5 Easy Ways To Update A Room

Update a room the easy way! Here are 5 simple things you can do to make a room in your home look fresh and up to date.

Tulips on a white buffet

If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to update the look of a room in your home. Do you have a room that looks a little tattered or tired? Or one that just may need a change? You can freshen it up without doing a total makeover. Here are 5 easy ways to update a room.

These are practical and doable actions that will make a huge difference in how a room looks!  

I use these tips often, and they really work to make a big improvement in my decor! Let’s get started loving our homes by incorporating these five easy changes!

Paint Something


Paint changes everything. Plain and simple.

One of the best ways to change the look of a room is to paint something in it. The walls, floors, furniture, accent pieces.  Tables, chairs, cushions, lampshades, doors, books, and anything else that has a surface!

You name it, and you can paint it! A paintbrush is like a magic wand. Please use it! This is the best way to make a room look drastically different!  

Paint is easy to use, and the cost is minimal compared to the impact it makes! If one of your rooms needs something to freshen it up, try using paint! I think painting is good for the soul and our homes!

Get out the paint and touch up a couple of rooms. We did this over the weekend, and I was so surprised at how fresh the whole room looked!

We use flat paint on our walls, and touch-up is so super easy! We also touched up some dinks in the woodwork with a semi-gloss paint.

Edit Something

glass balls in a white bowl

Sometimes we get decor blind! When we look at the same things in a room for a long time, we become oblivious to the need to freshen things up! Have you ever noticed how our rooms seem to collect things! They collect too many pillows or books or accent pieces or chairs or chotchkies!  Try purging your room of any auxiliary decor noise!  

Also, try removing one piece of furniture. Many of us don’t give our rooms enough breathing space! If you remove a piece of furniture or accent piece, your room can look so much better. It may just be what your room needs!

Big or small, editing things and playing with your decor will give you a fresh, more curated look!

Organize Something

sunroom coffee table

This is such a simple way to change the look of a room. Put everything in its place and take out anything that does not belong there. I’d actually start with this tip when I want to make a difference in a room!

I organized magazines and books I read in the sunroom and stacked them neatly on the coffee table and the shelf below. I often have a bad habit of tossing them on the floor by the sofa. Wow, did that one little thing make a big difference!

Add Something Organic

living room with a vase of white tulips on a buffet

Nothing brightens up a room like fresh flowers or a beautiful potted plant! I keep flowers in our home all year round. It’s just a little luxury that makes our home look nice and makes me smile!

If you don’t want to use flowers, try a big plant potted in a fetching container. Or use faux flowers. But make sure they look real. 7 Tips For Making Faux Flowers Look Real will help you with that!

Bring One New Thing Into The Room

I am a huge believer in repurposing furnishings. Give furniture or accessories a second life. Think about bringing decor from one part of your home and putting it in a different room. After you take a good look at your room and take out the excess furnishings. Embrace the Less Is Best philosophy.

Take all those gorgeous platters you own and hang them on the wall. Use an old punch bowl and plant annuals in it. Look around your room, is there a space that needs something?

One of my favorite items to add to a room that has been purged of extra furniture is a drink table. Drink tables are small, decorative inexpensive, and perfect for the end of a sofa or side of a chair without a table. A Decorating Guide To Small Drink Tables will show you how to use them in your home and feature my favorites.

chair in a sunroom

Layer Something

dining room table and chairs

Layering decor is a skill every home decorator should acquire. Layering is a great way to add interest and to breathe new life into a tired room. There is a balance when it comes to layering decor. Think light layers. Too many layers and many things that make up the layers of decor in a room look busy and claustrophobic. How To Layer Decor is a post that goes step-by-step and shows you how to layer all the decor in a room.

Other Ways To Update A Room

Here are other easy ways to update a room…

  • Swap out some lampshades.
  • Style a mantel with new candlesticks and candles.
  • Add a pretty plant or something green.
  • Style a vignette for the room.
  • Add some new art or family photos.
  • Pop a garden stool in a room for extra space to sit a drink or book.
  • Add peel-and-stick wallpaper to one wall.
  • Hang new lightweight curtains.
  • Add a mirror to a wall.
  • Choose a new rug.

What room in your home needs a little love? Could you use one of these tips to make a huge decor difference! Make a plan and begin changing your home today!


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  1. Thanks for the inspiration Yvonne. I am a artist and love to use my paintings to decorate our farmhouse. I always use my paintings as my inspiration for decorating.

  2. Great minds think alike?. I was just doing exactly what you suggested today over the weekend. My hubby keeps telling me to please don’t bring the fall out yet?. We are in Minnesota and we both enjoy all the fall colors, smells and trips to the local orchard. I think part of his thinking is letting go of possibly a last summer in our home. You and I have written before about right-sizing where we live. Gosh most days my mindset is on task other days I want to curl up and just hug my home.

      1. Yvonne, You always have the right words to say❤️

  3. Cindy Neal says:

    I don’t understand how to get the favorite things on Amazon. When I click the picture it goes no where. Am I missing something on my phone?