September Is A Great Month To…

There are so many wonderful things to celebrate in the month of September. Get lots of ideas and inspiration for fall decorating, recipes, things to do, and more.

fall centerpiece with apples

Welcome September! I’ve been waiting for you! September equals fall, and fall is my favorite time of the year! It really does not matter what the weather feels like. When the calendar flips to September, it’s fall every day, all day. There is so much to celebrate in September. So let’s get started. September is a great month to…

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September, I’ve been waiting for you since last year!

Although it’s not officially fall yet, my internal fall calendar begins on September first! Here are 8 fall-filled, great ways to celebrate September around our homes and gardens…

Make A Fall Wreath

big  leaf wreath on a front door

Time to take down that summer door wreath and create something for early fall, like this Easy Leaf Wreath that anyone can make. This wreath has a secret! You can make it in under 20 minutes once you have all your materials together.

The first thing I do at the beginning of a new season is to put a new seasonal wreath on my front door. It’s a ritual. It’s like saying a fond farewell to the old season and welcoming the new one with open arms. I most often make my own wreaths. I have done this for four decades! Wow, that sounds like such a long time. Four homes have donned my wreaths on their front doors. Two red doors, one blue-ish gray, and one taupe.

When I take the last season’s wreath down, if I don’t think I’ll use it again, I pull it apart and put all the fluff I used to make the wreath in clear plastic boxes according to their color. It keeps everything organized, saves money when I can use the same things again, and gives me lots of wreath-making options.

I saved the fall wreath above. I think it is my favorite, other than my Indian Corn Wreath. I’ll make another Indian Corn Wreath just as soon as I can find mini Indian Corn at a local farmstand.

Add A Little Fall Decor To Your Home

fall coffee table

Create something pretty for a room in your home! Make a vignette or centerpiece that is fall-inspired. You might like to see how I created 7 Fall Vignettes From 8 Items. These are simple and easy to style.

velvet pumpkins in a white bowl

Decorating just one thing will add a big punch of the fall season to your home! Start small! It’s still only September. The key is to start! This post, The Smart Girl’s Guide To Fall Decorating, shows you how to decorate your fall home with less stress and more style! All my best fall decorating secrets are in this post.

Here are other fall posts to help you decorate your home…

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Decorating With Sunflowers

The Taste Of September

apple cake

We eat very seasonally here at the Tanglewood House, and apples are September’s fruit! I’ve shared this recipe so many times. But Delicious Raw Apple Cake is really one of the best things I make. It’s super easy and just so so spectacularly scrumptious. And it makes your home smell delicious too!

apple cake

The next apple recipe is an oldie but goodie. You can really see how I have improved taking food pictures! Wow, these images are bad, but Apple Pie Croissant Bites are so yummy I didn’t want to leave them out of September’s recipes.

We are big fans of soup! September kicks off soup-making month. Here are a few soups I know will be family favorites.

I make a big pot of soup, and we usually eat it for dinner with Homemade Butter Topped Beer Bread or Sweet Cream Cornbread From A Box Mix. Both recipes are so easy to make. The Beer Bread tastes delicious toasted the next morning with butter slathered on it. Typing this last sentence made my mouth water. LOL!

Days To Celebrate In September


September is a whole month of fun and interesting celebrations! Remember, September only has 30 days. Here are just a few…

September 1st- National Cherry Popover Day and College Colors Day, 2nd– International Bacon Day, Hummingbird Day, 3rd– US Bowling League Day, National Pet Rock Day 4thLabor Day, Eat An Extra Dessert Day, National Wild Life Day, National Be Late For Something Day, National Cheese Pizza Day 5th– International Charity Day, 6thNational Coffee Ice Cream Day, Read A Book Day 7th-National Feel The Love Day, Superhuman Day, 8th– National Dog Walker Appreciation Day, Sudoku Day, 9thInternational Box Wine Day, Teddy Bear Day 10th- Grandparents Day, Harvest Moon Festival,

11th-National Hot Cross Bun Day, National Make Your Bed Day, No News is Good News Day, Patriot Day, 12th-National Chocolate Milkshake Day, Video Games Day, 13th-International Chocolate Day, Sam Day, 14th– National Coloring Day, National School Pictures Day, 15th– International Day of Democracy, National Double Cheeseburger Day, 16th-International Eat an Apple Day, Mayflower Day,  17th-National Apple Dumpling Day, Wife Appreciation Day, 18th-Locate An Old Friend Day, Rice Krispies Treats Day, U.S. Air Force Day, 19th-National Butterscotch Pudding Day, National Voter Registration Day,

20th-National Care for Kids Day, National Queso Day, 21st-National Pecan Cookie Day, World Gratitude Day, 22nd-Hobbit Day, World Rhino Day, 23rd-International Day of Sign Languages, National Great American Pot Pie Day, 24thGold Star Mother’s and Family Day, National Punctuation Day, 25th-National Cooking Day, Yom Kippur, 26th-Johnny Appleseed Day, Love Note Day, 27th-National Chocolate Milk Day, National Corned Beef Hash Day, 28thNational Chris Day, National Good Neighbor Day, 29th-Mid-Autumn Festival, Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, National Biscotti Day,

30thNational Hot Mulled Cider Day, National Love People Day.

Get Your Porch And Patio Fall Ready

a fall doormat with a little pumpkin on it

September is a great month to get your porch and patio ready for fall. If your home is anything like mine, it’s about time to clean up our outdoor spaces. This time of year, the spiders go a bit wild, spinning their webs on the corners of my windows and on our shrubs. Ah, country living!

