Christmas starts early at StoneGable this year! I get the best gift of all! My daughter, son-in-law and grandson’s are coming for a long vacation! How fun! I’ll be cooking with their stay in mind this week! I hope this busy week before Christmas week will give you a chance to do something fun and make something delicious! Here’s what’s on the menu this week…


What a great recipe to start a Monday! As you know we love Tex-Mex flavors and this soup is perfect for dinner on a busy day!

This recipe, from Sabrina at Dinner then Dessert does not look like it is rocket science, so I’ll try to double it in my big slow cooker and freeze some for when all my family is here for Christmas!

My house is going to smell delicious today!


I think every home cook should have a great roasted chicken under their culinary belt! It is really not hard at all to make! And a scrumptious roast chicken is even company worthy!

I’ve been making this same chicken for over a decade! This is my go-to recipe. It was posted about 10 years ago and I’ve not made one that even comes close to it in taste!

Depending on the size of the chicken we have it for dinner and there are leftovers for lunches and a carcass for chicken stock. YUM!


There are some food combinations that are a match made in heaven! And salmon and orange in one, for sure! This is such an easy-peasy recipe and again another company-worthy meal too!

Thanks, Lyuba at Will Cook For Smiles. YUMMY!

I try to eat fish at least once a week. Salmon and cod are my favorites!

Today I’m trying a GORGEOUS recipe for Oven Roasted Root Vegetables (see below). I’ll be making these for a crowd over the holidays so I want to try out the recipe on Bobby and me first. Because I am not a beet fan I’ll replace them with white potatoes. I know, certainly not as pretty but beets taste like dirt to me.

A word about kitchen gadgets and appliances. In general, I’m not a fan! A great sharp knife and a cutting board worthy of any kitchen task goes a long way! However, there are a few gadgets I love and use!

One of these great gadgets is a good Mandoline. It will make your kitchen life so much easier if you are an avid cook. Last year I finally broke down and invested in a good Mandoline and I had to ask myself, “Why did it take you so long, Yvonne?”!

If you slice things thinly or make things like french fries or grate cabbage for coleslaw, get a good Mandoline!


I’m using the leftover ham from a company dinner last week to make tonight’s scrumptious looking casserole for Bobby and me.

Bobby has a jaded past when it comes to ham! He says he used to eat ham for 21 days straight as a child. A bit of an exaggeration but I understand. My lovely mother-in-law Marge was not the world’s best cook and she was a “career woman” back in the day when having a career was not a popular concept.

So, her mealtime plan was to make a huge ham or roast or leg of lamb on Sunday and prepare the leftovers in as many ways as possible until the meat was gone. LOL!

So Bobby is not a big “leftover” guy or a “ham more than once or twice a month” guy either.

Don’t worry, my darling Bobby you will love this ham dish and you will never know it’s leftovers!

And we will have leftovers of this recipes so in the freezer it goes for a great kid lunch!


We will need a lazy Friday evening! Bobby and I have been in an evening gift wrapping frenzy all week! I so wanted to wrap as gifts came in but it got away from me this year!

So, tonight it’s easy healthier tacos, a glass of wine and a Christmas movie! And just us! Sounds perfect!


I’m so so excited for my daughter and her family to be here. We have only seen them once since their move to San Diego in August. I have two darling little grandsons ages just 3 and 16 months that are growing like weeds.

Tonight is one of my favorite dinners and I’m sure my little boys will love it too since they are all about beans and rice! Chicken Taco Bowl is a reason to get an Instant Pot!


Our wonderful son-in-law, Jonathan has a December birthday. And we are taking a little break, while he is here, from celebrating the Christmas season to celebrate him!

Happy birthday, son! We love you so much!


Anderson is three and this year knows Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birth! We try to make that first in our home. But he also is waiting for Santa because he is coming to Gigi’s house!

So, we are baking Peanut Butter Blossom cookies for Santa’s cookie plate! How magical to see Christmas again through the eyes of a child!

Thank you, Holly and Katie, The SemiSweet Sisters for your yummy recipe that will be a part of our Christmas celebration!

Have a scrumptious and festive week, friend!

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  1. Everything looks delicious.Enjoy the holidays with your family.

  2. KittyLuvr says:

    Nothing better than having little ones running throughout your house…and celebrating with your kids and their spouses! I am so happy your daughter and family can come for a long visit. I hope it’s your merriest Christmas yet! Thank you for blessing your blog readers all year long!