On The Menu 4th Week Of January

Need ideas for dinner and more? Get 30 scrumptious recipes and a winter menu plan filled with delicious main dishes, side dishes, and dessert recipes.

tender blueberry muffins in a bowl.

YUM! This is what I have to say about this week’s scrumptious menu plan! It’s full of cozy recipes that will fill you with warm flavors! I’m using one of my favorite kitchen small appliances this week to make a couple main dishes! Back by popular demand! Come see what’s on the menu…

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There are 30 delicious wintery and warming recipes to choose from.


Mondays are so super busy! My work week begins like I am shot out of a cannon! So today, I’m getting up a bit earlier and putting this delicious soup in my slow cooker! YUM

The Tex-Mex profile is my favorite! And I could eat it a few times a week! Leftover soup makes a great, healthy lunch! I put leftovers in individual containers and keep them in the refrigerator.


I love a recipe that is so elegant it can be it is company worth, yet so easy it can be made for a weeknight dinner. This pork tenderloin dish is a keeper recipe!


I LOVE my air fryer! I did a lot of research and decided upon THIS ONE. Its reviews are great, and it has a larger capacity for air frying. I highly recommend this model. So, if you are on the fence about an Air Fryer, I think this might be the one to try.

Do you have an air fryer? Do you like it? What is your favorite recipe? Do you have a favorite cookbook? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

We eat fish at least once a week. This delicious sweet and sour salmon is a favorite.


I grew up on Chili. My Mom made it often. It was more ketchup sweet than spicy. I tweaked her recipe to keep some of the sweetness and add some of the smokiness of chili without being too hot.

The Super Bowl will be here soon. Make a double batch of this wonderful chili and freeze half for Superbowl dinner.


ham broccoli and cheese puff pastry hand pies on the menu this week

Fridays are fun days for Bobby and me! We like to kick back and relax. Maybe play a game or watch a movie! Just being together is the best way I can think of to end the workweek.

Friday night dinners are easy and also have a fun flair about them. I’m making a really easy and super delicious recipe so we can eat them while we play dominos! Yum and fun!


I believe there are certain foods that a proficient home cook should learn to make. Because once mastered, so many meals can be made from them.

Take breaded chicken cutlets! Once I learned the easy technique for making them, I realized I could use them to make dishes like Chicken Piccata, Chicken Parmesan (Bobby’s favorite), Chicken Bruschetta, Chicken On Waffles. any number of great Chicken sandwiches, and more!

Chicken cutlets are just begging for an easy pan sauce to be splashed over them, and, WOW, they taste so good!

This is one recipe I want to be able to make in my sleep!

Spaghetti with pesto is also on the menu to go along with the Chicken Piccata. Emma Kate, my six-year-old granddaughter, loves pesto.

I happen to be a “pesto snob.” I know how to make an awesome pesto. You can see it HERE. This is such an old recipe, but the recipe is so good. Since it is winter and there is no basil in my garden, I get fresh basil from my local grocery store.

I wouldn’t NEVER use store-bought pesto. It is horrible. Until I found Costco’s pesto in the refrigerated section. It’s like they found my recipe and made little batches! It tastes exactly like mine!!!! Never say never, friend! Who knew you could have homemade pesto from a store-bought jar! Culinary miracles do happen!


I love Sunday dinners! Our family has grown and left the nest, so traditional family dinners are fewer these days!

So when our gang comes home, it is so much fun to make Sunday dinner and sit around the table to reconnect, reminisce, and love on one another!

The rolled flank steak will be a big hit. It’s full of wonderful flavors, and I’ll roll the steak up the day before, so it’s just a matter of sticking it in the oven! Easy!


Treat Of The Week

blueberry muffins on the menu

Oh, I love a good blueberry muffin with a cup of coffee! I’m making a double batch this week because some of our family is visiting. I bet my sweet little grandbabies will love them too!

Recipe Crushes This Week

Here are some of the recipes that have caught my eye this week…













Here are some of the kitchen essentials I’ll be using for the recipes on the menu …

Click For More Culinary Inspiration

Have a scrumptious week, friend!