So this month, while the weather is still warm, let’s clean every inch of our porch and patio! Then it will be ready to add a bit of fall deorating and planting.

fall porch

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing a second Fall home tour and hopefully feature our 2023 fall porch and patio. In the meantime, you can see our Porch And Patio Tour from 2021.

pretty blue and white porcelain pot with mums

And here’s an easy way to Plant Designer Planters. It will make planting your outdoor planters, urns and pots so easy!

Do Something Fall-ish Out Of Doors

outdoor tablescape

The weather in September is often still quite warm, so find local things to do outside, such as craft fairs, apple festivals, corn mazes, sporting events, and tailgating.

September is a delightful month to go for a ride and take a picnic along with you! Or set a pretty fall-inspired table and eat outside. Fall Hydrangea And Green Apple Tablescape is one of the last tables I set at StoneGable.

Start Using Textural And Rich Textiles

a gray rocker on a porch with a Tartan blanket over it

It’s not too early to grab a fall-inspired tartan and drape it over an outdoor rocker or bring it indoors and spread it out over a sofa. Using fall-inspired textiles will make any area feel like fall!

You can see my favorite tartan ANTIQUE BUCHANANAN TARTAN CAR RUG HERE. We have had several of these warm and pretty throws for years, and they just keep getting better!

Every fall, I like to buy a couple of new textural pillows. I choose pillows that are not fall-inspired but have lots of texture and nubbiness. These pillows will work through winter. This year I found black and off-white lumbar pillows at a local decor shop. They were inexpensive and big on style. On Monday, you can see them when I post my FALL 2023 TOUR.

I hope you can find a couple of pretty pillows and/or throws to use in your home.

Click The Video Below For More Fall Inspiration

More September Things To Do

September is also a great month to…

  • Take a walk in the woods.
  • Collect acorns, leaves, and pinecones.
  • Go to a fall festival.
  • Get fall fruits and veggies at a farm stand.
  • Go through a corn maze.
  • Make apple, pear, and pumpkin recipes.
  • Enjoy every September day.
outdoor table set with hydrangeas and pumpkins

Happy September!

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  1. I have been really down lately and the timing of your post has perked me up. I decided to get out my fall items now and decorate. Thank you for your inspiration and lightening my mood. I picked up some pinecones on my walk and will place them in a pretty wicker basket with an autumn colored ribbon. Thank you. You have no idea how you impacted my day. Bless you!

    1. Hi Lynette, I hope this post has lifted your spirits. You are so right to acknowledge when you have a case of the blues and then get up and do something! I hope you are feeling better!

  2. The “Emporium” is a terrific idea for every season! Thank you for shopping for us and enjoy your September to the fullest! So anxious to see your kitchen remodel…

  3. sharon butler says:

    Good morn to you Yvonne. What a beautiful fall wreath. Love the apples and sunflowers. Sunflowers are one of my favorites. Especially on their stalks . Their heads hanging down swaying in the wind as though they were watching over us. Could you please tell us where you got such beautiful ones. They look so real.Have a blessed your blog.

  4. I love your Buchanan throw! Have you visited Wheatland, President Buchanan’s Lovely home near Lancaster?

  5. It is so hard to think about fall right now in Texas when we will reach almost 100 degrees today. Our fall does not really begin until October, if we are lucky, and sometimes we are in shorts for Thanksgiving. I know you are counting your blessings at seeing all 4 seasons a year. Enjoy!

  6. Frances Hurst says:

    Planning to begin fall decorating this week. It will be a great way to relieve the stresses of the world. We are thankful to have made it through Laura with no damage and just a short loss of power. But thousands have lost their homes and aces of work. Please pray for Louisiana and its wonderful people.

  7. Hi Yvonne ,
    I always look forward to your Autumn decorating , as it is one of my favourite seasons here in Australia . The first of September is the official start of our Spring here . During theses awful times I have already bought a new Christmas tree and started planning Christmas with the hope that we can have our family together . Enjoy your own official day of Autumn as I am certain it gives you the same pleasure that my early Christmas planning is giving me !

  8. I’m going apple picking later this week or next with my daughter and grandkids. Think we’ll try making your turnovers! Yum!

  9. Beth Brown says:

    I’m new to your blog and love your style. I was so surprised to learn you live in Lancaster County! I grew up in Lancaster (Philly burbs now) and my father in law lives near you at Willow Valley. What a small world! Any chance you would share some of your favorite local antique haunts?

  10. It’s not hard for me to think about fall even though I’m in Texas where the heat is hot hot hot! I am so excited about adding all those beautiful fall colors to my front porch and inside too! Let the hunt begin! Home goods here I come!

  11. Olivia Holland says:

    Even though it’s a 102 degrees here in my part of Texas, I am so ready for Fall. These ideas gave me inspiration and perhaps decorating for Fall will make it feel a bit cooler!

  12. Elva Jumper says:

    I am not getting your posts. Always looked forward to reading them. Please sign me up again. Thank you!

    1. I signed you up again. Please put the newsletter in your inbox. Or better yet add my email to your contacts.

  13. Juraye Moran says:

    As if on cue, Sept 1st is sunny and cool, a real taste of fall. Loved this post and am planning to make your potato soup recipe tonight. Thanks for getting me in the mood.

  14. Love the fall inspiration…….I’m currently air drying artichokes to mix with small velvet pumpkins. I saw this possibly on one of your posts, they’ll be in a small wooden bread bowl.. So easy to do… Almost September!

  15. Julie Briones says:

    I love all your fall ideas to do in September… always love your ideas, dear friend!