cutting out Christmas cookies on the menu this week

This week The Tanglewood House is in full Christmas prep mode! I’m beginning to prep everything I can for Christmas week and beyond! If you are like me and are getting meals and more prepped, crank up the Christmas music and enjoy the wonder and the delicious smells! Here’s what’s on the menu this week…


We are having a houseful for Christmas this year. So, I’m making a HUGE pot of my Nani’s Vegetable soup for dinner tonight and freezing the rest for lunches! Our family comes in late on the 21st and is with us on and off until after the first of the New Year!

This soup has an old-world flavor you cannot get any other way than cooking it all afternoon. It’s not hard or demanding. It just needs a long time to develop the broth.

Monday’s are so busy and I’ll have construction workers in my office putting built-in cabinets etc on the back wall so I’ll be home all day. Perfect for making non-demanding, but takes-all-day soup!

If you have a day at home you should give this glorious soup a try!

PS- this soup is usually a red color because of the tomatoes, but the day I made this and took pictures I made it for someone who could not eat tomatoes. Add the tomatoes, they make the soup so much better… and prettier!

vegetable soup


Tuesdays are long days for me so I need a quick dinner. These pretty chicken cutlets pan-fry up so easily and the panko gives them that crunch we so desire in our food! Oh, YUM!

Everyone should have a good pan-fried chicken cutlet in their culinary repertoire! It is the perfect foil for pasta and sauce and this chicken works with so many other side dishes!

Thank you to beautiful Victoria at a Dash Of Savory for this delicious dinner!

This chicken will taste so good along with my grandmother’s wonderful rice! I hope you make it, it will become a favorite!


No wonder this is my fish of choice this week. First of all isn’t this recipe scrumptious looking! Yes, yes it is!!!!! Just look at the colors? Tomatoes and basil are a match made in foodie heaven!

And cod is a really delicious and mild white fish that holds up when it is cooked.

A tasty thank you to Ashley at Baker By Nature! I could just lick the computer screen. Sorry about that! LOL!


Tonight’s meatballs are truly the best I have ever eaten and they come with a comical story too! This is a make-ahead meal so you want to start this dinner on Monday or Tuesday.

I’ll be making enough meatballs for two or three meals and eating some tonight and freezing some for all the company we are having!

If you try one thing this week, I think this should be it. Just like the cutlets, every home cook should know how to make a tender meatball. And you won’t believe how easy it is to do!

The Caesar salad dressing can be frozen too. I pour it into ice cube trays! I’ll be making extra too for Christmas!

the best meatballs you will ever make on the recipe this week


This is such an easy soup! And we love it. Fridays are fun evenings at home for Bobby and me, so I want a quick meal so we can get to watching our favorite movie or play a card or board game!

I don’t want to fuss over dinner but it has to be good! Thanks. Chungah from Damn Delicious for this movie night worthy soup!


I think the perfect intimate dinner party number is six. Four, unless super good friends, sometimes makes it hard to keep the conversation lively and over six is no longer a small dinner party.

It’s a really easy dinner tonight! With Christmas coming up so soon, everything is easy but fun!

Any leftover potatoes and/or ham will go in the freezer for the Christmas gang!

company potato casserole with cornflake crust


One of friends is coming for dinner tonight! We will catch up on life and enjoy an easy meal together.

This is another dinner I’ll be freezing for Christmas company. Store-bought BBQ beef is okay, but if you make it yourself it is soooo much better!

We will be eating our barbecue beef open-faced on a piece of toasted brioche bread. YUM!

This recipe looks like a winner! Thanks, Amanda from The Chunky Chef!


This is not only a beautiful cake but it is so so delicious too! I made this Cranberry Orange Bundt cake for Christmas last year and it was a huge hil!

I’m going to make it this year and freeze it now for Christmas morning. I think I’ll leave the


Have a scrumptious week, Friend!

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  1. Excited about this soup recipe! Our church cooks and feeds about 50 of our college students every Wednesday night and vegetable soup is on the menu for this coming Wednesday. I think this recipe may replace the one we were going to use!

  2. Yvonne, I always appreciate each week’s menu ideas and have enjoyed tasting many of them as well. I can feel your excitement in opening your new home to family and friends who will be arriving soon! Praying that everyone will be well this season. Merry CHRISTmas!

    1. Thank you Shari! I also pray for a happy and healthy Christmas for you too!

  3. Carol Richer says:

    Noticed your recipe for Grama Lobianco’ spaghetti meatballs. If anyone is looking for a great store bought spaghetti sauce try: MICHAELS OF BROOKLYN HOME STYLE GRAVY. It is like homemade! Also, if you want a great cheese try: Locatelli brand cheese Pecorino Romano. I get it in the deli section at my local Publix store here in GA. It costs a little more but it really does make a difference in taste and flavor!!

  4. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    I made the Panko chicken recipe for a dinner party tonight and it was a huge hit! I recommend it with 5 stars! Thanks for hosting this weekly menu!!

  5. Teresa Pierce says:

    Hi, the link to the meatballl recipe goes to the Magic Broccoli recipe.