19 delicious recipes

Happy Cooking, Friends!

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  1. I would LOVE for you to continue OTM!
    I love cooking but figuring out the menu not so much♥️

  2. I loved OTM and saved several recipes from it. Even if I didn’t care for one week’s menu, there was usually something I could borrow from in the section right below it. I looked forward to seeing what you came up with for each week.

  3. Ruth Paulson says:

    Thank you for reinstating OTM. It’s a favorite of mine!

  4. OTM is a lifesaver! Gets me out of a meal planning rut every single week. Oh, please keep it. I love not only the ideas and recipes, but also hearing about how the family likes them.

  5. MaryAlice Hennessey says:

    Thank you so much for bringing back the weekly menus. I look forward to reading them every week and it helps me organize my own menus for the week. I love how you use your own tried and true recipes and then introduce us to new ones. I am so excited!!! Happy new year Yvonne.

  6. I’m so happy the recipes are back. I love all your wonderful articles too. Thank you.

  7. Please continue OTM. It helps so much with meal planning and so many recipes are delicious!

  8. Yes OTM is back! I always looked forward to it. I know you tried something different for a while but it wasn’t the same. I enjoy your back stories that go along with the recipes.

  9. Shelley H. says:

    Thank you! These look delicious and I can’t wait to try them!!!

  10. Judie Van says:

    I really missed OTM, looked forward to it every week. Thank you!
    Ps: I couldn’t click on the link for pesto.

  11. Thank you for bringing OTM back! It was very helpful in planning the menu, as well as finding new dishes that now are on repeat. I hope you decide to continue this weekly post.

  12. Thank you for bringing back OTM. I have missed it! I used to always look forward to it each week, and used it to help plan my upcoming week’s menu. Please let it stay. 😊

  13. GREAT recipes! Thank you so much for bringing this weekly menu back!
    From Denver, Colorado

  14. Definitely looked forward to OTM. I usually found at least 1 recipe to add to my Pinterest board. Hoping you bring it back on a regular basis!!

  15. Leandra Snow says:

    Always liked perusing OTM. I’m glad you’re bringing it back! Thanks!

  16. I love the weekly menus. Thank you for all the work you put into them.

  17. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes. I can’t wait to make them.

  18. Please keep “On the Menu”. I use the old menus regularly because:
    The ingredients are easy to obtain, and are within our budget,
    The meals have side dishes included because I have a problem deciding what to serve with the main dish,
    Other websites are used occasionally broadening my horizons,
    The meals are exactly what my husband and I actually want to eat,
    The format with the photos, story, and menu appeals to me,
    We live about 3 hours from you at the Jersey Shore and experience the same weather and seasonal vegetables,
    We are empty nesters too and entertain the kids and grands.
    I am looking forward to the current menus.

  19. Cynthia Anderson says:

    SO happy OTM is back!!!

  20. Yvonne, thank you so much for bringing back OTM. I love trying new recipes and your’s are always delish! This OTM blog has to be time-consuming for you, but I truly appreciate it! I’d much rather look at your menus than get caught up in scrolling through Pinterest for hours. Wishing you a blessed week/life‼️

  21. Yes, Please continue with OTM. I really like your tried and true recipes. I agree with you on the Costco Pesto, it is really good.

  22. I absolutely LOVE OTM!! In fact some of my favorite and frequently requested recipes are yours! My son was not a big cole slaw eater until he had your recipe. I make your blueberry muffins all the time and even included them in a children’s baking class I taught. We’ve enjoyed soups,salad, mains and dessert from OTM. So glad its back.

  23. My husband is at the grocery store right now! He is that excited to try your Chili recipe. Happy to see OTM again. I enjoy reading the whole week and trying at least one of your recipes. Right now homecooked comfort food is what we all need. So please do continue OTM. Thank you, Yvonne.

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    Thank you for continuing On the Menu.

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  29. Altho I never commented on OTM before, your weekly menus always were an inspiration and the suggestion when I couldn’t decide what to fix for dinner. You had the idea that gave me the nudge! I enjoy it. And thanks for commenting. It’s nice to touch base with my readers.