ON THE MENU WEEK OF MAY 7TH- I have a week's worth of scrumptious dinner recipes just waiting for you!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. And here at StoneGable, we are hosting a fun and yummy Mother’s Day brunch. See the brunch menu below. We got our first bunch of asparagus from the garden and we are looking forward to more! We planted our asparagus crowns almost two decades ago and they have been prolific producers.  They are so scrumptious right from the garden! Now here’s what’s on the menu…

See the Lilac Tablescape above HERE.

Today on Decorating Tips And Tricks we are sharing “DECOR TIPS WE LEARNED FROM BLOGGING”. You will want to listen to this episode. Collectively we have 21 years of blogging experience and we have learned lots about decorating!

Listen to episode #199 below:


This week’s Tex-Mex inspired recipe are taquitos! Oh yum!



Once in a while, one needs to make a dish like goulash! Just such comfort food. I plan to eat only about a cup of this hamburger and noodle casserole, but I’m not promising!



I love fish! But many people overcook it and then it can be so dry and tasteless. If you are the cook in your home it’s important to learn how to not overcook fish! I take the low and slow technique. I also love to sous vide it and then broil it until it’s golden.




Oh, Bobby! This recipe is for you. He is a huge fan of pasta and loves pasta and chicken! Don’t be afraid to eat pasta. It’s all about portion control. Sob! Sob!



How’s this for an easy, casual dinner. I have everything already in the kitchen. Try to have at least five or six (or ten) “pantry” meals on hand that are easy and can be made when you do not feel like making a fuss!



Salmon is a weekly repeated dinner guest. Everyone in our home really enjoys a beautifully cooked salmon! And it’s so so good for you! Brain and heart food!



Happy Mother’s Day!!!! Today we are having a big family brunch with lots of delicious food! Bobby is my sous chef and will be giving me a hand! I am so blessed to have a healthy and hip mom!

Enjoy your day and do something you love!



Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! And a fabulous lemon bar should be part of every cook’s repertoire!

Have a scrumptious week! 

ON THE MENU WEEK OF MAY 7TH- I have a week's worth of scrumptious dinner recipes just waiting for you!

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  1. Awesome menu for the eeek!! Can’t wait to try the chicken & salmon! Yummm!!

  2. Your first photo made me think of my lilac bush. It is just about ready to bloom:) Even if I just clip a small bouquet, my whole kitchen smells like fresh lilacs.

    1. I am obsessed with lilacs! Too bad they bloom for such a short time and then they are gone until the next year. We have a late blooming lilacs and our bedroom windows are above it. I open the windows and our whole bedroom and sitting room fill up with their gorgeous scent!

  3. Hi Yvonne,
    It all looks so yummy! Love a good goulash! Thanks for always sharing your menu for the week. I definitely try to make at least one of them. Not a big fan of cooking my own fish. I really don’t like the smell it leaves. There are plenty of other food groups though and my family doesn’t seem to mind!

    1. I know! I use a diffuser with some great essential oils in them to take care of the smell. Also, an open window and a stove fan do a lot of good.

  4. Another week of great recipes!!! Thanks, Yvonne! Those lemon bars look yummy!

  5. The lavender table is lovely and your Mother’s Day brunch looks delish.