye bunnies, except for those who have permanent homes. I love nests, probably have 50 different sizes and materials. My favorite is a 24″ nest which I have out year round. Not always eggs in big nest.

  70. Christiane Guindon Lavoie says:

    Thanks for sharing. My favorite post is your dining room table, love the color.

  71. Happy Spring! Thanks for the inspiration!

  72. Hi Yvonne, I enjoy your blog. Very creative… I live in Northern New England so Spring comes late! I decorate always using outside medium – branches for forcing, wreath making, and my old maple syrup bucket hangs on the front door filled with forsythia. I can hardly wait to hear those birds sing in my gardens. Happy Spring thoughts! PS love the cake stand idea. I may make one today!

  73. Kathy Nally says:

    I love your grey chippy urn, do you know where I could find one like it? Thanks!

  74. Catherine F says:

    I love bunnies. I leave them out all year and change the bows around their necks to coordinate with the season

  75. Sharon Kelly says:

    Thanks for this column. I just cleared the dining room table & was thinking now what?!!! Except we are expecting snow in Michigan!

  76. A few items that I’m addicted to are … dish towels and cocktail napkins and I have a collection for every season and every nuance. So stop in to your local Target or TJMaxx and see what you can pick up to add to your home to usher in Spring!

  77. Twila frichtl says:

    Where do you get the bird pillows.

    1. HI TWILA! The bird pillows came from a local Spring Decor Fair. Sorry I don’t have a source for them.

  78. I swap out heavier canvas curtains for sheer floral curtains to change from fall/winter to spring/summer.

  79. Yvonne,
    Great tips on Spring decor after Easter!
    After doing some general housekeeping today,
    as I sat down, I realized I hadn’t put the ‘Easter’ away.
    So~o~o glad I hadn’t as I’ve received some great tips!
    Thank you for always inspiring. . .
    and for sharing your lovely home!

  80. Julie O'Connell says:

    Beautiful transition, Yvonne! I love reading your blog and get so excited when your email shows up! I see you’ve switched out your prints above the mantle. What do you use to hang your wall décor?

    1. Hi Julie, we use nails and picture hangers and all the normal things. We also use a lot of spackle and sandpaper and paint! Hope this helps.

  81. Gloria Rivenbark says:

    I love your blog. Our style is so close. I look forward to seeing what you’ve done.